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Behind the Scenes with Mom Ch. 01

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The description is the main idea for the whole story and not about this first chapter. I’m going to take it chapter by chapter and see where it leads. This is just the beginning and chapter 2 will be posted in the next couple of days but after that who knows how the story will unfold so all feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading.


My mother is thick.

I know one isn’t supposed to have these thoughts about one’s own mother but I doubt I’m the first to feel this way.

She’s only 37 years old.

In a world that has always celebrated skinny bitches everywhere you look around and the real world presents better options. Mom has a thick body.

She’s short too, she stands at 5’1″. I tower over her at 6 feet tall. She has pale white skin and light copper hair.

Earlier this year that lovely word entered my mind, ‘thick’. I saw it while surfing the web, I believe it was on twitter, and then Mom walked by me wearing her night gown. I was using my laptop on the kitchen table and she was only grabbing a glass of water for the night. Wearing a pink night gown that flowed down to her mid-thighs.

Her thick mid-thighs.

So I first noticed how meaty those legs were and my eyes went up her body from there. I realized then that that night gown wasn’t supposed to look the way it did on her. Or at least it wouldn’t look that way on just any one.

Her sleeveless night gown was the type the flows over your body so you can be comfortable for the night. In her case however, the night gown clung to certain places on her body.

I felt my cock stir for the few seconds that she spent in the kitchen.

“Goodnight honey.”

“Goodnight Mom.”

Not only did her ass stretch the gown but I absolutely loved the way her curves were shaped. The way the gown was free around her smaller waist only to be stretched out and curved by her hips. I could see the shape of her panties.

When she wore something like that it was impossible not to see it. I noticed that not only was her ass wide but it was also bubbly.

Bubbly is a stupid name for it but you may have heard about bubble butts. That was her only that bubble butt sounds smaller than the thick wider butt she carried.

Her butt has those bubble qualities, thus bubbly. The gown was stretched in all dimensions of her ass.

I fantasized that I could set my drink down on top of her cheeks while she stood up straight and it wouldn’t fall.

When I was behind her my eyes feasted. When I was in front of her it was a struggle not to look down. She wore 38 double Ds brassieres, but with that gown she was letting them roam free.

I knew that she didn’t know I felt this way about her because she was a bit careless.

For example I could see her nipples through the nightgown even if it had been for only a couple of seconds. Her breasts looked so soft and malleable with just a nice little hang to them.

My mother is thick and it’s driving me insane.


I turned 19 last January so needless to say my 19th year of life has been the weirdest year in more ways than one.

I can’t believe I could get any hornier than I am at this age.

Not only are these feeling for Mom strong, but as you may already know there’s a pandemic going on. The pandemic only added to our troubles.

Dad divorced Mom years ago and since we’ve been on our own. We never talk to him and since he had good lawyers Mom got very little in exchange for keeping her only son.

She worked as a secretary for a few years but got laid off at the beginning of this year.

We lived in a small apartment. When I entered college we moved to an even smaller apartment than the one we had, so I wouldn’t have to work and just focus on school.

While she wasn’t worried about getting another job at first news started coming in about the corona virus and next thing you know we’re on lock-down.

Mom can’t get a job, simple as that. Not many places are hiring at the moment.

At least we didn’t move to a new city when I entered college. Our little town has a community college which I attend and we have friends around town that could help us. It’s not quite enough though.

Week after week she looked more and bursa bayan eskort more worried about the situation.

Mom and I spend pretty much all day roaming around our little apartment.

It’s a cozy place that we both had liked. That is we liked until all this happened. It’s so much easier when you’re out and about and you just come home to rest.

Instead, we’re here all day and with only two people it feels crowded. To be fair though, I only complained about this because it’s made it harder for me to stop having those lewd thoughts about Mom.

I used to be able to ignore my animalistic instincts for days and now I wake up and she’s there still wearing her robe.

Then she decided that she had to start working out at home since we both did very little any more. So she went into her room and came back to the living room wearing yoga pants.

She then proceeded to stretch and bend and twist and turn in the living room.

I stared discreetly when I could.

Not the ideal scenario to control and settle down my horniness.


Weeks passed.

Mom looked more desperate every day and an idea popped into my head. I would explode if I didn’t take some risks and do something about my situation.

She was sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat next to her at first and then moved closer and reclined my head on her shoulder. Scarlett Johansson was on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon was fake laughing hysterically as usual.

Minutes went by and our little movements permitted me to drop my head on her breasts. Her soft big boobs.

I had a hard-on when she decided it was time for bed.

