Mayıs 11, 2023

Be Our Bull

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Annie and I have had the best conversations and sexiest and hottest chats more than I have had with anyone else I’ve met on Lush. We’ve exchanged fantasies and desires which left us both turned on and always looking forward to our next chat. The best part of our sexy chats is that she shares them with her husband later. And when she shares them with her husband it also turns him on.She also told me that after sharing our chats with him it leads to them having great sex with each other. This turns me on even more knowing that I inspire passion between the two of them.So when I happened to have plans to be visiting their hometown, I let her know. She was excited to hear that I would be in town and wanted to know if I would be interested in meeting up with the two of them. Of course, I was more than happy to do so.She decided that they would get a room at the same hotel I would be staying at while I was there. After making their reservation she gave me their room number and asked if I would come to their room on Friday night at 8 p.m. I told her I most definitely would be there and she told me to let myself in as the door would be open with just the deadbolt leaving it ajar.After chatting with her as much as we had done previously I figured they were both up for a night of playing and maybe enjoying a threesome together. How could I argue Ümraniye Escort with two men giving her all the attention and pleasure she wanted and deserved? I just assumed her husband would be into it since he always enjoyed hearing about the chats that Annie and I had with each other. I had no problem with that, I’ve been in threesomes before and they have always been great – especially with married couples.After I got into town that Friday I let her know that I had arrived. She told me that they had checked in and would be ready for me at 8 p.m. She also told me to be ready for a long, hot night.I took a shower and put on a simple Polo shirt and shorts without any underwear, I figured I probably wouldn’t need them anyway. Since she told me to be ready for a long, hot night I popped a little blue pill to make sure I would be up and ready to go for quite awhile. I checked the clock and it was time to make my way to their room.When I got there, the door was ajar with a deadbolt holding it open like she said. I lightly knocked on the door and let myself in. I heard her call out and tell me to come in and lock the door behind me. When I walked into the room needless to say I was somewhat taken aback. Annie was sitting on the bed nearly naked except for a see through g-string.She sat at the head of the Ümraniye Escort Bayan bed with pillows propped up behind her. Her hands were behind her back pushing out her C cup breasts provocatively. My eyes nearly popped out of my head! Her pink nipples we’re standing out hard much like my dick was in my shorts. She was quite a sight to see with her long curly red hair and smoldering eyes. Her lips sparkled with red lip gloss in the dim light from the bedside lamp. I was spellbound as I looked up and down her petite, slim 5’ 4” body. I felt frozen and dumbfounded at how gorgeous she was in person.I looked her in the eyes and she smiled. “Are you ready for this?” she said.I just looked back at her and smiled. “Be our bull,” she said. It was then I finally noticed her husband sitting in a chair naked near the end of the other side of the bed. He already had a full erection obviously knowing what Annie wanted. He just looked at me and nodded. I looked back at her and she smiled again and that was all it took for me.I had my shirt, shorts and shoes off in a split second. I climbed onto the bed and began squeezing her breasts while playfully licking and nibbling on her nipples. She let out a soft sigh.“Bite them for me,” she whispered.I bit down on one nipple and grabbed the other and pinched it.“Yes!” Escort Ümraniye she moaned out.I continued to pinch her nipples as I moved and licked my way down her stomach. As I moved further down her body my hands left her breasts and felt her skin and the curves of her petite body. When I was reaching around to feel the slope of her backside, I realized her arms were behind her because she was wearing a pair of soft handcuffs. I grabbed her hands with my hands and tightly held them together before releasing them. I looked up into her eyes with a knowing smile and she just smiled back at me.I continued my way down until I was facing the front of her scantily clad pussy. I took in a deep breath to inhale the sweet aroma and excitement that emanated from between her legs. I ripped off her g-string and pushed her legs open revealing a small patch of red hair. I began to lick up from one side of her pussy and then the other side. Being propped up on the pillows underneath her head she could watch me from her vantage point.Using my hands I slowly opened her up to reveal the most beautiful pussy I think I have ever seen. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her lips to her clit. While there I circled her clit gently but firmly and giving it a quick suck into my mouth.“Oh, yes,” she moaned and wiggled on the bed.I held her legs open and down on the bed and started to really go to work. I buried my face into her moistness and licked and sucked and probed her with my tongue. Her nectar was sweet and so delicious that I couldn’t seem to get enough of it. As I settled into giving her clit ministrations with my tongue I also sucked it into my mouth.