Haziran 10, 2023

Boss/Worker Roleplay

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Boss/Worker RoleplayIt is the end of the day on Friday, you call me into your office and i know its for sure to give me more work for the weekend. Everyone is already pretty much gone home…I walk into your office and you start telling me about all the things ive done wrong this week. You are being a bitch and i stand there and take it. After a few minutes of belittling my work and me, you tell me i need to redo all the reports i did this week.I look into your eyes and say “no”…you are shocked that i am standing up to you. You ask me to repeat myself and I do. I tell you that I wont be your bitch anymore…i stand up and go to leave, you tell me if i walk out then i am fired. I laugh and walk back over to you and take out my phone. I show you a couple of files I have..detailing how you defrauded the company. You look shocked and sit down in your chair.“This will remain a secret as long as you do as you are told”You ask me what I want…“I’ve always wanted to sit in your chair,…move!” I sit down in the chair and you stand back. You are looking amazing in a short skirt, blazer, white button up top, very professional.I pat the desk with my hand…hop up here for me… you hesitate but i just take out my phone and you hop onto the desk quickly. I tell you to spread your legs and remove your panties…you do as i tell you.I then stand up, take your panties and go put them on the outside doorknob of your office. I then shut the door and turn back to you.. “who’s the boss now?”I walk back over to the chair and sit down.. you have closed your legs and you are looking furious. It’s fun to see you vulnerable but it has been a very long time since you were not in charge.I reach up and rip open your blazer..it falls to the ground then i rip open your buttoned shirt…buttons fly as i take it off of you. I then tell you to hike up your skirt, you do and i see your bald pussy in front of me. I then instruct you to play with yourself…again hesitation, but i wave my phone and you begin to rub your wet pussy…You dip 1 then 2 fingers inside your pussy. I instruct you occasionally telling Ataşehir Escort you to rub your clit, or play with your ass. You do as you are told and despite yourself, i see your chest heaving and your breath getting more rapid. A slight moan escapes your lips despite your focus. I dont’ stop you.. i keep watching as you shut your eyes and try desperately not to cum…As you have your eyes shut, I stand up and whisper in your ear to let it happen, i want to watch you cum… or i will expose way more then just your defrauding…You lay back more and use 2 hands to fuck yourself and soon you are cumming. As you are cumming, i surprise you by reaching up and pinching a nipple hard…your eyes shoot open and i say “nice show…now lets play” your head dips as you had been hoping that this would be all i wanted… It’s not :)I then tell you to get on your knees.You drop to your knees and look up at me. I smile down at you as i grab a fistful of your gorgeous red hair 😉 i pull your hair and head towards the front of my pants, you can see the outline of my cock through my pants since i am so hard. I rub your mouth on the hard fabric then i tell you to take it out.You unbuckle my belt and as you are unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down, i removed my belt and set it nicely on the desk next to me….you don’t notice though :)once my cock is free, and standing straight out towards your face, you open your mouth as i use my hand to guide your head down. you suck on my cock… pushing me as far down your throat as you can possibly go. You gag a little and push off of me… i grab your hair tighter and push my cock back into your mouth, but i don’t stop, i push until you have my entire cock in your mouth… i moan loudly as you deepthroat me. I continue to use your mouth, holding your head nad fucking your mouth faster, then slower… pulling my cock from your mouth, i pull you up a little bit and my cock fits nicely between your big tits… your gorgeous breasts wrapped around my cock feels so nice as i tell you to push them together then fuck me with Ataşehir Escort Bayan them. i lean back in the chair as you push your tits together around my cock and begin to move up and down.. i moan loudly and after a few minutes, the sucking and then fucking your amazing tits i groan loud and start to cum.. surprising you as my cum explodes and hits your chin, your face and throat.Again, you think we are done.. we aren’t ..I push my cock back into your mouth and fuck you for a few minutes, when i am satisfied i am staying hard, i pick you up and set you back down on your desk, i push all the papers off the desk and stand in front of your spread legs. I ask if you want this… you look me in the eye and say “yes sir” as soon as you say that, i push my cock deep into your dripping pussy.You moan out loud and I feel your tight pussy wrap around my cock. I kiss you hard and passionately, my hands on your hips as you wrap your legs around my waist…As we kiss, I keep fucking you with slow hard strokes.I kiss your neck and move to your tips. When I move to go back to your lips, I notice your hand on my phone on the desk….you sneaky bitch…I don’t let on that I saw but I fuck you harder, and I pinch your nipples. When your hand closes around my phone. I quickly grab your wrist, you let go of my phone but I am angry now… I pull my cock from your pussy.I grab your hair and pull you off the desk. I turn you around and push your face down on the desk. With the phone back in my possession, I turn around to set it off to the side, taking my time, but you cant see… so as I turn, you try to get up and I put my hand against your back and push you back down… I tell you that you fucked up…. you need to be punished…once the phone is way up high and out of your reach, I grab my belt. I put one hand on the back of your neck and hold your head down, as I bring my belt down on your hot ass. You yelp and cry out as my belt strikes your ass. my hand rubs your ass and my other hand still holds down your head. then I pick up the belt and spank Escort Ataşehir you again. This goes on for a few minutes… rubbing and grabbing in between spanks, but your ass gets redder and redder. Once I am satisfied by your punishment, I make a loop with my belt and put it around your neck…. I hold the other end This creates a leash and collar type effect but does not actually choke you. with you still bent over, I hold the end of my belt and slam my cock back into your deliciously wet pussy. Apparently being spanked with a belt made you even wetter then before!I fuck you from behind for a while, grabbing your hair, pulling on my belt, using the end of the belt to spank you more, using my hand to spank you more and then as im fucking you, I push a finger deep into your ass. You moan very loudly. I keep fingering your ass and fucking your pussy for awhile and your body betrays you as you cum again and again on my cock… I then pull my cock from your pussy and press the tip against your tight ass. Slowly and firmly I push forward and my cock slides deep into your ass. I moan loud at how tight your ass is. You cry out but push back against me…apparently enjoying the feeling 😉 I tell you to reach down and rub your clit, and as soon as you do, you are cumming with my cock deep in your ass. I fuck you harder and faster, sliding in and out of your tight ass… I slow down occasionally and you begin to move your hips, fucking my cock with your ass every time I stop. I let go of the belt but keep it around your neck (you look hot with it 😉 )and grab your hips… I begin to fuck your ass faster and harder… you still cumming… again and again.When I get close to cumming, pull my cock out of your ass and shoot a thick load of cum all over your ass and pussy.. soaking both holes with my cum. I then stand back and admire my work….my bitch boss, skirt up, ass red from my belt… belt around the neck, ass and pussy covered in my cum…. I sit down in the chair as you pant for breath and you turn around to look at me. My phone is already back in my hand… you look at my screen and are pleased not to see the files from before… but you cant quite make out whats on my phone. You realize soon that its actually a video of me fucking you that I turned on when I set the phone off to the side. I smile up at you as I watch my belt hitting your ass….”I think I deserve a raise…. what do you think?”