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Blackmailing Beauty

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A in the closet lesbian teacher catches a student cheat and decides to blackmail her.

Note 1: Thanks as always to Steve and Estragon for their editing help.

Note 2: To Steffi who inspired this story.

Note 3: Unlike my most recent stories and some of my upcoming stories, this is a very short piece. I hope you enjoy.


As soon as I got the job teaching in Hill River, my whole lifestyle had to change. I knew I was a lesbian since I was 16 and had my first girl-girl sexual encounter when I was 18. During college I had many lesbian sexual encounters, dressed very provocatively and partied extremely hard. But when I got my first teaching job in the very conservative town of Hill Valley, I knew I had to hide my sexuality.

I did a pretty good job of it too, at least for five months…but then came Steffi. Steffi was a grade 12 student, already 18, who was the prettiest, sexiest girl I had ever seen. She oozed sexuality and she knew it. She had the blondest of blonde hair and the bluest of blue eyes. Boys drooled over her and girls wanted to be her; and I spent every night alone, in my small apartment, fantasizing about tasting her pussy and having her please me. Of course, there was no reason to think she was a lesbian, as she was often seen flirting with the popular boys who fought for her attention. Many rumours about her filled the hungry minds of the gossip mill, including that she blew guys on the first date, that she had been gangbanged by a few guys during a ski trip, and that she and her best friend Jenny regularly munched from each other’s pussies.

I should note that Steffi was also a member of the gymnastics team. Just the thought of how flexible she must have been made my pussy tingle with excitement. I had seen her perform during a recent competition. I remembered how I could barely refrain from touching my pussy as I watched her perfectly toned body move and contort herself in ways that had me thinking dirty, nasty, dreamy thoughts.

Now even though she was the main figure of every fantasy I pleasured myself to, I in no way had any intention of making my fantasies a reality. But then an opportunity too good to be true occurred. And I took it.

Although Steffi was a very good math student, she was not an overly strong English student. So I was only slightly surprised when I caught her looking at her phone while she was writing her Animal Farm test. She seemed so sweet that I never would have considered her someone who would cheat, but there she was, clearly looking back and forth from the test to her phone. I didn’t confront her with it at the time, just allowing her to finish her test. My plan was already formulating in my nasty mind. When the bell rang, I asked Steffi to stay behind. She sat back down and waited nervously.

After the room cleared, I asked, “Please give me your phone, Steffi.”

“Pardon?” the beautiful 18-year old asked.

“Please give me your phone,” I repeated.

“W-w-why?” she stuttered, nervously.

“I think you know,” I responded.

Instantly she began crying, something I am sure has worked for her in the past. But I simply scoffed, “Steffi, I know the crying game, I have played it myself on many occasions.” I paused before demanding in my teacher voice, “Now, Steffi! Give me the phone.”

Tears still fell down her face as she reluctantly handed me her phone. She blubbered, “I am so sorry. I just…”

I surprised her when I told her, “Shut up. Meet me in the drama lab after school, young lady! We will discuss this further there.”

“Yes, Miss White,” she said through tears as she stood up and walked out.

I flipped through the phone and saw that Jenny, her best friend, had indeed been texting her answers after Steffi had sent her the questions. I pondered what I should do, when a sudden dirty thought flashed into my head. As soon as it was in my head, it would not go away.

What if?….My lust was formulating my plan almost too fast to comprehend now.

I taught one more class, rather distractedly I must say. Then I went to the drama lab where I taught my last class of the day. The class dragged by as I tried not to contemplate the upcoming opportunity that awaited me after the bell rang. My mind boggled with my nasty thoughts while the clock didn’t seem to be moving at all. Mercifully, the period finally ended. I continued my nasty reverie as my students dispersed and headed to their after-school lives.

I didn’t have to wait long before Steffi walked in nervously. I went to the door and closed it. It was Friday and on Friday this placed cleared quicker than kids at a party when the cops show up. I returned to the front and mused, “Now, Steffi, what are we to do with you?”

