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Becky’s Initiation

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“Becky, I just want to be sure you’re okay with this,” I said as we pulled up into the motel parking lot. “I know this will be your first threesome, and if you have cold feet, that’s okay. It’s not for everyone.”

Becky was an old friend of mine, and she and I had become reunited rather recently, when I found out she’d moved to Texas, near where I live. We had visited, gotten a bit drunk together, spent the night together kissing and fondling and finally having sex with each other for the first time. We’d known each other since the 3rd grade, but it was only recently that our relationship had become sexual.

“No, I’m fine. I’ve been feeling kinda horny all day, you know? Just thinking about it.” I saw her press her knees together in pulses, helping her skirt ride up her smooth thighs as I gathered my purse. I nodded, smiling.

Seeing her smooth, round thighs sent a jolt of electricity through me, warming my insides. I still remembered her cumming on my mouth, against my face, around my fingers. She had confessed to me a desire to try a threesome that night. A desire that we would be fulfilling tonight, weeks later, as I shared my lover with her.

My pussy had been wet for days, planning this with her over the phone and through instant messages. We got out of my car and walked up to the motel room door, where I knew he was waiting. I knocked on the door, and we only had to wait a moment before he answered.

Jonathon was dressed nicely, in jeans and a button up shirt, which he knows I like. I love to unwrap him like a present. He leaned over to kiss me lightly on the lips.

“Hey there, Babydoll. Hi there, Becky. Nice to meet you in person. The pictures and the webcam don’t do you any justice at all.” He took her hand, kissed it, and stepped aside so that we could enter.

She leaned over to me to whisper in my ear: “You didn’t tell me he was so sexy, Amanda.” I smiled again.

The motel room looked like motel rooms do everywhere, except for the cooler on the bedside table. I smiled. I know what is usually kept in that cooler. We probably wouldn’t need any of those items today, but you never knew.

I slipped off my shoes and set them next to his, and encouraged Becky to do the same. “Just get comfortable, hon. We are going to sit down and relax and talk.” She came over and kicked off her shoes, and set her purse down next to mine.

“I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be, hon. We’re just going to sit and talk for a while. Here, have a seat there, in the middle chair.” The seats were set up just as we’d planned, in a semi-circle, and our favorite music station was playing on the radio.

Becky laughed delightedly as a new song came on. “I haven’t heard this song in ages!” And she sat down between our chairs. We had planned this well enough that we had all our favorite liquors there, and he handed Becky a rock glass with her rum and Coke, and me one with gin and tonic. His shotglass sat next to him on the little table, with a twist of lime wrung out on a plate next to it. I knew he’d wait for us to have our second drinks before he took one himself.

We started talking, about the music, about what Becky was up to, drawing her out, noticing when her shoulders relaxed, when her movements became more fluid and less jerky, when she drew her feet up onto the chair and sighed in contentment.

We don’t rush, because we don’t do things that way. We wanted a willing partner that was relaxed and comfortable, and knew what they were getting into. We’d been looking for Becky for a while. But when she reappeared in my life, my long lost friend, we knew this one was the right one… a good match for us.

She had never had a threesome before, she said, and that was really no problem for either of us. If she was willing to try, we were willing to initiate her.

We went through a few drinks each, enough for me to have a nice warm glow that only added to my sexual excitement. When I excused myself to go to the bathroom, I discovered that my panties were indeed soaked.

The flirting had started slowly and softly early in the conversation, and had progressed. She was preening for us, showing a little leg, a little knee, giving him a flash of her panties (if she was wearing any) as her skirt rode up. She had told me that night in my arms that she’d had a female lover once before, and that it had not been a bad experience, but that it hadn’t been wonderful, Ankara escort either. I had taken that as a personal challenge. She had left my arms with a smile on her face, and I wanted tomorrow to be the same for her. The day after a wonderful experience.

I wanted her again, wanted to feel her under me, caress her skin and kiss her all over. I was going to make her cum for me over and over again. My pussy felt another rush of heat as I pictured her writhing beneath my mouth and hands.

When Jonathon took a few moments to go to the bathroom, I made my move. I leaned toward her, to whisper in her ear “You look so delicious in that skirt… are you flashing him everything, or are you wearing panties?”

She giggled. “I’m wearing a thong.” And she turned her knees toward me and spread them a little.

I smiled at the flash of white under her short skirt. “Mmmm. Very sexy.” I trailed my finger over her exposed knee, down her calf. Her mouth fell open for a second before she blinked and leaned back.

“That’s nice.”

“Here, put your feet in my lap, and I will massage them for you.” She did so, not pulling down her skirt to cover the shot I got of her crotch. I appreciated that little touch. I smiled at her and started slowly rubbing on her feet, her ankles, her calves, and slowly her feet relaxed.

When he came out of the bathroom, he smiled and pulled his chair up a little closer to her. “Hey, that looks like fun. Want a shoulder rub?”

