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Black Owned Couple – Round Two (final chapter)

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Black Owned Couple – Round Two (final chapter)Black Owned Couple – Round TwoThe continuing story of a submissive white couple who become willing sex slaves for nigger masters and mistresses – as told from the perspective of the sissy husband.Weekend BitchesWe had settled into our new lives serving as a submissive white sexslave couple for our superior nigger masters and mistresses. We love the degradation and humiliation of being used in all the kinky or depraved ways they can think of. TK our masteroften brings other slaves round with him when he calls to abuse us. One ofhis favorites is to bring another white slut fucktoy and watch as my wife and theother bitch sex slave put on a lesbian floor show for him while I suck hiscock, lick his balls and tongue his ass dressed in my sissy maid outfit. He then fucks both of them while I sit on a big black dildo and masturbatebefore cleaning him and the fuckholes of whoever he has fucked, other times I and anothersissified husband serve him and our wives sucking his cock while our wivesfuck us as sissy whores with big black strap on dildos. We both still workat the sex shop in town several evenings a week that belongs to TK’s friendJames and during the day we both now work for TK in his computer businessalthough my wife is more of a personal sex assistant. We work from homenow so I have to dress according to company rules, in a short French maidoutfit with all the trimmings, stockings, suspenders and a little whitebonnet. The company mail man calls daily to collect and drop off work aswell as use whichever of us is available. One day we received a deliveryfrom TK, two new outfits and a note telling us we were to be wearing themon Saturday morning to be picked up to serve a lady friend for the weekend.The outfits were short furry one piece dresses with suspenders attached,opaque stockings with a fur rimmed top and fur bands round the ankles, armlength gloves again with similar fur trim, coloured afro wigs and large black buttplugs topped with a furry pom pom. There was one outfit in white for mywife and one in sissy pink for me. We tried the outfits on, the dresseswere slightly different, mine was a halter top so my chest with my faketits was covered and my wife’s allowed her breasts to hang free. We put onstrappy heels that matched our outfits. We decided we looked like poodlesespecially on all fours with the butt plug wiggling as we crawled. Saturday morning came and we were dressed ready under our long coats when avan arrived, the driver reversed up to the door and rang the bell. He wasa big black man who just grinned as we opened the door. “Dressed and readybitches?” He said We nodded He opened the back of the van and we got in. “Kneel on them blankets bitches” He ordered “And loose the coats!” We didas we were told and he took a dog collar and fastened round my neck and putthe lead to a clip on the side of the van. He made my wife show him herbare pussy and took his cock out. He knelt behind her and rubbed the headof his cock on her pussy parting her wet lips with the head. “Oh yeah” hemurmured “What’s it like to be a doggy and watch your wife gettingblack sexed?” He asked me “We are owned by TK” I replied “We do as we are toldand serve our superior black masters” “That’s right doggy” He said as hegot up and pushed his cock toward my mouth “Can you smell your wife on mycock?” He asked I breathed in the aroma of hot cock and pussy juice. “Yessir” I replied “Clean it bitch!” He said pushing his cock against my mouthI opened my mouth to take his cock as he forced it in, my tongue tastinghis manliness and my wife’s pussy. I have learned to deep throat big blackcocks since TK has owned me and love the feeling of submissive humiliationas a black cock slides in and out of my mouth. “Arrgh, Mmmm!” he groanedas he let loose his sperm into my belly. He pulled out, zipped up,fastened my wife to the side of the van as he had me and we set off intothe night.The van journey was not too long and we blinked in the light as the vandoors were opened. Our grinning chauffer unfastened the leads from theside of the van “Better walk this bit” he said He led us up a path toward abig house, the garage door was open and he led us inside. There was astrip of carpet up the floor to the door into the house. Once on thecarpet the chauffer told us to crawl so we crawled in front of him as heheld our leads to the house door. He knocked on the door and we heard alady’s footsteps as she crossed the room to open the door. We did not lookup as we had not been told to do so but I did catch a glimpse or our new nigger mistress as our chauffer handed the leads to the lady and when she tugged them we crawled inside. She thanked our chauffer and told him to come back on Sunday morning at 11:00 to collect usagain. The door closed. “Well well” a ladies voice remarked “TK said youwere submissive and would make good pets, seems so far he was right!””There are some rules for this weekend” she continued ” I have written themon the card I will give you in a moment, the main one however is to obey myevery command without hesitation, do you understand?” We nodded stilllooking at the floor. “I will leave you for five minutes to read thecards” she said “I will be waiting through here” Two cards were dropped infront of us, the leads were dropped and we heard her footsteps as she leftpulling the door shut behind her. We picked up the cards and startedreading, they were identical.Doggy Rules for White Sex SlavesRule 1 – Obey your Mistress at all times without hesitation.Rule 2 – You are now a dog, you will crawl on all fours, sit up and beg,sniff and lick like a dog. You will look up when addressed, pant whenexcited and bark to acknowledge any questions – Woof woof is yes which isyour only answer.Rule 3 – When told to sit you will sniff and lick the sitting stationbefore sitting.Rule 4 – When told to `come here’ you will rise from the sittingstation, turn sniff and lick it before moving to where you have beensummoned.Rule 5 – To ask for the toilet you will scratch at the back door, youwill be let out for a toilet break every two hours.Rule 6 – On completion of a toilet break you will clean each otherorally.Rule 7- You may be used for breeding at the discretion of your Mistress.Rule 8 – Any little accidents you have will be cleaned up with yourtongue.Rule 9 – You will be fed and watered from the dog bowls, you may alsoreceive treats from your Mistress and her guests if you are good dogs.Rule 10 – You will stick your butts up in the air and wag your tails unless they have been removed for other purposes.When you have read and understood these rules you will come to the doorand scratch to be let in.Remember you are a worthless white dog!We read the rules in silence, my cock hard at the thought of being used,my wife was also moist between her legs and her nipples were hardening too.We looked at each other, happy at the thought of serving a new black mistressand guests, both of us wondering what the breeding would involve.We were ready and we crawled to the far end of the room and scratched atthe door. Our owner let us in taking our leads as we crawled behind her,all I could see was a pair of knee high black leather boots with 4 inchheels as I crawled along side my wife. We entered a room with a deep redcarpet. In the middle of the room were two black mats each with a hugeblack dildo upright in the middle. Our mistress brought us to a halt bythe mats. “This is your sitting station” She said “Doggies Sit!” Wesniffed and licked the dildos, we made sure we got them very wet as therewas no lube on them, I turned my bottom toward the dildo as Mistresswhipped my tail out of my quivering ass, I took a couple of attempts toslide the big head along my ass crack and locate it on my asshole beforesinking down upon it, feeling the thick shaft ride deep into my asscunt as I satlike a dog kneeling with the dildo hard up inside with my hands on thefloor between my legs. My wife had her tail left in her ass and impaledher pussy on the thick vieny dildo. We saw our mistress for the firsttime. She was a tall medium build black woman, she was dressed in leatherboots, a leather mini skirt and waistcoat. She stood with her legsslightly parted in front of us. “Good doggie sluts” She said “Now lets have a lookat you” She walked round us several times, patted our heads then shesquatted down behind my wife, she began panting as our mistress played withher tail. “I will call you Fluffy” she said to my wife. She moved behindme, her hand reached round to my cock and she stroked it as I panted, herother hand lifted my bottom then pushed it down so I humped the dildo. “Such a tiny white cock, really, I don’t