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Bill Meets Jessica Ch. 05

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High Heels

I woke up, Jess had showered, dressed and having a coffee, she looked nice, cute, sexy.

“Alexa, did you sleep well?” Jess asked.

“Yes Jess.” and joined her with a coffee.

“Have to run some errands, you?” Jess asked.

“I’ve got some work to do from home, a meeting and then I’m free and maybe for the remainder of the week.” I said.

“Would you like to have a set of house keys?” Jess offered.

“Don´t know, is it not a little premature?” I asked.

“After what we have done, no. Though the keys come with the catch, total commitment to me. You have opened yourself up completely, your total surrender has been proven, and you know you are mine and cannot deny it.” Jess said making a fact of it.

“That´s the reason it scares me Jess.” I said.

“Bill for the rest of the world you are a guy and I will always respect that, with me you are Alexa my girlfriend and more.” Jess said.

“We can give it a try.” I said accepting the implied conditions.

“You will see on the key holder a set of keys and please use panties, that is our secret.” Jess said.

“Do you ever stop?” I asked.

“No and get accustomed to me dear, you know I’m becoming your Mistress right?” Jess said.

“After what we went through it did cross my mind as a remote possibility.” I said.

“I love you Alexa, you do understand me and my special needs. I will have a surprise for you when I’m back and hope to make business as short as possible.” Jess said and went to the bathroom to get her makeup done.

“I’ll be here when I finish my day.” I said. I finished my coffee and went to get dressed, Jess had my clothes ready, my boxers nowhere to be seen except red panties. I dressed with what I had there.

“Bye.” Jess said and I heard the door close. Soon after I left to deal with my business. Later in day, having finished my dues I got back and made myself a coffee. I had not finished my coffee and I heard Jess come in.

“Hello love.” Jess said coming in with a couple of shopping bags.

“Hello there, that was early for you.” I said.

“I passed some matters for the following days.” Jess said.

“Here you are.” and handed her a coffee.

“What a pet, thank you.” and kissed me.

“Well, what now Jess.” I said.

“I bought you and outfit and would like you to try it on, so let’s go to the bedroom.” Jess said. As Jess opened the packets, black underwear with garter belt, stockings, three inch sandals and a French maid pvc outfit appeared.

“Oh no.” I said.

“Oh yes.” Jess said.

“Please have we got to?” I asked.

“Look the outfit comes with benefits, by that I mean that my pussy is open to receive you and you know I do not like being penetrated in general, so see the bright side.” Jess said.

“But what a price to pay.” I said.

“Alexa you are my submissive and it is only natural to obey your dominant. We are in this type of relationship and by now it´s impossible to say the contrary. We started that way, in an innocent way if that makes you comfortable, and went deep very quickly. By now there´s no mistake you acknowledging that I’m your Mistress, accept it and it will much easier for us.” Jess added knowing that I would surrender to her.

“Yes Mistress.” I said and Jess kissed me. I dressed in silence and Jess just watched me thrilled. As I was finishing the wig was passed on to me.

“Come, it’s time for make up.” Jess said leading me to the vanity.

“I want you Jess.” I said horny.

“Alexa, this time I’ll let it go by. You normally will be on the receiving end and I decide when and how, although you can request to have sex with me, but only with good manners. Second, when you have your maid outfit on, it is forbidden to request such a thing. When you are dressed as my maid you take orders no requests allowed.” Jess said in a strict and calm way.

“Ok Jess.” I said.

“I prefer when you have this outfit, to call me Mistress.” Jess said calmly.

“Yes Mistress.” I said and lip gloss was applied to me.

“You look so cute Alexa. I will teach you to serve me and to love doing it. Now please I want you to serve me a cup of tea, for that I will guide you and show you in silence, how to do it now.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said and followed her. Jess pointed out every cupboard in order to get it done. Once made, I followed her to the living room and put the cup on the table as indicated. Jess sat down and put a lump of sugar in her cup.

“Thank you slave Alexa.” Jess said and anticipating my move, she indicated silence with her finger. I kept quiet, but burning inside, now a slave? I could not get over it.

“Have you something to say?” Jess said knowing.

“No Mistress.” I said, I’m caught by now and do not know how to go along with it.

