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Bikinis Are Dangerous Ch. 04

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“We Won, We WON, WE WON!” I shouted after I had gotten off the phone and danced around the kitchen.

“We won? What?” she asked as she watched me behave like a nut doing some sort of primitive mating dance.

“Remember when we were in New York and I entered that contest?” I asked and waited until it dawned on her. It was interesting to see her connect the dots, that had been a VERY INTERESTING night after all.

“Yessss” she answered nostalgically as she remembered the contest and the emotions it had triggered in her, and of course the after affects. It had been months and yet the emotions were still there as well as some very pleasant memories.

I smiled as she got this dreamy expression on her face. Yes, that was one of our better memories together.

“What did you win?” she asked after shaking herself out of her nostalgic moment and back to the present.

“WE won a set of round trip tickets to RIO!” I nearly shouted in my excitement.

“Rio?” she blinked “as in de Janeiro?” she rolled the words off her Latino tongue with the right inflections in the name and I loved her for it.

I nodded happily as I looked at her expectantly.

“We’re going to Rio?” she asked amazed and I nodded again.

We discussed all of the ins and outs of such a trip and what they had told me on the phone. The tickets were paid for, round trip, from New York. We would have to fly up to New York and take the international flight from there, which kind of sucked but hey, it was a trip to RIO! They also didn’t cover any hotel accommodations; we had to pay for those as well. But the flight itself was all covered. A catch in the deal but we made plans immediately. My girl, since she spoke fluent Spanish, took care of finding out where we should stay. I made sure we both had our passports in order!

“Damn, this is a long flight” I bitched good naturedly. We had had to backtrack technically as we had flown up from Miami to New York and from New York directly to Rio. Or rather Rio de Janeiro, proper. We were staying in a Hyatt hotel and for that I was secretly grateful, being in a foreign country, dealing with Spanish and Portuguese speaking people and a million other local dialects and foreign languages. While I knew a little Spanish or ‘un poco’ it wasn’t enough to keep me out of trouble, not that knowing the language would have done that either. My girl promised to stay by my side at all times and as I loved that idea anyway, I accepted gladly.

9 hours and 24 minutes from New York to Rio, not to mention the two hours and thirty minutes from Miami to New York, AND the layover time was making us both a little cranky. Strangely, we were on the same time zone as in the Midwest so we only had an hour’s difference to adjust to. But sitting for any length of time in an airplane is bound to test your relationship as you fly halfway down the globe.

Landing, customs, and insane cab drivers we finally arrived at our destination and checked in. All either one of wanted was to sleep but as we checked into our suite, we both stood in awe of what our American dollars had purchased for us. I don’t know if it was the exchange rate or what but our dollars had gone a lot further down here than they would back in the states. The place was HUGE! A large living area with couches facing each other, a bar, a kitchenette, a balcony overlooking the pool, a large bedroom with a king sized bed, and the bathroom, such luxury seen only in magazines! We were both in heaven. Since we were so tired, we took a bath in the sunken tub, together, it was almost big enough to do laps, and then we collapsed into bed to catch up on our sleep from the long flights.

I woke up to the most delicious dream. Someone was playing with my body and as I tried to turn away to continue to sleep they continued with a laugh. It was the laugh that had me waking up to find my girlfriend naked in the bed beside me playing with various parts of my anatomy that apparently had awoken before me. Between my painfully erect nipples and the wetness I could feel between my legs I had to wonder how much of this party had been going on without me being aware of it? I hurried to catch up as I quickly stripped off my satin nightgown and attacked my amused girlfriend. She had woken a sleeping lion and I took full advantage as I pinned her to the bed and ravished her lovely body. She got me back in kind but then she had had a head start in the first place. I wasn’t complaining but I would have liked to be invited instead of abducted. Well, after a little persuasion I was glad to be abducted too…

“Get up lazy bones” she smiled after we Pendik Escort had mutually satisfied the sleeping beast inside both of us. “We have a day of exploring and I for one want to see some of Rio’s famous beaches!”