know why you have it. I will callyou Popsy” She said She stood back up and walked to the front. “Fluffy,Popsy ” she said, we both looked up as our new names were called “You areto be my pets for the weekend, I live alone here but am expecting gueststhis weekend to help further your training. We panted excitedly at thethought of being sex slave doggies; since TK has owned us we have come tounderstand that we are nothing more than pleasure objects for him and hisfriends, basically pieces of fuck meat to be used as fucktoys for the pleasure and amusement of our nigger owners. Mistress turned and sat in a chair facing us, she removed herboots, stretching her bare legs out in front. “Fluffy come to my rightleg” She commanded. My wife got up off the dildo, turned and sniffed itand licked it as a good dog should tasting her own pussy juices as she hasoften done before and crawled to Mistress’s right leg. She got a pat onthe head and praised for being a good dog. Mistress put her leg out “Whenbitches are in heat” she said “they like to rub themselves, so Fluffy, humpmy leg” My wife straddled Mistresses leg and began rubbing her cunt on the black leg of her mistress; she clasped the leg at the knee with her arms and rode her pussy up anddown the foot and round the ankle panting as she went. “Good dog” Mistresscooed, “rub that white bitch cunt on my leg, dirty Fluffy” “Popsy” she said “Fuckyourself on your dildo while you watch dirty Fluffy hump my leg,” I began rocking on mysitting station, lifting and falling, feeling the plastic monster ridingdeep like a big black cock. I was transfixed by my wife grinding herselfon Mistresses leg, leaving it glistening with her twat juices. After watchingthe spectacle for five minutes or so I was ready to come, I frequently dowhen I have a big cock inside me rubbing my prostate “Good Popsy” praisedMistress, “My that little cock is quite hard, do you like being fucked? Idon’t want any little accidents yet” “Woof woof” I replied panting andriding the dildo excitedly. “Come here Popsy” mistress ordered “lick myleg clean!” I rose up of the dildo, my ass feeling empty as it slipped out.I turned and sniffed the dildo before running my tongue across the head and downthe sides. I slipped my tail back into my asshole and crawled toward Mistress”Sniff your wife’s dirty white ass as she rides my leg Popsy” was her nextcommand. I pushed my nose in between my wife’s spread cheeks, my headfollowing her up and down as she got herself off on Mistresses leg. Shesmelled hot; her pussy was leaving a thick trail of goo on Mistresses legas I tried to push my nose right into her ass. “Lick her behind Popsy”Mistress commanded I pushed my tongue into her asshole, my wife whimpered asshe panted, riding the leg harder than ever. “Oh what dirty dogs you are,dirty slutty bitch dogs in heat,” she praised us. “Fluffy, off my leg and lie on the floor so Imay tickle your tummy with my foot” Mistress said, “Popsy lick my legclean, Fluffy has been quite excited and got my leg covered with her cunt juice.” My wife rolled over on the floor at the foot of her other leg, her pussy open and her nipples hard. Mistress began rubbing her tits with her foot, my wife started panting again. I seton licking Mistresses leg clean, the taste and smell of my wife’s pussyjuices making my cock harder than ever. Mistress had moved her foot downto my wife’s cunt and was rubbing her foot vigorously against herpussy lips. Good dog Popsy “She said “Now lie down like Fluffy” I lay down andher foot moved down and rubbed my aching hard cock, Mistress smiled, “Sucha tiny little cock” She mused, “Don’t you dare cum without my expresspermission though doggy” she continued rubbing her big toe on the tip of mydripping cock. Mistress then moved her foot to my mouth. I licked herfoot and toes as she moved her other foot from my wife’s pussy to her mouthfor her to clean. “Time to let you out” She said lifting her feet up andreaching for her boots. “Go and sit doggies” she told us. We crawled toour dildos, sniffed and licked them before settling ourselves down ontothem while Mistress put on her boots. “Follow me Popsy and Fluffy” Shesaid as she rose out of her chair and crossed the room to the door. Werose of our dildos, turned, sniffed and licked them and followed her to thedoor. Once at the back door of the house we crawled out into the garden.It was large and really quite private. I needed to pee even though my cockwas still hard so I sniffed about until I couldn’t hold it any longer and Isquatted down and peed on the lawn. As I rose up I turned and sniffed theground I had just peed on. “Good Popsy” Mistress called. My wife was alsorelieving herself on the lawn and I sniffed her bottom as she peed. “CleanFluffy when she’s done Popsy” Called Mistress. I sniffed at my wife’sbottom as she squatted to pee and prepared to clean her. I tongued mywife’s pussy and ass when she finished, tasting her piss and cum as Ilicked her between her legs. We crawled back to the house and were letback in. We returned to our sitting stations and impaled ourselves on thedildos waiting for our next command. Mistress left us on our dildos andwent back into her kitchen, we could hear pots and pans move about and whenshe returned fifteen or so minutes later she had prepared herself supper.She placed on the table and went back into the kitchen. She returned withtwo dog bowls and set them down next to the table and sat down to eat. “Fluffy, Popsy” she called, we looked up toward her, “You may come and eat”We rose from our positions performed the routine and crawled to the dishes.In the dishes was pasta and mince, we looked up at Mistress, she smiled,”Tuck in doggies then its bed time” We lowered our heads to the bowls andate, trying to eat as the bowls moved across the floor. We finallyfinished and were ordered back to sit while Mistress took our bowls and herplates to the kitchen. She returned and ordered us to follow her upstairs. We followed her into the bath room where we sat as she took ashower. We were then ordered to strip and shower ourselves and cleanourselves inside too then to present ourselves back as dogs in her bed roomfor the night. We crawled to her bedroom door after showering andscratched to be let in. “Fluffy” Mistress said, lying on the bed “You willsleep with your face in my pussy, you will service me when ever I pat yourhead, Popsy you will sleep with your face in my ass and do the same butfirst, I feel like fucking you both”. We crept up next to the bed,Mistress was lying on the covers wearing a big strap on dildo and she wasstroking it like a real cock. “On the bed Fluffy” She commanded “Prepareto please your mistress!” My wife crawled up onto the bed with her bottomfacing Mistress, her pussy exposed, pussy lips glistening as she moistened inanticipation of the dildo that would soon be deep inside her. Mistressrubbed the head of the dildo against my wife’s exposed cunt, as she clippedthe lead to my wife’s collar, before sliding it deep inside pulling on thelead to control my wife’s bucking as she was being fucked. Mistress alsoplayed with the tail attached to the butt plug in my wife’s ass. I sat atMistresses side watching the dildo glistening with my wife’s pussy juicesliding back and forth as my wife pushed back trying to get as much in heras possible. “Dirty Fluffy, fuck it bitch” hissed mistress as she rode herbitch. Mistress came shuddering as her orgasm took her, my wife came atthe same time, the dildo squelching in and out of her cum filled pussy. “Clean Fluffy!” mistress commanded. My face went straight into my wife’shot dripping pussy as I tongued her clean. “Now Popsy, up next to Fluffy”said Mistress I mounted the bed and pointed my plugged ass toward Mistress.She clipped on my leash and her hand reached round to my poor aching cock.She began to stroke it gently and whispered in my ear “Does poor littlePopsy want his tiny dick to cum?” “Woof Woof” I replied I felt the head ofher dildo against my asscunt. Mistress took hold of my hips and the dildo wasrammed straight up so far I could feel her pubic hair rubbing on my bottom,Mistress pulled back and pushed again, it felt so good to be fucked, Itried to hold back but the dildo was pressing on my prostate and as thedildo reached full length inside me, I came as she ground herself againstme squirting cum onto the towel that covered the bed, my back arching as Iclimaxed. “Dirty Popsy Look what you’ve done” Mistress laughed. “There isonly one way to teach a doggy not to have little accidents!” She withdrewthe dildo, my asshole gaped open as it slid out and I felt the rush of coldair as the dildo was removed. “Sniff your mess Popsy” She ordered I turnedround and put my face down to the pool of cum on the towel and sniffed it,I felt her hand on my head and she pushed my face into my own cum. “Rubtheir dirty