Haziran 1, 2023

Bitchin’ Birthday Bash

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“I’m so glad the day is almost over,” sighed Emily as she sifted once more through the stack of paperwork on her desk. “That fucking invoice has to be here somewhere!”

Emily glanced up from the clutter and saw her boss walk by the door. She hoped he didn’t choose now to come in and talk about her complaint against a co-worker for sexual harassment. All Emily wanted to do was neaten the piles on her desk, turn the computer off and go get blitzed with her best friend. It was her birthday, her 25th birthday, and she was still single. She had had so many aspirations and goals that she had wanted to meet by her 25th birthday, and it seemed that she had not met a single one. She wasn’t married; she didn’t have 2.5 kids, the SUV or the house on a hill in good neighborhood just blocks away from the park. All she had to speak for her 25 years on this planet was this monotonous job with the accounting firm, a crummy one-bedroom apartment, her cat Twix and the drawerful of dildos and vibrators that kept her cumming for hours on end.

“God dammit!” Emily swore under her breath as Clark walked in without even knocking.

“Hello, sunshine. Don’t you look ravishing with the scowl on your face? Why don’t I just crawl under your desk and do what I can to change that into a look of ecstasy,” Clark said smugly as he reached over to play with a tendril of Emily’s hair that had fallen out of the clasp.

“Go away, Clark. You know I don’t appreciate it when you talk to me like that. I thought I asked you not to come in my office without knocking. And take your hands off of me,” Emily insisted as she moved her head to the side, her hair pulling out of Clark’s grasp.

“Ahem,” Josh cleared his voice. “Clark, may I see you for a minute? NOW,” Josh beckoned Clark out of Emily’s office.

Emily sighed in relief as Josh, her incredibly handsome boss, clasped his arm around Clark’s shoulder and steered him towards the conference room at the end of the hall. She put the stack of invoices to the side and shut down her computer. It was 4:48pm; close enough to call it quits for the day. She just had to get out of there, especially after Clark had shook her up so much. That prick. One of these days he would get what was coming to him.

Emily got in her Celica and drove towards home, dialing up Amy on her cell as she merged onto the highway. As the phone rung on the other end Emily pulled her hair free of the clasp, letting her brunette tresses blow in the wind. Amy answered on the second ring.

“Hey, there girlfriend! Happy Birthday! Are you ready for a wild and crazy night? I have some real fun planned for you. Put on your slinky little black dress and those fuck-me heels and get over to my place pronto!”

“Oh, Amy,” Emily said with exasperation in her voice. “That creep accosted me again in my office just before five. He wanted to get under my desk and… well, I’m sure you can guess the rest. Josh rescued me just in the nick of time. Boy, I wish I could turn the tables on Clark just once to make him see how it feels!”

“You know what I say, Em. What goes around comes around. Eventually that sack of shit will get what is coming to him. Try to forget all about that fag and lets have a good time tonight!”

“Ok, sweets. I’m pulling into my spot now. Just let me take a quick shower and I’ll be there in a jiffy. We can get ready together. I just throw my stuff in a bag and come over.”

“Well, in that case, just come over. You can shower here. I already took mine and I know there is hot water left. I’m sure we can make it fun,” Amy said with a chuckle.

Emily ran up the steps and gathered her stuff. She grabbed a duffel bag and threw her makeup, brush, heels and toothbrush in there. She got her dress out of the closet. Clean panties – the black thongs – and her peek-a-boo bra went into the bag as well. As she was closing the drawer her double dong caught her eye. She hastily tossed it into the bag with everything else. Maybe she would get lucky with Amy tonight. She had been fantasizing about being with Amy again for the past six days. The few times they had been together had been magical, but she wasn’t sure if they were a fluke, or if there was a spark between them. They were best friends, and had been for years, but had only been having these erotic interludes over the past month.

Emily made it to Amy’s condo in 15min flat. Not bad for Friday afternoon traffic. Before she could reach for the bell Amy opened the door and pulled Emily to her for a big hug.

“Happy Birthday!” she shouted as she swatted Emily’s ass. “How many spankings do I get to give you again? Oh, yeah, 25 this year!! Do you want them now or after your shower?”

Emily laughed as she tried to evade Amy’s playful smacks. “Stop it, you moron. Let me get in the door at least! I don’t want your neighbors gossiping!”

Amy started laughing as well and moved to give Emily room to get inside. She took her friend’s bag and brought it into her bedroom, Kurtköy Escort placing it on the bed. She unzipped it and poured the contents out.