I normally would have hid my erection as I stood up, but the buildup of everyday erections made me act differently.

The lights were off and only the glow from the television allowed us to see.

I stood up with a tent on my shorts.

She saw it.

An expression of surprise formed on her face.

Bad idea bad idea bad idea, I thought.

Then before I moved off to escape she extended her hands towards me.

“Help your old mother stand honey.”

I held both her hands and pulled her up gently but she didn’t need help. She propelled herself which I wasn’t expecting.

So she practically jumped at me.

I took a step back but held her against me. It was only a few seconds but I was very aware of my cock.

It got trapped between us, her body caught it from underneath and pushed it upwards. I felt my cock against my stomach, and against hers. It was brief.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed looking down at my shorts. “You really liked Scarlett Johansson huh?”

My hands tried to cover my tent. “It’s nothing Mom.”

She laughed as I walked away trying to hide my member. “It’s okay honey, it’s normal that your body reacts like that. She’s a beautiful woman.”

“It’s not what you think.” I replied once I was a few feet away from her. I turned around to face her and realized she was having fun with how embarrassed I was.

“You know, we never talked about sex honey. I guess I just thought your father would.”

“I don’t need a lesson Mom, I’m too old for that.”

“I know. You’ve grown so much.” She pretended a sad face. “My little boy is a man now.” Then smiled. I rolled my eyes to be playful.

She turned around just when I was about to walk away and bent over to grab the remote from the center table.

Even in her comfy grey sweatpants her ass stretched them so well.

Damn it, she did this slowly and pointed her gigantic ass towards me.

She stood up and rapidly turned around at me.

I had no time to react as my mind had turned to goo for those few seconds of ass gazing. Thankfully she didn’t mention it though her eyes told me she had noticed.

“You going to bed too?” She turned off the TV.

“Yeah, I think so.”

And we called it a night.


We went for a run the next day.

Mom convinced me to accompany her for a run before lunch time. I do like to see her in spandex but I’m not used to running any more.

Yet we ran and sweated out and after we were done I felt good about it. I decided then to start running every other day since I didn’t have much else to do throughout bursa evi olan escort the day and I liked the feeling.

When we were back home I took a shower right away. I was already thinking about lunch while I showered but Mom called me to lunch as soon as I stepped out of the bathroom.

To my surprise she hadn’t showered and had prepared lunch for both of us. Turkey sandwiches and salads on the side. Not my idea of the best lunch but I was too hungry to complain. It was great.

“So Mom, what’s the idea? What’s with all this exercise?”

“I just want to start moving some more. Your mother isn’t getting any younger or any thinner.”

“Oh, Mom you look fine.”

“I don’t think so. My job kept me busy but now I’m just getting fat in this place all day.”

“You’re not fat Mom.”

“I’m a little overweight honey and it’s not going get better if I don’t do something about it.”

“You’re not overweight either Mom. Seriously look at you.”

She stepped back and looked down at herself.

“See…” I said, “You don’t even have a stomach and such a thin waist.”

“Well let’s keep it that way.” She smiled blushing a little. “But look…” She turned around and twisted her head back to look down at her butt. “I’m fat here honey.”

“Okay, I’ll agree with that.” I responded.

“I told you.”

“But that doesn’t count.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t count? It makes me look fat.”

“No it doesn’t. You live in the past if you think having a fat ass makes you look fat.”

She laughed sweetly. “Fat ass eh? What kind of language is that? It doesn’t sound very nice and what do you mean I live in the past?”

“I mean, Mom it’s attractive to have a bigger butt now. Wasn’t the opposite true back in your day?” I teased.

“I’m not that old John. Don’t you think it’s too big?”

“Honestly Mom…” We made eye contact which made my face turn red, “Objectively speaking of course, it’s very attractive… and that is, you’re a very beautiful woman and don’t have to worry about that anyways.”

“Awww. Come here honey…” She walked towards me and hugged me. “Thank you so much for the compliments.”

“Yea, no problem.” I replied meekly.


“I think I have an idea Mom.” I started one morning.

“I told you, it’s not your responsibility honey.” She replied sweetly as always.

The way she speaks to me reminds me of who she is, my mother. Yet, while my mind struggles with that fact, having her around makes my cock hard most of the day as we walk around in our small apartment.

“I know you don’t want to talk to me about the money problems we’re having…”

“Honey…” She tried to interrupt.

“It’s okay Mom. I want to help.” She paused thoughtful and allowed me to continue but not without some reluctance in her face. “It’s… a bit crazy… and.. weird but I’m just going to say it anyways.”

“Well I’m all ears for anything that could help.” She replied dejectedly.