noses in their own mess is the way to teach a doggy obedience”She laughed as she rubbed my face in my cum. My tail was re-inserted intomy freshly fucked ass and Mistress unclipped her strap on before making uslie down facing each other. Our leads were shortened and we were clippedto each other before mistress slid herself between us. I was facing herass and my wife faced her pussy. “Now doggies you will sleep there, ifI wake in the night you will lick me until I go back to sleep” She said. We both sniffed her in between her legs before settling to licking herprivate parts. Her brown ass hole was so inviting and I felt it twitch asmy tongue settled upon it and I began licking and probing it. We were bothwondering what degradation and humiliation the next day would bring. Thethought of servicing the big black cocks of our nigger masters and being a submissive sex slave as a fucktoy in their stable made my cock go hard again as I gently tongue fucked Mistresses asshole.Black Owned Couple – Gang BangedWe had settled into our new lives serving as the submissive white sexslaves for black men and women. We love the degradation and humiliation ofbeing used in any kinky or depraved way. TK our master would often bringother slaves round with him when he called to use us. One night wereceived a text telling us to be naked, shaved and cleaned out as we would be going to serve again and to go with the black teenwho would arrive at our door. At around 7:00 that evening the doorbell went. I answered the door to be confronted by a gang of four nigger teens. The leader looked at us and said quietly “you TK’s bitches?””Yes Sir” I answered. “Get your white slut asses out here now,” he ordered. We came out and stood surrounded by the four boys. “Lets go” onesaid and motioned to the van parked on the streetThe black van was parked next to our car. We were led out into the street buck naked and pushed into the back of the van by the others. The engine started and we were driven away. Theyouth in the back just sat and watched us lying on the floor of the van. After some time the van slowed and stopped. We heard car doors shut andthen the back doors of the van opened. We were in a courtyard at the backof a rundown house, the walls were too high to climb and as we were ledtoward the door the gates into the yard were closed behind. Once inside wewere pushed into a small windowless room, our hands were untied. The wallsof the room Escort bayan were white but smeared across the surface was what looked likeexcrement. The floor was tiled and cold. The place looked and felt like acell. We were scared and disorientated, not knowing how long we had beenprisoners or what was going to happen we huddled together in the corner ofthe room comforting each other waiting for the return of our captors. Weheard noise from the other side of the door, someone was coming, the dooropened and two black youths came into the room. “We heard that you’ve been practicing to be doggie bitches, let’s see what you’ve learned,” the teen said. They told us to kneel down with our backs to them. When we had got down they shackled our legs together round the ankles and put collars round our necks with leadsattached. To prevent us standing up a rope went from the front of thecollar to the middle of the shackles on our legs and as they pulled on theleads they told us to crawl behind them like dogs. We crawled along adirty dimly lit passage into a large room, the carpet on the floor wasfilthy and the room smelled of sweat, piss and rotting food. The other boywas sitting in an old armchair but in the middle of the room was an oldbed. There were two spot lights on tripods and video cameras set upoverlooking the bed. It dawned on us that not only were we to be subjectto the humiliation and degradation of being forced to do whatever theywanted but we were to be filmed too. “Hey hey” said the leader ” they are just like a coupleof dirty white doggie bitches” They all laughed. The leader ordered us to kneel in front ofhim. “This is how it’s gonna be” He said “You white bitches are nothing but our fucktoys to do as you’re told!“You don’t put up a fight! We have some fun, including sex, you willaddress us as Master and we will let you go when we’re finished, TK saidyou dirty bitches like being treated like pieces of white fuck meat and would do anything we tell you to do, it that correct sluts!” “Yes Master” we mumbled, still tryingto come to terms with our situation. This was a new situation, TK and hisother introductions were never rough or threatening with us “Now face eachother” he said We hutched round to face each other “Kiss” he ordered. Weboth lent forward and our lips met I heard a noise to the side and a largeblack cock was pushed between our noses. My wife’s eyes widened with lustat the sight of his nigger cock as I am sure mine did. He pulled it back andforth resting on our noses “Take a good look at this baby” he said “Smellit, taste it, and worship it!” He pushed it down so we were both kissing itfrom either side. “Now bitches” he said “By the time we’re finished yourboth gonna know what a black cock tastes like, feels like and how superiorwe are, understand!” We nodded slightly with his big black cock between us. He beganto thrust slowly between our lips his hands on the backs of our headsforcing us together on his cock. The minutes passed as he slid this blackmonster between our faces, his pubes rubbing on our cheeks as he thrust inbetween our mouths. “Very good use them soft white tongues” he moaned “Nowtime to entertain – do as you’re told bitches!” My cock was hardeningdespite the humiliation of the situation we were in and I could smell mywife’s pussy as it began to moisten. He pushed us away and sat down withthe rest of the gang on the semicircle of chairs.”Hey bitches” one said “make like doggies and sniff each other” Theleads were dropped and we crawled round each other sniffing each othersassholes like dogs The youths howled with laughter, “Lick your bitches assdoggy” one called pushing me with his foot, I squared up behind my wife andbegan licking her between her butt cheeks. I loved tonguing her asshole andknew it would turn her on more. It was twitching as my tongue settled ontoit, the aroma of her wet pussy filling my nostrils; she was turned on byour predicament and so was I. “He’s a born ass licker, look the sissy pussyboy’s got ahard on!” one of them said, “I reckon he can lick my asshole too” “And mine too” camea chorus of other voices. The gang sat round us watching, they made my wife lickmy asshole too. They dropped their trousers and shorts. “Now bitches,time to use those soft white tongues on some real men” One of the boyssaid. Our leads were picked up and the holder sat down pulling us towardthem. My face ended up in the crotch of one boy, his hard cock filling myvision. “You going to like this bitch, lick beneath them big balls of mineand then make my asshole shine. I’m gonna fill your missus up with my nigger ball juiceafter you’ve finished.” He pushed my face down his cock to his balls, theywere huge too, much bigger than mine, and I swallowed hard and reluctantlystarted to lick his hairy scrotum. I could smell his ass already andfought the urge to gag. I tried to keep my tongue on and just under hishuge hairy balls, I licked and kissed hoping he would enjoy that and foregothe ass licking, but my plan failed. I could hear my wife being made tolick another boys ass, she must have been awkward because the boy who hadher threatened to hold her down and sit on her face till she suffocatedunless she got to work. His ass smelt and tasted foul but I didn’t want tomake things worse so I got on with my task, I decided to lick it quickly,flicking my tongue up and down in the hope of cleaning it so that if I washere longer I could relax a bit and take it slower. His leg stretched downbetween mine and rubbed against my cock. “Shit man” he exclaimed “thisones a real sissy faggboi, he’s getting off licking my ass” I caught a glimpse of mywife on all fours, her face in the crotch of another youth with her pussyshowing to all. “Don’t let him come on your leg” one voice said “we gonnause his jizz to lube his lily white ass!” The black youth eventuallyloosened his grip on me pushed my head back. “Kneel bitch” he ordered, asI knelt in front of his cock “Kiss it and thank me for letting you lick myass” he said. I kissed the end of his long black cock and mumbled mythanks. He then passed the lead to the lad sitting next to him and Istarted the humiliating task of ass cleaning again. As we finished oneyouth the lead was pulled to another. I was busy on my second youth when Ifelt a hand grab my balls; a cord was tied round the each of my shaved balls and pulled tight. The cords were then tied to the each of my leg shackles and the rope to mycuffs was cut. This meant