She immediately began Kurtköy Escort crying again before finally pleading, “I am so sorry, Miss White, it was so stupid of me. Please don’t tell my parents.”

“Hmmm,” I said, as I contemplated her misery. “Well, Steffi, what do you think might be a suitable punishment for cheating?

“Anything,” she said desperately, “I will do anything.”

“Be careful how you word things, my dear,” I said, with a slight flirt in my tone.

Not catching on, she said, “No really, Miss White, I will do anything.”

I smiled, “Well I would be willing to ignore this little indiscretion if….”

Instantly her face changed to one of hope, “Yes, Miss White?”

“If you promise to obey my every command,” I stated casually as I circled her.

She gave me a confused look, and then said tentatively, “OK?”

“No, I don’t think you understand; you must do exactly what I ask,” I explained, stressing the word exactly.

“O-o-o-k,” she nervously said, unsure of what I was implying.

I waited dramatically, before I finally casually asked, “Did you know I am a lesbian, Steffi?”

Again a confused and seemingly shocked look crossed the beautiful teen’s face. I could see her try to process this new information and perhaps the intent behind my telling her it. Finally, she shakily responded, “No, Miss White. I had no idea.”

“Have you ever been with a girl?” I asked, flirtatiously. I now had my face close to hers.

She blushed as she whispered, “Yes.”

“With whom?” I asked curiously.

“I’d rather not say,” she replied, somewhat embarrassed and yet with an ever so defiant tone as well.

With that, I went quickly back on the offensive, “If you don’t want this text sent to your parents and Principal Anderson, then you will answer every question I ask you, understood?” I huffed.

There was a brief pause before she answered quietly, “Yes, I understand.”

“Good,” I said, “now who did you dyke out with?”

Steffi jumped at my sudden outburst, but then compliantly whispered, “Jenny.”

“I see,” I said. “That makes sense since you two are always together, not to mention she is also the one who gave you the answers to the test.” She flinched again when I added, “So have you two been munching on each other’s cunts for a while?” I was purposely pushing the boundaries. I wanted to see if she had more resistance in her.

My vulgar words had my desired effect on my18-year-old student. They had her both stunned and scared, before she let out a soft sigh and admitted, “Only once a couple of weeks ago.”

I relished my next question, “Why don’t you tell me what happened, Steffi?”

The beautiful blonde took a moment to collect herself. I enthusiastically listened as she told me about her one and only lesbian experience, “We were at a house party with a bunch of friends and I had drunk a lot. Jenny and I ended up in a bedroom somewhere in the house and started touching each other and getting really close. We started kissing and it all happened in a blur. We were both really drunk and so rather carefree and adventurous. We took off each other’s clothes and then she went down on me. I was really drunk, I mean really drunk, but I remember having the best orgasm I’ve ever had before. She was way better than any guy who had ever tried to eat me out. I think I ate her out too, but I really don’t remember.”

“Well don’t worry, you will remember eating pussy before you leave here today,” I guaranteed her.

She gave me a bewildered look, but said nothing, her face turning a shade redder. I continued the questioning, “So have you been with many boys?”

“A few,” the perfect pin-up answered.

“How many is a few?” I queried.

“Depends,” she responded.

“On what?”

“On how you define sex,” she answered casually.

“How many have you fucked?” I asked, bluntly.


“How many have you sucked?”

“A couple of dozen.”

“Wow, so you are a slut!”

She looked up at me and for the first time showed the confidence she showed in class and on the gymnastics gym as she said, “That is not that much. Blow jobs are as common as being felt up. I know girls who have sucked over a hundred guys.”

“I guess I am getting old,” I said, “When I was in high school a hand job was still the norm.” I paused for a bit before saying, “Undress for me.”

She looked at me, now seemingly more comfortable, as she stood up and took off her jeans and t-shirt.

“You are very beautiful,” I complimented her as she stood before me in a bra and panties.

She smiled, clearly used to such compliments, as she replied, “Thank you, Miss White.”

“So what is the sluttiest Kurtköy Escort Bayan thing you have ever done?”

