Haziran 21, 2023

Because she’s been naughty!

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Because she’s been naughty!I come home to no dinner! Plus you’re finger fucking yourself in front of the computer! “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!” You jump up because I scared the shit out of you! “I’m so Sorry Master!” “The time just flew by!” “That is No excuse for this!!” “You know you are not to play with yourself without permission!” “Get your ass in position!” She runs over to the front door and scrambles to all fours with her ass in the air. Throwing her blouse off and unto the couch along with her panties.I walk to your backside “Ass higher Slut! Back arched more! NOW!!” I take off my belt and begin to whip your butt with it. Reprimanding you “You are not to play with yourself without permission, do I need to get you a chastity belt!” Between grunts and cry’s from the belt coming down across your cheeks Hard! “No Master, please not that!” “I also want dinner ready when I come home!” “Also the place looks the same as when I left!” “What have you been doing playing with your cunt all day!!” You begin to apologize again. “I’ve had enough of that!” I walk to the bedroom and return with your ball gag and the dreaded wood paddle! “No Master, No!!” I straddle your back and strap the ball gag in place. “Assume your position!” You do reluctantly.With each strike of paddle across your ass cheek or thighs you say you’re sorry, mumbling into your gag, or was it just a grunt? After your ass is a bright red and must be quite sore by now! “Get your ass in the room and get dressed. You get up and hurry your pretty little ass in front of the closet. And give a gesture of “what should I wear?”I reach in and pull out a sheer sun dress, and throw it at you.?”No panties!” “No bra!” And pointing to some sandals, “Those!” You quickly scramble to get dressed. “Go to the bathroom too!””Out to the truck, NOW!” I guide you to the back seat of the crew cab. You get in. I grab one wrist and slap on a handcuff. I feed it thru the handle above your head and attach your other wrist. I unbutton all the buttons on the front of the dress and open it. “Spread your legs wide and keep them that way!” I reach down and find you wet. I’m not surprised. I spank your cunt a few times. Then push my finger up your cunt with Escort bayan ease. I attach a clamp to each nipple with a chain in the middle. I look you in the eyes “DO NOT CUM!!” As I finger fuck it. You nod yes in response with eyes wide open.I’ve Never done anything like this to you before. I must be really pissed. Taking you outside the house, we’ve always just been inside. In the truck, exposing you to people seeing you. And who knows what else!! But you are super horny too, because before I found you, you were about to have a big climax, since you were teasing yourself all day.I get in and start driving. I pull into a gas station. I get out and walk toward the building. You’re watching me and everyone that might see you. Your nipples are sore from the clamps. You can still smell your arousal. You try to rub your thighs together to cum, but it’s impossible! You scream into your gag!You notice I’m talking to a cute woman on the curb before going into the station building. And fear it’s someone we know! You see me pointing to the truck. And you can see its no one we know, but who are you?? As I enter the building. The woman is now walking toward you, and there is not a damn thing you can do to get out of the situation! She walks behind the truck out of your vision site. You give a sign of relief. But all of a sudden the door on the opposite side of the truck swings open and the woman jumps in. “Hey! Slut! I’m Stacy! You are in fear of everything and anything at this point. You can’t believe I did this! “So, Kevin, your Master told me, you’re being punished and he said I could help! How exciting is that!” You start to scream! That’s when Stacy slaps your face and you stop! “Listen little bitch, that’s not permitted, you’re going to do as I and..well.. Your Master tells you to do.”Who knew I’m walking past the station and am lucky enough to run into Kevin and participate in your punishment!” Stacey reaches over and feels your tits. You don’t know what to do. Then she reaches for your cunt and starts to tease your clit! You start to practically hump her fingers. You are this close to cumming when all of a sudden I open the door! I poke my head in. “Stacy, Bayan escort she’s not permitted to cum, and I fear she is very close.” This doesn’t deter Stacy at all. She starts finger fucking your cunt hard, thrusting almost all her fingers into you! Your eyes are closed as you try not to cum. All of a sudden Stacy pulls the nipple clamp chain hard as the clamps come off your nipples the pain is unbelievable! You scream out into your gag and cum long and hard as Stacy never lets up fucking your cunt!!You’re still breathing hard and Stacy pulls your gag down and shoves her cunt soaked fingers into your mouth as you suck them. I get in and start driving. Stacy leans over and starts sucking and nibbling on your nipples and continues to tease your clit. I say “Remember I did not give you permission.” “And I don’t want to hear a protest, because you know I’m right.” You were about to, but didn’t. We pull into the park, parking lot.I uncuff you and re cuff you with your hands in front of you.?You get out and start to button your dress. It’s dark out, but there are lights along the walkway we are about to go on. “Leave your dress open. Just walk ahead of us.” Even with the dress unbuttoned it covers you, barely. But if anyone sees us, they might stare, but won’t say anything. Before leaving the truck I reach in the back and pull out a moving blanket and some rope. We walk about a block in and did she someone off to the side, but couldn’t see if it was a man or woman. I guide you into some bushes that’s near one of the walkway lights, so we have some light. I hand the blanket to Stacy. I tie a rope around the cuffs and throw the other end over a tree branch. I pull it and now you’re standing almost on your toes. I tie it off. Stacy starts sucking on one nipple and I on the other. I bury my fingers in your cunt. And you feel Stacy probing or trying to probe your ass with something. It’s cold, but hard. You can’t figure out what the hell it is! Finally she gets what turns out to be a dildo into your tight asshole! Then we both begin to nibble and bite your sensitive nipples. You start to cum from my fingers in your cunt. Jerking about. Stacy starts to spank Escort your ass. You’re hanging there helpless and being used and abused, but loving it!Finally we let you down and set you on the blanket on all fours. I leave the dildo in your ass. Stacy has taken her jeans off and spreads her legs in front of you, while laying on her back. Also unbuttoning her top.?I say “Get to work little bitch, eat her cunt!” You dive right in! I drop my jeans and kneel behind. Slam my cock right up your craving cunt! Grab your hips and start fucking you in long deep strokes! Grab a hold of the dildo still in your ass and work it in and out. You immediately start to cum!?You have to hold unto Stacy’s thighs or you’ll loose your position. As you’re hungrily licking her to her first explosive climax of the night!I’m still pounding your pussy. After she cums twice, you move up her body to nibble on her erect nipples. Then onto her lips. I call out “Switch!” And pull out of your cunt. Stacy pushes you back to all fours. Gets up and from her coat pocket pulls out what turns out to be the harness to the dildo buried in your ass! Mean while, I’m kneeling in front of you. Grabbing your head and guiding your mouth to my cock, which still has your pussy juices all over it. You’re still trying to watch Stacy from the corner of your eye. Since I’ve got a hold of your head and fucking your face.Stacy pulls the dildo from your ass. You miss the feeling, but know all to well, it will soon be back! Stacy attaches the dildo to the harness. Kneels behind you. You feel her spreading your cheeks. You cum right then! My hard cock is still thrusting into your mouth! Stacy let’s go long enough to spank your ass a few times to bring back the sting. Then again spreads your cheeks to guide her cock into your hungry hole. She grabs your hips and fucks you hard, slapping your cheeks every so often. You’re rolling thru another climax. When I push my cock all the way in balls deep and give you my first big load past your taste buds. Then I pull out and grab your hair to hold your face in position to jerk the remaining loads across your face.Stacy cums hard with a final thrust and wiggles deep inside you. She pulls out. We all start to dress when there is applause from the surrounding bushes and trees. See, this park is known to lots of people that come here to fuck!We all drive back home. I tell you that meeting Stacy was no coincidence! I had prearranged the meet. Back at the house we all…A story for another time!