although I had more movement with my arms, Istill could not straighten up and had to shuffled about bent over in a humiliatingway. I looked around as I shuffled over to the next boy who wanted his asslicking to see my wife kneeling between two of them as they rubbed theirhuge cocks across her face, while she massaged their balls. My wife wasordered to get on the bed with her pussy facing the seats. As she was madeto display her cunt for their amusement, cat calls of her to pull them pussy lips apart andshow us your white cunt bitch came from the gang as she exposed herself for them.I was pulled round and made to kiss and lick each of the boys rapidlyhardening cocks and thank each one for the pleasure, they were huge, thickveined shafts of black man meat and I was in awe of them. We both knewwhat was to follow; I was going to be forced to watch my wife service theseboys. They untied her legs and made her stand with her back to a chair. Her hands were tied behind her back from the elbows down to her wrists. The youths then made me crawl over to her and kiss her gaping open pussy. “You onthe pill bitch?” The leader asked my wife “No master” My wife repliedmeekly “Well you better hope your faggot husband here can suck like ahoover to get all the nigger cock jizz out your cunt or you’ll be havin’ a black baby!” he replied. He then got his shorts and pushed them into her mouth. “That’ll keep you from screamin’when my black cock opens you up bitch” he grinned. They got a marker pen and wrote across her tits “White slut for Black Cock” He stood behind meand grabbed my head forcing me into her pussy and rubbing my face up anddown on it covering me with her juices. “Get used to it bitch!” He said”Cunt and cock cleaning for you sissyboi!” He slid himself into the chair, I wasknelt facing her and my face looked up beneath her cunt. I would have towatch every thrust of my wife’s ordeal. His thick veined black cock was pointingoutward toward her splayed pussy. “Faggot” He said “guide your masterscock into your slut wife!” The youth pulled her down as I guided his big blackcock into the entrance of her lovely white pussy I heard her moan throughthe gag as I watched his long black pole sliding into her pussy. As he gothimself all the way in, his big hairy balls grinding against her openthighs I could hear her whimper with pleasure like a mewing cat. His handsgripped her under her arms, his fingers reaching round across her breasts.”Man this is one wet bitch” He commented to the rest. As he withdrew hishuge cock glistened with my wife’s juices the head of his cock just visibleas her pussy stretched before he pushed it back in. My wife was moaningthrough her gag as the monster cock opened her pussy wider than I couldever manage. The youth was soon pumping rhythmically, his cock sliding inand out as he pushed my wife up and down on the edge of the chair. Hepaused with his cock deep inside her and said, “I think hubby here shouldbe kissin’ my balls while I service his wife!” The others laughed and Ipushed into his crotch. I began kissing and licking the juice and sweatoff his big hairy balls as he pumped his cock into my wife. She moanedthrough the gag, as he pumped her pussy harder than I had ever managed,filling her with his cock. All I could see was his cock and my wife’sstretched pussy lips each time she came down on his lap, she smelled sohorny and her juices were running down his shaft onto his balls where Ilicked and sucked. His balls tightened and he held her down on his cock ashe groaned cumming deep inside her unprotected pussy. Spunk leaked pasthis huge cock and began running down onto his balls. “Lick it off cocksucker!” he ordered “Open wide cock cleaner!” He ordered I barely had timeto mumble “Yes Master” He lifted my exhausted wife off his cock and itflopped down into my open mouth. He sat my wife back down pulling her legsup into the air so I could see her still gaping pussy wet and glisteningform the fucking it had received. I sucked the spunk and pussy juices fromhis cock mesmerised by the site of my wife’s freshly fucked twitchingpussy. Better clean her up for the next load he ordered. I looked up fromhis semi hard cock as a trickle of spunk began to appear in the stillgaping hole that was my lovely wife’s pussy. I clamped my mouth to it andstarted sucking her juice and his spunk from her as she lay on his lap. Come on faggot it’s my turn said the next boy. He wanted her doggy styleon the bed and mad her crawl over before making her beg to fuck his monstercock. I was made to lie underneath her with my face looking up at herpussy as his long black pole impaled her. He was soon driving in and out,my wife had collapsed on me and his balls slid against my nose and mouth.His thrusts became faster and as he started to buck he pulled out andsprayed his seed across her pussy and my face. I started licking her cleanagain as the next cock slid across my nose and into her swollen pussy. Hepumped his huge cock in and out like a piston his balls grinding against mymouth as I licked and kissed them, his sack tightened as he flooded mywife’s womb with his seed. His cock slid out bringing a wave of fresh cumwith it. I slurped as much as I could down as he then pushed his softeningcock into my mouth for a clean. The last youth turned her over and fuckedher missionary style; I knelt behind as he took his pleasure watching hisbuttocks as they propelled his black shaft deep into her pussy. I couldhear her pussy slurping and gurgling as he pumped her full of hot cum. Iperformed the clean up on his beautiful shiny cock and on my wife’s swollencum filled pussy. I was ordered to fetch them some coke from the fridge inthe corner of the room, I hobbled over and served each boy with a can. They were watching my wife as she put on another display of well fucked hercunt was. One of them threw a cup onto the bed and told my wife to wank meinto it. I stood in front of them as her hands slipped round me from theback and she began to rub my little cock in front of them, the howled withlaughter as I shot my cream into the cup within a few strokes of my wife’s softhands. “Bend over the bed faggot” I was ordered. They then had me pullmy ass cheeks apart and as I held my asscunt open, she poured my cum rightinto my gaping open asshole. Right faggot, its your turn I heard one of them say as a cocknudged the outer rim of my ass hole. 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Naked, stinking of piss and cum we were dropped back at ourhouse. We went straight for a bath, before I tenderly licked my wife’sswollen abused cunt until she dropped off to sleep.Mistress and her ProtégésWe had settled into our new lives serving as the submissive white sexslaves for black men and women. We love the degradation and humiliation ofbeing used in any kinky or depraved way they can think of. TK our masteroften brings other slaves round with him when he calls to use us. He likesto have my wife and another female slave put on a lesbian fuck show forhim while I suck his cock, lick his balls and tongue his asshole dressed in mysissy maid outfit, other times I and another sissified husband serve himand our wives sucking his cock while our wives fuck us as sissy whores withbig black strap on dildos. We both still work at the sex shop that belongsto TK’s friend James, several evenings a week make videos for his businesswith other submissive couples. 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She strode past us carrying a large bag as weknelt on the floor. “I am Mistress Jane, TK sent me and I am in charge tonight and theseare my two young protégées Mistress Alicia and Mistress Alana, who havecome to practice with you!” She said in a commanding tone as she passed infront of us. The tall Mistress put the bag on the table and opened it. She took out several sex toys and bondage equipment from the bag and laidthem on the table. Mistress Jane told them “These white sex slaves were once arespectable white couple, but they admitted their failings and need toserve superior black men and women, practice with them, find out how eagerthey are to really serve. Humiliate them just as you would your own sex slaves!”Mistress Alicia and Mistress Alana giggled; they stood in front of uswearing crotch-less leather cat suits and very high heels. “These are thetwo in the film you watched last night, while you degraded and fucked that white teenagecheerleader from your college” She said to the girls. She sat herself downand watched as the two teenagers took control. Mistress Alicia ordered mywife to stand, turn around and bend over and spread her ass; she then pushed her finger intomy wife’s asshole. “You sloppy white bitch” she said slapping my wife’sbottom, “like black cocks up your twat do you?” “Y, Y, Yes Mistress” my wifereplied. She withdrew her finger and left my wife bent over as she went andselected a face dildo, riding crop, hand cuffs, leg spreader and a hugebutt plug from the table. 