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Being Suggestive

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As a young college student my life and my dedication to the joys of being a transvestite had become conflicting. I had to put my college classes first, but living off campus made my female life so much more workable on weekends. I now looked at my sexy mini-skirted flirty self in a very different way now that I had discovered that attracting men had a quite enjoyable side. I realized that there were at least some men in the world that I could trust, and I finally felt so free to be the feminine me, who seemed liberated, by accepting that I could also be attracted to the opposite sex!My first experience when I had a doting, sexy, older boyfriend taught me I was eye catching, pretty, at times alluring, and that I could please a man. As a result, my confidence was elevated as was my realization that I was a very sensual person. When I would go out to the clubs in my teensy alluring tight dresses and very high heels I would walk with a sexy sway, flirt with the guys, and even pose in a sexy manner for a laugh before I would smile in genuine delight. I loved my feminine side and the attention that I got as a sexy girl was arousing, exhilarating and thrilling, especially because I was really a smooth shaven boy! I knew that there had to be other interesting people and experiences to explore as my alter ego Cari.I did, however, recognize the unmistakable electricity and excitement I found in the possibilities that went beyond just dressing in public. I did truly like the attention I received as a woman, the comfort of being treated like a woman, and even more – I so loved it when I had been “taken care of” by my former boyfriend and first lover, John. Being lucky enough to often have drinks bought for me at the club was wonderful and perhaps the first step in how I sized up guys when I met someone. I did like handsome, fit and friendly men, but they had to prove to me to have a level of elegance and sophistication in their dealings with me.That usually meant that older, reasonably intelligent, and somewhat thoughtful men seemed more my type, as I feared or was uncomfortable with young guys who were impulsive, overly aggressive or talked too openly about sexuality or themselves. There seemed so few of this mature kind of man or classy type of guy in this bar. My goal when I went out dressed was always just to have fun and enjoy the crazy people and personalities that frequented Jacques – which I affectionately called the Star Wars Bar, and was complete with all kinds of scum and villainy!On one night my frustration surfaced, though. Finding quality guys to even talk to at times seemed impossible. One Friday night I met a very handsome young man from Ireland. He had red hair and a smile that lit up a room. Unfortunately he got “poached” from me by one of the transgender call girls who frequented the bar. Shelly was a slim, beautiful brunette with implanted breasts and surgically augmented lips and nose. Her look and physical enhancements took her to a level beyond me in my mind and I was jealous of her because he left with her. I was discouraged and I was also in a state of being about as horny as a girl could be!This led to a few too many drinks bought for me by a couple of not very desirable men which led to unwisely deciding to head off to another bar in a nearby section of the city at closing time. This bar, however, made Jacques look almost like heaven in comparison. The bar, which I simply will call infamous, was perhaps Boston’s seediest, sleaziest, and perhaps most dangerous bar in the city. This bar was frequented by people that included those who had been permanently thrown out of Jacques, and they were perhaps the best of the people there!My foolish decision to show up at this place suddenly had an unexpected reward. When I walked in I saw my Irish friend Ian standing talking to a couple of people near the lower bar. There was no sign of Shelly and I assumed he found her rates a bit too prohibitive! I so wanted him and his attentions, so I impulsively hatched a crazy plan.A month earlier I had purchased a beautiful long mink coat from a second hand store, which I was wearing. I went back to my car, stripped off all my clothes, put on high five inch red heels and just my mink. I quickly swayed down the street feeling devilish and smiling at my naughty idea. I walked into the bar boldly, feeling sexy, tipsy and confident. I walked over to Ian and with a big smile – spread my coat open and showed him what I was wearing beneath my mink. The look on his face was priceless. I had become the definition of the word tease!Fortunately, as I suspected, Ian seemed quite interested! We were soon off to my car. I was outrageously needy and about as wanton as a