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Bouncing Back

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I sat, for the second week in the semester, alone. It was more an observation than an internal plea for sympathy, at least consciously. I was more interested in the time it had taken for me to adjust. My girlfriend for my freshman year in college broke up with me the week before school began. I asked why, but I knew already. She and I had come to college with different goals. Neither of us realized how serious the other had been, and it had caused some tension. We still went out, still fooled around, still hung out with different groups of friends. But we drifted apart and tried to make up for it by staying to on top of each other.

Both of us, I think, realized that we’d put too much pressure on ourselves, and so when she broke up with me, it was a bummer, but not something that was going to send me into a spiral. Instead, I’d spent the better part of the first week of class adjusting to having time. Those gaps just served to remind me of Jennifer not being there.

She was a catch by any stretch. Tall, leggy, slender, fit. Nice tight ass. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and had been swimming in high school for the team. I benefited from that training every time I saw her. Even that I was missing less than having someone. I was determined to fill my time. I’d started working out, but my class schedule meant that I’d have to do it before classes. So not only was Jen not sitting with me, no one else was there, either.

About a week after that observation, I’d been out running in the track. As the “fall” semester in the United States somehow began during the summer, I was dripping sweat when I came in. Luckily, by the time I’d sat down, I’d stopped sweating, but I knew I looked like crap. So I was surprised when I heard a voice behind me. “Do you mind?”

I jerked up, lost in thought as I had been. The woman who had asked was probably my age, but her eyes were a deep, dark brown and I found myself staring for just a moment before I shook myself.

“Uh, yeah, sorry. Sure!” I motioned eagerly to the seat in front of me. I didn’t take my eyes off of hers as she sat down, a big, toothy smile greeting me.

“You sure are energetic in the morning,” she said. She glanced at her phone. “I didn’t think I’d like eating breakfast at 7 a.m., but here I am.” I caught something missing and couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“Do you like it?” I asked. She gave me a sheepish smile.

“No. But my first class is at 8, and I can’t do anything without some food.” I glanced at her plate and saw some fruit and some yogurt.

“That’s a very healthy start,” I said, surprised to be conversing at all. As I studied her face, I noticed her hair was long, pulled back in a pony tail, and she had prominent cheekbones. Her face was still round even so, and she was very attractive. I wondered if she knew it.

“I try to keep in shape, though I haven’t started running like you have,” she said, raising her eyebrows. “I saw you on the track this morning, and I’ll be honest, I was inspired.”

I bowed, trying to make light of it. “Thank you,” I said.

“So what’s a fitness guru like you eating?” she asked. I tilted my bowl of cereal toward her.

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch?” she laughed. “Now I’m jealous.” I laughed and she joined me. Looking back even later that day, I was surprised. It was the easiest conversation with someone I’d never met that I had in over a year of going to school. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“Mark. And you are?”

“Very lucky to have met a guy who can talk. I’m Carmen.” I reached over and shook her hand. “Thanks for letting me sit with you.”

“Anytime,” I told her. She nodded.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow morning?” Somehow, even as we had talked, Carmen had managed to finish her breakfast.

“I’ll be here,” I said. She grabbed her stuff, wearing an oversized sweatshirt. I almost asked, but realized I was getting chilled now. The air conditioning was on full blast. I finished my breakfast quickly, as the heat from my run finally tore into a chill as the sweat on my body dried. As I made it out into the fall air, I hustled back to my apartment.

After a quick change and shower, I zipped out to my first class. The next three hours of that day are a blur because of lunch. I swear I learned things, valuable things. But I forgot them when I saw a cute brunette wearing a cardigan over what I will only call a struggling v-neck t-shirt. She was sitting by herself, turning the pages of a textbook as she ate a very robust looking salad. Had it been anyone else, I would not have been so bold. But the smile that greeted me when she looked up bolstered my confidence even further.

“Hi Mike!” she said loudly. I felt my grin falter a bit and I started to correct her as I sat down. “Just kidding, Mark. I like keeping guys on their toes,” she admitted. “Would you like my cherry?” My eyes went wide and I felt my mouth dry. When I glanced at her plate, she was holding a cherry stem between her fingers, and I glanced at her face. There was a slight grin curving the corners of her mouth and she Ankara escort giggled as she set it down.

“I have been waiting for that all day,” she said. “I am so glad you were the victim.” I felt myself chuckle as the feeling returned to my face.