I grinned back at her, my eyes twinkling as I answered “you want to find out if they really do wear ‘fio dental’ on the beaches.”

She looked only marginally ashamed for about two seconds as she admitted I was right. Fio dental or dental floss was another term for the micro bikini she had teased me about buying once before. As it was I was looking forward to seeing her in a Tanga or thong bathing suit. With her lush figure, her orbs hanging barely in the top, and the globes outside of the thong, I could only imagine how she would torment me in her latest suit, such as it was.

I myself was a little more discrete in what I was going to wear. While minuscule to maximize the amount of tan my body would acquire, I did have to be careful with my lighter skin against burning. The last time I’d gotten a burn on my ass had been very very painful. I was a little more conservative than my girl in showing off my body but I too was looking forward to seeing how daring people would be down here on the beaches.

I had researched things and while given to an outrageous reputation for nudity on the beaches there actually was only one official nude beach near to Rio. Called Praia do Abrico or Abrico for short it was located in the lush Grumari area of the Environmental Preservation west of Rio de Janeiro, past Barra da Tijuca and Rereio dos Bandeirantes. I had also found out there is a Naturalist’s code of ethics and nudists not in the designated areas face the risk of harassment or worse. It is a misdemeanor outside of the designated areas. I had come across a list of the courtesies for visiting such beaches, such as no photos, it’s not a love-in so you can’t just start going at it on a public beach, you need to realize the difference between a nude versus clothing optional beach. At a nude beach, everyone is naked and expected to be so. At a clothing optional beach, it’s up to you how much you actually take off. Then, there are beaches where you can go just topless. A must that was pointed out in my research, was that you take a towel to sit on (and I assume to cover up in some cases) at the bars. And finally, you should bring plenty of sunscreen. You don’t want to get sunburn in inappropriate places.

While we were both looking forward to seeing the sights, we were intending to see the beaches. That first day though, we were playing tourist. We took a bus that took us around the city pointing out the sites and we took notes of places we wanted to see to look a little closer than a tour bus would allow. We ate excellent local cuisine and I found the difference from my girl’s cooking, her family’s, and down here to be extreme. One sad thing to note is that people assume it’s all the same despite the different nationalities. I think traveling is an excellent idea because it teaches you that you can have two countries side by side and find their values, ideas, foods, and traditions completely different. We had a marvelous time as we looked around and people watched.

The second day though was going to be devoted to the beach. We arranged with the hotel for a car and driver to take us to Abrico. We figured why not, let’s plunge in to the deep end of the amazing beaches that were available to us. Secretly, I think my girl just wanted to see if all the stories were true and how daring people would get. Hell, I wanted to see how daring WE would get.

I have to say, as far as beaches go, and I am a devoted beach goer, this one was extraordinary with its beauty. I don’t know if I can put into words the lushness, the beauty, the raw beauty of what we were seeing, oh and the sand and vegetation were beautiful too. I’m amazed, the stories didn’t lie. From seeing Tanga’s and my girls was fairly modest in comparison, to the fio dental suits, to actually topless women walking along the beach, my mouth had hung open on occasion. When we got to the section of Abrico that was completely nude my girl looked at me in daring.

“Are you going to strip?”

I was a little shy, after all, there were a lot of people. Some with families but as I looked, no one seemed to mind the nudity. It was natural, it was expected, and hell, we were almost there anyway with the skimpy bikini’s we were wearing. When in Rome…or in this case Rio do like the natives do. I reached for the ties holding up my bikini bra. My girls eyes changed from the daring look to glittering in appreciation as I released the twins. Working out had given the muscles behind them some definition and despite being middle aged, they were looking fine. Gravity wasn’t always kind but the muscles gave them considerable help.

“What about you?” I said with a tease in my voice.

She looked around, shrugged, and released the hounds. I sucked in my breath. Those gorgeous globes Pendik Escort Bayan bobbed beautifully in the sunlight. Bigger than mine, more like cantaloupes, I ached to hold them in my hands. I made a move to put action to my thoughts and then remembering the rules for visiting these beaches, I desisted. Glancing around, no one was really paying attention, they were in their own little world, just a few interested glances, and that was all.