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Her pussy smelled hot and aroused, her aromawas intoxicating as my face was wiped up and down on her smooth slit. “Well done Alana” said her tutor “Degrade the sissy faggot; make him bendto your will!” She pushed me away after a couple of minutes and ordered meto kiss her ass and fetch a strap on dildo. She turned so I was facing herbottom, I lent forward and kissed crack of her bottom “Lick my asshole faggot!” She hissedand pulled her ass cheeks apart I licked her between her butt cheeks, eagerlyworking down to her asshole where I licked and probed her tight hole withmy tongue. “Enough!” said Mistress Alana “Crawl over to the table andbring me your favorite toy” I crawled to the table and picked the largeblack dildo and harness for Mistress. Mistress Alicia was still riding mywife’s face, rubbing her pussy with the riding crop but every now and thenshe would strike it hard to remind my wife of her duty. 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Use me as your sissy fuckslave” She reached under my dress and grabbed my hard cock “Sissy’s littleclitty cock is all stiff, are you going to spurt for Mistress?” “Oh yesMistress, Sissy will spurt for you” I groaned as Alana withdrew andploughed up my ass again and again grinding herself against my bottom asshe pleasured herself with the other end of the dildo. Mistress Alicia hadtired of riding my wife’s face. She had her kneeling before her kissingher sex. “Turn him round and make him spurt his sissy white fuck slop in his slut wife’s face!” she called to Mistress Alana. She pulled me up by my collar and with the dildostill buried deep in my ass turned me round. “Hold up your dress,” shehissed in my ear. “Show everyone that tiny little sissy cock.” I held up my dressas Mistress Alana held me upright by my collar and continued her assault onmy ass. My wife had to crawl over and kneel inches away from my cock. 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Mistress Alana pickedup her mobile phone and dialed. “That you slut?” she said “Good, getyourself round here right away if you don’t want your sorry ass exposed atcollege.” Mistress Alana gave her the address and told her to be naked whenshe arrived before hanging up. They made me remove my panties and wiped mywife’s face with them before giving them back to me to put on again. Theyordered us to prepare some drinks and snacks for them while we waited fortheir victim to arrive. We knelt in front of the two young dominatrix asthey sipped their beers, Mistress Alana questioned my wife “Are you a totalslut?” she asked “Yes Mistress a complete slut, I love big black cocks inmy pussy and my ass” she replied “What about nigger pussies?”Mistress enquired “I love to worship superior black women’s pussies, I am atotal pussy slut Mistress,” she replied. The door bell rang Mistress Aliciatold me to go to the door and bring through the girl I would find there. Iopened the door, a naked young white girl dashed in to the hall. She was atall, very pretty blond girl, her hair reached down to her shoulders. “Iam sex slave Susana,” she said. “Are Mistresses Alicia and Alana here?” “TheMistresses are waiting” I said. “Follow me” I led her into the main room ofour house where our Mistresses were waiting. Susana was made to stand inthe middle of the room with her legs apart. Her nigger mistresses had already shaved her cunt and you could see her pussy lips hanging down below her pubic mount, her breasts were small but looked firm and her nipples were hard and perky. 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My wife crawled over and knelt in front of Alana’s pussy “Put your face in my pussy bitch” she ordered. “But nolicking.” My wife did as commanded “See how well behaved a white sex slave should be,”Alana said. “Yes Mistress Alana” Susana mumbled. Whack, whack, whack, thegirls gave Susana’s tits, cunt and ass another good whipping. My wife still had herface pressed to Alana’s crotch. “Down like a dog Slut,” Mistress Aliciasaid to Susana. She got down on all fours and both girls whipped herin-between the cheeks of her bottom, striking her exposed cunt and asshole for a few more minutes until she was sobbing on all fours. “Sissy” said Mistress Alana “Over here and sooth this sluts bottom with your tongue!” I crawled over behind Susana and began to lick her pussy and asshole. I could see the red marks left by the riding crops and feel the heat from her red bottom as I tenderly licked down and around her pussy lips and her asshole. Her little hole was quite tight as I probed it with my tongue.Alana made my wife lie down so Susana could lick her pussy, the two girlsstood back and watched as we serviced each other, giggling and urging uson. Alana pushed the end of her crop into my ass as I licked Susana, Ipushed back against it. “I think Sissy needs another fuck” Alana said toAlicia “Lets make Susana face fuck the sissies arse!” They both had a fitof giggles at the thought. The face dildo was strapped to Susana’s headand I lay across the table with my dress pulled up and panties hanging ofone foot as Susana pushed her face into my sissy pussy asshole. Alicia straddled my headso I could tongue her asshole and she could force Susana’s head hard into me.Alana strapped on the big black dildo and after making my wife suck it forher, she too was put over the table and Alana began fucking her pussy andpushing her fingers up her asshole. Mistress Jane sat and watched throughoutthe proceedings encouraging Alicia and Alana to degrade us, use us, punish us andhumiliate us. Mistress Jane decided it was time for them to finish up, wewere all bent over the table and made to thank them for the pleasure ofserving them before we received 20 cracks each from the riding crops. Most of my blows fell on my clitty cock and balls, while the girls where whipped on their cunts and assholes.Alicia and Alana made Susana ring her parents to tell them she was stayingover with friends and they took her away with them. Mistress Jane had uskneel and kiss her boots before saying “You have been good slaves tonight,I will inform TK how well you have done and that he needs to reward both ofyou” With that she left and we could relax once more.Weekend Dinner Party As my wife and I are now the property of our black master, TK, we weretold we were to attend a weekend dinner party being thrown at a largecountry house, owned by a powerful and rich black financier who invitedfellow slave owners to dinners at which slaves could be displayed, swappedor even sold. The husbands of slave couples were to act as sissy maids, servingthe meal and attending the bed chambers and needs of the masters while thewives and other female slaves were used for the pleasure of their ownersand their friends’. We were rather worried by the term “sold” but TKassured us that as we had been loyal, faithful slaves he would be retainingus although some of the other guests had expressed an interest in borrowingus, as our love and willingness to serve nigger cock and pussy had been the talkingpoint at many meetings he had attended with the host of the dinner party.All the black men invited would be bringing their slaves and there were notmany who owned a married couple where the man had been sissified to thepoint of being a black cock addicted maid like myself, so we were pretty popular. TK said I was to take Viagra before and during the party to ensure I had a humiliating erection all the way through the party as a sign of how turned on I was by the site of my wife’s mouth, pussy and asshole being used as a black mans cum dump. If I was luckythere would be cocks to suck and penetrate me as well as all the assholesand cream pie I could eat. I was dressed in a lovely magenta satin frillyFrench maid outfit and my wife was naked except for her strappy red highheels. As TK pulled up we crawled naked to his car as was the usual custom, took our bags and got into his car. We drove for about an hour, until TK pulled into a lay-by on the side of a country road. We all got out of the car and he made us kneel at his feet.I had to kneel and suck his cock while he fingered my wife atthe side of the road in full view of anyone who was passing by. TK placeed a blue Viagrapill on the tip of his cock and I sucked it off washing it down with a loadof his cum. We then got back into the car and TK announced that we wouldbe there in ten minutes so we had better straighten ourselves up. Once we arrived at the house, my wife helped with my make up and putting on my sissy maid outfit and making sure my stockings were straight. TK explained that our host not only owned the property but the white couple whopreviously owned the house as well. I got out of