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anonymous encounter

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anonymous encounterMy night of fun.She arrives at the front desk of a nice hotel and asks for her key, then walks to the lift and presses the button for her floor, she knows that he will not arrive for another 20mins. She is a little nervous because they have never met before and they have planned this night to be a little bit different. She opens her door to find a room that has a nice sized bed and a private bathroom, she has the instructions to get ready and wait for his arrival, she undresses and dims the lights she takes the position best described as doggie with her head facing away from the door, to prolong the naughtiness of never meeting this person before, waiting and nervous but most of all excited.He arrives at the front desk enough time has gone so there was no chance of meeting this person on accident in the lift or in the lobby, receives his key. He makes a start towards the lift… He smiles to himself he knows what’s waiting for him… He is nervous and excited. He walks to his door, opens it to find the lights are low and someone is waiting on the bed, he sees her sexy ass and waiting pussy, he wants their first touch to be… Special, he is quickly undressed and to no suprise he cock is hard and ready, he steps close to her and places the head of his cock in the soft moist pussy that has been waiting to receive it, slowly sliding himself deeper in to her… This is how they first met, on such an intimate level but without knowing each other, they let out a groan at the same time, He increased his trusts and gave more length with each stroke, he grabbed her hips the first touch with his hands, she felt cold, but warming to the touch, the speed was constant now, slamming into her deep with each stroke, SLAP…. with a smile he looked at her reddening ass as he admired his work,SLAP to the other side of her ass, while pounding her with his almost bursting cock, then out of nowhere, he stopped and took a step back. She wasn’t sure what was happening, was he leaving? Was he done. Then she felt his wetness meeting her wetness, his tounge was replacing where his cock once was, he was licking her up, down and up again, tasting the flavours they had already made together, he grabbed her waist again and pulled her closer, she squirmed on his tounge, he was paying attention to her clit and pussy, then he slashed at her beautiful rosebud with his tounge she didn’t expect it, & wasn’t sure about it, but she sure as hell enjoyed it, he was getting excited now because he knew this lovely lady was one who was ready for a night of fun and new things, he worked her asshole with his tounge and her pussy till he wanted it, wanted it with his cock, she was ready also, he grabbed her arms put them behind her back and pushed her face into the pillows, SLAP… after the sting left his hand he spat on her pussy and asshole, knowing he could take whichever one he wanted, he said to her, “where do YOU want it?” She was startled meekly she replyed… My ass? He was hoping she said that, either way he was going to push it slowly into her ass, he wanted her to understand that he was in control, she was ready but uncertain, the pressure on her rosebud was slippery with his saliva, he was firm but not power mad. He tickled her pussy with his hand and this made her relax, making the next few strokes easier and easier, it took time for her to get used to it, he was a patient man and still wanted her to enjoy it. He leaned up on her back grabbed her and rolled underneath her she was now on top facing the door they had both only moments before walked through and she was balls deep with his cock in her ass. He was playing with her clit and she was building to orgasm, she was breathing faster bursa escort and louder her heart was pounding, she was forgetting that she has no idea who this man is, she was releasing all her worries into this moment, she started to position her legs so she was squatting on his cock, he was watching her ass devour him, she was slamming herself into him and finding the real pleasure of the moment, her fingernails digging into his skin, she started to shudder, and squrim, groaning and trying to.hold on to the moment. He said to her you better cum on my cock because I am going to cum in your ass, she wasn’t sure all of a sudden, this stranger cumming inside her, then the idea of it was all she needed to push herself over the edge, she started soft at first but getting louder and louder, ” im cumming” he joined her “im cumming. He pumped his load deep in her ass as she shook with pleasure, mmmmh mhhh was her reply to his slowing thrusts, they both had the realisation of how weird this was but both liked the feeling, minutes later, he sliped off the bed, walked to his bag and grabbed a toy, clicked it on and she felt the low vibrations and heard the slight hum, he teased her with it, touching her now very sensitive parts he