gal could be. I rubbed his crotch as we drove to a large parking lot in South Boston, Ankara escort Bayan five or so minutes away, where a quick kiss found us leaping into the back seat. It wasn’t long before I found myself throwing off my fur, leaving me naked as a jaybird. I was soon jumping atop his hot body. I quickly got out a condom and rolled it over his hard, decent-sized cock. I immediately centered my bum over his manhood and began to ride his cock while face to face. I was like a girl who had been starving for weeks. I was lost and thoroughly enjoying Ian’s up-thrusts and groans. I had so missed the feeling of a man’s cock inside my sleek, smooth body.As our lovemaking began to rapidly surge toward a crescendo a sudden knock on the glass of the car stopped us in our tracks. I am usually rather cautious but in my wanton state I had no idea that I had parked in the middle of a factory parking lot. Now dozens of night shift employees were headed to their cars and our rocking party car stood out like a beacon in the night! I grabbed my mink and covered myself and Ian. I sat motionless half scared to death as a few callous men shouted shall we say – encouraging words to us. I so feared my real sexual identity may have been compromised while I was naked before them, but the partially steamed up windows must have helped!I sat motionless in fear atop Ian as his hard cock began to shrink inside me. This was no joke. I feared for my life as this place was not what one might call an area of the city known for tolerance and openness. The men’s comments were nasty and sexual. Terms like “way to fuck that bitch” were easily overheard. Finally they wandered off as my sweaty nude body went from overheated to goose bumps as we lay naked and motionless in the car in the cold night air covered only by my mink. I drove away once it was quiet and dropped Ian off without the joy of finishing that act of somewhat mutual need!I hoped the next morning that Saturday night would be an improvement over Friday’s embarrassment and failures! I usually met certain transgender friends at Jacques on the weekend, and my friend Sandy was a good person to know for many reasons. Sandy was a good five inches taller than me and she’d had had a couple of operations to enhance her appearance, including breast augmentation. I think Sandy looks almost one hundred percent female and even her voice seems purely feminine.Sandy knows almost all of the regulars who come in to the club. We often joke about being lezzies because we are very close. Sandy would always warn me about the bad guys to stay away from. Unfortunately, most of the guys were in that category. Early Saturday night she introduced me to a man named Roger, and she whispered in my ear that Roger was a great guy who I might really like. I was quite surprised to hear that kind of uncommon inside information from her!Roger was a very well dressed man a little over six feet tall and perhaps around forty years old. He reminded me a bit of my first boyfriend as he was trim and handsome. Roger had neatly flowing brown hair and I loved his quick smile. I am only 5’5” tall and at 130 pounds I seemed quite tiny next to him. Perhaps it was the usual free drinks or Sandy’s endorsement that helped me find myself getting very comfortable with Roger. I instantly valued how Roger doted on me. Roger had both a quick wit and a great sense of humor too. He generously bought me whatever drinks or snacks I wanted and we soon talked comfortably about each other’s likes and dislikes. When talk turned sensual, I found the flirting and energy between us to be quite pleasurable. This guy seemed like a true gentleman, yet he had me confessing my sins and naughty penchants better than a clergyman!Roger and I talked to near closing time, when suddenly I became acutely aware of the magic of his gentle touches and his very friendly nature. I had been sitting on the bar stool, legs crossed and showing lots of leg next to him. I also realized just how overtly sexy and alluring that my teensy short tight hot pink spaghetti strapped mini dress and my sexy high five inch leopard print heels must have looked to him. I tuck my manhood between my legs when I dress and it was in quite a state of hardness, making my panties feel way too tight! In spite of looking a bit like a high class whore, (as Sandy had said to me!) I felt pretty and desirable around him.I also felt so feline and so sensual. It had been a few weeks since I had genuinely enjoyed a man’s company as last night’s heated rush was long in my rear view mirror. Roger had me feeling that feminine high I so enjoyed when I was treated with caring and respect as a “female”. My appearance had such an obviousness to him that even I did not fully understand.My ease with Escort Balgat him and my mildly drunken state had me