the car and opened the door for TKand my naked wife, collected the bags from the trunk and followed themtoward the entrance. TK pointed at the servants’ entrance to the side ofthe steps to the grand front door. “Take our bags to our room sissy” heordered, “Wait for us there” I took the luggage to the servants’ entrancewhere I was given directions to TK’s room. I took the back stairs and wassoon in the biggest bedroom I had ever seen. The huge circular bed was inthe centre with beautifully fitted couches and dressers round the edges inbetween doors leading to walk in wardrobes and the luxurious bathroom. Iunpacked the luggage and set out all the clothes in the wardrobe, laid outtheir toiletries in the bathroom before kneeling by the door to await mymaster and my wife. I wondered what was happening to her downstairs, nodoubt in a room full of dominant black men abusing a slut who was being groped and humiliated as a white sex slave. My cock was uncomfortably hard because of the Viagra andrubbed in my frilly panties keeping me in a state of erotic agony. Mypanties were wet with pre-cum and I so wanted so bad to cum. After a while Iheard movement outside the door and opened it just as TK, my wife and atall black man reached it. “Is everything ready?” TK enquired. “Yes sir” Ireplied “This is our host sissy Mr Mokambu.” TK introduced the tall blackman who had his fingers between my wife’s bottom cheeks and from the lookof ecstasy on her face in at least one of her fuckholes. His other hand held afine chain lead which was attached to a collar round my wife’s neck; thecollar also had a disc hanging on it with the number 7 on it I curtseyed toMr Mokambu. Who continued to grope my wife looking at me smiling. He knewhe was in total control. “I need to see an old friend” TK said “Make useof my slaves if you wish my old friend, I will see them later, make surethey serve you well” TK left the room. Mr Mokambu withdrew his hand frombetween my wife’s legs and ordered her onto the bed. “On all fours slutand point your goodies toward the chair!” he ordered her. He sat himself onone of the high backed leather chairs undoing his trousers. “Sissy here”he pointed at his feet I moved swiftly and stood at his feet. “So you twoare married?” he asked “Yes sir” I replied “Lift your dress sissy” heordered I did as I was told, lifting my maids uniform with its frillyunderskirts high so he could see my erect clitty cock straining inside my damppanties. “Does the knowledge that your wife is a black cock slut turn youon?” he asked “Yes sir, the very thought of a big black cock using my wifeturns me on” I answered. “Kneel between my legs and kiss my cock sissy” heordered. I complied and knelt; his cock was enormous and lay across hisright leg. I kissed it gently “Now sissy, every time you answer a questionyou will start by kissing my cock, never mind that your wife is displayingher pussy for me, just answer my questions” he said firmly. Hestraightened up in the chair and I held his long black shaft so I couldkiss the tip. I kissed his cock “Yes sir” “How long is it since you lastfucked your wife?” I kissed his cock “8 months sir” “Why is that?” I kissedhis cock “My wife prefers black cocks to my puny white clit sir” “Why doyou think she prefers black men sissy?” I kissed his cock “Their superiorcocks satisfy her like I cannot sir” “Are you a pathetic white sissywhore?” I kissed his cock “Yes sir I am a pathetic white sissy whore” Doyou kiss and lick black men’s assholes? 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Now suck me, get me hard, then I willtake your lovely white wife” I kissed his cock “Ooh thank you sir” I openedmy mouth and took him in, his cock was long, much longer than others I hadsucked, but not too fat, I sucked the head into my mouth rubbing theunderneath with my tongue, he moaned, and started calling me names such assissy whore, cocksucker and worthless cumlicker. He pushed a leg betweenmine to rub my cock and I was soon humping his leg like a horny dog, theViagra and my sore cock giving me such a lust to cum it was almostunbearable. I sucking his long black shaft and moaned like a whore, tryingto get myself off, while my wife played with her cunt for hisentertainment. “You are a dirty sissy whore aren’t you!” he hissed takinghis leg away from my humping groin. “Now tongue up your wife’s asshole so Ican take her slut” I kissed his cock “Yes sir, thank you sir” I turned tothe bed where my wife was still on all fours supporting herself with onearm with her ass in the air gyrating in his direction and three of herfingers jammed up her pussy. I sank my tongue in between my wife’s butt cheeks, Ihave found the quickest way of lubing her asshole is French kissing it so Ican push lots of saliva into her with my tongue, since her asshole has beenused many times it gapes opens quite easily as does mine. Mr Mokambu rose fromthe chair stepped out of his trousers and pushed me aside. “Watch sissy asI fuck your wife” he sneered I knelt at the side as he placed the tip ofhis cock on her quivering asshole before sliding it in. I heard my wifegasp as the length slid up inside her, then she started bucking and pushingback, hissing through clenched teeth for her master to fuck her deeper andharder. Mr Mokambu obliged stepping up his tempo of thrusts in and out ofher lovely fuckhole, he kept looking down at me kneeling at the side andsmiling. My hard cock was aching inside my panties and watching my wifegetting fucked in the ass by this huge black cock had me panting with the urge to rubmyself for relief. Mr Mokambu must have known the effect he was havingbecause he turned and told me to stand, lift my dress and rub my cock in mypanties but on no account was I to cum. I jumped up and was soon grindingmy cock on my hand, separated only by my silk panties, like a sex starvedwhore. Mr Mokambu climbed up and stood on the bed squatting down to keephis cock in my wife’s ass, I could see it sliding up and down like a hugeblack jackhammer, her pussy dripping with juice. “Lick my nigger asshole sissy!” MrMokambu ordered, I moved behind and still rubbing my cock under my dressstarted to lick down the crack of his ass and tongue his hairy asshole.He grunted insults as he came close to climax calling both my wife and I,white cum sluts and white whores. He stopped pumping my wife’s hole as hecame, flooding her insides with his hot semen before slowly withdrawing hishuge pole from her ass. “Clean your wife sissy” he hissed before shouting”Slaves attend me now!” I was sucking my wife’s gaping hole as the dooropened and a naked lady with a collar round her neck and a sissy maidentered the room. The sissy wore a very pretty pink satin maids dress andblond wig, he immediately knelt before Mr Mokambu and began licking cum andslime of his masters cock while the lady rubbed her pussy against his thighshe had a disc with number 1 on her collar. “These are my other sex slaves” said MrMokambu said. “Chloe is my white pussy bitch and her husband Sissy here isthe cock sucking maid.” I was busy Escort cleaning my wife who was still quiveringwith pleasure from the internal assault of his long black cock. Her assholewas contracting and squeezing as I sucked and licked his cum out and as shesqueezed it out of her. With his cock cleaned Mr Mokambu dressed again andtold us to get cleaned up and remain in the room as we would be sent forwhen required. He left with his slaves crawling behind him. I finishedsucking his hot sperm from my wife’s asshole and as she recovered hercomposure went and ran a hot bath for us both. I undressed, my hard cockthrobbing as I sank into the hot water, my wife came in and joined me inthe huge tub. “Well that went well” she said “There are 7 black men herewith their slaves and Mr Mokambu, so I think I will be very busy this weekend.””Wasn’t his cock long” I said “I am proud of the way you took it” “Mmmm itwas nice” she replied, “Maybe he will let you ride it at some point,although I think you and the other sissies will be getting well acquaintedfor our entertainment as will I and the other women.” I got out of thebath, cock throbbing, and towelled my self gingerly. I then dressed againwith clean frillies and attended to drying my wife. I fixed a couple ofdrinks and we waited for our master to return, TK arrived about half anhour later, he must have been fucking some white slave because he undid histrousers as he sat down and I could taste sweat, pussy juice and cum on hiscock as I cleaned it. While my wife rested, preparing herself for thefuckings she would receive through out the evening I ran him a bath andhelped him undress before giving his sweaty asshole a good licking whilehe made a quick phone call. As he bathed I prepared his clothes for theevening. Once he had bathed TK lay next to my wife on the bed made me takeanother Viagra to keep