was sliding it in her as he licked around and inside her mound. She was wanting more, and happy that the night wasn’t over, she started to grab his hair, as she was looking for a peice of him to grab onto. time sliped away from them both and before he knew he was hard and wanted to give her a real treat so he strapped his favourite toy to himself and slid his cock into her wet pussy, and his strapon into her ass, that was still well lubed with his cum, he was happy that he could fill her but also that there was so much more of the night to come, he was only just getting started With slow and steady strokes, her on all fours she was not sure how to feel about this, both her holes were full, a real cock in her pussy and a strapon fucking her ass, she was full and loving it, it took her time to get used to it,after awhile, she started to met his thrusts slowly at first, but more and more over and over he slaps her on the ass and starts pulling her hair, the room seems hotter than before. He grabs her waist and rolls her over, on her back and meets her eyes for the first time, he wants her ass again, before he had a chance to do so, she pleaded with him to fuck her ass, he took the strapon off and spat on his cock, lifted her legs above her head and slid himself into her ass, she didn’t need warming up to it. She was telling him to fuck her hard now, he pushed her legs to behind her head so her ass was up in the air, he stood above her plowing from high, you could hear the slapping of him slamming her deep in her hole, her ass was becoming a mess from the cum and the spit, he was fucking her with absolute disregard for mess or not, he would take out his cock watch her hole gape open then tease her with it, and slide it back in. each time he took it out he would give her clit a little smack with his cock… She was pinned under him and getting slammed hard in her ass and he was going hard and harder, he was building more and more to blowing his load. This time she said ‘i want you to cum deep in my pussy, then suck your cum out of my pussy and ass… This talk was all it took, he burried his cock deep in her pussy looking Into her eyes as he did so, he gave a few pumps thats all he could hold back for. He was balls deep squatting on her unleashing his load deep into her, he took a deep breath stayed still till each drop was done, he stood up looked at the mess he had made, it might have been the most beautiful mess ever, she bursa escort bayan was on the bed both holes filled and used she felt like she was his little cum whore. He moved to her holes and started playing with her pussy, he said that she owes him an orgasm and she better give it to him. He didn’t want to spill the goodness oozing inside her so when he was playing it was his fingers teasing her clit and his tounge licking her ass, he could taste his cum from before mixed in with her own juices, she was getting her ass rimmed and her clit tickled, she was going to come. She.was starting to see the limits to which she could push him, she grabbed his head and moved it to her pussy creampie and said to him clean up your mess. His reply was ‘my mess? Your the dirty cum whore who wanted her pussy fucked and filled’ he said it with slight grin on his face, he started to clean his mess anyway her pussy looked so tasty all used like it had been, he licked the warm lips side to side and touched her perfect ass with both hands like he was face deep in a watermelon, the flavours seeped slowly out towards his waiting tastebuds and over his lips, he wanted her to share in the delights that they had made together, with one hand he used his thumb on her clit his tounge on her pussy and with his other hand he had begun poking her ass again, they were sliding in and out quite easily now. He was giving her all she needed to hit that orgasm again, she was being a bit hard to get off this time but when she finally had it, it was worth it she shuddered and moved about he was holding on for the ride, her jucies met his mouth mixed with his from before this was amazing for him he was lapping up all that he could and her last shake was gone he went to her mouth and kissed her with passion and with flavour they continued in this activity for quite sometime. His tounge was trying to massage her tounge but she was starting to play games with him, he bit her lower lip to assert himslef, he turned her head to the side and started nibbling her ear, he licked her lobe and then went down her neck, she was already glissening in sweat of fucking. He grabbed the back of her head by her hair and started to drag her to the bathroom, picking up the strap-on he put her in the shower on her knees and put his cock in her mouth, she started to lick the head of his penis and play with his balls, he was still holding her by the hair and making her do her job right, she didn’t need any help she knew what she was doing, she was taking his limp dick all the way in and tounging his balls, she wanted to see if he would grow while inside