“Good one,” I said, trying not to encourage her. Carmen grabbed my arm and I felt soft fingers caress my skin. It was an immediate turn on that surprised me. Carmen seemed to feel nothing, but she gave me a big fake pout.

“I didn’t realize my sex joke would make a college guy all excited,” she teased. “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” She batted her eyelashes in an exaggerated way that almost seemed to reshape her brown eyes.

I will never know what came over me, but it’s the single greatest decision I have ever made. “Meet me for coffee tonight at Barney’s,” I said. Carmen leaned back, and the move emphasized her impressive cleavage, something I’d avoided staring at until this shift in the conversation. The tops of her breasts jiggled in her shirt as she sat back, and her mouth opened in what seemed to be shock.

“So bold, Mark. I make one joke about sex and you think I’m going to get sauced and let you cop a feel as you walk my drunk body up to my dorm room.” I felt my eyes go wide and began pushing back on the table. “Eight sound good?” she asked, this time grinning and winking. I leaned forward and she mirrored the move until both our hands were crossed in front of us.

“You are.. something else,” I admitted. Carmen laughed.

“Can I claim victory?” she asked, her lips curling into another smile.

“This time,” I told her. “Next time, you might not be so lucky.” Carmen bit her lip and I rolled my eyes. “Go ahead.”

“But you might be!” she blurted out. We laughed again, and I asked if she had another class.

“I don’t.” I realized she had stopped smiling, and I felt the air almost thicken between us.

“Do you want that coffee now?” I asked.

“Actually, yeah. It’ll be a good test drive for the date tonight,” she said thoughtfully. She pushed her phone into her purse.

“What date?” I asked.

“Oh, this guy Dale,” she said. I felt my heart drop for half a second before I caught her lips pursing.

“Wow,” was all I could say. I was amazed. She never made it seem mean, either. I realized later I had just been waiting for the bubble to pop.

As she stood, my jaw dropped. Her figure was striking. She was well endowed, to be fair, but her hips flared out, and that feature was well highlighted by her jeans, which stopped just above those hips. Her cardigan spread at the bottom, but her breasts pushed both the cardigan and the shirt under it to their limits. She caught my eyes lingering.

“You know how often I catch guys staring?” she asked. She didn’t seem upset, but she was nowhere near as playful as she had been. I swallowed.

“A lot, I’d guess,” I replied. I felt the embarrassed flush cross over my face as I stood up. Carmen looked at me.

“Every day,” she nodded. “Most of the time,” she added. “You know how often I’m happy about it?”

I took a deep breath. “Never.” Carmen shrugged.

“Not never,” she said. “As a matter of fact, I can remember one time where it kinda got me going.” I looked up at her. “It just happened.” I felt the worry fade, and as I looked at her, I felt my eyes go a bit wider. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me in for a kiss. It was an amazing first kiss, and might have been one of the best I’d ever experienced. It was soft and tender at first, but then we were both all-in. I felt sparks surging through my body like I never had before, and when a young woman who was in the middle of sitting down next to us coughed loudly, we both pulled apart, each breathing heavily.

“Sorry,” we both said. The woman rolled her eyes, and I grabbed Carmen’s hand.

“Where is your room?” Carmen asked as we walked through campus. I told her where I was, and she nodded. “Closer than mine,” she said. We walked quickly, sometimes even almost stumbling. When I got the door open, we both crashed inside, and she closed the door with her foot. I immediately locked it, and found her mouth with mine again. For some reason, I felt far more comfortable in my room with her, but even so had trouble keeping track of her lips and tongue. She moaned loudly as I rubbed her hips, my hands sliding up and down her back as we kissed.

Her own hands seemed to be pulling at her cardigan and she leaned back, away from my mouth. “Look, if you want to have some fun with these, I need to get my top off,” she breathed. I looked at her in awe and leaned in to kiss her. She melted a bit under me, her hands slipping to my hips. I felt my own hands reach down to the front of her cardigan, and she moaned as I pulled it off of her. Her arms went limp as I pushed it off.

“You want to do it?” she asked, her breath heavy. “Love that.” The kiss grew hotter and heavier as I pulled at her shirt. Moans and heavy breathing filled the room as I pulled away. I leaned in to kiss Ankara escort bayan her neck as I pulled the shirt higher and higher until it caught on the underside of her sizable breasts.

“Did it get stuck?” she teased. I grunted and she leaned back, shimmying to help her shirt pop off over her big bust. I groaned as her bra-clad tits appeared, watching them shake and wobble in ther well-made cups.

