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Body Politic – 6

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Libby Manning didn’t leave me waiting long. I was bent over the sofa, my evening dress up around my waist. I felt the tip of her dildo pressing against my lips gently, her hands on my arse. She stroked my backside and ran her hands over me, up my flanks under the dress and held my hips as she entered me.Slowly, she pushed into me, restraining me from pushing back onto her and millimeter by millimeter I could feel her deeper and deeper. When her hips were touching me she stopped and remained there, stroking my back under the dress then she bent over me and I felt her naked breasts against me and her hands coming under me to cup my breasts through the fabric.“You are so good, Sam, so lovely.”So, I thought, tonight she is the lover not the alpha female and I wiggled my arse a little to let her know how much I loved it. She was tender as she began slowly to rock her hips. Her hands moved from under me and I felt her pushing the straps of my dress down my shoulders until my breasts were uncovered and her hands came back to them, cupping them and rolling my nipples gently between her fingers. She bent further and kissed my neck, biting my flesh softly.It was a surprise when she pulled out of me and lifted me, turned me. My dress fell to the floor and she led me to the front of the sofa where she sat and pulled me so I was straddling her, lowering myself onto the purple strapless dildo she loved so much. As I slipped down onto it, she pulled me to her, my arms around her and we kissed, a soft but hungry kiss.“Ride me, Sam. You know how to make us both cum.”And I did. My hips moved fore and back, side to side, in circles and our tongues danced. Her hands ran over my back, her lips over my neck and suddenly, beautifully, her head feel back on the sofa, eyes closed and she opened her mouth.“Oh fuck but that’s so beautiful.” Her eyes opened. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Her eyes widened. “Don’t, don’t. Fuuuck.”Her orgasm was muted but, I could tell, profound. She did that sometimes, no histrionics just deep, satisfying and almost noiseless. I kept grinding down onto her and as she recovered she whispered words of encouragement, urging me to keep going until I had climaxed too. The combination of the plug in my arse and her dildo brought me there only a few moments after her but mine was louder, wilder. I bellowed as I came and she held me tightly to her, kissing my face.We stayed like that, me kneeling astride her, she sitting under me, her dildo deep inside me and she hugged me, stroking my back and kissing me intermittently.As, Escort Beşevler later, we walked towards the bedroom, she licked my ear. “Go and take that plug out. Libby’s going to replace it.” She stroked the dildo still proud at her crotch.o0oI’d expected the scandal of the noxious, hypocritical Defence Secretary, Perry Cadbury and his adulterous relationship with the lovely Admiral Caroline Booth to be all over the papers the following morning but it wasn’t.I got to my office at number 10 around 7.30 and had picked up a selection of papers along the way as I usually did but there was nothing about Cadbury in any of them.Tony Riley, the Chief of Staff, was in his office so I took him a coffee and sat in one of his leather chairs around a small conference table as he sat across from me.“Thanks for the coffee, Sam.”“You’re welcome. Come on Riley, give. You can’t sit their with that self-satisfied grin on your face and not tell me what’s going on.”He looked over my shoulder and suddenly stood. When I tuned to look to see what was going on, Sylvia Tenant, the Prime Minister was standing in the doorway. I stood too.“You, Tony Riley are a bad, bad man.”“Thank you, Prime Minister.”I looked from one to the other, wondering what the hell was going on.“Your boss, Mr Riley here has something of Machiavelli about him, Sam. Have you told her, Tony?”“I thought she should hear it from you.”She nodded. “At the dinner, last night, Tony advised me of the, er, activities of our Defence Secretary and the bold Admiral Booth. Cadbury is, as you know, one of my most ardent critics. He has openly complained of my liberalism towards, for example, our gay community, to abortion, to immorality generally. He leans farther to the right than Genghis Khan and would happily stab me in the back. He wouldn’t stab me in the front because he hasn’t got the nerve.”She sat and a flunky miraculously arrived with coffee for her. “Thank you, Lindsay. So, to continue, when Tony apprised me of Cadbury’s association with Booth, he also suggested that we might do a little digging before we ensured that no hint of this potential scandal should leak unless and until we were absolutely sure we could drain it for every possible advantage.”