Nisan 25, 2023

Bisexual Pride Pt. 02

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Billy was just in tight small pair of blue boxers his bulge pressing hard against. Near enough ready to burst out. Mary still in her rainbow socks. Wearing with it a white thong and had rainbow tape across her nipples in the shape of an ex. Her boobs were on display and they looked amazing. Stick your head between them and be lost for hours. They came in closer Billy once again next to me getting all cosy rubbing my legs and feeling for my cock. Mary did the same to Amy. Invading her personal space rubbing her chest groping her boobs.

“We are both discreet”. Said Billy in a seductive manner. “We can be your first let’s see if you like it”. Billy then kissed me on my lips and then I felt his tongue in mine. It was nice not what I imagined just a bit more rough as you could feel it as our skins rub together.

Breaking away catching our breath. I looked to the girls. They were so much more into it. Like passion lovers kissing like crazy. Hands rubbing up and down every inch of their bodies.

“I think it’s time we get you stripped down”. Billy said with excitement. Grabbing my t-shirt he lifted it up over my head. Dumping it to the side. Unbuttoning my jeans fingers in my waist band he yanked them off me. Pulling my boxers with them. My hard excited cock came springing out. “Mmm… that looks delicious” he said. Dragging my jeans off my legs I was first to be naked in front of everyone. Billy knelt in between my legs on the sofa. Stroking my cock nibbling on my balls before licking from base to tip of my shaft several times. Spitting on it, tapping my head on his tongue with an open mouth. With one last smile and a wink he soon gobbled up my cock sucking it. “Oh fuck” I cried as I was receiving my first ever blowjob.

The girls were soon quick to follow suit. My sister more than happily ditched her t-shirt. With no bra on underneath her boobs were on full display. Still passionately kissing, Mary began to move down her body licking and suckling on her Amy’s boobs till they were erect and hard. Continuing down kissing her stomach. Mary soon got to Amy’s leggings. She got her fingers inside Amy lifted her bum off the sofa and Mary peeled of her leggings. Pulling her cheap black g string Lefkoşa Escort with her. This has been the first time I’d of seen my sister’s pussy since we were little and shared a bath together.

Though I hate to admit but it looked amazing. Smooth tight and little to no imperfections from what I could tell sitting got my cock sucked on other sofa. Mary continued to go down getting right in between Amy’s legs spreading them raising them high. She spat and inserted a finger or two in Amy’s soaking wet pussy before spitting once again on her clit just teasing with her tongue tickling it. My sister’s eyes were closed patiently meditation getting lost in the moment. Mary then leaped in wrapping her mouth around her clit. I could only believe she devouring and furiously going mad because as soon as she leaped Amy jumped and cried out with delight. “Oh fuck!!”

Billy was immense. My cock was slobbery and wet having one of the most intense incredible feelings of pleasure I had ever experienced. “Billy. You need to stop or I’ll cum”. I begged. My pleads went unheard as he continued to suck on my cock now with more urgency. Stroking my cock furiously I wiggled all over the place “Billy please…” I continued but he didn’t listen with tightening of my balls. I yelled “oh fuck I’m going to cum.” Not half a second later I spunked out a whole load of cum into his mouth.

He didn’t flinch or recoil his lips still wrapped right around my cock. With my last bit of cum spilling into his mouth. Billy finally released my cock opening his mouth showing me my messy white cum swarming around his mouth. Closing sharply he gobbled it all up in one gulp before showing an empty mouth to me proving he swallowed all of my cum. Billy then came back up to kiss me.

Whispering to me. “Now it’s your turn.” Climbing off he got to his feet and nodded for me to get on my knees. Dropping to floor on my knees my face in front the bulge of his cock. Hesitantly I got my fingers up to his boxers finding any fabric I gently and slowly pulled them down unveiling him slowly. His boxers pulled his bulge down before springing out near slapping me across the face I was in aww. His cock was longer than Kıbrıs Escort mine thicker too. In fact bigger than any toy I’ve borrowed before. Smooth as well this was certainly pornstar material cock.