“What the hell are you doing?” Emily gasped as the dildo fell from the bag in plain sight.

Amy ignored her and picked up the dildo, thong and peek-a-boo bra. “Looks like you have some REAL fun in mind for tonight. Shall we get you undressed and in the shower? This is a full-service experience tonight, so just relax and let me pamper you.”

Amy turned Emily around and lifted the hair from her nape. As she reached for the zipper of Emily’s dress Amy leaned down and kissed her neck softly, trailing kisses as the zipper moved down exposing Emily’s soft creamy white skin. Amy stopped at the base of Emily’s spine and reached up to push the dress off Emily’s shoulders.

“You are so beautiful, my friend. I just love caressing your body. We may never get out of here tonight,” Amy spoke as her hands skimmed Emily’s shoulders and down her arms.

Amy resumed kissing and nipping at Emily’s neck, slowly moving from side to side. Her eyes closed, Emily found herself moving her head to the opposite side, stretching her neck to give Amy more access to her exposed skin. With her teeth Amy tugged one brazier strap at a time off Emily’s shoulder and down her arm. As Emily started to sway Amy gracefully unlatched Emily’s bra. Amy shifted her hands to gently cup Emily’s hefty bosom, letting the bra fall to the floor.

“You are always so tender with me. Not like the boys who are hasty and rough. I love the way your hands slide over me, teasing me, making my pussy so wet,” Emily admitted as Amy’s palms grazed Emily’s jutting nipples.

Amy turned Emily around and their lips melded together. Soft, wet kisses at first transpired between the two friends, and then more passionate ones. Amy’s tongue licked Emily’s lips and then pushed into her mouth, searching out her tongue. Slow swirling motions were gradually replaced by rapid flickering. Emily opened her mouth wider to accommodate Amy’s tongue, her hands moving to cup Amy’s face, fingers twined in Amy’s auburn hair.

They stepped closer together, Emily’s bare breasts rubbed roughly by the stiff terrycloth of Amy’s robe. Amy deftly removed Emily’s slip, leaving her in thigh-hi hose, heels and wispy white silk panties. Amy slid her hands to Emily’s soft globes of flesh, caressing her ass through the silk.

“Mmmmm,” Emily moaned as Amy’s hands slid under her panties and her fingers teased Emily’s back door. “God, you are getting me so hot!”

Amy shrugged off her robe, knowing the roughness tantalized Emily’s exposed nipples, but wanting to tease her more before bringing her to release. She led Emily over to the bed and had her sit on the edge. Amy kneeled down and took Emily’s foot in her hand. She kissed each toe and then slowly made her way up Emily’s foot and calf to her knee. Licking behind her knee, Amy then continued her way to Emily’s thigh where the elastic band of hose was. She licked the tender skin just under the band, as Emily unconsciously spread her legs wider apart.

Emily could not keep her eyes off her friend’s lips, watching them move closer and closer to her apex. Her panties were damp with her juices, her pussy tingling in anticipation of the pleasures to come. She resisted lying back on the bed, not wanting to miss a thing. The sensation of Amy’s tongue on her flesh where the tight elastic had pressed all day was unbelievable. So soft and wet, sensuous and gentle, yet hotter than she ever imagined.

Amy looked up to see the passion stirring in Emily’s eyes. Her lips were swollen and slightly parted, slick from licking them. Her cheeks were flushed, pink with desire. Her eyes were wide-open, irises brilliant, daring Amy to continue.

Amy could smell Emily’s excitement as she neared her friend’s dew-filled flower.

Kissing above the band of elastic now, Amy reached up and pushed Emily down on the bed. She moved closer, now fully between Emily’s legs, and leaned in. She kissed one thigh from the top all the way down the side to the bed covers. Slowly she inched closer to Emily’s fragrant pussy, until she was able to kiss the edges of her silk panties. Amy tongued under this elastic as well, from the top of Emily’s thigh to her outer lips, barely grazing them with her tongue. After torturing Emily the same way on her other leg Amy moved in for the kill.

Still with her panties covering her moist center, Emily didn’t know if she could stand the exquisite sensations Amy was lavishing upon her. Her clit was throbbing and she wasn’t sure if she could wait to climax until Amy allowed her to, or if she would disappoint her friend by losing it too soon.

“Amy, please, stop teasing. I need to cum so bad. I want to feel your tongue on my clit. My pussy is aching for you. Please,” Emily begged.