She seemed to be really thinking about this before speaking. Finally, she said, not really looking at me eye to eye, “I was at a party at a friend’s house in Malibu last month and I obviously drank a lot and was having a really good time. I met this guy who was soooo hot, I can’t even remember his name, but I do remember his perfect tan, his blonde hair and his amazing abs. We were talking for a little and then we went up to a bedroom and starting kissing. He took my shirt and bra off and licked and kissed my tits. Then I got on my knees, unbuckled his pants and started blowing him. It took about 15 minutes and then I swallowed his cum.”

“Then what?”

“Then nothing. I never saw him again,” she said, casually, like sucking a cock and never seeing him again was an everyday thing.

“I see,” I considered, “Now turn around, and let me really look at you.”

She obeyed rather easily and I began to wonder if she may be submissive. I spent a long time just admiring her perfect ass. I couldn’t wait to play.

“Take off your bra and panties,” I demanded.

Without looking back, she slowly undid her bra and let it fall to the ground. She then pulled down her silk panties and tossed them rather seductively over her shoulder. They landed just a few a feet away from me. I walked over to them and picked them up. I put them to my face and smelled her scent. As expected, it had a distinct sweet aroma. Not as expected, her panties were extremely wet.

I just stared at her. I looked at her perfect ass. I lingered over her sexy long legs. I envied her long blonde hair. She sat there obediently as I admired this perfect teen. I barely remembered being 18, being so young, so ripe. My own pussy began to get damp.

It was time to make my final play. I asked,

“Are you ready to submit to me?”

She turned around and said, her facial expression giving nothing away, “Do I have a choice?”

“Everyone has choices,” I coyly said.

She looked back and said, “Do I?”

I smiled, not wanting to force her to please me, and said, “Of course you do. You can get dressed and leave now. But you don’t want to, do you?”

She looked at me with a brief look of trepidation, before answering, “No, I don’t.”

“Don’t what,” I asked for clarification.

“I don’t want to leave,” she shyly whispered.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

“Whatever you ask me to,” she said, subserviently.

“Good girl,” I cooed. “Come and undress me.”

She walked over to me tentatively. As she reached me, she gave me a nervous smile. You could tell she was excited, but still a little insecure. It was so fucking adorable. She fumbled with the buttons on my blouse, but eventually had my shirt undone. She paused as she looked at my small but still firm breasts. She then awkwardly took my blouse off. She fumbled like a horny boy as she unclasped my lace bra. Once unclasped, my bra fell to the floor. She nervously looked at me, hesitant to continue, and slightly mesmerized by my erect nipples. She then went behind my back and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to the floor, revealing my black garters, stockings and thong.

She gasped when she saw my naughty and sexy lingerie, the black garters, stockings and tight thong. She seemed to be longing for to own such nice, sexy belongings.

I was definitely flattered at her look of longing as I turned around sexily and explained, “A girl should always be ready to play, my dear.”

“I see,” she whispered. I leaned over and kissed her, my tongue sliding between her sweet red lips. She responded, any earlier resistance long gone.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I broke it off and demanded, “On your knees, my sweetness.”

She looked into my eyes and instantly obeyed again.

I opened my legs and commanded, “Now earn yourself an A.” She stared at my pussy briefly before leaning forward. As soon as her tongue touched my pussy, a quiver went up my back. I quickly realized how much I had missed this feeling. She licked tentatively at first, clearly unsure of what she was doing. She had no focus as she licked my pussy lips and clit randomly. I have to admit my focus became a touch blurred as well, not caring where she licked, but instructing her to do it faster. She immediately got more aggressive in her assault of my cunt.

Her licking began to concentrate on my clit and her hands squeezed my ass. The orgasm began to simmer inside me. I moaned louder and demanded she slide a finger in me. Her one hand left my ass and without her mouth leaving my clit, she slid a finger into my gaping Escort Kadıköy cunt. Her finger pumped in and out of my cunt and was the final push needed to bring me to an explosive orgasm. Steffi kept licking, retrieving my juices as best she could as they sprayed out of my pussy.