“There’s one layer left,” Carmen said, grinning. As she started to pull out of the shirt, I pulled back, trapping her wrists for a moment. Carmen’s chest heaved, and I felt my eyes get lost in her cleavage as we both adjusted.

“Now that you have me,” she whispered. I reached up with my free hand and cupped her left breast. Carmen sighed, leaning back. I groaned as I squeezed and shook the trapped tit in my hand.

“Tit man?” Carmen guessed, laughing. I smiled back, and released her hands. She pulled my head to hers and kissed me again. Both my hands immediately went behind her back, and she laughed as she felt my hands at the bra. She pulled away, our mouths less than inches away. “Definitely a tit man,” she breathed. I nodded, our foreheads touching.

“Did you want to see my big tits, Mark?” she asked. I felt my breath catch.

“Yes,” I moaned.

“We haven’t even gone a date,” she said, shrugging the straps off of her shoulders.

“We can,” I told her, and I meant it. It would have been incredibly difficult to stop what I was doing.

“I don’t think we need to,” she said, laughing slightly.

“I’ve never had such a connection with someone; I’ve never done anything this fast.” Carmen took a deep breath, and grinned evilly as she caught my eyes trapped in her big bust.

“Really? This doesn’t happen every time you see a busty coed?” she teased, but I saw the arousal flash across her face.

“No,” I laughed. “But I’ve never been able to have such great conversations with any of them either,” I replied, not quite paying attention to what I was saying. I learned very soon after this that I couldn’t leave Carmen an opening.

“Looking at their tits?” she asked. I groaned as she shimmied the bra lower. “You want them, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied, slowly and clearly as I tried to regain some control.

“I don’t fuck on the first date,” she said. I nodded, leaning in to kiss her.

“I’ll only have sex when I’m ready,” she added. I nodded again, kissing her neck.

“I really like you, Carmen,” I told her. I kissed her forehead and just above her eye and saw her sigh. “I can wait.”

“Good,” she said. She pulled the bra up and I pulled back, gasping slightly.

“I mean, we haven’t even dated,” she pointed out. As she reached down for her shirt, her bra slid off her arms, and I saw her heavy, full breasts swinging beneath her. When she stood, she did so confidently, and she blew me a kiss.

“I feel like I earned that one,” she giggled. While I was embarrassed of that moment later, I stood gawking at her impressive tits. Each was larger than I’d seen, and I traced each curve and edge with my eyes. Her nipples were somewhere between red and brown, and each was just about the size of a fingertip. The areola surrounding them were at least the size of a quarter, and probably larger. My examination, however, did not go unnoticed. “Oh wow,” she whistled after a few moments of my leering. “You really are a tit man.” She stepped toward me, and I leaned forward and kissed her. I felt her melt into my arms again, and I knew I’d never get tired of that feeling. This time, though her breasts pushed into my chest, and even through my shirt I could feel their softness. When we both came up for air, she felt my hand tracing her ribs just under her right breast.

“You have been very patient. You’ve earned a teat.” She giggled, and I couldn’t help but laugh, but we both quickly quieted as I felt the weight of her heavy tit in my hand. “Mark,” she breathed. Each breast seemed to fill my hand and then some, and I could feel my lust racing. I slowly began bouncing and squeezing her breast, alternating between full gropes and light traces of her sensitive flesh with my fingers. I adored feeling those nipples harden, her dark areola tightening as I brought the nipple between my index finger and pinkie.

“Oh fuck,” Carmen gasped. “Let me see.” I pulled back and gently rolled her nipple with my fingers. “So hot, Mark,” she breathed. I pressed on, leaning in to kiss her as I gently flicked her nipple with my thumb. Carmen groaned as she responded, pushing her breast into my hand. I responded with a bit more force and Carmen “mmhmmed” into my mouth as we made out.

I fought every instinct to attack her pants, and after quite some time, she finally pulled away. I felt her hand on mine, and she grinned as she watched me to squeeze her tit a few more times, but then she pulled my limb down to her inner thigh. “I’m not going to fuck you today,” she said. “But c’mon.” I smiled and nodded, and fought back a few comments as we kissed some more. This time Escort Ankara I wasn’t taking things as slowly, and I groaned as I felt the warmth of her. “Over the pants is fine. Rub me off, Mark.” I grunted, and let my fingers try to dance Carmen into an orgasm.

