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Book Store Stories No. 04

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I was thinking, as I watched Candy drive away, our escapades at the adult book store had been fun. Yet I was still feeling guilty for fucking my very own daughter. But what could I do, the pleasure I got from her was controlling me.

So far since our first encounter my mind had not rested from thinking what I had done. Sure I was scared of being caught, the embarrassment and all. I’m just thankful at least Candy was a young adult.

I drove home to my wife. Dinner went by without questions of why I had been late getting home, so I began to relax.

My wife sat next to me on the sofa as we read. It wasn’t look before I felt her foot rubbing mine. Oh shit, she had that look in her eye and a smile on her face.

I had fucked her right there on the sofa while I had fantasized about Candy.

A few days had passed now into my normal everyday life, yet every day Candy would call me at the office to ask me how I was doing. She never hung up without saying that she loved me.

It was Friday morning when Candy called me. She was full of excitement as she had told me that her mother was going to visit her parents once again. Candy had told me before she hung up, “Daddy we are going to have some fun. I’m going to think up something special for us. I love you Daddy.”

My wife called me later on in the afternoon saying she had to run down to her parent’s home. I just said, “OK”, with raised eye brows and a smirk on my face. The clock ticked slowly for the rest of the day. At five I hurried home to find Candy all ready there.

Candy came down the hall way to greet me, giving me a big hug and a kiss. I asked, “What do you have in store for tonight that has you so excited?”

Candy smiled saying, “We are going to the adult book store Daddy, isn’t that enough?” Taking my hand into hers Candy pulled me down the hall to my bedroom. “Let’s take a shower and freshen up a bit, OK Daddy?”

I started taking my suit off, very slowly, as I wanted to watch Candy as she took off her clothing.

Candy is a beautiful woman, a size 4, with ample boobs and a perfectly shaped body. She didn’t go anywhere with out attracting attention from men and women. She always dressed nicely and carried herself well.

Now Candy stood before me, naked, she was a golden goddess. My one eye could see her and was jumping with joy and we made our way into the shower.

With some giggling and tickling as foreplay we soon became occupied with kisses under the warm water spray. Candy’s boobs pressed firmly against my chest and her leg brushing my harden cock. I had clasped my hands on her buttocks and had let my finger work it’s way towards her little pucker hole. I felt for her opening.

Candy’s ass pushed back towards my finger, so I slowly inserted it into her anal opening. Candy lowered her mouth to my nipples and as she bent at the waist she forced my digit to go farther down her canal. I heard her moaning with my nipple in her mouth. I thought to myself, “Would she let me fuck her back there?”

I pulled my finger from Candy’s ass. She stood up and looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. She reached for the bar of soap and lathered up her hands. She took my cock and ever so gently she lathered it with the soap. She replaced the soap back into it’s dish and turned around.

I watched as her soapy hand rubbed between her ass cheeks, leaving a form of lubrication for what was about to happen.

Candy stepped back towards me and bent over placing her hands on the far shower wall. I stepped forward.

With one hand I felt for her opening, with the other I guided my cock to that spot. Once in place, my cock head Fatih Escort pushing against her anal opening, I edged forward. I felt a strong resistance.

“Candy, have you ever done this before?” I asked. In return, “No Daddy, but I really want to. Fuck me Daddy, go ahead and push it in me.”

I felt my daughter’s ass pushing at my cock head so I pushed forward ever so slowly. She was very tight, that was for sure. I said, “Try to relax Honey.”

Candy quickly pushed back towards me. My cock head popped into her. Candy let out a cry of pain, so I held still. I told her to relax that the pain would soon subside. I cupped each of her breasts with my both of my hands. I nibbled and licked on her neck.

I felt Candy relaxing, then she started moving her butt ever so slowly in a circular gyration. I squeezed her nipples in between my fingers and bit down on her neck.

The cum had come so quick and really without much warning. I was filling her anal cavity with my white gizz.

“Daddy, did you cum already?”, asked Candy.

“Yes Baby”, I replied. “I’m going to try to stay inside of you. My cum will lubricate you.”

“Good idea Daddy, cause I want to cum too”.

I stood behind Candy, tightly gripping her hips. I kept my cock pushing forward, deeper inside of her. “Yes! Daddy, go deeper into me.”, she yelled.