feeling very erotic and sexual. I was melting in his company. Still my shyness, youth, fear of the unknown, inexperience and lack of confidence as a “woman” had me fearfully thinking of the future. I was perhaps not willing to risk anything beyond meeting him as soon as tonight. Last night proved what bad judgement could bring on. I wanted to find more ease with myself as the female in a more sheltered circumstance.I already had complete confidence in Roger, which I almost never had found with the exception of John. He nicely asked if I’d like to go home with him and I winked. “I’m tempted,” I said honestly. I shyly but coyly told Roger not tonight, but that I wouldn’t be opposed to a date with him in the future. Roger seemed pleased enough and got my phone number, promising to call me early Wednesday evening to arrange a date for the weekend. I was very happy and sensed something very special in Roger. He made me quiver in his company and his strength and confidence made me swoon.Roger walked me to my car a block and a half away. I loved how he held my hand and how we walked arm in arm. He so skillfully held me gently and close to him. It was getting cool, and at my car he hugged me while giving me the warmest, most breathtaking kiss that I’d ever experienced as a woman. I arched my back and stood tall on my high heels, feeling so small, so feminine and so vulnerable in his arms. My body almost melted into his hold and I had to fight the urge for more. I thanked him, knowing in my heart that he would indeed call me on Wednesday.Being back at college as a regular guy Monday was a nice change. I was able to focus on my studies, but by Wednesday my female mind kept thinking about Roger. I got home to my apartment early, enthused and hopeful about hearing from him. I decided to partially dress femininely for his call. Now comfortably at home, I was a hairless, smooth-skinned boy enjoying simply being dressed in a sexy red silk negligee and string panties. I sat a bit anxiously in front of the TV waiting for his call. When the phone rang right when he said he would call it pleased me greatly. Very few guys in a transgender bar are what I would call dependable. I had sensed that Roger might just be an exception.I immediately felt comfortable while talking with Roger. We talked, joked and even flirted with each other for over an hour before he asked me about what I found sexy and sensual. He inquired if I ever tried any bondage or discipline – which I had not, but I did admit to sharing some positive fascination about it. Roger got me to admit that I had a submissive side. I admitted that I do like it when a guy takes charge. He was so persuasive and considerate that I was spilling some of my deepest secrets.This quite private, yet erotic, phone discussion was causing me to get stimulated. I admitted to Roger that I enjoyed it when I got a spanking in the past. He was quite pleased with me before we agreed that he would pick me up at 8:00 P.M. Friday night at my apartment. Roger’s suggestion that we might explore my submissive tendencies had me practically breathless in anticipation. My awareness of these propensities were ever expanding in spite of my denials to date.On Friday I got out of my Chemistry class early and got home before 4:00 P.M. I spent the next two hours in my apartment preparing myself in what I call my feminine delight odyssey! I take a warm bubble bath with bath oils and proceed to shave every inch and corner of my slim body all over, from face to toe. In the mirror my lack of pubic hair and baby-like face and my longish light-brown, almost blonde hair makes me look like a feminine pre-teen boy, except for my constantly hardening seven and a half inch erection. I wanted to be perfect tonight. It was very exciting knowing that I would be dressing not just for myself tonight. Getting all dressed up for a man for a date already has me in such a state of feline excitement that I think only a true transvestite or trans girl can understand.I reveled in the preparation and joy of taking great care with my make-up. My tools included eye liner, false eyelashes, powders, blush, lipstick, and lip liners and more. I then painted my toe nails and glued long red nail extensions over my own longish nails making my male hands look suddenly so feminine. Next I added my first high quality blonde wig. It is designed to be taped to the scalp in the front and is so realistic that it can be convincingly be combed and brushed backwards off the face. I find my facial appearance breathtakingly feminine enough and incredulously (to me) pretty. With such long blonde hair I feel I have stunning appearance. Batıkent escort In less than an hour I have skillfully glued and painted myself into a very sexy young blonde “gal”. All I needed now are my best choice of my wondrous female clothes of