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Body Corporate Chapter 12

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Body Corporate Chapter 122581 – 1.29Chapter 12Day of FunAs Cindi lay naked, tied to the picnic table she at least had some comfort, she wasn’t hanging from a tree. She had boards to lie on and a warm sun beating down onto her very sore body.It lasted for some time as the men extended their breakfast into lunch allowing Cindi some time to regain her energy. If they were going to play with her again today she would need it. Cindi enjoyed a lengthy rest before her master came to retrieve her. She was lead down to the beach, as it was the men’s playtime. All the men with the exception of Cindi’s hero were waiting on the dock. At the beach she could see what looked like a floating St Andrews cross by the shore with balloons tied along the edges. She was told to lie on the cross while the men tied her down. Her master then placed a cunt spreader in her vagina opening it as wide as she could stand. Her cunt was wide open to the water and her body completely surrounded by balloons and unable to move. Her legs were then tied to the back of the fishing boat with her cunt facing forward. The boat slowly moved off pulling Cindi behind it. She became very scared as she hated the water and couldn’t really swim. As she thought about it, if this cross-turned over she would drown, as there was no way she could get free. She would have to depend on her master who was some distance away driving the boat. She had learned over the days that he only cared for her body not the person; she was only a thing to him and in the last couple of days a toy. As the boat picked up speed Cindi could feel water rushing into her cunt, a feeling she was starting to enjoy even though concerned about how it was happening. What were they going to do to her this time? She had suffered enough, she needed a rest, not more torture. Today would not be a day of rest. They had the day planned for their toy bitch. Picking up speed Cindi’s cunt was reacting to the rushing water. It was opening involuntarily, releasing some of the pressure from the spreader. Water was going in as far as it could go and then trying to get out, a strange feeling for Cindi. She was almost submerged as the boat moved even faster causing the cross to go under. Water was flowing over her stomach, chest and across her face making it hard to breath. She was beginning to panic, struggling to breath. Finally the boat stopped and Cindi popped to the surface. Her master then manuovered the boat over to her and put a protective mask over her face, but why was the question. The question was answered quickly as she heard him explained the game to the men.Cindi was surrounded by the targets, which were the balloons. The object of the game was to use a casting rod to break them. On the end of the lines was a lead weight that the men would cast at the balloons to try and break thus earning points to win Cindi at the end of the week.Cindi was pushed free to float away from the boat. She felt it couldn’t be to bad as the lead weights couldn’t be that big if they were going to cast them. She floated away with only a little concern. The water was warm and the sun hot so it wasn’t all that unpleasant but that was going to change. As the men started the game she could hear the splash of the weights hitting the water all around her but no direct Ankara bayan escort hits so far. All these men were fishermen so she knew that would change shortly. They would eventually hit her. They did, landing on her breast giving Cindi instant pain. The weights had tiny needles in them to break the balloons only this time they sunk into her nipple. There had to be several on each weight with the amount of pain it inflicted. Although she couldn’t see she had to be bleeding. The men cheered, someone had come close and first blood was drawn. Now Cindi feared every cast. They were getting better, she was being hit continually. Some of the balloons were broken but even then the needles went into her skin making Cindi cry out in pain. The casting was coming fast and furious causing Cindi to cry out more and more. There was no one else on the lake so the master had no concerns about anyone hearing her. They were enjoying her reaction to all their hits. Her tits and the rest of her front was bruised and covered in blood. The blood was being washed off by the small waves on the lake but it didn’t relieve the pain. As time went by Cindi had blood all over her. She was floating in a pool of red water. The men wouldn’t let up until there was a winner. The game went on all afternoon. She heard the men and could tell they were drinking as they became louder and louder as the day went on. They were really enjoying that Canadian beer. Finally the balloons were all broken and Cindi along with it, she was crying in pain and despair. The casting stopped and the men came alongside to look at their target. She was still bleeding from some of her wounds with blood draining into the lake. The master at this point removed Cindi’s mask and let her see for the first time in several hours. The sun blinded her for a second but she was finally able to look up at the men on the side of the boat. One of the men proposed that they relief themselves of all the beer before they go into shore. They then all pulled out their cocks and pissed all over Cindi causing her wounds to sting she screamed at the men to stop but she was ignored. She was now covered in piss mixing with her blood. Cindi hoped that was it but she was not finished yet. Her master had another duty for her, feed the seagulls. He first filled Cindi’s mouth with a ball gag and locked it into position. After that he dunked her under the water a couple of times to clean the blood and piss off her. He then covered her naked body with bread and filled her cunt as well. She was then cut loose to float around the lake until her master felt it was time for her to come in. Cindi was then at the mercy of the wind, water and birds. As the boat left Cindi could feel panic boiling up in her, if she sank there was no one that could help and with the wind picking up she may need it. She was only grateful the game had ended. The pain was subsiding and she started to relax after she convinced herself she was going to be all right by herself. Her relaxation ended as the first seagull caught sight of the bread. It came at her quickly grabbing some bread and taking off. It almost took her nipple with it. She tried to scream but nothing came out. Another bird flew in and picked at the bread and Escort bayan Ankara her skin. Again there was more pain