“Well, what about the rest?” she asked as she glanced down at my bottoms.

Bravely I stared back at her glittering eyes. If she was feeling the same as I, we wouldn’t last long here on the beach and would have to find a discrete spot to take care of some loving business. I released the ties and let it fall but caught it in my hand to put it and the top in my beach bag. Adjusting my sunglasses to give me ‘some’ privacy I stood there proudly.

As my girl pulled off her thong I watched her patch appear. I don’t shave as much as she does and the discrete little landing strip needed my personal, physical, attention. Again, I stopped myself in time. I don’t know that being naked in public like this was a good idea. She handed me her Tanga and I stuffed it into the bag. Putting on her own sunglasses we headed up the beach to find a place to sit out and enjoy the sun. I know we got a lot of admiring glances as we walked along. It wasn’t easy showing off and with the false sense of security our sunglasses afforded us we bravely handled it. Settling in on a blanket we had brought, we laid back on easy backs, or rather an apparatus that raised our torso’s so we weren’t flat on our backs on the sands. It also allowed us to people watch more easily.

My girl went to fetch us a couple of drinks from the bar and I watched others watch her as she walked along shamelessly. No one knew us here and she certainly didn’t have anything to be ashamed of, but to see her beautiful orbs bobbing along did something in my stomach, something twisted wonderfully. I watched as quite a few men and several women admired her physique as she walked along in the deep sands. I didn’t mind the admiration, she was going back to the hotel room with ME after all. I watched her covertly as she returned from the bar with two glasses of something that looked cool, refreshing, and fruity. The glasses did nothing to hide her bobbing bosom and I found myself amazingly distracted at the sight before me. I understood now why they really didn’t want photography on these beaches. The eye candy alone was dazzling to the senses and I hadn’t looked beyond my own girl!

“Here you go” she offered the drink to me before sitting companionably beside me on the blanket.

As we sipped something cool and refreshing we looked around interestedly at the various sites to see. We could smell a clear ocean breeze that ruffled our hair, there was the smell of coconut oil in the air that lent a unique tropical smell even though we already were in the tropics. We hadn’t been the only ones taking a stroll to show off or to be seen. Breasts, penises, asses, and bellies could be seen in all their splendid glories, and some not so splendid. Although families and others were actually there to swim in the water in the nude, many more were there to take in the sun and get an allover tan. I’m sure there were many with licentious thoughts such as mine.

It surprised me though how many families there were. The kids of course had no shame at being naked and seem to relish the freedom from clothing as they sported on the beach running, screaming, and laughing. Games were played with no shame and why should they be, it was natural to them.

Not all the bodies on the beach were perfect either. There were matronly women with stretch marked sagging bodies and no tone, there were guys with paunches and flabby breasts. Not appealing to me of course, but the nicely pecked guys who obviously worked out, I could enjoy their sculpted bodies. I could appreciate the human form in its various styles. Even a saggy grandma let it hang all out and I saluted her ability to not care what people thought. The entire experience for me was enlightening. My morals and prudity were not going to be an issue here, we were all without clothing, all equal, nothing hidden, without all the hang ups that society places on us. It was an eye opening experience, in more than one way.

We did indeed see the fio dentals time and again as people strolled on the beach on their way past. I thought why do they bother since we are on a nude beach already and the dental floss suits only drew attention to their breasts and tiny patch between their legs. I realized then that it was to entice, to imagine them totally naked, not out there as we were. I actually think anyone with clothing on drew more attentive looks than those without.

Both of us got plenty of admiring glances as the day went by. Numerous drinks, the sandwiches from our bag, and plenty of sun made for a delightful time on the Escort Pendik beach with my girl. After a while you didn’t notice the nudity, or that’s what I told myself as I saw impressive displays left and right. Admiring the firm young bodies, the older toned and sometimes surgically enhanced bodies was a great pastime. It led to some terrific conversations.

