Mayıs 22, 2023

Beautiful Girl Ch. 02

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We stepped out of the elevator together, both of us laughing, and she takes my hand and pulls me down the hall. We stop short of the apartment, near a small marble bench in the hallway just outside her door.

She pulls me to her, kisses me hungrily and I can still taste my come in her mouth. Her hands are unbuttoning my dress again, and when each button opens, she kisses the exposed skin. My nipples are crinkling up again, aching for her tongue, her fingers, anything, and she reaches up to pinch them both quickly, as her lips continue their trail down my chest and belly.

When she reaches the final button, she grabs the fabric in her hands and pulls it roughly from me. Her voice growls slightly as she yanks my panties down, ‘I want to make you come, pretty girl, right here and now. Do you want that?’

“Yes… god yes,” I stammer, and she pulls me to her again, my nipples rubbing against the silk of her blouse with exquisite friction. She leans in and kisses my neck, licking and biting, whispering how badly she wants to fuck me, that she can’t wait to taste my pussy again, that she wants to feel my clit on her tongue and my fingers in her hair.

I’m breathing shallowly, quickly, breasts heaving, my body instantly hot with the need of her, my pussy aching and wet.

She takes one of my breasts in each hand, almost like she’s Ataşehir Escort testing the weight of them, and bends her head to each. I feel her tongue dart out, encircle my nipples, she’s nipping, biting gently at first and then with more pressure as I moan out loud. She’s suckling almost like a child, pulling each nipple as far into her mouth as she can and laving them with her tongue. I touch her head and she says “no… don’t. Just let me touch you,” so I lean back against the wall and close my eyes, reveling in the sensation of her hot mouth on my cool skin.

“Yes, that’s it, keep your eyes closed, concentrate on what I’m doing to you, concentrate on the pleasure,” she says, and I do.

Her hands leave my tits, and she runs them down my sides softly and then draws a line with her tongue from between my boobs straight down to where my pubic hair starts. She runs her hands up and down my legs, never getting close to my now sopping wet pussy, but never too far away from it, either. I feel her hair brush against my thighs and shiver as she leans closer in and licks my inner thigh so softly I wouldn’t be sure it happened if not for the surge of heat in my cunt.

She licks little tiny licks up and down my legs, and with my eyes closed, I can never be sure where the next one will fall. My legs are shaking slightly, Ataşehir Escort Bayan I want her close to me, to be inside her, for her to be inside me. This need I have, the delicious heat of her mouth, god, I can’t… I… fuck, I need her to make me come.

Just when I think I can’t stand up, she grabs my hips and turns me around, so that my hands are against the wall. She stands and pulls my hips back against her and lets me grind against her just once before she’s back on her knees again.

“Are you ready for me, baby?” she asks, and it’s all I can do not to scream “YES OH MY GOD, YES, NOW, PLEASE.” I feel her gentle kisses start behind my knees, and she puts her hands between my legs to spread them wide.

“Are you sure you want to do this out here?” she wonders, and again I can hardly keep my self from screaming yes. “My neighbors might be listening.” I’d fuck her in Central Park right now, if that’s what it took, and I tell her so. Her kisses start again, become longer, slower and just when I think I’m about to go out of my mind, I feel her tiny pink tongue lapping at my slit. I can’t keep from moaning aloud this time, as she bathes her face in my juices, and I want more, need more, don’t care, just more, please god, more. She tells me to rub my clit, and I reach down, surprised to find how Escort Ataşehir wet I am, and rub tiny circles around my swollen button, rocking back against her hot mouth. I feel her fingers playing lightly against my ass, grabbing it, caressing, then one, two, three fingers up inside my pussy, stretching it, fucking it like a fat little cock.

I can feel the wave building and I’ve given up all pretense of remaining quiet and as I feel her tongue snake it’s way into my ass. I’m there, riding the red-hot peak and screaming down into the valley of my orgasm, her fingers pistoning inside me, her tongue lapping at and inside my asshole. She gets to her feet and pulls me toward the door, inside and then into her bedroom.

I fall in a heap onto her bed, and she’s between my legs, spreading them and licking my still swollen clit. The feeling is so intense, too intense, but I don’t fight it. Instead, I tangle my fingers in her hair and pull her closer to my cunt, wanting and needing to feel as much of her inside me as I can. She pulls her mouth away for a moment, and as I groan my protest, she’s back, feeding a dildo into my wet, hungry cunt.

I scream out my pleasure as she pumps this fat cock in and out of me while she sucks on my clit. I rock my hips back and forth, needing her to fuck me faster, and she does, faster, harder and I’m coming, shuddering and spasming in the throes of an orgasm more intense than any I can remember. I hear myself calling her name, and as the last spasms rock me, she comes to lay beside me and kisses me deeply.

“That was incredible,” I manage, after a moment.

“I know darlin,” she says, “and we have all night.”