My cock had softened a little. That had allowed it to enter her half way. The hard entry point was well beyond my cock head.

I felt Candy beginning to fuck me back. Her hips forcefully banged backwards causing her ass to devour my cock, to it’s full length. I became excited again. I knew I could cum once more but first, I had to make my daughter cum.

We got into a nice fucking rhythm. Rocking and bucking back and forth. My cock was pulling almost out of her then plunging deep back into her depths.

As I fucked Candy I was pinching her nipple with one hand. The other hand was pinching her clit. Then, I felt her hand run across the back of mine, the one that had a hold of her clit. Her touch was soft but not lingering. I felt her fingers curl under mine as she entered her pussy.

She hand fucked herself with a lot of enthusiasm. She moaned and bucked under me. I knew she was nearing a climax. I was also.

Candy continued her hand fucking, but even faster now as her climax unleashed it’s self. Her climaxing was all that I needed to bring my balls to boil. I shot my second load of cum in to her ass. My cock throbbed as it squirted a few times deep inside of her.

I pulled myself out or her, fully spent. I felt weak. My cock was finally limp. Candy turned towards me still full of life. “Let me wash that Daddy” as she reached for the bar of soap. I was carried into a dream.

I stood there in the cascading spray while Candy washed my entire body with soap. I was totally relaxed, even my dick was relaxed.

We finished up our shower together. It would be a moment in time that I would always remember. Fucking my daughters ass in the shower. Now that is something a dad just can’t brag about, except as an anonymous writer on an adult website.

Candy and I laid on the bed, catching our breaths. Then I asked Candy, “Are we still going to the adult book store.”

“Yes Daddy, after you have a rest. I want you fully energized and horny before we go.”

I said, “I won’t have any problem with getting horny, with you around Baby.”

I must of fallen asleep.

Candy was shaking me, “Daddy wake up, let’s go to the adult bookstore.” I sat up and looked around my bedroom. I was still naked, but Candy was dressed. She was wearing a very Fatih Escort Bayan short black dress with sandals. I knew most likely she would not be wearing panties. I looked at the clock radio and said, “It’s 1:30 in the morning Candy”.

“But Daddy, the adult bookstore is just now coming to life. Hurry up lets go.”

I quickly dressed as Candy paced the room. We got into Candy’s car and drove the fifteen minutes to the book store. She was right, the place was packed.

We stepped into the adult book store and immediately went straight back to the hall and down to the booths with glory holes. The next to the last was vacant. I opened the door for Candy to enter and turned and saw a half dozen men walking out way. I quickly closed and locked our door. I knew the two booths on either side of us would stay filled until we leave.

I fed the video machine money and the movie started playing. Candy took a seat and was clicking through the movies. She stopped at gay movie and watched two young studs, one fucking the ass of the other in the gym. I watched Candy’s face for a reaction. I’m sure she was feel the hot sting still in her own ass hole.

Candy turned in the chair facing me and began unfastening my pants. Damn, that girl goes after my cock every chance she gets. Lucky me, I thought as my pants went to my ankles.

My cock was still flaccid from our fucking earlier in the night. Candy took my cock into her hands, fondling it briefly then poking it into her mouth. I felt her tongue swirl around my cock head. A soft cock blow job feels different than when you’re hard, but all the same, is the exciting feeling you get when someone sucks it.

As Candy sucked me, I felt myself growing in her mouth. Her warm and wet mouth would soon build a raging erection.

While Candy was sucking on me I noticed ever now and then she would look around me at the wall. Most likely something was going on in the other booths and or our glory hole.

Just then, Candy removed my cock from her mouth and repositioned herself and the chair, she moved me also. She moved closer to me, looking up into my eyes, she smiled.

My cock was hard now. Candy began kissing it, moving her beautiful face all around it. Up the shaft and down the shaft, sometime stopping to slap her own face with my meat.

She stuck my cock into her mouth again and reached for her purse. Without my cock coming out of her mouth, she removed a tube of lube. I thought maybe she needed some because of all the fucking we had been doing.

