Mayıs 15, 2023

Aunt Alice, The Phone Call. Part 7

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Being away for three years did not decrease my sexual desires for my aunt Alice or my mother. We spoke on the phone many times. I remember the third phone call with my aunt. About five minutes into the phone call, the flirting began. A few minutes after that, the conversation turned to sex.I was stationed in Pearl Harbor on the Island of Oahu. It was my night of duty, so I had to sleep in the photo lab, waiting for an emergency call for a photographer. There were six photographers, five males, and one female. I phoned my Aunt Alice from my bunk.She picked up on the second ring. “Hello, Aunt Alice; how is my favorite sexy woman doing tonight?”“How is my favorite sailor and nephew? Are you in your whites?”“If you call my underwear whites, then yes. I thought I would get comfortable for our phone call.”“OH! In your underwear, are you hard thinking about me?”“I get hard every time I think about you. I have to be careful where I think about you.”“Harvey, I miss you. I miss you touching me, and I also miss those hot, wet kisses. I think about you often, wishing you were on top of me, my legs spread and your cock pushing its way into my wet pussy. Which is wet now, talking like this.”“I think of you often, Alice. Is it OK to talk with you as I jerk off?”“Oh yeah, let me get ready. Let me go to the bedroom and lay down on the bed with my bra and panties off. Can you picture that?”“I sure can. I wish I were lying next to you.”“What would you do to me?”“I would walk up to you and push my tongue into your mouth, kissing you for a long time. Our lips pressed together as my hands roamed all over your body. Kissing your neck, your cheeks, your lips.”“Mmm, yes, tell me more.”“What are you doing now, Aunt Alice?” She said I could call her Alice since we were in an incestuous relationship, but Ankara bayan escort calling her aunt excited me.“I am putting you on speaker, so I can rub my clit and squeeze my breast. I know how much you like to play with them and suck on my nipples.”“I wish I was there to taste you and run my tongue from your love hole to your clit. I am on fire for you. I am stroking my cock slowly, wishing you were deep throating me. Oh god, that would feel great. I could watch your tits wiggle on your chest; I love that. I’d reach up, grab your nipples, and pull on them, so I could hear you squeal and moan.”“Yes, you are turning me on, Harvey. I want you so bad. Would you fuck me too?”“After tasting your wetness, I would sit up and watch you run your fingers over your clit, then into your pussy, swishing them around with your juices. Bringing them to your mouth and tasting yourself. Are you doing that?”“I will move the phone to my cunt so you can hear my fingers inside me.”I could hear her fingers sloshing around in her pussy, catching her juices.“I am going to taste myself now. Oooh, I like the taste. I am running my hand from my ass to my clit, rubbing my pussy as I tease my ass hole, applying pressure to my love hole, and moving up to my clit again. I can picture you on top as I guide your young, hard cock into my pussy. I can feel it sliding in. Are you jerking off for me?”“Oh, yes.” It was getting harder to talk in between breaths. “You know how to get me going, auntie! Shit, I wish your mouth was around my cock now. The head of my cock feels so large. I have some pre-cum flowing out of the head and along my shaft. It makes a nice lube as I slide my hand up and down. I can feel my balls starting to tighten.”“You’re getting ready to cum. Oh, Harvey, Escort bayan Ankara cum for me, do it for me. Cum for me, cum for your aunt. Cum in me, pretend your cock is inside of me. Can you see how I am playing with my nipples? Oh, gee, you have me so hot I will cum with you. I am squirting. Oh damn, shit, shit, that feels so good. I want to squirt for you, Harvey. I am cumming!”“Damn, Aunt Alice, you are so hot; I can feel my cum climbing up my cock. Fuck, here it comes. Damn, that shot high into the air. I am using my cum to pump the final spurt. I have a bubble of cum on the tip of my cock. Oh damn, Aunt Alice, that was hot.”For the next 15 minutes, we had a normal conversation about our daughter and the family.“No one knows Alexa is your daughter except your mother. I look at her and see you. I know that it is complicated, but that’s OK. I love you.”“I love you as well. I will call again in a few weeks if that is OK?”“Harvey, you never have to ask. Call anytime and stay safe.”“Oh, my god! What did you do? Did you jerk off?” said Dora.“What are you doing here? You don’t have the watch tonight.”Dora was the only woman assigned to the lab. She was from Tennessee. She had light black skin, brown eyes, and dark hair that she wore short and tight. Dora was a great-looking BBW. Pretty brown eyes, a slightly rounded face, puffy lips, and huge breasts. We would tease her on the mornings of inspection. We had to be at arm’s length apart, standing upright, shiny shoes and a straight line. We would tell her to suck in her breast; she was not even with everyone else.“I have tomorrow off, so I came to borrow a camera to go around the Island. Who were you talking dirty to?”“A woman back home,” I answered as I was trying to hide my cock with my Bayan escort Ankara underwear.“Must be a special lucky woman; you should feel blessed. Let me get a hand towel to clean you up.” She walked out of the room to the bathroom.I had cum on my chest and stomach. I felt so embarrassed and upset. I could be in trouble if Dora reported me to the Warrant Officer in charge. I heard Dora’s footsteps coming back into the room.“Well, this may not be the best idea I have ever had, but what do you think?”“Holy shit, you look amazing!”Dora was naked. She had an hourglass figure, thick thighs, and a large, round, ass. Her tits were large and round; they looked firm since she was only nineteen. Her areolas were round and dark, matching the nipples that were long and erect.“I did not think you would mind since you constantly flirted with me. Talking dirty on the phone is not the same as fucking in the present. I feel I can trust you and as you are already naked, you are available, and I know horny, as I am.””Now, let me see if I can make you hard again.”She knelt on the bed, facing me. Pulling my underwear down, she grabbed my cock with one hand and cradled my nut sack with her other. Sliding her hand up and down my shaft and massaging my balls got me hard again. Taking some of my cum off my stomach, she used it as lube.She straddled my body while raising my cock to meet her wetness. She leaned back and buried my cock into her hot, waiting pussy. Her cunt was tight around my hardened shaft as she moved her ass up and down, fucking me. Her breast was gently swinging while her nipples stood erect.“It has been a long time; I was ready to fuck someone. I am glad you were here. Wow! Your cock feels so good in me. Oh, geez, your cock is hard and round. Do you want to kiss me?”I sat up, and she moved her feet, so our bodies touched. Her tits felt warm and soft against my chest. We shared tongues. My hands went to her breast; they felt heavy as I bounced them with my hands. I squeezed them and pulled on her nipples. We both moaned with excitement. I moved back enough to place her nipples in my mouth.