“Good, slave Alexa. You are learning your place. For the rest of the world you might be Bill. In the situation you are in now some would say you are a sissy. For me you are Alexa, my girlfriend, lover, sexy maid, servant and now foremost of all bolu seks hikayeleri my slave and sissy also and I guess soon my husband/wife.” Jess said looking at me it what could be said as a sweet look.

“Yes Mistress.” I said and a tear made its way down my face acknowledging my fate. I could get out if this right away, my conviction of doing so is very weak and she had handled me perfectly, waiting and making her strike at the right moment. She did not force me to anything until now. Her timing with me, impecable. Gnawed by doubts and very aware that I´m subservient to Jess.

“Oh sweetie, there’s nothing to be sad about, we are made for each other, it’s Mistress slave love for always. You have cherished having a dominant woman in your life, now you have me and you can devote yourself to loving and serving me. This is the life for us and the way it has to be. My pussy rules over you and I´ll teach you the way I wanted treated licked and sucked to orgasm.” Jess said is such a sweet way that it got me.

“Yes my love, I guess it is the way to be, it´s difficult to accept you taking over.” I added understanding my place with her, accepting it, even with doubts lingering.

“Destiny put us together and we both love our roles in this relationship and would not have it any other way. I will control you from now on, even if you have doubts which are reasonable now, you know that this is the life you need. You can fight it as much as you want, free to leave now, if this is not for you.” Jess said.

“I guess you are right.” I said.

“Of course I’m right, now kneel and kiss my feet.” Jess ordered.

I did, “Mistress you have lovely feet, I adore them.” I said.

“You are obsequious and a foot fetishist and I like that very much Alexa.” Jess said gratified.

“Thank you Mistress.” I said.

“Now as promised, we are going to have sex. Before that, do ,ake the tea cup and clean up, then go to the bedroom get the wig off and put on the latex hood that I left there for you. Lie down and wait for me.” Jess said. I took the cup and cleaned up as ordered. In the bedroom, the wig came off, the hood on with mouth, nose and eye openings, it has a snug fit on me. I lay down and waited.

Jess came over with ropes and tied me tightly in bondage not being able to move.

“Slave when I make love I’ll like you in bondage for the most, with my pussy it is a must and you will always have to use a hood, this will be the way always.” Jess said.

“Never without a hood?” I asked.

“Never.” and Jess got on me and placed herself slowly introducing my member into her, a tight fit but well lubricated, “This will or not happen often. It’s my decision how we make love. Most of the times it will be cunninlingus and pegging you my love. We might even try tribbing, of course we have to imagine you have a pussy.” Jess said as she was riding me in her own rhythm.

“Mistress, I may cum in any moment being helpless I will not be able to hold much longer.” I said.

“You will hold.” Jess said and pinched my nipples.

“Aahh, that hurt.” I said.

“Concentrate, I like fucking my maid in my time.” Jess said already riding me ten minutes or more by now.

“Please, it’s difficult.” I said and both my nipples got it, “AAAhhhh.”

“You are mine slave; you do as I say, ” as she said it the orgasm hit her. “Mmmm, ahm, uhmm.” Jess moaned.

“Now when you like you are allowed to orgasm.” Jess said.

“Thank youuuu, uhmm, hmm, hhmm, Mistressss.” My load went in. Jess stayed on me kissing and fondling, then all of a sudden she got off me and left, later she came back with a sponge and cleaned me. Jess slid another latex hood over my head which covered my mouth and eyes. I move my head which is all I can do, totally helpless.

“I ‘m going to untie you Alexa, I understand that you are to behave, yes?” Jess said to my ear.

“Hmm.” and nodded. I felt the ropes loosen and waited. Jess got my hand and guided me to the living room and sat me down.

“You mentioned that this week you are free is that right?” Jess asked.

“Hmm.” and nodded.

“Good, now put your hands on the table and don’t move them.” Jess said and I obliged. I felt something on a nail, then the other and so on with both hands. The first hood came off, then the other. I waited until I could focus with my eyes. When I did get my sight back, I see Jess with a nail brush in her hand. As I saw my hands, tears started flowing down in frustration. I felt totally humiliated.

“You are mine Alexa, understand that I love you, but you have to obey me and since you do not have to go to work, your nails have been painted. Now get you stockings off I’m to do your feet, learn from it, so that you do mine next.” Jess said waiting my reaction and answer. I remained still for a moment, she looked at me and kept waiting.