“Sure.” She watched him move the little end table and pull his chair around behind hers. His warm hands began rubbing her shoulders, molding them and stroking. I knew that he was also stroking the back of her neck alongside her spine with his large warm thumbs when her head fell forward and she moaned.

I asked Jonathon to pass me the massage oil when he had a minute, and he used one hand to continue the massage and fished the massage oil out of the cooler, passing it to me. I dripped a little on my palm, warmed it, and then worked it into my hands, turning their slick heat onto her toes and soles.

“Pass me some, ‘Manda,” he said, holding out his hand. I passed it back, the scent warming in our hands, of a minty eucalyptus, something I found out she really enjoys. I wanted this to be very special and memorable, bringing back thoughts of us when she smelled eucalyptus and mint in the future.

“Mmm… smells good,” she said, and he and I smiled at each other over her bent head. He continued working her neck, slipping his fingers under her blouse to work on her shoulders. I slid my chair forward to continue working on her knees, and thighs, stroking sensually and not just relaxing her.

I was looking up when I saw his hands come forward and unbutton the top button on her blouse. She didn’t even comment. He unbuttoned another two, and then slid her blouse open farther from behind her, exposing her bra straps and her shoulders. He continued his massage, and her moans of pleasure told us we were definitely on the right track.

Things progressed more quickly from there. As she relaxed, Becky had no objections to my working her skirt up around her hips to get to her upper thighs, and her blouse slipped off easily as he slid his attention around her shoulders, peppering kisses on her heated skin, first on her shoulders and arms. His kisses were having very warming effects on her, from the flush that travelled across her chest, disappearing into the covering of her skirt.

I knew that it was about time to slide off my own chair. Finally.

I set her feet and legs down and pushed my chair back, getting on my knees in front of her. I gently spread her thighs for me as she slipped her arms around his neck, and I started dropping light kisses on her inner thighs, feeling a light trace of the oil on my lips.

She moaned into his mouth as Jon reached for her front snap and spilled her teardrop breasts into the cool air of the room. He kept kissing her as he slipped the bra completely off her shoulders, and then he bent his head to kiss her shoulders while his hands cupped her breasts. Her head fell back in pleasure, and her legs spread open the tiniest bit more for me.

Her thong was drenched, her juice smelling warm and musky and inviting to me. I could almost taste the pheromonal surge in the scent, luring me in from her thighs. When he dropped his head to her nipples, Ankara escort bayan I heard Becky cry out for the first time, and her fingers threaded into his hair. With that, I pulled her hips a few inches forward in the chair, so she was more easily accessible, eased the triangle of white cloth from her pussy and began dropping soft kisses around her neatly trimmed triangle of short brown hair. Her legs twitched a few times, and I felt her tilt her hips just a bit, to help me reach her better.

Now we were heading somewhere. I treated myself to a long, slow lick along her wet slit, and she shuddered. I could feel her responding to his expert stimulation of her nipples, as well, her body shuddering and her back arching in pleasure.

“Ready to move to the bed?” he asked her, lifting his head slightly from his bent position.

“Sure,” she said, and we all moved. He directed her to lie across it, her head on the pillow, and close to the right edge, where he sat down. I asked her to stretch her body diagonally across the king-sized bed, to give us plenty of room to move about now, as well as later. I slipped the catches on her skirt and divested her of both that and her thong, and he came over to kiss me.

I tasted the musk of her nipples on Jonathon’s tongue, and he tasted her pussy juice on mine. We kissed passionately, and stripped each other while she watched. He stimulated my nipples and leaned down to nibble and suck them for a moment, his hand slipping down to my pussy, feeling my juices running down my thigh. I caressed his cock, the large head, and the thick shaft, and my pussy clenched in recognition, recalling all the pleasure it had experienced with it inside.

“Becky, I’m going to be the one calling the shots here, just as we’d discussed. Are you still okay with that?” he asked, and she nodded.

“Amanda, I want you to get between Becky’s legs, so you can eat her juicy little pussy, and kneel for me, so I can play with you.” I knelt on the bed and moved into position, as he’d said. “Now, start just kissing and licking all around Becky’s hot little pussy, honey, and I’m going to do the same to you.”

He got onto the bed behind me and began kissing the lips of my pussy, and gently licking them, as well. He spread my knees apart to make room for his knees later, and leaned down to lick me some more. Everything he did to me, I was also doing to Becky, imitating as exactly as I could considering the difference in positions. She was shivering under me, and biting her lips to keep her moans low.

I was moaning against her hot lips, aching to take things to the next level. But Jon was setting the pace, and he was a very patient man.

So I kept up with the light kisses and licks, placing some deep licks in the crease at the top of each thigh, and thoroughly outlining her cleft without delving inside.

“Becky, now let us hear you, hon. That’s part of the whole thing, knowing how well we are pleasuring you.” She nodded and opened her lips, letting little gasps and small moans escape as I kept kissing her softly.

“Follow my lead, Babydoll,” he said, and with that, he gave me a quick lick that separated my pussy lips and dragged along my swollen clit. I moaned, and did the same to Becky, who gasped and bucked her hips against my face, letting me slip my hands beneath her sweet ass to hold her better.

