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Becoming Ashley’s Foot Slave Ch. 02

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** Part 2 of my series, “Becoming Ashley’s Foot Slave” **

I had just finished folding her laundry and was in the middle of wiping down the kitchen counters when I heard the keys in the door. My heart stopped for a brief moment and I felt familiar butterflies in my stomach. Immediately I paused what I was doing and rushed over and knelt in front of the doorway, head down, waiting for Ashley to come inside. It was August now and she had been coming back with the sweatiest feet from the weather, so I was excited.

She walked in and I heard her lovely voice above me. “Hey bitch boy. How are our chores going?” She kicked her green flip flops off and slid them underneath my face. They were clearly a pretty old pair she must have been wearing for years, with darker grey splotches of color mixed in with the faded green.

“We’re going to try something new today.” I felt a sudden pressure on the back of my neck – it was her bare foot. She pushed my face into one of the sandals. On my lips I felt a mixed sensation of damp sweat, dry dust, and weathered plastic. I’d obviously gotten used to her socks being in my mouth by now – there was one already in there of course that I was chewing on, sucking on, and drinking my water through all day – but she hadn’t had me do anything with her shoes besides organize them near the front door and take them off when she’s tired.

“They’re a little dirty right? A little sweaty too. My feet were basically just sticking to them and it was annoying. It’s so damn hot out. I need to wear those tomorrow, so clean them off.” She released the pressure on my neck and started walking toward her bedroom. I looked over and caught a glimpse of her amazing ass in black jeans underneath a yellow crop top. Her red hair was let down and a little messy. She paused and turned only her head head back to look at me, with her hand on her hip. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her ass.

“And I don’t mean in the sink. This is another idea I had today, to further remind you who is in charge here, though how could you forget with my sock in your mouth all day? You haven’t taken it out when you’re not supposed to, right?” She did her little evil smirk that I’ve come to enjoy so much – I met her intense eyes for a brief moment and shook my head frantically, then looked back down at the sandals. My dick was rock hard and pulsating already. She started walking away again and I could hear her call out before she entered her bedroom.

“Just how I like it. Your training is going very well. Anyway, you can take my sock out of your mouth for stuff like this, Ben. You’ll need to. Stay right there and clean those sandals with your mouth. Top AND bottom! When you’re done, finish up my chores. I want dinner early tonight, too. Do NOT forget to put my sock back in your mouth when you’re done. Have fun, foot boy!”

I shivered with anticipation, then opened my mouth and took the pink sock out. I gently put it in my pocket for afterward. It felt nice to breathe normally for a second, I have to admit. Without a moment’s notice I gave the sandals a test lick. Dust and dirt coated my tongue, mixed with sweat. You could visually see the spot I licked off. Wow, they really are pretty grimy, I thought to myself. It tastes pretty bad too. I did not enjoy the slight plastic taste. Not as good as her dirty socks. I wasn’t about to let Ashley down though. Kneeling I began cleaning the top of the first sandal more vigorously. It only took me about fifteen minutes to clean the top of both sandals. My mouth tasted like dust and sweat. I could feel little particles on my tongue, and my mouth was so dry. I flipped them over and the bottom was even worse.

I felt a little indignant for a moment. This part doesn’t even touch her feet at all! I hesitated for a moment. And there could be gross stuff from the ground on those, what if I got sick? I turned and looked at the closed door, and imagined trying to protest against her. I shook my head and resigned myself to my fate – I was already in too deep. I began working on the bottoms, and it did not taste good. Not as much of her foot odor that I’ve gotten so used to. This was just pure humiliation, and nothing really in it for me. Or was there? I noticed my dick was bulging out of my pants as I licked the bottom of her sandals. I had to use my teeth to get one spot of dirt off. Had she taken this a little too far? That thought didn’t stop me from continuing until it was looking pretty clean for an old pair of shoes, which took about 20 more minutes. I zoned out and thought about her soles and touching them later on, to distract myself from the dirty bottoms of her flip flops.

I was afraid she would catch me all done but without the sock in my mouth, so I put it back in right away while still lying on the floor. I welcomed the familiar taste and pungent odor compared to the bottom of those shoes. I arranged the green sandals neatly by the front door, ready for her to wear tomorrow.