My mind rushed not knowing, if to leave or stay, but suddenly my submissiveness took over, “Forgive me Mistress, I love you, I have to learn, I need you.” I said in total contrition.

Jess never expected that from me nor did I from myself, I have gone nuts I thought, and it sent quivers to her body and a warmth she did not know she had in her, “Alexa, I forgive you my pet, now understand that you belong to me.” Jess said making me blush as I looked at her, making her wet with my attitude.

“I’m now aware that we are meant to be together, Mistress.” I said.

“Alexa, I will now tell you because you have earned it, of all the relations I’ve had you are the only one I have allowed to be in me. I feel things that never before knew existed for me, this is the very truth.” Jess said.

“Please allow me to kiss you Mistress.” I requested.

“Come here you fool.” as she pulled me towards her and kissed deeply and passionately.

“Thank you Mistress.” I said.

“Now make your feet available and carefully watch as I paint yours nails, because I want the same treatment given on mine, which is from now on a chore for you.” Jess said.

“Right I see how you do it. Nevertheless, it is very humiliating and I have mixed feelings with doing this.” I said.

“It’s your turn now and be careful, I would not want to further discipline you. You will get accustomed to me and my ways sooner than you think.” Jess said.

I did my job and as I finished, I said, “I think it’ s ok, would you say the same?”

“Yes, I admit you did a good job. Since we are now Mistress and slave, I want your body hair removed excepting your head and for the time being your eye brows, which I might pluck if I see it fit. There’s a lotion in the bathroom, please my love, go ahead, when finished have a shower.” Jess said.

“Jess, please.” I said.

“It’s Mistress, you forgot slave? I was going to let you off this time, I need to make you understand that you are mine.” Jess said.

“Mistress, please.” I said pleading.

“I’ll tell you what, do as ordered once finished come back to me and I’ll skip what I had in mind.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress.” and did as ordered, losing all my body hair became very humiliating to me, but being so hooked up with her I lost the guts to let go. I showered and presented myself.

“Drop the towel Alexa.” Jess said.

“That also?” I asked.

“Yes.” I did feeling exposed and even more vulnerable as I had never felt in my life. Had been so many times nude and had no problem at all, as it´s the most natural way to be. Here now it feels so different, do not understand how Jess got me into this state.

“Can I dress now?” I asked.

“No, I want you that way until I say so. I’m molding you and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you the way I need you to be.” Jess said.

“What now?” I asked.

“Listen to this.” and was handed headphones. It was music with some sound at the back of it, and every minute a distinctive noise. It finished and Jess said, “It will help us in our relationship, it’s a way for you to obey me. When I want something from you and I do not want questions from you I just snap my fingers and you will obey. Mind control makes life easier.”

“You do not believe that really works do you?” I said.

“Come here and kneel.” Jess said.

“What for Mistress?” I asked. Jessica snapped her fingers.

“Kneel Alexa.” Jess said, and I did with no resistance or second thoughts.

“Oh no, you are right, it works.” I said to my disdain.

“From now on, when I’m not in the mood to hear your questioning or whining, I just snap my fingers and done.” Jess said satisfied.

“So it is futile to defy you. My will is subject to your whim from now on.” I said.

“You could have not said it in a better way. You’ve become very special to me, and even being with me in a consensual way, I’d die if I lose you and anything that helps me have a better grip, becomes a tool that will enhance your total surrender to me.” Jess said.

“I’m with you out of my own volition.” I said worried.

“Yes you are, and love it so much that I´m making sure you will want me the rest of my life. My desire for you is now obsessive even selfish and will not change until you can only see me as the one and only.” Jess said.

“But I’m with you because I’m into this as you are.” I said still worried.

“Dear, my lust for you has made me weak, I cannot see my future without you, in order to keep my sanity from the insanity of this feeling I’ m going to use all my experience and more to make you mine, hoping by achieving this I’ll calm down and live a happy life with you.” Jess said.

“There’s a dark side here as we tread along, I do have genuine feelings for you and it grows as I incarnate the submissive passive role wanted from me, you know it is taking shape, soon it will be the only way to be with you. What will happen when you want me as a man by your side or when I want to?” I asked.

“I´ll repeat myself, for the outside world Bill, when needed which will be often, but for the rest forget it, nonexistent, only Alexa my slave.” Jess said.

“It’s me the one exposed, not you.” I said.