He moaned against my cleft, and licked me again. I mirrored his move on her pussy, and my moans of response fueled some of her own. He used his fingers to separate my pussy lips and licked more deeply, not only over my clit, but into my vagina, and then up over my exposed ass. I loved it when he licked me thoroughly like this, and Becky liked it, too, as I licked her deeply and lifted her ass so that I could lick her puckered little hole.

He kept up a good rhythm, setting an easy pace that had me wishing he would take my clit in his lips, but he wasn’t to be rushed. Then I found out why.

“Keep that up, Babydoll. Keep on eating that sweet pussy for me, just like you know I love to eat yours. I’m going to slip inside you now, and I want you to slip three fingers into her pussy as I slip into you. Becky, you’ll be feeling some of what my Babydoll is feeling, but you don’t get to feel my cock until later. I want to see your reactions, and hear your moans, both of you. Don’t hold back. Let me see and hear it all.”

I Escort Ankara felt him kneel between my knees and felt the large head of his cock slipping up and down between my pussy lips, getting nice and wet before slipping in. I didn’t know quite how to imitate that with my hand, so I used my nose and lips instead. Becky groaned in pleasure and trembled beneath my hands.

I prepared three fingers and pulled back enough to slip them in my mouth, wetting them with my saliva and her juices. I was just putting them into position when I felt him begin to push the generous head of his cock into my tight pussy. I slipped my fingers in slowly, gauging the exact point at which he would be at full depth within me to put my fingers in up to the hilt. I kept licking around her wet pussy lips, keeping a regular rhythm going, and sliding my fingers in and out of her sopping little cleft to the rhythm that he was setting within me.

As he pushed his cock deep inside of me, I pushed my fingers deep inside of her while licking around her clit. As he pulled out, I pulled out. He slowly picked up speed, and so did I. Her rhythm built with mine, and he leaned over my back and dropped kisses onto it while he curled his hand around me to rub my hot little clit.

“Take her clitty into your mouth, Babydoll, as I rub yours. And start rubbing her g-spot, too.” He dropped another kiss or two on my back, and kept his hand on my clit, rubbing and stroking it in just the right way as he slipped his cock in and out of my aching, dripping pussy, moving it so it hit all my hotspots inside. I turned my hand so that my fingers could begin pressing her inside while I sucked her little clit on the outside. I sucked her clitty into my mouth and pushed the hood back with my lips, gently rubbing the tip of her button continuously with my tongue to the rhythm he set.

“Oh, yes,” he said. “You two look fantastic. Becky, don’t stop pulling your nipples. If it makes you feel good, honey, you keep it up. That’s right. That’s right. I can see the sweat glistening between your breasts, Becky, does that feel good? She’s so good at what she’s doing, isn’t she? Mmm…” He slid in and out and his free hand began pressing on my exposed little asshole.

“Okay, now Becky, it’s about to become even more intense…” I moved my free hand to her little rosebud, too, pressing it in the same gentle rhythm he was using, and when he pulled his hand away to lubricate it, I rubbed that finger in her copious juices, putting my finger back at her smallest opening as he put his to mine.

She was thrashing about, gripping her breasts and milking them upward, pulling her nipples straight out from her body as her back arched again and again. Her head was turning side to side and her tongue was slipping in and out, wetting her lips, looking for something to lick, something to do, and her cries were getting very close to orgasmic.

I felt the tremors building in my body from the cock in my pussy, the fingers on my clit, the pussy in my mouth, and the sexy writhing woman I had bucking into my face. The added sensation of the tender rhythmic pressure on my sensitive asshole was driving me wild, and I could tell it was doing so for Becky, too.

Then he slipped his finger into my ass, slowly easing it in a knuckle or two, and withdrawing it. I slid mine into Becky’s asshole, and she and I both started cumming at the same time, her screaming into the air, pulling a breast up to suck on her nipple while the other nipple was being tugged, and I came screaming into her pussy, still keeping the rhythm with her clit in my mouth, pressing up on her g-spot, and feeling erotic heat rush through all parts of my body as he strummed me, sliding into and out of me, and then I heard him begin to cum, too.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, god you two look incredible… yes, yes, yes!” And I felt him explode into my spasming pussy, keeping up such a good rhythm, keeping me cumming over and over again, as I was doing with Becky, who was screaming and ripping the bedspread up as she tried to brace herself against the endless waves of pleasure.

When he started slowing his throbbing cock, and pulled his finger out of my asshole, I did the same for her. I felt his fingers leave my hypersensitive clit, and I pulled away from hers, dropping a kiss on each of her rosy labia as I did. As he slowly withdrew his cock from my pulsing pussy, I withdrew my three fingers from hers.

I collapsed to the right of her, and he to the left, and we all lay catching our breaths, gazing at the ceiling for a moment to reorient ourselves.

“Oh, my god,” said Becky. “That was incredible.”

We smiled at each other over her head. “And that was just the beginning.”