That was definitely samsun seks hikayeleri new, but the rest of that day was also noteworthy. I finished my chores and cooked her dinner, briefly taking the sock out of my mouth to wash my mouth and lips out after the shoe cleaning. I felt guilty knowing she probably wouldn’t have liked that.

It was very warm and muggy inside our apartment – the A.C couldn’t keep up with the outside heat. I served dinner to her and crawled under the table; she rested her bare feet on my face while she ate. She didn’t want a massage during dinner this time, just a footstool. She clearly hadn’t showered since she got back, and her soles had a salty smell and were still a bit sticky on my skin. There were a few spots of light dust and dirt on her heel and ball of her foot, but not the arch.

“Smells good, right? Why don’t you give me a couple kisses? I think I deserve at least a hundred right?” The tip of her toes pushed extra hard into my lips for a moment, heel arched upward. “Show my feet you love them, roomie! But I don’t want to hear it too much, so keep it down. I don’t really wanna hear your voice.” She crossed her other foot over the top of the one on my lips, dangling it.

With a calm yet passionate fervor, I was silently kissing her soles the whole time she ate, relishing the opportunity. The skin of her pale soles felt warm, humid, and comforting on my lips. I didn’t mind the mild dust and dirt, the normal result of her walking around the apartment barefoot. I kissed over and over again, professing my love and obedience to her feet. The sock in my mouth made it a little hard to kiss but I did my best. I think I’d had this sock for the last three days. I was sure after her next workout she would give me a new one. At one point I heard her say, “You’re actually a pretty decent cook. And you’re paying attention to what I like. Keep it up, dude.” She wasn’t expecting a response, with two sweaty feet on top of my face and a sock in my mouth. I kept puckering my lips and kissing her soles in the same spot, and over and over again, eyes closed.

One thing that was bothering me was that she hadn’t let me put any part of her bare feet in my mouth. No toe sucking, feet licking, or anything. It was either human footstool or massage, over and over again. Licking those shoes today, I realized, was the closest I’d come to licking her feet. I guess the sock in the mouth kind of counts, but that’s different. I wanted to get closer to the source of the sweat and smell. My dick was so hard all the time just daydreaming about it when she wasn’t home. I think she liked seeing it that way, my enthusiastic, constant, and frustrated arousal. I wanted to worship her feet more properly, but I was afraid to ask. Little did I know, I would definitely get more than I bargained for.

“Clean the kitchen first.” she said. “Do better than yesterday, I found some dirty spots this morning. Then come to the living room. You’re going to massage me for at least three hours tonight. And I want NO breaks. You better be going the ENTIRE time. You’ve been working out those hands since you moved in with me, so I know you can do it!”

After making the kitchen spotless, I crawled into the living room and wordlessly assumed my position at the foot of the couch. Her clammy feet were waiting for me. This was our daily routine for what feels like forever, but actually only a few months.

“I’m gonna give you a special privelege”, I heard her say. “But also an obligation. Spit that sock out, we’re gonna make an exception for you tonight.”

I spit it onto the floor and replied, “Thank you so much Ashley. What should I do?”

She leaned over the couch and looked down at me and laughed. “Wow, sometimes I forget how your voice sounds, since you have a fucking sock in your throat all the time and can’t talk. It’s true, I do like it quiet around here.”

I gulped and nodded. I smiled and said, “Looking forward to putting it back in later.”

She leaned back and said, “I know you are. You’re a good little foot bitch. You’ve made my life so much easier. Now, for this entire massage, while you’re doing one foot, I’m going put my other heel in your litte mouth. I want it sitting in your mouth on top of your tongue. No licking. You haven’t earned the right to my toes yet, but you can be my heel slave tonight.”

With that, she flexed her foot upward and sunk her left heel into my mouth, hard. It kind of hurt, and I could feel her rough heel skin against my teeth. Her heels were a little cracked, calloused, and rough; they probably could use a lotioning or a foot scraping – I figured I’d find a way to suggest this to her later. I was mostly thinking about how amazing it was to finally have a part of her foot actually IN my mouth instead of on top of it. I also felt lucky regarding how hot it was inside the apartment, as the smell was particularly strong tonight.

