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Bailey My Baby Ch. 02

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Day Two:

I woke up and she was already up and dressed. She was wearing a sea-foam green cardigan over a soft yellow sundress.

I prop myself up in my elbows and watch as she brushes her hair. In the cool sunlight of morning she looks absolutely beautiful.

She turns, looking at me and blushes.

“Good morning, baby.” I yawn, stretching out in the bed that was supposed to belong to her and my father.

“G-good morning.” She says shyly. “Sam…I don’t want to put this off.”

I look up at her, already knowing what she wants to talk about. She sits down beside me on the bed, putting her hand over mine.

“We need to talk about what happened yesterday.” She said in a quiet voice. “We need to figure out what is going to happen, about what is happening.”

I sigh and heft myself up. “I understand if you don’t want to continue, but you should know I-“

“No!” Bailey gasped, grabbing back my hand. “No…I…I don’t want to stop. I…I’ve always fought with what I felt. Yesterday, there was no fighting. I had what I wanted, thanks to you.”

I smile at her sweet, shy face. My Disney princess, all mine. I gently take my hand, slipping it around the back of her head and bring her in, kissing her. I could feel myself begin to slick between my thighs, thinking of what I could do to her.

“It’s a waiting game, baby.” I whisper to her, tapping my fingertip against her pursed lips. “My father will be back in a couple of weeks, so we have plenty of time to work things out. And once he gets back…”

Bailey licks her lips, gently brushing her warm tongue against my finger. “And when he gets back…he’ll expect things of me.”

“Mmm.” I don’t want to think about him and Bailey together. I shook my head, grabbing Bailey’s face between my palms. “I know. I know.”

Bailey kisses me, soft and sweet. “I don’t want to hurt him…but…”

I kiss her back, shutting her up so she’ll stop talking about this nonsense. “Baby, do you realize how bad I fucking want you?”

She smiles bashfully. “Don’t say that.” She coos, gently rubbing my shoulders.

I caress down her arm. “My pussy is already wet, thinking about you.”

She giggles loudly, playfully pushing me. “Hush!” She stands up and brushes her hair over her shoulder. “I want us to…to get to know each other better today.” She said with a determined nod.

I stand up, following after her into the kitchen. I want to rip that cardigan off and hike up her dress so I can eat her. “Ok.” My hand is already so close to the hem of her dress.

As if expecting my intentions she spins around, catching me and hugging me close. “I want a date.”

I smile, rubbing my hands down her back and cupping her ass in my hands. “I see. I want that too, if its for you.” I peck her quickly on the lips. “I don’t know if I can last that long though.”

She giggles again. “The longer the delay of gratification, the better the experience, my dear.”

I smirk and release her, heading for the stairs. “I’m going to go change. I wanna look my best for my date.”

She blushes, waving as I ascend the stairs and go into my room. I quickly brush out my hair, short and choppy so minimum styling is needed. I then put on some clothes, a sea-foam green shirt to match her cardigan. Then my favorite skinny jeans, and a leather jacket. I was gonna be Bailey’s bad boy.

When I came downstairs, Bailey was waiting for me, all glowing and beautiful. It was going to take me some time to get used to that and to not try and fuck her where she stood.

We left and went to a nice breakfast restaurant on the other end of town. We are seated at a bench which has us facing out the window and we get to see the lovely sunrise over the lake. We talked and giggled, getting to know each other. We ordered fancy coffees and a special breakfast platter of fruits and waffles we could share.

About half-way through Bailey’s hand is massaging my thigh, I bit my bottom lip, giving her the wicked eye, she blushed, looking down at her food.

I then feel her fingers pressing against my crotch and I let slip a moan.

“Oh, baby.” I coo, reaching out and grabbing her hand, sucking the syrup from her fingertips.

Bailey looks around quickly. “I…I want to try something.” She whispers.

I smile, my badness must be rubbing off. “Oh? Like what, baby?”

Her eyes are still darting around. “I…I want you to touch me too.” Her face is bright red, but that’s all I need to reach over, feel up her shirt, and I realize she isn’t wearing any underwear.

“Baby!” Bostancı Escort I gasp, this wasn’t what I was expecting from her. I was expecting the touch of soft cotton panties, not her velvety, wet pussy lips.