her, he most certainly did, he could feel her throat slowly closing around his swelling cock. He knew they could have another fuck session before the night was over… He told her to suck his cock clean so he could fuck her again, she was happy to comply this guy has been fucking her for the last hour, and there was more to come! He turned the shower on, it was a shock to her at first but then she realised what had happened, he lifted her up by her hair kissed her mouth then slappdd her face turned her around and started to fuck her sweet pussy, still sloppy from his load before, they were in standing doggy and he was holding nothing back, his hands were going between pinching her nipples, pulling hair, and slapping ass. While he was fucking her in the shower he was playing with her ass, the pleasure she was getting from it was obvious, he kept his cock in her as he lent up to her ear, you want me to fuck your ass also, she had had this done to her before he wasn’t sure if she liked it or not, her reply was all he needed, she was rubbing herself escort bursa as he was fucking her she flat out said ‘give me everything you have’ he took a step back strapped on the extra cock and slid them both in, his cock going back into her perfect pussy and the strapon inside her butt, he had to spit on it a little as the shower was causing some problems he turned the shower off but kept fucking her hard, as they dripped dry he slowed down and moved her to the bed, he layed on his back and she lowered herself onto his cocks it was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen before. If he hadn’t already cum twice he would have right then, he let out a groan and she gave a nice smile. She was fucking him now, with her hand on his manly chest she was.slamming herself to meet his length, this was heaven he was helping as best he could but this lady was leaving him powerless her beauty and skill left him knowing that she had.some skills and he was going to get this third load off tonight and she.was.going to do it, he was watching her bit.her.lip.and look away from him like she was concentrating on where those cocks were and how she could use them for her own orgasm. He didn’t even realise that she had put both cocks into her pussy she was stretching herself and loving it,they were sliding in and out with ease and I asked if she had ever had been fucked by two cocks before, her reply was, not telling. She was getting cheeky and controlling I was loving it, it was like she was coming out of her shell, sliding up and down she placed my cock back in her ass. She said “I think I could take two in my ass…. But only if you take one”. That was not what I was expecting from her. ‘deal’ was my reply, she raised herself so that just the head of my cock was in her ass, she spat on the strapon and then forced it in, it was tight, but slowly giving way to the extra thinkness, I was amazed at the fact that she was the one doing all this, I wanted to do it to her but she took charge first. she came on my cocks and squirted all over me, I had no idea she was going to squirt, it was breathtaking and the first time it ever happen to me. She was hopping off me now and then went to my ass, she spat on her hand and placed a finger on my anus, I wasn’t sure but I made a deal, she also took the strapon off me and placed it around her hips, it looked good on her sexy figure and I was getting more and more turned on, she took my shaft in her mouth and had her hand at the base. She placed the tip of the cock that had just be inside her ass, just at the point of penetration. She slowly applied pressure with it and I new that I needed to relax and get used to it, He did, he was ready and she knew it she pressed it in and it slid in quite easily she held it there for a few seconds then slowly pumped him like he had to her before, she was sucking his cock and wanking it while slowly fucking him, this to him was a new feeling that he looked forward to but had never done it before. Slopping his cock and fucking his ass she was loving making him squirm she gave slow pumps then some hard fast ones when he was ready, she fucked him like he wanted it, he was getting close now he could tell, she could also. She put his cock in her mouth as deep as it could go… And fucked him till he exploded inside her she was sucking every.drop from him but just as he came she went as deep as she could held it for.two seconds and then took it out, it was the.weridest orgasm for him but also the most memerable he was starting to go soft, as she took his cock out of her mouth, she had swallowed all of it every drop, she went to him with her lips and tounge and said thanks for the fun night, I will tell my friends about.you, she walked to the corner put on her coat, went to the shelf and packed up her video camera, took out the tape left it on the bed and walked out the door, he was amazed at how.this beautiful lady, that he will never know her name is possibly the most perfect stranger he will ever meet.