“Why the fuck aren’t you massaging?” She lifted her heel out of my mouth. I could see it had a lively reddish color under the dust specks. “You’re not going to get this privilege if you don’t massage me like I asked. Do you want the heel back?”

“Yes, Ashley.” I said softly. “Please. I’ll massage you as long as you want. I’ll go for hours. You know I will.”

“Good, but show me.” She lifted her foot a few inches above my head. “Come get it. Show me you want my heel. You’d do anything for my heel, right?” I strained my neck and lifted my head up and put my mouth around her heel. As I did, she pushed downward and slammed my head into the carpet. I felt dazed for a moment. But I recovered quickly and grabbed her other foot, applied the foot cream, and began massaging. I was in utter bliss as I began my massage. It was really exciting to switch feet and put her other heel in my mouth. After about 45 minutes she spoke to me.

“Water.” She snapped her fingers and pulled her heel out of my mouth. “Now.”

I stood up and saw she wasn’t even looking at me, just staring into her phone. I was craving a little more attention from her, to be honest. She made a ‘shoo’ gesture with her hand toward the kitchen without looking up.

I went and filled up her water from the filter as fast as I could without spilling. I realized I was pretty thirsty and my mouth was really dry. I decided to try my luck – “Can I have some too?” I called out.

“Just get the fuck back in here, I’m thirsty.” My cock throbbed noticably at the command in her tone. I hastily rushed back in with just her water and placed it on the side table next to her. I stood for a second, admiring her gorgeous face from the side as she stared at her phone, scrolling mindlessly. Suddenly she turned to me and looked me right in the eyes.

“What are you waiting for? Get back to business. Massage. You’ve barely gotten started.” She snapped her fingers again, and pointed to the floor in front the couch, while still looking me at me. She flexed and then pointed her feet, before looking right back at her phone. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled back over into position alongside the couch. Without saying anything, her heel came down on my closed lips. I parted them for her heel as it slid on inwards. Her heel sunk deep into my mouth. Her other foot briskly slapped down on my forehead, kind of hard actually. She raised her voice a bit.

“You’ve got at least three more hours down there. And I’m going to punish you for asking such a selfish question in the kitchen just now. I asked for water for ME, not US. I’M relaxing and enjoying the evening in MY apartment. You got that? This is MY fucking place, and I ALLOW you to live here as long as you do what I say, pay the rent and follow my rules. I’m going to need to come up with a punishment.”

Her damp sole came down hard on my forehead again. Her foot odor was really overwhelming. “Speaking of which, I’m going to need seven hundred cash to go shopping tomorrow – make sure it’s in my wallet by the morning. That part isn’t related to your punishment, I was going to get that from you anyway.”

By the time she was finished talking I was massaging her feet with a regretful and frankly terrified vigor. I felt a sense of despair that I let her down. She is usually playfully sadistic with me, but recently has gotten a lot more aggressive. But also I felt little bit of excitement about the punishment possibly involving her feet.

At the end of the night she pulled her heel out of my mouth and leaned forward on the couch. She looked down at me from above and gave me an unexpectedly pleasant look.

She said in the most angelic and captivating voice I’d ever heard, “If you’re a good enough roomie to me, I’ll put my cute little toes in your mouth too. But you need to keep doing what I want. Tonight you didn’t. Let’s go to bed. Bring the sock with you and put it where it belongs. Oh, and don’t forget the cash” She smiled down at me.

I put the sock back in my mouth and crawled into her bedroom, staring at her bare ass in her thong as she walked ahead of me. I laid on the hard floor like always, ready to go to sleep. A few minutes later she came out from the bathroom where she had been getting ready for bed.

“Oh no, you’re not sleeping there tonight. I’m punishing you remember?”

I immediately moved from a laying position to a kneeling one, and gazed up at her. I was astounded by her beauty. She was wearing a new black thong and a grey tank top, her usual sleeping attire. Her incredible ass and thighs were so close to me as she walked past me and got in the bed. She still hadn’t showered since being out in the heat today.

She snapped her fingers and pointed to the foot of the bed. I didn’t need any extra instructions and crawled over there then sat up on my knees.