“Aren’t you a lucky boy”. Hearing my sister’s voice. Both girls had stopped waiting in anticipation for me to suck it. “Go on then”. She ordered. Billy waving about in my face even slapping it against my cheek.

Reaching up I began stroking it. Strangely this didn’t feel odd almost therapeutic. Spitting on his head teasing his head with my tongue. The taste didn’t seem so bad either. Spitting on it more I wrapped my lips around it and began sucking it just a small bit at first. With every suck I thought this is nice I like this, Billy was moaning asking for more so I must of doing a good enough job. Inch by inch I edged more of his cock in my mouth feeling like a cheap slut as I did and I was loving it.

Meanwhile Amy was panting like mad she was hot, she was sweating, her legs and body began shaking like they were possessed. “Oh my god I’m going to cum!!!” She screeched loudly into the room. Mary did not move an muscle as my sister in a fit had one most intense orgasm she’s ever had. Without the aid of toy or indeed from anyone she has slept with her juices flowed out from her pussy dripping down her crack of her ass on to the sofa. She could only apologise as she giggled for making a mess. Mary couldn’t careless for now it was Amy turn to make up for it.

Rising to her feet, she pulled down her white thong throwing it in Amy’s face once they were off. Mary’s bum looked delicious a booty girl no doubt. Mounting the sofa she climbed high getting her pussy right above Amy’s face. Mary’s pussy had more noticeable labium nothing too distracting just a noticeable difference. From what I could see also was neatly trimmed pubic hair potentially a landing strip design.

However, with a mouth full of cock bobbing back and forth it was difficult to tell. Amy looked up and saw it above her head. Lifting herself upwards she kissed Mary’s pussy “mmm yeah.” Mary moaned. With her free hands Amy reached up slapped and groped her ass bringing it down on to her face Lefkoşa Escort lapping up every inch of Mary’s delicious pussy. “You go you naughty bitch make mummy proud.” Mary encouraged.

Billy grunting and groaning took my face and held it and began face fucking me. His cock being lodged down my throat. With one thrust he went too deep and my throat just couldn’t handle it. My breath had literally been taken away. Desperately I got him to recoil. Falling back slightly coughing like mad as my saliva escaped my mouth as I caught my breath. “You need more practice with that if you want to be as good as slut as your sister.” Billy remarked.

Taking his cock he forced it back into my mouth and I resumed sucking him like a dirty bitch again. This time it was long sharp face fucks he was giving. Bobbing on his head back and forth he had reached down and began stroking his own cock. His breathing was heavier he was grunting and groaning more. So fixated on my task in hand I failed to see what was happening he was getting ready to cum.

Completely off guard and without warning I suddenly felt a big load spurt into my mouth hitting the back of my throat in a panic I pulled him out which was a mistake still with heavy load of thick sticky cum what wasn’t in mouth now landed on my face striking me from my chin, over my mouth, up my nose, into my eye, across my forehead and submerged into my hair.

Then he chose to fire more of his cum into my face making sure my face was plastered in his cum. No idea what to do I didn’t want appear ungrateful so I swallowed what cum I had in my mouth which was rather delicious.

Looking over to the girls they were laughing at me but I knew they were jealous I could see it even through my cum filled eyes. Wiping away from eyes so I could see I left the remain cum on my face and hair, wishing it to dry and become even more sticky, snorting any close to my nose.

The girls were not far behind again. Amy positioned herself well underneath. Legs spread comfortably in her seat grasping onto Mary’s ass to ensure she doesn’t go anywhere. Not that she would.

Mary was grinding away on Amy’s face her legs beginning to tremble. “Oh that’s it babe. Just there like that and I’ll cum all over your face”. Mary said as she panted. Trembling more she panted louder. “That’s babe right. Oh god yes!!” She screamed as she came getting her juices all over Amy’s face.

Staring back up to Billy I said. “Be a while yet before I’m that good.” We laughed.