“And dig I did.” Tony was loving it. “It didn’t take long either.”With something of a flourish he produced a photograph. It was a good picture, clear and unequivocal. If I’d been thinking clearly I’d have recognised a similarity to the scene in Libby’s sitting room the previous evening, me over the sofa Çankaya escort and Libby behind me. The picture showed a figure, hands on a table and another behind, clearly engaged in congress. That it was Admiral Booth behind Perry Cadbury was something of a surprise. That she was in full dress uniform, including hat but excluding skirt was another. The strapon that was inches away from the seat of our nation’s defence was yet another. Three more photographs were produced with a similar flamboyance, each confirming the other.“I think we can safely say,” said our Prime Minister, “that the Right Honourable Perry Cadbury, Privy Councilor, is fucked, wouldn’t you say, Sam?”I was going to enquire as to the origin of the photos but Riley forestalled me. “Don’t ask, Sam. Suffice to say they are genuine and there are more.”“So what happens now?”“Ah, the right question.” Tenant was clearly loving all this. “And the question Riley here answered for me at about 5 am. We could, of course, leak this to the press and that was our initial plan but as Tony pointed out, they’d never publish the pictures, merely make a fuss about adultery and hypocrisy and shame both parties and probably mention ‘kinky sex.’ I think you’ll agree that that would be a tragic waste?”I was speechless.“I shall instruct Cadbury to attend here later this morning. I shall interview him. You and Moriarty here will be listening and then you will learn Tony’s master plan.”She left. My mind hadn’t really processed all of this and Riley let me stew.Back in my office I rang Libby and told her. “Fucking hell, it gets better and better. Call me when you know what’s happening.”Tony Riley and I sat in a small side room off the PM’s office.“Good morning, Perry, do take a seat. The reason I wanted to see you is that I think there is a problem, one that we need to address.”“I do hope it’s nothing that jeopardises your ‘Britain for the 22nd Century’ initiative, Prime Minister?” Cadbury was dead against it.“Happily not.”“Is it a defence matter?”“Obliquely, yes. You have been a vocal critic of mine and your reputation for integrity and values, family values in particular, adds weight to your criticism of me.” Oh, but she was enjoying herself.“I have never tried to undermine you.”“On the contrary, you have and had I been less fortunate in the outcomes of my policies you would have been far more successful. But, and here I come to the, er fundament, of the problem, I think you’re about to change your ways.”“I shall always stick to my convictions, Cebeci escort bayan Prime Minister. My Christian faith guides me in speaking the truth, no matter how uncomfortable the result for me or,” he added nastily, “anyone else.”“Ah, yes, your Christian faith. I am, as you know, an atheist and your constant references to your faith gets, to be frank, on my bloody nerves, the more so now that I realise it is all, frankly, cant.”Cadbury reacted violently. “Can’t? How dare you, Prime Minister?”“I dare, Perry,” she said affably, “because I have evidence.”She and Riley had planned the production of the photographs. The first was merely a picture of Caroline Booth that had been taken at the dinner.“Caroline Booth is a fine officer,” said Tenant. “Her career, rising to be the first female Admiral is inspirational. She has all the virtues,” here she paused, “thrusting,” she stressed that word as she also stressed the next, “penetrating, driven, courageous, a fine leader. Would you agree, Perry.”No answer. Then a photograph of the two of them standing in the window of her flat, both with glasses in their hands.“Who took this photo? This is an attempt to make shameful accusations against…”“Do be quiet, Perry. This is not an attempt to make shameful accusations, it is the exposing of hypocrisy. No doubt your faith would approve. Are you still a lay preacher at that pretty little church in your constituency?”The next picture shut the blustering ass up completely. We heard his chair scrape back on the wooden floor and his voice seemed to come from a distance as if he had retreated from the desk. We later learned he had.A silence reigned, one that Tenant did not seem willing to fill.Eventually he spoke, “You will have my resignation immediately.”“I don’t want it.”“What?”“You’re a prick, Perry, a useless gutless prick and I can expose you to the world as such. But as a trusted colleague,” here she paused again, “I wonder if you have any idea what trust is?” she mused. “My colleague suggested that to humiliate you would humiliate this government and I will not do that. At least, I wont do that unless you let me down.”“What do you want?”“I want you to become the strongest advocate of ‘Britain for the 22nd Century.’ I want you to embrace it, to support it, to find ways that your Ministry,” she chuckled, “Both your Ministry of Defence and your Christian ministry are behind it. Spout about it to your flock. Rave about it in speeches. Find ways the defence budget can support it without being asked in Cabinet. In Cabinet, support me; support me always, vehemently, staunchly. This government has three more years before an election. At that election you will stand down. You will get no honours, no knighthood, no promotion to the Lords. You will disappear into obscurity and I shall never have to look at your disgusting person again.”