which I have an incredible two closet filled collection.I have a full closet filled with dresses and high heels! I have dozens of stockings, panty hose and a number of garter belts. I have over two dozen panties and a dozen or so bras. I always match my colors, and tonight I decide will be simple basic black. My waist is a trim thirty inches but with my special waist cincher it will be three or four inches less. I put on a black garter belt over the cincher and add black silk stockings that attach with garter belt clips. I add a strapless bra and pull my breasts close to center, resulting in totally realistic appearance of cleavage. In my full length mirror I cannot believe how sexy I look – even without my high heels!I have four black dresses, all of which are close to my heart. I know which one I’ll most likely choose but I try each one on, adding my tall black platform sandaled high heels for final affect. I also tried on the light green skin-tight spandex spaghetti strapped micro mini that I wore to the bar last week – which obviously now, in the mirror’s reflection, leaves nothing to the imagination. I understand why Roger found me so sexy and attractive. I also think that he saw me as a very naughty girl because few would dare to wear a dress like this out in public like I had! I knew what he might expect from me tonight, and I was torn in spite of my apparent need. I was not sure at all that I was ready to be a man’s woman again in spite of a wondrous first experience with John.I would go with a more conservative black dress with a tight flared waist, high back, but exposed sheer chest and shoulders. The dress had a shaded black breast area which made my breasts look real. I changed into a longer wig and at least I thought I looked very pretty and even cute in it yet with a subtle sexiness. I wanted to look like an elegantly dressed woman and I was very pleased with the result. At eight the doorbell rang. I do love a man who is dependable and on time!Roger met me at my front door. He smiled and complimented me telling me I looked breathtaking. This guy knew how to make a girl’s day. He was already drawing me in! Roger then took me by the hand and led me down the stairs to the street level. The forecast was for a warm fall evening so I felt good in this sexy black light dress and felt even better in the silky flesh colored stockings I had changed into. The contrast seemed better showing my smooth legs rather than mute them in black. I swayed my bottom just a bit while walking to his parked car about a couple of hundred feet up the street. I felt like a million and Roger seemed to just know how to treat a girl right!Roger had a very nice car and it felt quite enjoyable to ride along as his date in this bit of Lexus luxury. During the ride, Roger asked me about school and my goals in life. He seemed to know a bit about a lot of things but he was surprised that I enjoyed being a guy as much as I did being a girl. He said that he assumed I was going to transition to female and would have surgeries. He assumed that I’d already had breast enhancement but I told him it was just clever bra and body contouring and even body color shadowing. I told him that I had no plans to alter my body and he said I was amazing to be able to look and be so feminine and to just be a transvestite. I guess that was quite a compliment that no one had ever mentioned to me.Roger was taking me for drinks before dinner so we stopped at the club in Bay Village for a drink before a short walk to the restaurant. Roger was in a suit and white dress shirt and I must admit that I looked almost as well dressed in “black.” Johnny, the bartender, had to get a picture of us all dressed up, and he took several of us from different angles and distances. He would even put one of our pictures up on the wall in the bar because he said we looked like a Hollywood couple! I was quite proud of how much we looked like a normal couple, though Johnny joked that I looked like Roger’s daughter rather than his date! I so loved Johnny and his sense of humor.After two drinks we left to walked to the nearby restaurant for our dinner. It was only three blocks away but we were a little early so we took a little detour through park square to kill a little time and enjoy the night. We passed an adult lingerie shop which was still open. We both remarked at a sexy white spaghetti-strapped bustier with matching white stockings and panties in the window that was incredibly sexy. Roger said he just had to buy it for me! In we went, and he bought it for me. I was so excited, and I promised him that I would model it for him!Roger must have had incredible instincts or just plain great radar, because my feminine emotions were suddenly locked on the stunning garment that sat at the bottom of the bag he was holding while walking with me.