although not nearly as intense. The birds then came at her three four at a time standing on her fighting over the food. Cindi’s skin was starting to suffer badly from all the activity. Not only were their beaks hurting her, their claws were also causing her to cry as they dung into her chest and stomach. She was unable to shake them off. Slowly the birds ate all the bread but left the their familiar droppings all over her. She felt so dirty and could do nothing about it as she was almost sealed to the cross.She finally relaxed and let her mind drift, watching the clouds as they floated by. When she finally took note of what was happening she was a long way from shore and the camp. The wind was from off shore pushing her further away. The waves were now starting to break over her washing the bird droppings off but again she started to panic. She was helpless and could only wait for her master to come and get her. She could only pray they didn’t leave her out all night. Could it be worst then hanging from a tree?Just as she resigned herself to the fact that she was there for the night she heard a plane overhead and watched it as it landed on the lake. It was obviously the corporate plane to pick up her short-lived friend. She must have been a site for the pilot as he flew over. A beautifully naked out stretched women floating on an emerald green lake. The plane was not there long as it took off very shortly after landing. She rocked in its wake as it sped past her on take off for one last look by the occupants no doubt. Soon after the plane left she heard a boat coming down the lake towards her. As it approached she could see that it was her master. He came alongside, without saying a word, he attached her out stretched legs to the boat and started back to the lodge filling Cindi’s cunt with water in the process. Again she found it hard to breath as the water ran over her body and head. She was only thankful she wasn’t going to be on the lake all night. As they came to the shore the men came out into the water and lifted her, still attached to the cross. They put her on their shoulders and carried her to the camp. The master wanted her inside so she was turned on her side and put through the door. This was the first time she entered the lodge, since her arrival. It was a typical man oriented fishing camp. There were trophies on the walls from past hunting and fishing trips, a fireplace, bearskin rug, comfortable couches, chairs and a large table in the middle, full of beer bottles. On one side of the room there were stairs leading up to the second floor to the landing and bedrooms.Instead of freeing her, the master told the men to stick her on the peg on the wall. When the men stepped back the master came over and spun the cross. She remembered the night at the master’s home where one of the girls was hung in the same manner. Her master removed the ball gag, which Cindi had been drooling through. He asked if she was hungry and wanted something to eat. She never got to answer before he turned and addressed the men, “time to fill her up boys.” Cindi was turned on her head as the men sat down with Bayan escort Ankara the exception of one who came over to her. All she could see was his crotch. He lowered his zipper and took out his very excited member. He stated here is your first course and put his cock into her mouth. If you are hungry he stated I suggest you swallow every drop of my juice. Cindi loved sucking cock, which she had been deprived of for so many years, as a C.E.O. She had often dreamt of having the men who worked for her come into her office, come around her desk, drop their pants and stick there tool into her mouth. She would then drain them of every ounce of cum they had without spilling a drop and then sending them back out to work. This was part of her duty as the boss to keep the men working, instead of eyeing all the girls. Their sexual urges would be completely satisfied. It never happened but she enjoyed the dream. Here the cocks were real and she was enjoying it. The guy went slow and didn’t jam it down her throat. She licked and sucked and savoured his piece of meat. It was large and bumpy and felt very comfortable in her opening. He slid it in and out building up speed as he became harder and harder. He then stopped for a minute and poured a part bottle of Canadian beer into Cindi’s cunt. He loved this Canadian stuff and it was going to taste even better coming out of this bitch’s cunt. She felt it go in, it had obviously been on ice. There was no straw so he just put his face into her cunt and sucked out as much as he could before he started pumping his cock again. Cindi didn’t mind this although it was cold as she was getting internally hot. He didn’t get it all she could still feel the cold liquid in her cavern. Cindi could hear the men egging John on, as they called him, he pumped faster and faster finally letting it go. Cindi devoured almost everything and what she missed John picked up and put in her mouth. She then cleaned his cock and fingers with her mouth and tongue before he step back and let the next guy in. She eventually realized that this also was part of the week’s competition. The guy that could go off the most in the two hours won the most points. For two hours Cindi was fed cum of all amounts and taste. She couldn’t get enough even the continuous beer in her cunt wasn’t a problem. Near the end of the fucking, her face was getting sore from the men’s balls slamming her as the men found it harder to get off taking more time and energy. Her jaw was about to fall off as well. It had been working hard for about two hours. In the end Cindi wasn’t hungry anymore as she had taken in at least fifteen loads of cum. Although they all played with her cunt during the game she was not allowed to get, off putting her into a sexual frenzy. She was begging to have a climax. They didn’t listen.Eventually the men were all spent. They became tired and slowly one by one went up the stairs to bed, after giving Cindi one last kiss and a clit tease. The master turned Cindi over draining her cunt of any remaining beer and also went to bed. The lights were turned off, with only the fireplace providing any light. Now Cindi started to feel the pains in her arms and legs as she had been in this position all day. The front of her body was also painful as now she felt the burn from the all day sun. She would once again hang all night in pain and sexual frustration. What could they possibly do to her, tomorrow, she was in no rush to find out. At least tonight she was inside and warm. She would get an all night sleep this time. She would face tomorrow when it came, now she needed sleep.