Haziran 1, 2023

Beach Day

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“This is boring,” you say as we have been sitting on the couch watching television for about an hour on a sunny Saturday morning.

“It’s a good day for the beach,” I reply.


“Do you want to go to a nude beach?” I ask tentatively.

“Well, I suppose,” you say hesitantly, “I guess it’s no big deal, if you want to.”

A half hour later we are walking onto the warm sandy beach, towels in hand. The beach isn’t crowded, plenty of people, but no shortage of spots. We find a nice place between a twenty-something guy about ten feet on our right, and a girl about the same distance and slightly ahead on our left. They both are lying on their stomachs, and neither looks up as we spread our towels. The guy is completely nude, rather tan and in good shape, and fortunately not hairy. The girls also is pretty tan, she is wearing only stringy black thong bottoms. The matching top is lying crumpled on her beach bag.

“Here goes,” and I begin taking off my clothes. First my shirt, followed by my trunks. I stand totally naked for a minute waiting for you to do the same. You take off your shirt and pants leaving you standing in just a bikini.

“I think I’ll keep this on for now,” you say, and we both lie down on our towels.

After about twenty minutes I decide to go into the water to cool off. Walking back I notice that the guy next to you has sat up, and occasionally glancing at you as you lie face up with your eyes closed. Meanwhile the girl is still lying facedown. I walk in that direction so I can admire her ass. It’s the scenic route back to my towel. As I draw close you sit up.

“I need you to reapply some sunscreen on me,” you say.

“No problem,” I say as I get the sunscreen out of my bag.

I squirt a little on your shoulders and begin to rub it in. I make sure to get it rubbed in thoroughly all over. I notice that as I rub, the glances of the guy next to us are getting longer and longer. Also, I happen to notice that his penis is no longer shrunk and flaccid. In the closely trimmed pubic hair his penis hangs loosely but noticeably growing hard. You whisper something, so I lean forward.

“What did you say?” I ask.

“I said, that guy is getting a hard on.”

“I noticed that to.”

I put a little more lotion into my hands, Ankara bayan escort having finished your back I need to do the front. Still sitting behind you I start at the shoulders and begin rubbing down your chest. As my hand rubs down between your breasts and over your upper chest I sneak quick looks to our right and see that the guys dick is unmistakable getting hard. With my hands so close, I slide my hand down to the edge of the fabric hiding your breast and slip right underneath it. I reach all the way in and cup your breast, enjoying the feel of it. Then I pull back a little and take the nipple between my fingers, playing with it for a minute until it gets hard. Then I resume rubbing on your shoulders. Another glance shows the guy staring right at your boobs. He must be able to see your hard nipple poking against the fabric of your swimsuit. He is totally hard now, his cock pointing to the sky. Yet he sits expressionless, as if pretending he doesn’t see us. Feeling playful, and somewhat aroused myself, I reach down your chest again and take a gentle hold of your bikini top and pull the cups down letting your breasts fall out. Before you even have time to react I cover them back up again.

“Oh my gosh,” you say slightly embarrassed, “I can’t believe you did that.”

“It’s okay, we’re at a nude beach,” I say, “Plus now you are all protected from the sun.”

I sit back and with all our attention paid to the guy, I hadn’t even thought about the girl. I glance over. She is still lying on her stomach, but is now propped up on one elbow. She is looking right at us, and doesn’t look away when I look in her direction. She isn’t ashamed that she has been staring at us. I keep looking and notice that her other arm is underneath her, and it is slightly moving. Her hips are almost imperceptibly bucking to the ground. I realize that she has been discreetly masturbating while watching us.

I continue watching her. She knows I am looking at her, and she continues to masturbate. Now my dick starts getting hard. After a short while of this she stops, gets up and walks toward the water.

“I’m going in the water,” I tell you. You are again lying on your back eyes closed behind sunglasses.

I walk directly behind the girl about twenty feet, my hard Escort bayan Ankara on sticking out in front of me as if stretching to reach her.