She opens my jeans, unzipping them and easing her fingers inside. “Unless I’m at work, I rarely wear underwear.” She massages me through my panties. “I like how free it is.” She slide her fingers under the elastic of my panties. “But I do like to see women in underwear. There’s something so secretive and playful about it.”

I want to brutally fuck her now. “Baby?” I gasp, barely enough time to think as she slicks her fingers into me.

“I’ve…I’ve always had these odd fantasies.” Bailey whispers. “I had a secret agenda for our date.”

Her pussy is so wet and hot, and her inner muscles keep sucking my fingers in. “I don’t mind a fucking thing, Baby. I’ll do anything with you, anywhere you want, whatever you want.”

She’s panting now. “You’re so sweet.” She moans softly, reaching with her free hand to cup my pert breast in her hand. “You aren’t wearing a bra.” She pinches my taut nipple, causing me and gasp involuntarily. “You have the cutest nipples. Like little pink candy drops.”

“Baby…oh…” I whisper, her words teasing me as much as her fingers.

“Your father…he’d never do anything like this with me, no matter what I asked.” She continued. “Mmm…that feels good.” She groaned, grinding her hips to the rhytm of my dexterous fingers. “But…but I’ve always wanted to do this.”

“You’re so dirty, baby.” I coo.

“I’m sorry if I’m not the good girl you thought I was.” She whispers, small tears in her eyes. “But…but I love this thrill. I…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve masturbated in the teacher’s lounge or the bathrooms at work.”

I seethe, my breath hitching. “You’re gonna make me cum if, you keep talking like that, baby.”

She smiles shyly, despite what we’re doing. “One time, I wore a dildo inside me all day at work.” She whispered. “And when the children were taking a test, I’d sit behind my desk and touch myself.”

“Baby! Fuck!” Her fingers are working so hard in and out of me, I feel my climax building faster and faster.

Her hand slides up my shirt, grasping roughly at my breasts. “And when school let out, I’d often masturbate on top of my desk.” She pulls my shirt up, putting her mouth to my breast and suckling at my breast, teasing my aching nipples with her teeth and tongue.

“Oh fuck! Baby!” I toss my head back, four of my fingers bang inside me, making me cum.

I can feel her too, tighten and twitch as she orgasms for me.

“Sam! Oh, Sam!” She moans against my bare breast, tongue lolling out against my searing flesh.

I pull my fingers out of her, licking them clean. “I love how you taste, baby.” She opens her mouth cleans my fingers for me. “Fuck, damn! That was amazing.” I do the same for her, taking each individual finger and licking it clean of my juice.

She smiles bashfully, licking her fingers clean of me. “That was…the first time I’d done it with someone else. Everyone else I dated…they thought I was such a good girl too.”

I reach out, massaging her plump breast. “I like the good girl look, but I do like them to be a little dirty.” I lean down, biting her taut nipple through her sundress.

“Ah!” Bailey gasped. “Mmm…tha-that made me cum a little.” She giggled.

I look up at her, licking my lips a little. “Oh, baby!”

We finish our breakfast and leave. We decide to go for a walk along the beach. I wrap my arms around her as we walk. I enjoy being with her I realize. Just us alone, walking and admiring the ocean. I also discover I have so many plans with her. Oh all the things we’ll do, the places we’ll see. Holy crap, I want a life with Bailey.

We stop and sit in a secluded grassy area just above the beach, cuddled together. She has her arms wrapped around me, snuggling her cheek into my neck. My heart is pounding so fast. I rub her back and stroke her hair, kissing the top of her head as we sit in silence for the longest time.

Bailey then sits up, cupping my face between her palms and kissing me. I press back, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her into me. He tongue slides into my mouth and then she nips at my bottom lip as she pulls away.

“What do you want, Baby?” I coo.

She licks her lips tentatively. “Touch me again.”

I smile. “As you wish.” My hand slides down, across her ample breast, down her tummy, and then Bostancı Escort Bayan between her legs. Her pussy is just barely wet, just getting excited. With the pad of my finger I circle her clit, feel it grow and swell.