Once my orgasm subsided, I said, “That was pretty good, Steffi. You will make a good little pussy pleaser, won’t you?”

She looked up, her face gleaming in my juices. She hesitated, before answering submissively, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Are you horny?” I asked.

“Yes,” she whispered, somewhat shyly.

“Sit down and spread your legs for me,” I commanded.

She obeyed and spread her sexy legs apart and presented me with a beautiful, ripe shaved pussy. I asked her to touch herself for me and she eagerly obeyed, her eyes never making eye contact with my own. As she began to rub herself, she let out soft moans and the first remnants of her excitement began to sneak out of her pussy. I watched her for awhile, until I was no longer able to resist.

Then I lowered myself to the floor and crawled between the teen goddess’ legs. My sudden presence there startled her briefly, but there was no resistance as I replaced her finger with my tongue. A moan of pleasure escaped her lips the moment my tongue made contact with her hard clit. I took it into my mouth and concentrated on putting firm pressure on her clit. Her moans began to become more consistent and with more enthusiasm as I continued my concentration on her clit. It took only a couple of minutes before I could tell, with the increased volume of her moans and the tightening of her legs, that she was close to her own orgasm. Then I surprised her by sliding a finger in her ass. She let out a brief yelp, but did not protest or complain as I began to finger-fuck her ass.

The dual pleasure was more than my gorgeous student could handle. She screamed “I’m cumming, don’t stop, Ms. White, please don’t stop.”

I frantically continued finger-fucking her ass and then pushed my whole mouth onto her clit and pussy lips. She immediately convulsed as her juices exploded out of her cunt. Her body continued to twitch as the orgasm spread throughout her whole body. Her orgasm lingered for a really long time as aftershock upon aftershock rocked through her body.

My finger was still buried deep in her ass as I looked up at her, my face now shiny with cunt juice, “So my new toy. How was that?”

She looked directly into my eyes, a twinkle in hers, as she answered, still attempting to regain her breath, “Oh my God, Miss Smith, I have never come like that before.”

I smiled back and explained, “You understand, my dear, this wasn’t a one time thing.”

She smiled back and sincerely replied, “Oh, my God, I sure hope not.”

“And what about Jenny?” I asked, still reluctant to take my finger out of her ass.

She smiled, her deviously powerful self back, “Oh, Jenny will do anything I tell her to.”

“Well,” I pondered, “How should we set that up?”

I could see Steffi think this through before an idea popped into her head. “What are you doing now, Miss White?”

I responded literally, “I am lying on the ground with a finger in my student’s ass.”

She laughed and said, “Fine. Be all English proper on me. What are you doing tonight, I mean? Are you free?”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked, as I leaned in and licked her still very wet pussy.

She moaned quietly and stuttered, now distracted, “Well, y-y-you could come to my place tonight.”

I quit licking her delicious pussy and asked, “Where are your parents?”

“Bali” she moaned, “Till next Tuesday.”

“I see,” I said, adding reflectively, “so I could have you all weekend?”

“Yes,” my stunning blonde student confirmed.

I returned to her pussy and began to get her fever back up as she explained her plan. The plan consisted of her inviting Jenny over tonight and telling her about getting caught for cheating. She would leave out all the details of what we had already done and tell Jenny that I was going to be over at 7 p.m. to discuss it with them.

After bringing my sexy slave to a second orgasm, I stood up and began to get dressed. I agreed, “That is a great plan, my little slave. I will go home and grab some toys for tonight.”

As she slowly got dressed, she inquired what kind of toys. I told her I had a bundle of surprises for her. When we were both dressed, she gave me her address and we had one last tender kiss.

As I drove home, I stopped at an adult store for a couple of new toys for the weekend. I bought a double ended dildo I hoped to use to watch the two girls fuck each other, a butt plug to use as discipline, and a nice large strap-on cock.

At home, I had a bath, got dressed in a sexy but powerful outfit and packed for an overnight excursion.

At 6:30, I got in my car, my panties already damp, and headed to Steffi’s mansion. It was going to be a great night.


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