She wades into the water and sinks in to her neck. I wade in to my knees and pretend that I don’t even notice her. She moves about relaxing in the water.

“Nice cock,” she says.

“Thanks,” I say wading out until I am in up to my ribcage. She continues paddling about in the water. I reach down and start to jerk myself off. She is moving nonchalantly in my direction, so I stop for a second thinking she doesn’t know what I am doing.

“Don’t stop on my account,” she says.

I feel a moment of hesitation, but then start masturbating again watching her swim not three feet from me. She stops right in front of me, facing away.

“Won’t your girlfriend get mad that you are out her this close to me?”

“Oh, she’s not my girlfriend, just a good friend.”

“In that case …… ,” she says raising her hand out of the water. She’s holding her bikini bottoms. My eyes practically bug out of my head. She lets herself float backward and I take my hand off my cock as I feel her flesh press up against me. My dick slides right between her legs. She reaches down and guides it up into her pussy, and I moan.

“I watched you earlier. She must be a nice friend to let you touch her boobs like that,” she says.

“Yes she is,” I respond as I wrap my arms around and cup her small breasts. I start humping in and out of her cunt.

“Does she let you fuck her?”

“Yes, I love fucking her.”

“She has nice breasts. Great nipples. I bet she has a nice pussy too.”

“Yeah, it’s nice and tight.”

“Do you like my pussy?” she asks.

“Oh yeah, you’re going to make me cum so hard,” I say picking up my rhythm, fucking her harder and faster.

“Does she suck your dick?”

“Yeah, she is good at that. She can get me off good that way.”

“She must like it,” she says indicating with her head the direction of the beach.

I look over and see you still on your back, but the guy kneeling next to your head. His cock is in your mouth. I had been so preoccupied with this girl that I hadn’t even noticed how long you had been sucking him off. Seeing you suck him off and fucking this Bayan escort Ankara total stranger in public was too much.

“I’m going to cum,” I say.

“I’m on the pill,” she says.

A moment later I thrust myself as deep as I can in her pussy as my orgasm rushes through my body. I shoot cum inside of her in long spurts. My legs feel weak and my whole body is in ecstasy, as my dick continues to twitch inside her.

“My name’s Stephanie,” she says as we get back onto the sand walking toward where you are still sucking this guys dick.

She has already put her bottoms back on and sits onto my towel. I sit next to her and we watch you work. The guy has his hands all over your tits, which he conveniently exposed. I reach over and pull your bottoms to the side, revealing your bald wet pussy. I start rubbing your clit making you moan around a mouthful of cock. Stephanie, not to be left out, leans forward and inserts a finger into your pussy.

“Oh yes!” the guy says and pulls his dick from your mouth. Your eyes are closed and your hips are bucking as Stephanie continues to finger fuck you and I rub your clit. The guy strokes on his cock a few times and then aims it at your chest. Thick jets of cum spurt out landing on your tits. You moan as an orgasm causes your body to tremble with pleasure. When he is done cumming, the guy sticks his dick in your mouth again to let you lick off some of the cum, before sitting back on his heels. We stop playing with your pussy. Stephanie leans forward and starts licking the cum off your tits, lingering on your nipples. At the same time I lean down and give you a long passionate kiss.

After you have had a moment to regain your composure, you sit up. You take your top off, not even bothering to try to clean any of the remaining cum off. You readjust your bottoms so they once again hide your bald pussy.

“I didn’t expect that from you today,” I say.

“I know,” you explain, “I was laying here and I felt what I thought was your cock on my lips. I thought you were being frisky, so I didn’t even open my eyes. I just started sucking. I was a little shocked when I finally did open them though. But I was so into it I kept going. Plus it was kind of a turn on.”

“I’m glad you had fun,” I say

“I don’t think we’ve all been introduced,” the guy interjects, “My name Mike. I have a beach house just down a ways from here. It’s within walking distance. I’d love it if you’d all come over and have a drink so we can all get better acquainted.

With that we all gather our things and walk naked down the beach toward Mike’s beach house.