The whole situation had me completely lost in it. I had no idea of anything existing outside this gorgeous, clever woman’s body and my own. I remember her bucking as I made contact over the clothes with her very warm (and seemingly very wet) pussy. She burrowed her head into mine. Somehow she was much more able to think clearly than I was. “You can imagine how grateful a girl like me would be if you made her cum, right Mark?”

I groaned and she let her tongue slide out of her mouth to smile as I worked harder. I immediately kissed her again, and she slipped her skilled tongue into my mouth. I felt hers dance with mine for a moment before she stiffened. My fingers had found her clit, I realized, and she let her mouth go slack. Her kisses got a little less focused and a lot sloppier. I grunted as I felt her arms tighten around me and continued to work to get this gorgeous woman off in my dorm room.

She pulled away. “I’m cumming,” she said in a raspy whisper. I redoubled exactly what I was doing and watched her eyes close and face tighten. Her mouth opened and I couldn’t resist to lean in and kiss her. She moaned loudly into my mouth, and I felt her body spasm beneath mine. My free hand shifted to her back to hold her up, and she slowly stopped shaking. We broke the kiss, and she looked around the room in a daze.

“You don’t have a roommate, do you?” I shook my head. Part of being on the honors roll meant that I’d been eligible for a single room and I won the lottery for it.

“Good. You don’t have a girlfriend either, do you?” I looked at her and shook my head. “Relax. Just wanted to know how hard I had to work to get you,” she said, winking. “That was amazing, Mark. Thank you.” I nodded, my heart soaring. She reached for her bra, and I braced for her to start packing her things. She passed by handing it to me and set it on her bed. “Your trophy,” she said, and for some reason, it sent my mind over the edge. I felt another, fresh wave of arousal course over me.

“Thought you might like it,” she teased. “I’ll even let you check the bra size when I’m not looking. I’m going to pull on this t-shirt and go to the restroom to clean up. Then I’m coming back to take care of you. Be thinking about it,” she said, her voice a smoke-filled tease.

I looked at the bra. Now that I could (somewhat) focus, I realized it was a nice bra. Certainly sturdy, I thought, and couldn’t help but grin as I thought of seeing Carmen’s breasts dangling from her body. I reached for the garment and looked around the room. As I looked for a place to hang it, I glanced at the tag. 34DD. I wasn’t surprised, but I realized Carmen knew I’d get even more excited. So weird, I thought, that knowing how big they are got me going even more.

When Carmen came back in the room, she smiled at the bra hanging on my bulletin board. “Cute,” she said. “I’m hoping you’ll take it down when I leave?” she asked. She kissed me, softly, and I felt her breasts squish against me under her shirt.

“You can have it for the walk home if you want,” I said. Carmen looked at me.

“That’s so sweet,” she replied. “I might want it on our date, actually,” she said. “For some reason, I wasn’t thinking clearly after you made me cum in the middle of your dorm room.” I felt myself blushing and looked down.

“You should be proud. Got me all worked up, and now you get your turn. I’m thinking clearly, so I can focus,” she said. She sank to her knees and pulled off her t-shirt. Her heavy breasts wobbled on her chest as she looked up at me. “Not many guys ask me for handjobs after they’ve gotten their hands on these,” she said. “I’m going to put my mouth on your cock now, Mark. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” I groaned. She laughed.

“Mostly a rhetorical question,” she observed, but quickly undid my jeans. When my cock popped out, she licked her lips. “Oh, goodie. You must have liked fondling my bra,” she said. She opened her mouth and slowly kissed the head of my cock. With every slow kiss, she let the head enter her mouth a bit more, and I could tell that she was being patient and deliberately teasing. I loved it. Her tongue would sometimes lick and tap under my cockhead, where the shaft met it, and after what seemed like hours of bliss she looked up with her head in my mouth. She bobbed slowly, just going beyond the head. Her hands played with her tits as she sucked me. It felt amazing, and her eyes locked on mine. She continued like this for a minute and then pulled off.

“You like it?” she asked.

“So good,” I told her. She looked at me and shook her head.

“You are a different guy,” she said, smiling. She latched onto the head of my cock again, and I groaned. As much as I wanted to reach down and play with her big breasts, she seemed to be handling it, and I wanted to be sure I didn’t overstep. Selfishly, I didn’t want to do anything to interrupt the blowjob, but part of me still hopes it was a genuine kindness as well. Her eyes locked mine and with her mouthful of cock, she looked up and asked. “Yu reddy?” It was just audible. Not knowing how to react, I nodded.