Amy didn’t bother to answer, just continued with her slow and steady seduction. Kurtköy Escort Bayan She pulled Emily’s panties up tightly, so that they clung to her every contour. Then she pushed the fabric into the creases deeper with her tongue, tracing every curve until the silk was transparent. She could see Emily’s clit straining to pierce through the silk, just begging for attention. With one last lick Amy brushed the pea-sized nubbin with her tongue and then sat back on her heels.

Emily was holding her breath, muscles taut trying not to let the waves of pleasure wash over her just yet. She wanted to ride higher, not crash just yet. She could not give in to her body. ‘Please, please, please, please, please. Not yet, don’t cum yet,’ she thought to herself. As Amy moved away from her crotch Emily let out her breath. She didn’t know if she should feel relieved or disappointed.

Amy slid off Emily’s heels, tossing them to the center of the room and out of the way. Then she reached for the elastic band of Emily’s thigh-hi’s and rolled the hose down her well defined legs one at a time. She grabbed Emily’s hands and pulled her to a sitting position.

“Off to the shower we go. Come on, birthday girl. Time to get you squeaky clean!”

Amy chose this condo partly because of the fabulous master bath. It had a huge shower built for at least 2, if not 3 or four. There were shower sprays on three walls and one of them was a massage spray that was also hand-held. The tub was a Jacuzzi and also had room for two people. The bathroom itself was almost as big as the master bedroom. There was also a huge wrap-around walk-in closet with a loveseat so you could sit and chose your clothes for the day. A three-way mirror was in the closet as well, so it was more of a dressing room than a closet, per se. The master suite took up more than half of the square footage of the condo, but it was where Amy spent most of her time.

Emily moved to discard her wet panties, but Amy forbade it. “I want all those succulent juices in my mouth, not washed away with the bathwater. Keep your panties on until I take them off.”

Amy adjusted the temperature of the water and steam rose above the fiberglass door filling the bathroom. She guided Emily into the shower and then closed the door behind them. Water pelted them from all sides and Emily basked in the sensation. She could feel the droplets stinging her hard nipples and yearned to feel the forceful massage spray on her clit. Emily brought her hands to her breasts, tugging on her nipples and rolling them between her fingers and thumbs. Her entire body was alive with the burden of passion unfulfilled.

Amy took the shower puff and poured lilac gel onto it, then wet it under the spray. As the gel lathered she brought it to Emily’s back. Scrubbing roughly, Amy washed away the day’s tension, relaxing Emily. Amy washed her legs and arms, then turned her around to get her chest. She seemed to get stuck at Emily’s breasts, scouring her nipples until they were a brilliant red. After rinsing the soap off Amy gently suckled Emily’s angry nips, soothing them with her lips and tongue.

Still panty-clad Emily let Amy soap her up and then rinse it away, the smell of lilacs lingering. She was rather enjoying this pampering, but was still horny as hell, the sexual tension never leaving her. As a matter of fact it was getting worse, knowing that eventually Amy would have to let her take off her panties.

“You smell good enough to eat, Em. How about I help you get out of those wet panties? Why don’t you put one foot up here while I slide these off.” Amy showed Emily the footrest in the molding, placed just at the right height so that one could shave her legs with ease and comfort.

Tucking her thumbs under the elastic at Emily’s hips, Amy removed Emily’s panties and tossed them in the corner. She repositioned the spray behind her so it was spraying straight down instead of at the center of the shower and knelt down at the “v” in Emily’s legs. She spread Emily’s outer lips and gazed at the beautiful sight before her.

Emily sighed and leaned back against the tile. Amy’s pert tits stared up at her, and she could see the downy hair of Amy’s pussy shaped in a heart. Emily herself was bare, something she did every once in a while for a change of pace. Just this morning she had used the depilatory cream to give herself a satiny finish. She could feel Amy’s fingers touching her outer lips. Emily closed her eyes, wanting to bask in every single sensation.

Amy licked her lips and leaned closer. She took a deep breath, inhaling the strong scent of female arousal. She would love to tease and tantalize Emily all night, but they did have a timetable to stick to. They were due at the club by 8:30pm. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Emily’s face when she realized what they were really doing for her birthday! This first climax for Emily was just to take the edge off, preparing her for many more to Escort Kadıköy come this evening.

