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Best Served Cold – Chapter 10, The Game

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As relaxed as our relationship became with Michael, I hadn’t watched them in our bed. Fantasies of them fucking was one thing, but I wasn’t sure I could see another man “have” Linda. I could manipulate my own fantasies as I pictured them, editing the moments of intimacy between them to suit my comfort level, but I was in a place where I feared watching them together might churn up those  jagged shards of possessiveness and jealousy that assaulted me that first night at the Excelsior. What would I do? Stand there with my dick in my hand while I watched him bring my wife to orgasm? That seemed so pathetic. Maybe it was better not to know.For a while, I found the subject just awkward enough to leave things as they were. That first night he stayed over, I’d slept on the sofa only a few yards away and masturbated to the sounds of Linda urging him on. All of it had been new and exciting, and the moans of her orgasm were more than enough to finish me. The time after that was sleepless torture. I cringed when I thought of giving up both Linda and our bed to him after a second time, and how it might become our future, all while I tossed and turned on our sofa like an outcast. Not that thoughts of another man putting a smile on Linda’s face after a night with her didn’t still excite me, but it became unbearably unlike what my past fantasies had promised, that Linda and I would sow the seeds of our new fantasies together.One night after Linda and I made love, she asked why I still hadn’t watched Michael fuck her. “He’s the one who brought it up,” she admitted. “And I think it’s time – it would be good for us, wouldn’t it? I want you to be there – it doesn’t seem right having you sleep out there on the sofa. I know you masturbate while you listen to us. You love seeing me naked. Wouldn’t you like to see me under him, or on top, riding him? Hasn’t that always been your fantasy?”I admitted as much. “But are you sure he’d be able to keep it up with me there, watching like some kind of spectator?”She rolled on top of me and grinned. “Welll – he’s always been ready, always so hard for me, and then again so incredibly soon after we fuck. Why do you think I’m so happy all the time? I have two men I can depend on to fuck me completely and deliriously senseless, whenever I want them. Why shouldn’t they both be in the room with me at the same time? Or maybe in the same bed.”I didn’t have an immediate answer for her, but still wondered how it might work. She could see I still struggled with all kinds of potential mishaps and embarrassment.”What if we leave the bedroom door open the next time he stays?” she suggested. “You could wander in quietly, or just watch from the door if that’s more comfortable for you the first time. He’s already told me he wouldn’t mind if you want to be there. In fact, he said he wondered how long it was going to take you to ask. He’s done this before when he lived in New York, remember?””So, what then?” I asked her. “Would you want me on the bed with the two of you? Or maybe more than just that?” I knew I was asking the questions of an unsettled novice, but it was a place my fantasies hadn’t yet taken me.”It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, David, but I guess I never went so far as to imagine all the things the three of us might do together every second. But, imagining having two naked men in my bed at the same time – mmmm, it is hard to see how that could be a bad thing.””You’d want both of us to fuck you then? Maybe take turns?””I have fantasies too, David, and that’s been one of them for a while now. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe just let it happen and see where it takes us?””But you still have some idea, right? About what you’d want if you had two cocks to play with instead of just one?”She shook her head slowly and grinned at me as her hand tested bringing my cock back to life. “One cock is fine. But since you brought it up, two just might be better… ,” she teased. “But I wouldn’t worry about how and when I’d want both of you – you don’t know what Michael is like in bed. He might surprise you with how generous he is.””You mean, generous with his cock…””Mmmm, maybe that too,” she assured me, as my erection began to return in her expert hands. “Now, maybe you’d like to put this big, hard thing inside me. I’m sure you can be just as generous if we talk more about you and Michael fucking me.”We fucked furiously, and I’m afraid I came much too soon. But Linda didn’t seem to mind at all. Afterward, her face was pure satisfaction and contentment, her gaze fixed on the ceiling above us.                                                      *** I came home Saturday afternoon to find Linda still at work on her laptop, her eyes scanning the screen intensely. She didn’t often work from home, but her office had an unplanned deadline and she had been at it all day. She had sighed when she got the news from her boss that morning, knowing it would likely take most of her day. I knew better than to ask her if I could help; she was the artist, I was the ‘tech guy’. Unless her laptop needed a virus dead and gone, I’d be useless. I left in the morning to give her peace and quiet for half the day, hoping it would cut short the time it would take her to finish.”I have food, and something else you’ll like. Almost done?” I asked when I returned.She looked up and smiled. “Thank you! I’m so starved – I’ve been at this all day with nothing to eat but munchies. And we’re out of everything to drink except water Ataşehir Escort and beer.””So, we have Kung Pao Chicken, and for me, some Thai Curry. I know the spicy stuff gives you heartburn, but I couldn’t resist a little curry for myself.”I set the food on the table, then opened the large grocery bag. “And, you’re going to love what else I brought you.” She sat back in her chair and watched me lift the Bacardi and strawberries from the bag. “I’m afraid the strawberries are frozen. The weather’s so bad I gave up looking for fresh ones. This time of year I doubt there are any within hundreds of miles. Sorry about that.”She got up and hugged me, planting a quick kiss on my lips. “You’re always thinking of me – did you get something for yourself?””To drink? Well, I still have that eighteen year old single malt Michael was kind enough to give me the night he came to dinner to show me what a ‘good friend’ he was to you. You remember that night, don’t you? How friendly he was to you?” I grinned, and she took a step back and punched me.”I seem to remember you liking what a ‘good friend’ he was to me after he fucked me to within an inch of my life in our bed. You couldn’t keep your hands or your cock away from me the entire weekend. Come on now, admit it…” She was backing away slowly with her hands spread, having her usual fun teasing me.”Okay, I admit it. How many times did he fuck you that night anyway? I can’t quite remember,” I teased back. “Let me think, was it three, or four, or five…?””Keep going,” she said. “You’ll get to the right number eventually…”We were both so hungry we sat at the table and devoured the food in silence. When I began to make her a daiquiri, she told me to wait. “It’s early – are you trying to get me drunk and have your way with me, mister? You know you can have me any time you want, don’t you?”She began to unbutton her blouse as she ate. There was just enough of her cleavage exposed to make me want to put my hands inside. She didn’t look up – she simply undid the final button, stretched her arms and straightened her back just enough to thrust her breasts through the opening. Then she was staring at me, flashing her best sex-kitten smile, watching me drool. “Any time, any way you want – just let me know,” she assured me. “What was it she said the other night in one of your old movies? ‘All you have to do is whistle. Just put your lips together, and blow?’ “I was hardly Bogey, but she had done a seriously heart-stopping imitation of Bacall. In fact, quoting the film made me consider how much like Bacall Linda could be in her most daring, seductive moments. She had been so girly when we first met. I thought it had been an act, but it was still so sexy. Marriage had changed her though as she became what she imagined a wife should be – soft, pretty, and innocent, with a maturity that seemed almost a veneer at times. Year by year I could see she was determined to grow into the part, to put on a new skin, one she borrowed from the women who managed her at work, and from the older wives of couples we socialized with. But now and then the girly Linda would emerge, suddenly and unexpectedly, often when she used it to let me know she was horny, or even sometimes to flirt with other men. She could turn it on and off in an instant, and she knew how well it worked. Men loved it, and so did I.But just as there was a vestige of her girly side, Linda sheltered a darker, more assertive side as well. She used it much less often, but I learned it could also be summoned by sexual desire after long periods of stress. I grew to love that she would constantly surprise me with seductions laced with lurking secret fantasies and what she came to confess as her sometimes ‘good girl/bad girl’ inner conflict.I understood her darker nature much better after her confession about Jordan, her past coworker who teased out and inflamed her submissive addiction. In time, the public assertive Linda had become more dominant, which gave her an air of professionalism at work and of the ‘proper wife’ everywhere else. Even her taste in clothing had matured; the little girl baggy shorts and T-shirts had been discarded for fitted slacks, silk blouses, and sundresses influenced by her image of what a ‘proper’ wife should wear.Age had been kind to Linda – more than kind, actually. Her figure had blossomed in her early thirties with perfectly flared hips and fuller breasts, but she still miraculously retained her wasp-like waist and long, slim legs. She wore the changes well, most often with the physical appearance of a Stepford wife, but with a sharp wit and keen ability to hold her own in any conversation about any subject. At first glance she was a pretty housewife, but she soon became a fascinating enigma after any man spent five minutes with her. It gave the girly Linda an even more potent effect when she let it out to play. Men were drawn to her as though they didn’t care that she was my wife, and that hadn’t always been easy for me to ignore.”I just might take you up on that tonight,” I answered with a knowing grin. “I have some other surprises, ones I think you’ll like even more.””So where are they?” she asked, peering into the bags I brought home.”You’ll have to wait till tonight – maybe after a few more daiquiris.””Can’t you give me a hint? You know how I hate waiting for presents!””Well, it’s something we can play with,” I promised with a smile.”I know that look – I hope it’s not another Ataşehir Escort Bayan dildo, at