Mayıs 15, 2023


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There had seldom been couples as striking as you both looked that evening. He wore a tailored black suit and an anthracite tie in a Windsor knot. You had tried your new evening dress. It had a famous name and evanescent laces of black and white, diving in an indecent décolleté. Your beautiful, slender neck, held high by antique jewelry. You were young and brilliant; sexy, and you knew it.You talked a lot and cleverly. You laughed a lot and cleverly. Made fun of some people who deserved it, and of some who didn’t. As the bottle of Riesling dried up, you flirted just enough to keep things interesting.Those were days of swing and strife. Something about people who shouted a lot, their ideas so loud they called themselves something ending in Ist. You agreed on the politics but argued anyway. ‘Tis Erenköy escort matter of manners… The devil must always have his advocate.Chaos loomed. The news was hushed and hurried along: someone had made a grand speech. And from the caresses of her tongue, the city neared the edge. Ah, the atmosphere! The beauty!The end of the world is so sweet to young people. The sole meunière was exquisite but the magret overcooked. The flesh barely bled under the knife. You shared a tiramisù and fought over the bill. The waiter was old and an arse. A stingy tip was the loudest form of your polite contempt.Walking side by side, you heard it first a street away from the restaurant. It was a deep roar, coming from the city’s throats. You looked at each other and without içerenköy escort bayan a word you laughed. He knew. But it was you who first said, “Let’s go!” You danced to battle side by side with elegance your armor. Onward, to glory!The Ists were a flood in the streets. A raucous youth, beating the pavement with iron sticks and bare feet. An irresistible force. For hours, you joined in on the dance and the slogans. He smiled and howled. You threw stones and bottles and kissed a man who had just asked. Everyone laughed.All around, there was talk of a new world and old things burning. They made love, and fucked the police! Ah. It was time they joined the dance…An exclusive performance for you tonight, by the swinging coppers. They came in costume, Escort Tuzla with boots and leather. They just loved to play with batons and plexiglas shields.The youngest ran to the front and fell to the scythe. Old story. Against the tide of chaos, the plexi dyke held firm and mean. Their bad smiles were full of fear.Grenades flew, shiny stars shot through the night’s sky. Where they fell, the Ists ran amok, away from the gas.2-Chlorobenzalmalonitrile. Such a bitch… She swirls and dances in the arms of the cold wind, a formless mistress in smokey white laces. She is gracious indeed. An exquisite fuckery, who grabs you by the throat never to let go. She tangos you down and down again, leaves you blind, furious and weak… Leads you straight into a cute little world of hurt.You fled, stumbled away holding each other. Barely breathing. Your eyes were blurry. Was it laughter or chemistry? He cried and so did you.Evil white fog and plexi shields on one side, thick black smoke and raging Ists on the other. You were lost at the world’s end. What are you waiting for? Run for your fucking life, citizen!