“See that one!” she exclaimed out of the side of her mouth as my girl pointed with her nose towards a particularly delicious body.

We had agreed, no jealousy over admiring others. This was a prime spot to admire others who were equally on display in all their glory. The exotic natives, the pasty tourist, it all blended here. I watched as people overcame their scruples to boldly strip and show off their splendor. Daring themselves to put it all out there.

I could be proud of the body that I had worked hard to achieve, I wasn’t ashamed. And I was equally proud if not more so of my girls lush figure. Knowing we were exclusive, knowing what awaited us when we got back to our rooms, we could honestly enjoy the show before us. The bounty that God had given us. As the day waned and new eye candy came and went, I found myself becoming aroused. My girl was beside me dozing, totally nude, totally hot and sexy, and before me was a feast for the eyes that I could only enjoy but never taste. I began to eagerly look forward to the time we would be meeting the car from the hotel.

Glancing at my phone to see the time I saw it had become close to when we should head back. Gently I nudged my girl and said “hey baby, we should be heading to where we agreed to meet the car, we don’t want to be late.” I didn’t want to be late, I wanted it to hurry us through the streets of Rio to our hotel room. I didn’t want to bother to dress even, it would waste of time that was better spent loving each other. The heat of the sun, the sweat of oily bodies, the fruity and intoxicating drinks, the beautifully sexy and lush figure of my girl lying next to me, somehow it was all affecting me and I needed to take care of that driving need.

Knowing my propensity for being early my girl murmured sleepily “we have time.”

I wanted to sigh, loudly. “I wanted to get one more drink before we go” I used as a feeble excuse.

“Yeah? Get me one too” she said so she could catch some more zzzz in the sun. A dedicated sun worshipper, she could have laid here for days.

I looked at her annoyed. After all this time together she should know. There should be some psychic connection that she read my mind. She should sense that I was in heat, that I was desperately aroused by her and the sights we had seen all day. I kept the rule that this was not a love-in and you couldn’t have sex on the beach in my mind but that didn’t prevent me from leaning over to caress her shoulder and then her abdomen softly to get her attention as I kissed her gently. This brought a smile to her face as she reached for me but I made her pay a penalty for her laziness as I got up abruptly and reached in the beach bag for a wallet to go buy us drinks.

She had bought the many drinks we had consumed during the day and while I enjoyed watching her naked body walk across the sands it was a whole different thing for me to do it myself. Thank God for dark sunglasses. Why is it we feel like people can’t ‘see us’ as we see them behind the lenses? I self-consciously walked towards the little hut that served as a bar to the tourists and I realized I had forgotten the rule about bringing a towel to sit on the bar chairs. So I stood there as I ordered two of the same drinks we had been consuming all day, a fruity concoction that made its way straight to my crotch in a delicious sort of way as I sipped through my straw. Carefully I walked back with the two drinks. I didn’t want to trip over any naked outstretched limbs or kids playing exuberantly on the late day beach. I handed my girl her drink and stretched. It was natural, it was necessary, as anyone who had lain on a beach for hours will know, your muscles need a good stretch. I didn’t think about the fact that I was naked as a jailbird, that I was showing off more than I intended, putting myself on display, but you know what? I don’t think anyone minded.

Finally we were helping each other put on our suits, such as they were, to return to the car. I was right, the drink had gone right to my crotch and by the tilt of my girls head as she kept glancing at me, I could tell she was looking despite her sunglasses, I suspected she was having the same problem as I. The car was right on time and I’ve never been so glad to see anyone as I was that driver. As we got in the backseat with the beach bag I felt a hand on my ass and whipped around indignantly before realizing it was my girls. That touch told me so much as she squeezed lightly. The drive was ever so long and both of us, ever so horny. Heated glances turned to light, chaste, caresses. We could make out discretely in the back seat but when that began to turn to more and the driver nearly rear ended someone, we stopped with a mutual unashamed grin. I could clearly see my girls nipples through the top of her Tanga. I couldn’t wait to touch those orbs. They were exclusively mine to do with as I wanted and I was anticipating that moment when we were alone.