“You’re staying up all night tonight. And don’t get too excited, because this is going to be hard for you. I want your hands on my feet all night. Massaging. If I wake up at any point and your eyeballs aren’t glued to my soles with that sock in your mouth, and I’m not being massaged, there’s gonna be hell to pay. You’re going to stare at them all night, thinking about me and how you’re going to do better next time. These feet own you, and you’re going to enjoy every second that you get to look at them and have the privilege of touching them. Now go turn off the light, I’m going to sleep. I better not feel you release pressure AT ALL.”

I did as she commanded, but with a tinge of reservation. I was pretty exhausted and I didn’t know if I could do this all night. We had just finished at least four hours of hard massaging work! I strained my neck forward while on my knees, and put the bottom of the covers over my head. It smelled like her under there, but in a different way than I was used to. It wasn’t so dark in the room after my eyes adjusted that I couldn’t see where her feet were. She was laying on her back, toes pointed upward, one foot crossed over the other. I got as close as I could without lifting my knees off the ground, about 3 inches away.

“Good night roomie! Hope you enjoy smelling my feet all night. Tell me one more time that I’m the best thing that ever happened to you.”

I couldn’t actually speak with the sock in my mouth, but I tried my best to indicate an affirmative response. This was position was really uncomfortable, and I had work to do tomorrow. Both my chores and my real job. This was going to be tough. But I knew at this point I’d do anything for her. However, this was really agonizing. Time went by really slowly. It felt like an eternity that I spent that night, massaging and staring at her soles from under the covers. I felt like it would never become day again, and that time slowed down. It was just me and her feet in a quiet void. I wanted to kiss them, or lick them, so badly, but I was already in trouble. My back was really hurting and I was fighting off the urge to pass out. It didn’t help that my dick simply would not go down. The proximity to the object of my desires was far too close for that happen.

I must have messed it all up, because I awoke to the morning light with a push to my head. It knocked me off balance and I fell backwards onto the floor, catching myself with my arms. I quickly got up so I could see her. She sat up in bed with her messy red hair, and crossed her arms.

“Are you SERIOUS, Ben? I just woke up and you were fucking sleeping. Not rubbing my feet like I told you to. You’re such a shitty roommate.”

I was stunned and exhausted and didn’t know what to say, and to my dismay felt tears welling up in my eyes. Usually I like her bossiness but this aura was kind of new. It really felt like she was mad at me.

“Gonna fucking cry? Wow, dude. I gave you one simple task and you couldn’t do it, and now you’re being even more of a little bitch than I thought you were.”

I tried to say, “Sorry, I promise I’ll make it up to you” but the sock in my mouth distorted it.

She raised an eyebrow incredulously, her arms crossed indignantly. “Did you just try to say something? I didn’t get that. Anyway, looks like I’m gonna have to find a different way to punish you. Remember my flip flops from yesterday?”

I nodded my head up and down aggressively.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this, but that’s gonna be a DAILY chore now. Add it to your fucking list of shit you do for me. Any shoes that I wear out and about need to be cleaned and spotless for next time. With your mouth of course. Got that, shoe cleaner? EACH DAY!”

I nodded again, the tears starting to go away. This was a more familiar type of energy I was getting from her – less disappointed and more sexy and in control.

“That INCLUDES my gym sneakers. Hold on a sec.” She stormed out and came back about 10 seconds later. I got a glimpse of her ass as she stormed out and it reinforced to me that I was completely incapable of resistance. While she was gone I realized how thirsty I was, but I was scared to say anything.

“Okay, you see this?” She reached into the white sneaker and pulled the insole out. She walked toward me. “Open.”

I opened my mouth, and she reached in and pulled the sock out, handing me the sneaker insole.

“Lick it. Show me.”

I obeyed and licked the insole – it tasted so much like her dirty socks but with a different material. It was damp, musty, and sticky.

“Ok, so that’s what you’re gonna do when you’re cleaning them. Top and bottom. SPOTLESS. Every time I wear them.” She took the other insole out and held it above my head. “Open wide, roomie!,” she laughed.

I opened and she folded the insole and shoved it into my mouth. It was much more uncomforable than the sock, and was trying to expand back into it’s normal shape, pushing against my inner cheeks.

“That’s staying in there all day today, instead of the sock. Now, nod if you understand.”

I nodded sheepishly, the insole puffing my cheeks out a bit. She dropped the white sneaker and it landed on the floor in front of me, right side up. She crossed her arms and looked down at me.