“Yes.” Bailey gasps. “Like that.” She runs her hand down my front and then pulls my shirt up, exposing my breasts. My nipples jump at the cool air. One hand covers one breast, while her mouth covers the other.

“My breasts taste good?” I gasp, excited by her attentions and juicy cunt. “I love it when you bite them.”

She rewards me with her teeth in my flesh, nipping and cuasing my breasts to ache with excitement. “Put you finger inside now.” She coos, begging. “Please. I want you.”

I kiss the top of her head, gently sliding a single finger inside her and swirling it around slowly. “You have such a sweet pussy.”

“Mmm!” She moans softly against my flesh.

“Lay back, Baby.” I command, pushing her onto her back. I remove my jacket, folding it up and placing it under her head. Hitching up her legs over my shoulders I dive in, suckling on her tender pussy, licking up her flowing nectar.

“Oh no!” Bailey gasped, elated. “Oh Sam! Please…” She whimpered.

“I want to taste you, Baby. I wanna eat you all up.” I suckle loudly, grunting and moaning.

“Oh gawd!” Bailey gasped, grasping at her breasts and massaging them. “Yes! Oh please…it’s too good!”

I begin to feel a little cheeky, and so, using her own juices as lube, I begin poking at her tight little bud. She shudders and jerks, trying to guide me away. But I am persistent, and soon, I pop my finger inside her.

“You’re…you’re fucking my ass!” Bailey sits up, reaching down and ripping at my hair. “Oh fuck! Oh please! Make me cum! Make my pussy and ass come!” She sounds so ravenous, but at the same time she still sounds so sweet and shy, like a kitten.

She shudders and bucks as I bring her to orgasm. Her pussy sopping wet, soaking through her breast. I remove myself from her, taking my finger away from her tight rosebud. I crawl on top of her and kiss her, making her lick herself from my lips.

“I can’t believe you did that.” She cooed, touching her finger to my lips. “I just keep feeling better and better with you.”

“I can’t wait for you to make me cum.” I coo.

Bailey begins to lower herself but I grab her and shake my head. “No. Not here. I want to do it somewhere else. Ok?”

She meets my eyes, slightly disappointed and flushed. “Ok. What do you want?”

I smile. “I’m not sure yet.” I say, running my hand down the side of her face and then down the front of her dress, pulling it down so I exposed her bra. I plucked on her of breasts from a cup and began to suckle on it gently. She moaned, racking her fingers through my hair.

“I love your cute breasts.” I gasp, pulling away. “I love your body so much. I wanna fuck all of it.” I then stand up and held her up with me. “Lets go home.”

She nods, understanding what I mean. “Yes.” Once we get home we begin journey to the bedroom. We can barely keep our hands off each other as we go to the door. Once inside it’s all we can do to walk. Our hands our everywhere, our clothes literally fly. She’s naked before me, breasts bouncing. I’m bare, save for my panties.

I have her bent over the couch, ramming into her, my fingers up inside her. She gasps and mews, panting hard.

Next I’m flat against the wall as she eats me out, her hot tongue prodding up inside me, her cute, sweet lips sucking on my fat clit.

“Gaddammit, baby!” I cry. “Oh gawd how I want to fuck you crazy!”

She giggles then, standing and grabbing my hand. Next thing I know, we’re on the bed, our legs scissor together and out plump, juicy twats rubbing together. The sound and the smell filled the room as we panted, and gasped, almost screaming. It was almost too much. It felt like we were consuming each other. And I could tell Bailey was so desperate, finally able to have something she had wanted her whole life but never truly understood until I showed it to her. I wanted to show her everything, teacher her everything we could do together.

After an explosive climax, we rested in the bathtub together, soaking and cuddling in warm scented water.

“I can’t believe how good I feel.” Bailey sighed.

I nuzzled against her neck. “Just wait. I’ll make you feel like your in heaven.” I said, sliding my hands up and massaging her breasts.

Bailey moaned softly. “Oh…stop…I can’t take it anymore. If I cum anymore Escort Bostancı I may die.”

I laugh into her ear softly. “You’re not going to die.”

Bailey smiled bashfully up at me. “I feel like a teenager again with you. Rutting like dogs in heat. I don’t think I have had a dry pussy at all these past two days.”

I lick my lips. “All the better to eat you with my dear.”