She kissed the outer lips and then let her tongue search for the sticky sweet nectar inside. Upon finding the trickling stream Amy spread the flower open more and lapped at Emily’s opening. She tasted marvelous. She plunged her tongue inside, fucking Emily’s tight cavern repeatedly. As Emily began to quiver Amy pulled Emily’s lips up to expose her nubbin of pleasure. Amy slurped it into her mouth and nipped it with her teeth, then sucked on it strongly to make it as hard as a marble.

Emily was shaking and cried out, “Please, Amy! Please, I need to cum. Let me cum! I am on the brink. May I cum, please?”

“Not yet, my sweet. You must enjoy the pleasure for a few moments longer. Don’t cum yet. If you do I will have to handcuff you to the bed and leave you there all alone until Monday morning. Patience. Have patience. Relax. Enjoy the sensation of your climax building inside you. Let your clit throb and your nipples ache. Yes, play with your nipples. Tell me what you are doing to your nipples my water nymph,” Amy instructed Emily.

“I have my fingers and thumbs around my nipples. I’m squeezing them and rolling them between my fingers. They are hard, so very hard and sore. I’m pinching them now and tugging on them, stretching them out as far as I can. I’m trying to make them hurt so I won’t cum. I’m trying so hard to obey you, Amy, but it isn’t working. I need to cum! Please!!!!!” Emily cried out as she started to quake.

Amy licked Emily’s clit up and down and all around, bringing her dangerously close to orgasm and then stopped. She blew on Emily’s clit, seeing if she could push her over the edge or if Emily could hold back. Emily won this time and was able to control herself, but barely. Amy was ready to bring her over the top and let her cum. She reached up and grabbed the hand-held massage showerhead and turned it to a solid stream of water. She aimed it at Emily’s open pussy and moved it back and forth.

“Cum my sweet, let it carry you to the top of the mountain,” Amy said just before she attacked Emily’s clit with renew vigor.

Amy let the water jet strike Emily’s clit once, twice, three times and then she focused it to Emily’s tunnel of love. Amy licked Emily’s button in a circular fashion, around and around until she could feel it jumping under her tongue. Amy dropped the showerhead and crossed her index and middle finger together; inserting them inside Emily as she started to cum. Amy felt for Emily’s g-spot and massaged it through Emily’s orgasm, bringing her to the brink of passing out.

Emily felt the orgasm begin in her toes and travel down her spine, tingling the entire way. Her clit felt as if it were on fire and her heart was pounding. She bore down, her clit jutting out further into Amy’s mouth. She held her breath as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her. It seemed to last forever, and then she felt Amy’s fingers inside her. ‘Oh my god,’ she thought as Amy brought her to another level. She was shaking uncontrollably now and felt like she needed to sit down. Finally she remembered that she was holding her breath and let it out, gasping for air. She slid down to the floor of the shower to catch her breath, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“How was that, birthday girl?” asked Amy.

Wordlessly Emily got up off the floor. Amy turned the water off and grabbed a towel to dry them. First she dried Emily, them herself. They padded into the bedroom and sat down on the bed.

“Wait, I have something for you to open before you get dressed,” Amy told Emily. She reached under the bed and pulled out a small wrapped package. “Open it now. I want you to wear them tonight.”

Thinking it was some sort of jewelry, Emily cautiously unwrapped the package. She thought the felt box was a little big for a pair of earrings, but with Amy you never know. Emily was quite surprised when she opened the box. Nestled inside were a pair of ben-wa balls.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you got me these. Amy, you are crazy!”

“No, not crazy. I want you to have a night like none other tonight. I thought that you could be in a constant state of arousal with these tucked inside. Come on, let me put’em in your pussy. I’m sure you’re still all nice and wet.”

Amy bent over and took the ben-wa balls in her hand. She pushed Emily’s legs apart and put one of the balls at the entrance of her still tight pussy. With her fingers Amy spread Emily’s nether lips apart and inserted the first ball.

“How does that feel? Do you like it?” Before waiting for an answer Amy placed the second ball at the entrance of Emily’s nest. “You are gonna love this. Just think, every move you make on the dance floor is gonna get you hornier and hornier!” Amy slid the second ball in place and massaged Emily’s lips back together. “Walk to the door and back and tell me how they feel,” Amy instructed her friend.

Emily got up and paraded naked to the door of the bedroom and back. She could feel the ben wa balls shift with her every move and the weights inside the balls moving too and fro. She elicited a moan.

“I don’t know if I will be able to take this all night. You are going to turn me into a hedonistic slut!”