least not one even bigger than the last one you bought. I never liked it, but I know you got off pretending it belonged to some big stud that was fucking me. It really didn’t work that well for me. I prefer real cock, fantasy boy. You know – thick and hard and warm, with a nice fat head that leaks a little so I know I’m making it happy?””Sorry about that. I guess I could tell, and it’s why I put it away after a while. But I really wanted to know how you’d like a much bigger cock during sex. So, you didn’t like it at all?””David! That thing was huge! A little of it was wonderful – I’m sure you noticed how I loved the first few inches of it. But any more than that felt like a giant post stuck up inside me. I don’t want to feel like I’m giving birth while I’m having sex. I want a man to use his penis to satisfy me, and to feel like I’ve been with a live, warm human being afterwards.””But, you like Michael’s though, right? You never were honest with me about his size.””I was, David. I told you it didn’t matter, that the man mattered.””I’ve seen it myself, Linda. Why can’t you be honest about it? You must be able to tell the difference. Can you tell me what kind of difference? How it feels inside you?””Honestly David, you really are a glutton for punishment today. Does hearing me tell you things like that turn you on?””It’s – complicated,” I confessed. “In a way, yes. Imagining his big cock exciting you when you see it, hold it, and then put it in your mouth – the image I get is breathtaking. When I think about how great it makes you feel, how satisfying it must be for you when he’s pumping away inside you, it’s sexy as hell, and I’m happy for you, glad that he can do that for you. He’s been a good friend to you, and has a cock that you like just as much. I guess a woman couldn’t have it any better than that, especially a married woman with a husband that allows it. But with all those emotions comes the danger, the fear that you’ll like it a little too much, and that there’s nothing I could do to compete with that if I had to. We men are stuck with what we’re born with.””You men and your competition thing. And comparing dick sizes is the ultimate cliche. You do know that women don’t live for your cocks, right? That we don’t get up every morning and think, ‘Now where can I go to find the biggest cock out there today?’. Don’t get me wrong – we love your cocks. But we don’t measure them or marry them. We don’t obsess over them, at least not like you men do.””So, you’re not going to tell me,” I said finally.She stared at me for a few seconds, narrowing her eyes, thinking. “If that’s what you want, fine. There is a difference. And yes, one I can feel. It’s the way it pushes against my clit, the way it tugs at it while he’s fucking me. But sometimes I come too soon. Sometimes the way he does it when he gets so excited, pounding me so relentlessly, is just too intense. It’s great quickie sex, but not the prolonged, loving sex I need from you. He’s not that much bigger, David; it would never be enough to make me give up yours for his. Never. Is that what you wanted to know? Are you satisfied now?”I couldn’t decide whether she was determined, angry, or just exhausted from trying to make me understand. I knew if I didn’t respond, she’d think she hurt me; but actually, her honesty, in words that came so easily for her, was both comforting and a bit arousing. I wondered if she realized she had again added to the lurid images I was collecting in my head of Michael and her fucking.”Completely satisfied,” I told her, with every ounce of sincerity I could manage. “That’s all you had to say. I just needed honesty, and was afraid if you were holding anything back, if there were any of those secrets we’ve talked about, we’d be in trouble.”She reached across the table and took my hand. “David, there are secrets. But they’re our secrets, not secrets between Michael and me. He’ll never know everything about us, what our lives have been like before him, or feel our love for each other now. I’ve told you before, if you want me to stop fucking him, I will.””No, I don’t want that, Linda, if you don’t. All I want is honest answers to my questions and concerns, especially the nagging ones that fuel my insecurities. I guess I’m still learning, still trying to feel my way through it to do this the right way, if there is one.””We both are, David. And I’m sorry that I wasn’t completely honest with you. But I didn’t know that it was on your mind so much, and I guess I was afraid the truth would hurt. It won’t happen again. I promise to tell you all about his giant, enormous cock.” Now she was teasing me, and her final grin was all she needed to change the subject.She came to me, sat on my lap, and kissed me deeply. I put my hand inside her open blouse, palming her breast and nipple. She released a soft moan as we kissed, and I knew she’d be wet inside her lined, winter jeans. She broke the kiss and smiled, an inch from my face.”Wanna fuck? I’m not sure I can wait for my daiquiri.” I loved it when she veered from affectionate to nasty in the blink of an eye. Nothing made me harder.”Maybe I want to make you wait,” I said, grinning back at her. “Maybe I want you begging for it.””I can beg. I can show you,” she assured me.”Not convincingly enough before two daiquiris. I want my gorgeous wife a little drunk and very Escort Ataşehir slutty tonight before I show her my surprise.”Her hand moved to my crotch, squeezing lightly. “I can do slutty. Maybe more than you know, mister. But I’m warning you, if my husband finds us, he may want to join in. And that might scare you, because I love his big cock, and you’d be SO left out.””I’ll take my chances,” I told her. “I’m sure a little slut like you will be worth waiting for. And, I know for a fact that married pussy is the best kind. Slutty married pussy, well, that’s something special. I’d stand in line for that.””Then you better get busy, mister. Those daiquiris aren’t going to make themselves. And my husband’s scotch is a gift from my boyfriend, so you can have as much as you want, as long as your cock still works.” She had elevated teasing to an art form long ago, one with her signature little hooks that reeled me in, escalating her part in our fantasies. At least by now I recognized it for what it was.                                             ***** Linda finished her work by early evening. By then I had enough time to make our bedroom much more likely to match my surprise. The pitcher of daiquiris was made, this time with just a bit more rum than Linda was used to. She wrinkled her brow a little at the first sip as though she knew something was different, but by the second glass she was sipping faster, enjoying the alcohol rush through her veins, then the light-headed calm that washed over her.”Okay, can I see your surprise now that you’ve got me drunk?” she asked.”I think it’s time,” I told her. “But you have to put this on first.””Mmmm, kinky,” she said with a tipsy grin. “So, you’re going to have your way with me while I’m blindfolded?”I went behind her and placed the black strip of cloth over her eyes, tying it with a double knot at the back. “Now, follow me to your defilement, sexy lady.”Our bedroom was lit by rows of flickering candles, on the window sill, her dresser, and  across the headboard that rose three feet above our pillows. I had forgone real candles, hoping the small battery powered ones would last much of the night without extra care.I took two steps back and told her to take her clothes off. All of them.She hesitated. “Okay David, what are you doing?””I want you naked. You’re a toy tonight. Obey me, and you’ll be rewarded. Don’t, and you’ll be punished, in the most cruel ways imaginable.” I knew I couldn’t put enough evil in my voice to scare her, but she got the message.She grinned, then willingly began to play her part. “But Sir, which piece of clothing should I remove first? I don’t want to be punished.” It was her innocent little wifey voice, and it made me extra hard.”I want to see how you choose to expose yourself before your Master. You decide, but beg me first. Beg me to take each piece of clothing off, and tell me what you want to show me.””Okay – I’ll take my blouse of for you…””No! Beg me! Then tell me why.””Um, okaaay, ‘Master’. Can I take my blouse off for you? Please?””Why would you want to do that?”She grinned again. “Oh, ‘Master’, I want you to see my tits, sooo much. I hope you like them.” It was more tongue-in-cheek than I had wanted, but I’d take whatever she’d give me.”So, show them to me.”She unbuttoned her blouse so slowly, lingering on each button, pretending the embarrassment was almost more than she could stand. I watched her pull it off her shoulders, then hold it out in front of her, presenting it to me.”It’s all yours, ‘Master’.”I tugged it from her outstretched hand, backed away again, and waited.”Can I take off my bra, ‘Master’? I really do want to show you my tits. I hope you like them.””Yes, my toy, take it off and show me. I hope they’re worthy.”She removed her bra and held it out for me. I took it from her and put my hands on her breasts, lifting and squeezing them. “Do you like the way I fondle you?””Ohhh yes, ‘Master’. My tits are yours, all yours. You can even suck them if you want.” She couldn’t hold back another grin.When I sucked her nipple into my mouth, she inhaled suddenly, then made a quiet little sound, something between a moan and a whimper.”Ahh, my little toy likes it. But don’t be afraid. If you need to moan like a little slut, then do it. In fact, I insist.”I sucked again, this time on the opposite breast, and the sound of her moan filled the room. Without warning, I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. She moaned again, eyes unseeing behind the blindfold, submitting to her ‘unknown Master’. Turning her head to the side, I whispered closely by her ear, “My little slut wants to fuck, doesn’t  she?””Yes!” she hissed. “I want Master to fuck me until I come. Please!” She seemed to fall into the game instantly then, her pleading so sincere I was convinced it was genuine.”But you’ll have to strip first. I haven’t even seen your pussy yet. Do you want to show me?””Yes – yes, I will. I want to! I want to show you my pussy so you can fuck me.”She wasted no time stripping off her socks, jeans, and panties, dropping them on the floor beside her.”I-I’m naked for you, Master. Will you take me now?””Only if you behave, my toy. Now, get on the bed and spread your legs. Show me how you want to take your Master’s cock.”I led her to the bed and helped her onto it. She stretched out her arms and legs in a show of complete surrender. When I put the padded handcuffs on her, she turned her head suddenly from side to side, as though she might see through the blindfold to watch. I passed a heavy rope through an opening in the headboard, then drew it tightly around the short chain between the cuffs. As I pulled the rope, it drew her hands above her head, closer the headboard, until her wrists were fastened there but free to pivot about the center of the cuffs.