She laughed, pressing up tighter against me as she rubs my thighs. “I don’t want this to end. I don’t want to remember the life I have outside.”

I kiss her ear, licking down the channel. “You don’t have to. This is our world, and we can do whatever we want in it.”

Bailey sighed tranquilly, melting into me as I caressed and fondled her. “Seriously…I may go crazy if you keep this up.”

I chuckle, nibbling her neck. “I want you to go crazy. I want you wild and uninhibited.” I bite her earlobe and she gasps. “I liked what I saw today. The wild you. The exhibitionist baby.”

She looks up at me, cheeks flushed. “You really didn’t think I was weird?” She mewed. “You won’t grow tired of that.”

“I don’t see how.” I slide my fingers between her legs, massaging her tender clit.

“Ah! Don’t!” Bailey whined.

“Tell m what you want to do.” I whisper into her ear. “Tell me all the dark fantasies you dream about as you touched yourself, as you trusted a dildo into your beautiful pussy, as you got fucked. Tell me. Tell me everything.” I thrust my fingers inside her.

“Oh gawd…” She panted.

“Tell me how you want me to fuck you. Where you want to be fucked. How you want your pussy to be violated.” Even with the water, I could feel her pussy juices flowing and slicking my fingers.

Bailey wriggled and struggled. “Oh shit! Sam…oh fuck! Fuck me everywhere! I fuck…ahhh…dammit…” she writhed against my fingers, banging deep inside her vaginal walls, causing her ceaseless pleasure.

“I want to fuck you with a strap-on. I want to make you scream. I want people to think you’re dying.” I bite her shoulder.

“Oh dammit, Sam! Do it! Do all of it!” Bailey cried.

I take a finger and slide it into her ass again. “I’m going to take you into a public bathroom and eat you out there, eat your sloppy wet pussy so loud everyone can hear it echo.” I vobrate my fingers, fucking her tight pussy and tighter rear.

She manages to choke out a faint scream, falling into me and shaking.

“I’ll take you to my father’s office building and we can fuck on his desk, up against that huge glass window so everyone can see.” I snarl into her ear, licking it.

She can barely talk. “Yes! Yes! Please! Fuck me against the window!” Her words faint and soft.

I pump my fingers faster. “You dirty girl. You beautiful dirty, beauty.”

Bailey looks up at me and we kiss, kiss hard. I stop fingering her and hold her. I want to devour her, body and soul.

We go back into the bedroom and Bailey lays me down, spreading me out naked on her bed. She touches me, every inch, with gentle, feather-like fingertips. My nipples swell to her touch, my tummy flutters.

She then kneels down, gently opening my cunt. Its wet from our adventure in the tub, so she was able to slide a finger in easily. It feels to good, her slender, elegant fingers wandering around inside me, finding my spots that made me twitch and moan.

Her scalding tongue seeks my clit, lathing over it lovingly. She kisses it, gently sucks. He teeth come down on it, making me whine with pleasure. She giggles and continues to lick and prod and fuck me.

“It feels so good.” I groan. “Oh shit, baby. I love how you fuck me.”

She giggles, but remains silent, intent on making me cum for her own enjoyment. Her fingers are clever, stroking things out of me I hadn’t touched before. Her tongue scalding and cold at the same time. My clit has never known love like that.

I finally clutch the covers, gasping and heaving as Bailey eats up my orgasm, making me come alive just for her.

Sated and weak, the entire day catching up to me, Bailey crawls on top of me, kneading and suckling on my breasts like a kitten.

“I know what you’re saying now.” I gasp. “About dying…going crazy.”

She kisses me. “And I see how you enjoy torturing. I had fun watching you writhe at my touch.”

I take her fingers and kiss each tip. “But I wouldn’t fight you when you wanted to torture me.” I laugh.

She smiles angelically and my heart melts. I kiss her, kiss her as hard as I could to let her know I wasn’t letting her go anytime soon. I needed her to know I needed her, I wanted her.

“Sam,” she gasps as I release her. “Wow.”

I curl up with her, snuggling against her neck. “You never told me your fantasies.”

Bailey sighed. “Later. Ok? For now, I like our private time right now.”

I nod against her, falling asleep in her arms.