me humiliatingly hard and horny before ordering meto lick his asshole while he told us what was to happen. The female slaves all had numbered collars and this was to allow the on tableentertainment. Two numbers would be drawn from a hat in turn and the twofemales then had to perform a lesbian sex act on the table. Sissies would bedressed in different coloured dresses and a similar system would be used toselect sissies for humiliation. Sissies would also be serving drinks andthe food to their masters and would be expected to provide any oral reliefunder the table. Once the meal was over the real fun would begin.The time came to go down stairs, TK took hold of my wife’s lead and weboth crawled behind him down the corridor and to the top of the magnificentstair case. We proceeded down the stairs and I could see other blackmasters leading their slaves toward a large double door off the main hall,we followed TK as he entered a lounge bar with many booths set along thewall. He sat down and I was ordered to bring him and my wife a drink fromthe bar. I waited with two other sissies and after being served andreturning knelt under the table and began kissing TK’s cock as he fondledmy wife and they enjoyed their drinks.We were joined by Master James, the owner of the sex shop where I serveas a glory hole slut and his slaves Sandy and her sissy husband Jemima. Jemima was sporting an obscenely large erection like mine and had been fedViagra to increase his humiliation. He was soon knelt next to me kissingJames’ cock while our wives sat together kissing and getting their pussy’sfinger fucked by our nigger masters.The bar filled with other masters and slaves until there were quite anumber of sissies in different coloured dresses and naked white women withtheir collars and numbered discs serving their black masters.Eventually a gong sounded and Mr Mokambu stood up and announced thatdinner was to be served in the grand dining room.Our masters and wives stood by their chairs around a large round tablewith a large turntable in the middle. We sissy’s pulled out their chairsand curtseyed as they sat. The food arrived by elevator at the corner ofthe room by some waitress trolleys, at the other end was a raised platformwith a large throne like chair on red carpet.I selected TK and my wife’s starter and served them before pouring theirwine. I then knelt behind TK’s chair as the other sissies knelt behindtheir masters chairs. Mr Mokambu had two velvet bags by his place and Iguessed these had the numbered and coloured discs in for the entertainmentselection.Once everyone had a starter and full glass, Mr Mokambu stood andproposed a toast to the black masters and ordered the sissies to line up bythe raised platform and lift their dresses to show off their clitty cocks.We lined up and lifted our dresses showing our erections straining inour panties. Mr Mokambu laughed and said to the dinner party “See thesepathetic white sissy’s are so turned on by their servitude, they are atribute to your training. Long may it continue” There was a round ofapplause from the guests before they began to eat. We stood therehumiliated as they ate, until one by one we were called to kneel under thetable and kiss masters cocks.The room was filled with the sound of eating, wives giggling as theywere groped by their masters and sissy moans as we worshipped their hugeblack cocks under the table. Once the first course was finished we werepushed off our masters cocks to clear the table, pour more wine and servethe main course.I returned to kissing my masters cock under the table while he ate hismain course, my poor hard cock was leaking cum into my panties almostconstantly because of the Viagra. My master reached between my wife’s legsand inserted a banana into her cunt and moved my head in order for me to eat itfrom her pussy, “Can’t have my sissy go hungry” he said to me. Her pussywas so wet with cum it made the banana hard to bite so I had to suck on itas if it was a little white cock. I licked my wife’s pussy clean once Ihad finished my meal and returned to kissing my masters cock.Once the main course was cleared, the guests settled down with largebowls of fruit and Mr Mokambu announced it was time to start theentertainment. He drew to discs from the velvet bag and the wives’ withthe corresponding discs had to crawl to the large disc in the centre of thetable and perform various lesbian sex acts.Pussy and ass licking where the main orders from Mr Mokambu and thewives’ set about their lesbian duties, other masters threw bananas or pearsonto the disc and the women fed them to each other from their pussies. Thesissy husbands of the two performers had to stand, kissing and watchingwith dresses raised rubbing each others cocks in their panties.My wife was paired up with Mr Mokambu’s slave and they started in a 69inserting bananas into each other’s pussies and sucking them out. I was rubbing hersissy husbands cock while he rubbed mine; we were both so hard and hornywatching our wives put on entertainment for the party.When Mr Mokambu tired of the lesbian show and our wives had tongued eachothers pussy’s and asses, he clapped his hands and ordered us sissies toline up. 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The sissy had to kiss Mr Mokambu’s’ cock and then withdraw tokneel by his wife and master.Then the fucking began, wives were bent over the table or chairs and ourmasters took their pleasure with our wives pussies and assholes, the room wasfull of grunts and moans from wives, some like mine were getting cock fromboth ends or one in the pussy and one in the ass as our masters teamed upto increase their pleasure and our humiliation. Sissies were lickingmasters assholes, cum filled wives were being cleaned and sissies wereopenly masturbating while they performed their humiliating tasks. I wastonguing master TK’s black asshole as he fucked my wife, before having my facepushed into her sloppy jism filled pussy while he took her anally, my nose firmlypushed against her dripping pussy I licked the black shaft as it slid inand out of my wife’s asshole.Master TK eventually turned his attention to me and I was put on allfours over my wife and he entered my boycunt, roughly fucking me hard and fastcausing me to spray my cum all over my wife’s pussy. I then had tolick my own cum off my wife while TK’s cum dribbled out of my freshly fuckedasshole.The Viagra however kept my poor cock hard and swollen and as I licked mywife’s belly and pussy mound clean of my own cum I felt another cock nudgeat my gaping asscunt. Two large hands gripped my hips and I turned to see MrMokambu grinning behind me as he pushed his enormous cock into my poor abusedsissy hole. I felt every inch of his huge black cock filling me as I hadseen it fill my wife earlier that day. I pushed back on him trying tocontrol its progress but as it hit my prostate I came again moaning andtrembling with the ecstasy of the climax. Mr Mokambu’s sissy and his slavewife took over licking my cum out of my wife who had just received my freshload as he thrust into me. He kept up a relentless pace and soon my poorcock was twitching and dripping with every thrust as my body shook from theintense pleasurable punishment my prostate was taking.”I like your slaves very much” I heard him say to Master TK, “I wouldvery much like to own them for myself!” “Lend them to me for tonight, myfriend” Mr Mokambu continued, “I would like to see your sissy performingwith mine while I take his wife” “Use them as you wish tonight” repliedMaster TK “We can discuss things further tomorrow” The meal over masters’wives and sissy husbands were drifting toward the bar or bedrooms andMaster TK left with Master James, Sandy and Jemima. TK said to us as heleft “Serve my friend well slaves, I will hear of it if you don’t!” MrMokambu withdrew his cock from me and rubbed it across my face. “Up to mychambers all of you and clean up, be ready for me in two hours!” He orderedand left.Mr. Mokambu’s white sissy and his wife led us to his chambers. They were theset in the west wing of the country house. They introduced themselves asChloe and her sissy husband Bunty. Bunty and I popped back to get mythings from TK’s room so we could clean ourselves up properly. TK was notabout so I grabbed what I needed and put it in a case to take back. As Ilent over the case Bunty got behind me and started rubbing his cock againstmy bottom. I stood and turned round, we started kissing feverishly andgrinding against each other. “Follow me” said Bunty and I grabbed the caseand followed him down the landing to a door. He opened it and we steppedinto a linen store. “Oooh, you’re such a cute pussyboy, let me fuck you,” he whispered excitedly I whipped my panties off and lay back on a table opening my legs wide, giving him access to my fuckhole. Bunty had his panties round his knees