She stopped sucking me and stood up. Her dress was pulled off in one swift motion leaving herself totally nude. Her golden tan, gleaned in the dark room lit only by the porn movie playing on the screen. I stepped up close to her and we kissed. We kissed some more. Candy’s kisses were soft and loving. I wondered, despite the fetish, were we making love?

My cock was a raging animal once again. I tried to adjust myself to plug it into her pussy. Yet every time I tried Candy would move.

Candy took her lube and squirted a generous amount on to her hand. I watched as she reached under herself and applied the slick fuck juice to her asshole. But she didn’t stop there.

More lube filled her palm again. To my shock, it was meant for me. Candy turned me around and liberally applied the lube to my asshole. My cock jumped when she toyed with a rosebud, fingering the lube inside of me. I thought my knees would collapse.

Candy then positioned her ass over the glory hole. She motioned me over to her and took my cock into her hand and then kissed me softly yet holding my cock firmly. I felt Escort Fatih her move. I opened my eyes from the kiss and watched her bending at the waist. She held herself in position by holding onto me. I heard her gasp! Then another gasp.

Candy looked up at me from her weird position and smiled at me saying, “Oh Daddy it feels so good, this cock is smaller than yours but it’s still hot.”

Then Candy’s whole body started bouncing in and out from the wall, while the guy next door fucked her ass, through the glory hole. I heard a muted grunt coming through the wall of the booth and Candy stopped bouncing. The guy had cum in her ass.

Candy stood upright and adjusted her hair then cupped her breasts in each of her hands giving them a firm squeeze. “Oh Daddy that felt so good in my ass! Turn around and show me your ass, I have to play with it some more.” Of course I did as she requested.

Candy’s hand traced all around my buttocks, keeping me on edge, until she finally made her way between my cheeks. Her finger touched my opening, causing me to take a deep breath. Her finger circled the opening, teasing me. Finally, she inserted her digit slowly into me. “Daddy, your ass feels very tight. It needs more lube.”

More lube went onto Candy’s finger tips and she reinserted her now gooey finger back into me. She moved slowly, in deeper and deeper, as far as she could reach. She reached around me with her other hand a grabbed my hard cock. Then I felt another finger enter me. Then another. When three of Candy’s fingers were fully in me she started the fucking motion, though with short strokes.

Candy’s fingers pulled out of me. I looked down at her gooey hand as it reached into the glory hole. Her little hand with red finger nails pulled a long thin cock through the hole into our side.

“OK Daddy, it’s your turn. I want to watch you get fucked.”

I hesitated. Candy had never seen me having sex with another person. I wondered if it would ruin our relationship. “Come on Daddy, it’s OK to be kinky”, she said to me.

I admit, I had been fucked a couple of times before. I was just not so enthused about it, to keep on doing it. But with Candy with me and beckoning me on I relented to do it.

I moved into position, covering the glory hole with my ass. I bent over as Candy had done. I looked up at her, she was smiling. She placed her hands on either side of my face and lovingly touched me. Then bent over and kissed me.

I felt hot skin touching my butt. I braced myself for the coming event. He pushed past my ass cheeks splitting them open. He was knocking on my back door now. I held my breath. He pushed a little more, I tried to relax. He pushed farther and entered me. I gasped. It hurt a bit. He was nice and held still, allowing me to become accustomed to his intrusion.

The guy pushed more, this time I felt the weight of his body against the other wall. He was fully, deep inside of me. I have to admit, it felt good, with him deep inside of me.

He started fucking me. Now my ass was bouncing off of the wall. Candy couldn’t stand it any more, she moved around to my side, bent over and watched the glory hole. She hugged me saying, “Daddy this is the hottest sex I have ever watched.” Then she kissed my cheek.

Candy sat down on the floor and wiggled her way in between my legs. I felt her hair brushing my inner legs. Her little hands climbed up and grabbed my butt. I felt her mouth cover my cock.

The guy next door slowed his strokes. He was slowly going in and out of me with shorter strokes now. I know from my own experiences what was happening.

Just that quick he stopped totally. I heard him bang against the wall, moaning and moaning with pleasure as he shot his load. I couldn’t feel him squirting but the pressure on my prostrate was overwhelming my own sexual pleasure.

Candy was still on the floor, under me, I said “I’m cuming too Honey.”