Mayıs 15, 2023

Bike ride

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Last year we had one of those rare warm summer days where I live. It’s pretty far up north, so a temperature of 20°C is excellent, 25°C is exceptional. It was an exceptionally good day, so me and my fiancé decided to take a bike ride around a lake near the city. It’s a pretty long lake, but not so wide across. We parked at one end, readied our bikes and got going. We went through farmland and passed a small forest on the dusty road. When cars passed us by we would yield to the side of the road, usually her in front of me. She was wearing army-green shorts and a blue top. I found myself looking more and more at her behind when we had to stay on the roadside. On the side of the lake, Acıbadem escort bayan there were many cabins where vacationers stay. Our ride was on a weekday so not many people seemed to be in the cabins. But we both had a day off. On the other side of the lake there wasn’t much of anything. No cabins, just shrubs and grass and a slope going up from the lake. When we had covered three fourths of our journey, on the other side of the lake, we found a nice little open spot overlooking the lake and the cabins on the other side about a half a mile away. Some juice, sandwiches, an apple, and the batteries were recharged. Lying there in the grass we Escort Kaynarca took most of our clothes off to ‘work the tan’. After a few minutes I had started stroking her side and her thigh as we lay there. She didn’t seem to mind that at all. Slowly I moved towards her more private parts, and still, no objection. She lay there soaking up the sun, letting out an ‘mmm’ here and an ‘ahh’ there. I knew she was up for it.We were close to the road, but on this side of the lake, almost nobody seemed to drive and people probably couldn’t do it anyway, unless they had a big truck. The road was pretty bad. So it seemed relatively safe to go with my impulses. Aydınlı escort It was quiet and there were no voices to be heard. Except, of course, for the cabins overlooking our little field from across the lake. I took off my remaining clothes, and rolled on my stomach. She muttered something about me being too predictable and then she laughed. I took off her panties, revealing her to the sun, the sky and the birds.”Are you sure…here?” she asked, in her slightly apprehensive tone, looking around.”I’m sure of what I want to do with you right now,” I replied, not paying any mind to what would happen if someone came. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have really minded if someone walked in on us. She lay there with nothing on but her sportsbra, as I went down on her. Getting her wet, I went deeper and deeper with my tounge and spread her legs continuously further apart, changing her position from a shy and withdrawn one to the kind she would take on at home in bed, spreading her legs wide.