and dress lifted revealing his throbbing smooth white cock. He tenderly pushed it into me; it felt red hot as itslipped in easily after his master’s monstrous phallus. Bunty thrustquickly, whimpering away, kissing me, our tongues exploring each othersmouths, his soft hands caressing my still swollen cock. His thrusts becamejerky and he started to pant. “OOOOOH I’m cumming” he squealed as hebucked and jerked shooting his sissy cum into me. He slipped out, stillhard and winked, “Fuck me please! I need a cock in my cunt too!” he implored. I lay back, wiggling my still hard cock at him saying,”Hop on Bunty” I smiled, I wanted to fuck him as much as he had me. He straddled me and helped my hard horny cock find his opening. “Mmmm!” he groaned as he slipped down on my cock. It felt so good as he slid up anddown, two naughty sissies fucking without permission. Bunty reached roundand began rubbing my balls and the rim of my freshly fucked hole. I wasbucking and thrusting like an eager teenager as Bunty rode my cock. I cameas he slipped a finger into my boycunt. “Quick” I panted “69, lets clean ourcum from each other” Bunty giggled and turned so he could lick me whilelowering his still puckering boihole to my eager mouth. We sucked and lickedeach others smooth puckered fuckholes clean and straightened our dresses. Wegot back to Mr. Mokambu’s rooms without further distraction other thancurtseying to several Black masters we met along the way. We both needed ashower, a clean dress and fresh make up. Our wives were inthe bath and from the look on their faces when we walked in naked hand inhand and slid into the enormous tub they had been getting acquainted too.Bunty and I soaped each others hairless bodies and prepared our enema bagsto clean out our insides. I cleaned out my wife’s asshole too as Buntysquirted warm water into Chloe’s rectum. We fixed our make up and I gavemy wife’s pussy lips a hint of lipstick to make them stand out even more, but I couldn’t resist giving her a licking too. Chloe was keptshaven too, like us sissies. Our wives stayed naked except for slipping on their high heels and stockings. Bunty and I dressed as sissy cheerleaders without panties. Once we were all dressed and ready we could relax and wait for our new master to return. Bunty and Chloe showed us thecollection of toys Mr. Mokambu used on them, there were strap on dildos,all very large and black, several face dildos that enabled the wearer tolick and fuck, cuffs and restraints, leg spreaders, paddles and whips of all kinds and an assortment of clamps that could be used on cocks, tits and pussies. Chloe toldus Mr Mokambu is very strict; he loves to make his white slaves feeltotally controlled and humiliated. He also likes to watch them perform oneach other, as well as solo while he uses one or the other. “He also likes to punish us for any minor mistake, basically because he likes to torture his white sex slaves as much as he can.””I’m sure he will have plenty planned for us tonight!” she added. We talked about howwe all ended up serving at the beck and call of these black men, Chloe andBunty had worked for Mr Mokambu and been set up when he threatened to makethem redundant. “He made Bunty beg for our jobs” said Chloe, “Bunty had topromise to do degrading things for clients while I satisfied Mr Mokambu’slusts, we progressed from there, but love our new roles now. It’s so exciting to be sex slaves for our nigger master.”Mr Mokambu arrived pulling a trolley with boxes on it. We all knelt by the bed whenhe entered the room waiting for our next order. “first things first” saidMr Mokambu “There are four laptops in the boxes on top of the trolley, Iwant you to get one and log onto the website on screen, your user andpassword are on a note on the keyboard” We did as we were told; the website was a face book style site for white sexual submissives. “Right, I want youto put a profile on there, do not upload it until I have read it and agreedits accuracy” said Mr Mokambu after we had got ourselves set up. We typedin profiles describing ourselves and our submissive activities and how wewere only happy as the sex slaves of black men and women. Mr Mokambu read eachone and it was saved after his agreement. Then we posed for photographs.We all took the most degrading and sexually graphic photographs he made us think of, making sure to get close ups of us spreading open our fuck holes while begging to be fucked with nigger cocks and then we each photographed ourselves with Mr Mokambu’s cock in our mouths and asscunt and pussies for Chloe and my wife. We were then photographed together, the wives in various lesbian embraces and positions and Bunty and I in degrading sissy love positions. MrMokambu also had us capture still shots from the films we had made to gowith our photos. These were then loaded onto the website to go with ourprofiles. “Good” said Mr Mokambu “now the world will know what sissy slut cunts you are and how shameless and submissive you are” He laughed and left us sitting in front of thecomputers while he undressed and pulled on a red velvet robe and fixedhimself a drink. “Now” Mr Mokambu ordered our wives “put on these strap ondildos! You are to fuck your pathetic husbands!” He sat there smiling asBunty and I fastened the harness buckles for our wives. The huge blackdildos sticking out from their crotches, bouncing as they moved. “Kneeland suck them sissies!” Mr Mokambu ordered “show proper respect to yourwives black cocks” he laughed as we started sucking on the plastic cocks,heads bobbing back and forth as though they were real men’s cocks. “Now onthe bed on all fours sissies with your asses up in the air, ready for your new mistresses cocks,” he said. My wife positioned herself behind me as I offered her my smooth white asscunt.I felt her fingers move aside my ass lips, pull open my fuck hole and insert the headof the dildo as she pushed it against my asshole, it slipped in quite easilyand she began to rhythmically hump me, the other end of the dildo waspushing into her pussy and stimulating her clitoris at the same time. Itmust have been quite a site as the two naked women in high heels fucked apair of sissy cheerleaders. “Cheerleaders should chant!” ordered Mrmokambu. Bunty and I began chanting, “Fuck me mistress, Fuck me Hard, Fuckme with your big black cock” over and over again. Bunty was one one sideof the bed, I was facing him, I could see Chloe’s tits jiggling as sheplunged the dildo in and out of her husbands ass. My cock was so hardbecause of the Viagra and the black plastic phallus that filled my sissyhole, it was dripping onto the bed. Bunty and I started to kiss betweenchants as our wives hammered us from the rear. Mr Mokambu clapped hishands and our wives stopped their punishing pace and the plastic cocks werewithdrawn. “Now” he said “you will chant for your wives as they serve thecompany basket ball team” Our wives got onto the bed on all fours withtheir pussies facing up and out as Mr Mokambu opened the door and in came a gangof tall athletic nigger bulls with huge erect cocks swinging as they walked inand lined up behind our wives. Bunty and I stood on the other side of thebed and began to dance shaking our cheerleader tassles in the air chanting”White pussy for black cock” and “1, 2, 3, 4 what do white sluts adore – BLACKCOCK” — “Fuck our slut wives, fuck them hard!” Our rock hard clitty cocks bounced and danced around as our skirts flipped up showing off our outrageous performances. As the grinning group began to fuck our wives in which ever hole took their fancy. Mr Mokambu stood there watching with a broad grin on his face as his studs gangbanged our slut wives. As each guy finished we had to scurry round to clean off their cocks and lick our wifes fuckholes clean and fresh for the next man. We had to thank the guy who had just shot his load into our wives and return to prancing up and down chanting. With our hard cocks straining as wedanced and jigged about chanting and cheering our black tormenters on tofuck our wives harder and faster. After each lad had fucked our wives atleast twice, they left. Mr Mokambu ordered us to lick our wives clean holesbefore they joined him in bed while Bunty and I were collared with ourleads tied to the bed posts so we had to lie at the foot of Mr Mokambusbed.The next morning all four of us knelt beside a table as Mr Mokambubought us from TK. We have sold our house and invested the money to payfor our retirement, but for now we both belong to Mr Mokambu. My wifeworks with Chloe as Mr Mokambu’s personal fuck toy, while Bunty and I have become thecompany sissies. Mr Mokambu runs his business from the country house wherewe now live and one room is set aside for tension relief and this is whereyou will find Bunty and I on our hands and knees, relieving the tensions of hisall black workforce.End