“You know, I was thinking about what we talked about the other day. About how you’re a very beautiful woman…”

“Wow, thank you, where’s this going?”

“… and how people today are having to make money online. You put both these things together and you get…”

Mom’s expression gradually changing as she started to get ideas.

“… one weird idea.”

“You better just let it out because I’m starting to get weird ideas too.”

“Listen, there’s this website where you can create a profile and upload pictures, or videos, and write stuff, and people will subscribe and pay a monthly fee.”

“What kind of pictures John?”

“I know what you’re thinking. See what I have in mind is maybe… kind of…. Um… slightly naughty pictures…” Her alarmed eyes scared me a bit. “Just whatever you’re comfortable with. I wasn’t joking or being nice that day. Objectively you’re a very attractive woman and I think it could work.”

“You’re talking about pornography?”

“No I’m not. You don’t have to be naked in this site. There’s lots of people who do that. Men and women but not everyone. It’s more about selling who you are and we can create a persona for you that will sell along with your looks.”

“You’re right that’s insane I bursa rus escort wouldn’t do that.”

“Just think about it then. We can even try with just normal pictures.”

“Normal pictures. And I suppose you would be taking the pictures.”

“I mean yes, I would have to.”

“You’re my son, it’s wrong in so many ways.”

“C’mon Mom, it’s not that big of a deal, who better than me so you can be comfortable.”

“I don’t think so young man, I don’t think so.”

We dropped it after that and though there was some strangeness between us the rest of the day it could have been worse.


Julie’s Diary

May 1st 2020

I can’t believe what my son asked me today.

I must admit that it is very flattering that he believes I’m so attractive that people would pay to see pictures of me.

Naughty pictures. The idea of posing to take naughty pictures feels… feels… it feels both embarrassing and well a bit exciting.

Would anybody really pay for them?


May 5th 2020

I can’t get John’s idea off my mind.

We’ll be urgently needing money sooner than later and my job applications have gone nowhere.

I must be going insane because today I tried something I’m not too proud of.

I got up early to go the store before the crowds and as I was dressing I noticed something.

I chose the blue leggings I had never dare to take out before. I stopped to look at the shape of my body in the mirror and wondered if I was an attractive woman like John had said.

Since my divorce I haven’t been on a date. I have been asked out but I have declined the offers every time and somehow I had never realized what I was doing. I do have a big ass and I suppose men like that. So I decided not to wear the jacket I had planned to and instead just headed out in just my blouse and the blue leggings.

I felt exposed. The leggings were bright and would draw some attention regardless of what I looked like.

I felt a bit insecure but I paid attention and wouldn’t you know it, men kept staring at me. Some more discreetly than others but they couldn’t fool me. They would turn around after passing me in the supermarket aisles.

Then I came back home and prepared a breakfast for me and John. When he came into the kitchen and sat down I didn’t dare try and find out if he was looking at me like those men had. I wouldn’t know how to feel about that.

And yet when I had the plates ready I acted on impulse. I bent down to set the plate in front of him and didn’t shy away from letting the twins stretch down my blouse. I acted on an impulse I couldn’t explain where it had come from.

It was a rush to do this. I tried to rationalize it. People may think acting like this is wrong but I figured people exaggerate. What’s wrong with looking at someone?

It’s as if he was trying not to look… but inevitably he looked. His eyes wandered down and into my blouse.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about it once it was done. There’s so much to consider. If there was lust in his eyes it was wrong, he’s my son, but he’s also a man and I’m the one who put two breasts right in front of him. Men are so primal and I don’t think I should blame him for looking. But then I should blame myself shouldn’t I?

I also have to admit to myself that I liked being looked at. Even if it was him.

I think it’s John’s idea that has made me feel this way. It could be trouble, I don’t trust putting myself out there on the internet.

To imagine my son taking the pictures. I couldn’t do it.

Though maybe it was just as bad what I did today. We went for a run again and we stretched out before starting.

I didn’t give him a chance. I stood in front of him and stretched down to touch my feet with the tips of my fingers. The twins once again only left so much to his imagination.

I liked getting the attention and caught up in the moment I acted imprudent turning around and stretching some more.

My ass pointed towards him and I stole glances back whenever I could. The poor creature did a poor job at hiding his stares.

Through the rest of the day I hugged him and pressed him against my body at every opportunity.

However, I should be proud to have drawn a line that I would not cross. It was one thing to enjoy being looked at and a very different one to look.

I did not look down his crotch and I did not try to find out if he had an erection at any point. That would be going too far… thinking about it is already going too far so I won’t even any more.