“I love you the way you are now, it is all these changes that even make it better, controlling and changing you is a great part of it all, knowing I achieve it makes it kinky and a total turn on.” Jess said.

“Yes it´s kinky alright, but it is getting out of hand for me.” I said.

“This is the life for us and anybody we want to share it with, if we ever do. The rest can guess if they want to.” Jess said.

“But, I do have my own thoughts.” I said.

“Sometimes you are second guessing, and I do not want you to, enslavement will make any lingering doubts disappear. I wish I could make you feel and see yourself from my body and mind, so that understanding my craving would not be an issue. Every time I’m pegging you I have orgasms, can you understand that from my side?” Jess asked.

“Jess aren’t we going a little too far?” as I said this, the doorbell rang and Jess got up to answer it.

“Wait here, be back in a second.” Jess said.

“Going nowhere, I’m nude.” I said. I heard voices and the door being shut. Jess came over with two parcels and left them on a table.

“Remember I said that I could want you to move in?” Jess asked.

“Yes, what with that.” I said.

“Now that you have these days off, let’s make it happen. Truth be said, with few boy clothes you would be done, the rest of your stuff to be sent to a warehouse. As you see, I respect you keeping your gender for the rest of the world.” Jess said.

“I think you have decided everything by now.” I said.

“Yes, look at it this way, we were born for each other. Your deepest needs since you were a child are to surface, same as mine, as you become totally enslaved to me our feelings will dance together, from fear to total ecstasy.” Jess said.

“Do you expect me to give myself to you?” I asked.

“You have, just admit it, I’ll help you with it.” Jess said.

“How?” I asked.

“Bring over the parcels, and get the blind fold from the bedroom.” Jess said.

“Are we going into kink mode?” I asked.

“Maybe later, now into securing my asset.” Jess said. I brought the parcels over and retrieved the blindfold, trying not to feel as an asset,

“Here’s the blindfold.” I said.

“Now sit in that chair and put the blindfold on. I will be putting some items on you, you will relax and let me do.” Jess said and snapped her fingers, the signal for me to obey without question. I heard the parcels being opened, then some plastic noise opening up. Silence.

“Jess, I wish you did not have to snap your fingers with me.” and as I said that, I felt something hard at the base of my penis, then the encasing of it, knowing what it meant and not being able to do anything about it. A collar is also attached round my neck. Blindfold is lifted, I adjust my eyesight and get kissed by Jessica.

“Alexa, listen to this now, which needs your consensual input and acceptance, then life will take a turn as you become that which you cherish a Mistress / slave life as it is meant to be for us.” Jess said.

“I like you Jess, and I can be here without listening to it.” I said.

“Listening to it will make you subservient to me, which if we take the long road might take some time, so let’s take a short cut. Come on love. You want this, you know I own you in every aspect.” Jess said.

“Well not much of an option is there?” I said as she held the headphones.

“I love you.” headphones were set on me and a deep kiss went with it.

I heard it all, as it finished I fell asleep. I woke up, Jess was there, she removed the headphones.

“Hello there.” I said.

“Alexa, Alexa, Alexa.” Jess said imparting now, directives to obey.

“When I call you slave at any moment, I’m Mistress to you and will act in a subservient and obsequious way. If I call you servant or maid, you will behave the same way and if not in uniform you will get into it and always maintain that dress code. As Alexa, you may call me Jess. You will be totally submissive to me and act passive always unless ordered otherwise in any of these modes. As Bill you will act as a male, but anything that needs a difficult decision will be checked with me before acting upon it, unless there’s no way I can decide due to the situation you are in and I cannot be reached. If I’m around you may call me Jess or Jessica. You will always obey me. This includes postulates and any other instruction given before or after this conditioning. Alexa, Alexa, Alexa.” Jess said closing the directives.

“Slave.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“What am I to you?” Jess asked.

“You are my Mistress and Goddess and I worship you in all.” I said.

“Alexa, how do you feel?” Jess asked.

“I feel well Jess, and aware that I’m acting according to your whim.” I said.

“Do not worry dear, as time goes by it all be natural to you. You have accepted voluntarily life with me, I’m taking over and not much you can do now. It might take a little more time, you might try to resist a little, don´t worry I’ll be there to get and keep you in line.” Jess said.

“If you say so Jess.” I said.

“Let me get the cage and collar off you.” Jess said.