Haziran 6, 2023

Are you sure

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Are you sureThe days had been really humid and the k**s had taken the xmas break but the weekend was over so most people had to return to their jobs, only some of us lucky ones had work from home, at this time of year I’m not that busy so I can take a leisurely couple of hours to get into the day, A swim in the pool then a nice coffee and on we go. The k**s next door would be using their pool and as they are all under 16, Dave their dad asked me to keep an ear out when they did for safety, Darth was the oldest at 16 and he was an ok k**, his sister was 12 and just starting to bud, anyway my office window looked out over the pool so it was no drama to keep an ear out and look over from time to time to see they where all right. About 10ish they all were jumping in and out of the pool making the usual screams and laughter so I glanced up from what I was doing to watch, just at that moment Clara was bent over trying to pick something up from the ground, her bikini was starting to slide into her crack and as she had her legs slightly spread I could see her perfect little mound, Fuck I thought she is going to cause some trouble in a few years, her brother was layed out sunning himself in his speedos on the other side of the pool, He saw me look and waved and I waved back, he made a diving motion as if to invite me over for a swim, which I nodded to, I moved my arm to say later, and he nodded. When I next glanced over abit later on, his sister had gone inside and Darth had pushed his swimmers down so they just covered his crotch, some pubic hair was visible as was his half erect cock against the slim material of his swimmers, I found mself staring at his cock, and I’m sure I saw it jump just like my cock did in my pants, Should I go over for Ankara escort a swim and see if I could get a closer look at his cock, why not, so I went into my room and put on my speedo’s and grabbed a towel and headed for the gate between our properties, As I lifted the gate release for the pool Darth just rolled his head over to the side and said I thought you said you’d be over later, not that it matters but Clara’s gone inside to ring her friend, to come for a swim, No drama I said as I walked up next to him and I could see a space between his stomach and his swimmers, I dropped my towel on the bench next to him sat down and continued our talk by saying I can always come back over when she gets here to keep an eye on you lot, Geez thanks, Darth said, His cock was pushing against the material and it was making a nice bulge, he didn’t care that I was there cause it wasn’t going down. Are you coming in for a swim, I asked, No he said I’ll watch you, I want to catch some more sun before it gets too hot and I get burnt, no worries I said and I walked to the edge of the pool, I pulled the material out of by bum crack before I dove in, when I came up Darth was sitting up on his elbows and he asked, how do you stay trim and fit, right diet and crossfit I said as I pushed myself up out of the pool and I saw Darth’s gaze move to my crotch as it rose over the edge of the pool, I held the pose for a few seconds then flipped myself out and stood up dripping wet and his gaze was still on my crotch, I wasn’t sure whether to be amused or angry that this k** was staring at my crotch, so I said nothing and my cock started to twitch with excitement. Why do you ask about staying fit Darth, hmmmm he said still looking Ankara escort bayan at my cock, oh I just think dad could get fit and I see you are in great shape and the same age so maybe he needs to join you in the gym, Hmmmm maybe he does I said as I plonked myself down next to him, his bulge had gotten even bigger and he was still not trying to hide it, my cock was growing and I thought fuck it I’ll see if he is still staring in a minute when I get a decent hardon going, Just then Clara came back into the pool area and came over and sat on the end of my bench, I squirmed to try and hide my erection but she laughed and said look at you 2 with matching boners, I felt really awkward with her sitting so close then she said don’t worry Mr Smith Darth is always waving his in my face so the other day I sucked it for him and now I”m almost a woman, Almost a woman I stammered, yeah she replied when I let some one fuck me then I become a woman. With that she winked at me put her hand on my thigh and smiled. Ok she said I’m going to wait for Alice inside, and she stood up and bounced her way out the pool gate and back inside, WTF I turned to Darth and said you let your sister suck you off, Dude are you insane, what, he said your saying if she offered to suck your cock you wouldn’t let her, nice ripe budding tits and a firm little arse to feel while her mouth engulfs your cock, no dude she’s too young, well what about me am I too young, to young for what I asked, Darth rolled off his bench and knelt next to mine and said to young to suck your cock for you, Again I said dude WTF, as his hand reached out and caressed the bulge in my swimmers and then he grabbed my cock thru the material and started to Escort Ankara wank me, Oh God I said are you sure you want to be doing this, never surer, why do you think I’ve had a boner for the last hour, just thinking about what I’m about to do, What are you about to do, this he said smiling at me, he pulled the cord and released my speedo’s and slid the top down to release my cock into the air, then without saying another word he leaned forward and put my cock in his mouth and started to slide his mouth up and down my shaft, he licked and slurped my cock till he had most of it in his mouth and I was enjoying this greatly, getting another man to suck me off has been a fantasy for awhile and if Clara was almost a woman for sucking Darth dick then he is my man for the job now, He was quite good at it to, I had rolled my head back and had one hand resting on his head feeling him working on my meat I was sure I was gunna blow abig load, he used his teeth and his lips and his tongue like a pro sucking and slurping my cock then deep throating as much as he could and licking at my balls. Fuck Darth didn’t miss a beat he kept sucking the whole time, he finally leaned back and kept stroking my cock and said do you want to fuck me now, otherwise I feel your going to blow your load in my mouth, I can’t fuck you Darth I said, not yet, ok he said and he dropped his head back down and flicked his tongue across the tip of my cock as he worked his hand under my balls and then he engulfed my cock again, I couldn’t hold out any longer and I wrapped his hair in my hand and held his head as I came in great spasms and gushed my cum down his throat, he tried to pull back but I had a good grip on him and I felt as my orgasm slipped away the cum dribble from his mouth onto my legs and I let him up Geez that was a big load, he stammered as he wiped his mouth with his towel, the first of many that you’ll be getting from me Darth I said and at that he smiled and said now it’s time for a swim naked, and we both dove in and started to fool around in the pool