Haziran 20, 2023

Boxers and Brothers in Law

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Boxers and Brothers in LawI fell in lust with him the moment he took off everything but his boxershorts. They were patterned, soft material and he wore them low enough to makeit look like they were just sitting on his hip bone. And the round mounds ofhis buttocks provided a nice survace for the cloth to lay flat on…..His package moved as he did and his fly, an open fly, was always open..notenough to see meat but enough to make me peek.s*s said he could sleep in Brian and my room, since Brian was away for thesummer on a high school cruise trip.And I as the older brother, now had an older brother..potential brother-in-lawactually…..I found him lay ing on my bed, legs spread and he was reading one of mymagazines. That would have been ok I guess but it was one of the mags I hadkept hidden.”You into guys huh?” he asked looking up and smiling.I stopped suddenly, felt myself blush and didn’t know what to say.”Hey no problem here” he used his hand to indicate himself. I didn’tunderstand his meaning.”I won’t tell anyone. Your sister know?” I shook my head.”That’s cool….very cool…especially since I guess I can’t sneak into herroom since your folks are home.”My folks would have thrown him out of the house if they knew he and my sisterscrewed there. I know they had. I heard them at least three times that longweek and saw them going at it on the couch earlier.”uh that’s my bed” I said to him not knowing what to do next.”I know” he said and looked up at me “I’m into sharing are you?”I couldn’t hide my hardening dick…as I only had my gym shorts on and theywere tenting.”You got a lock on the door right?” I nodded and then went to the door andlocked it.When I turned around, he was standing almost next to me…so close that Ialmost bumped into him when I turned.He was naked Escort bayan now….I looked and then blushed again…”Let’s take a shower first..that way you can calm down” he looked at my tentedshorts.I heard the shower water go on.”come on” he said to me sticking his head out of the bathroom doorway.I was in a fog as I moved towards him. He put his thumbs into the waistband ofmy shorts and slid them down. I kicked them off and tried not to acknowledgemy erection pointed right at him.”We’ll take care of that in the shower, that way we can have lots more funlater. Never do in a few seconds what is better done all night, I always say”He gently held my erection now, leading me into the shower stall.I stood there trembling as he soaped my chest, back, buttocks, legs and thenheld me against him while he reached around and masturbated me.This wasn’t my first time having sex with a guy. I had been getting and givingblowjobs since junior high and been fucking since high school.But eventhough I was a college sophomore, I felt like a little k** as he tookcontrol of me.”You can soap me up..dont’ jack me off though..I’m saving it for later” Ididn’t respond in words, only in actions.I felt his older, stronger, fit body…..I forget he was there..only a body Ihad lusted after..admired and fantasized about. Now I was feeling every inchof it, every hair, every mound, nipples, belly button, balls, cock, thighs,legs, feet andtoes, his buttocks, back and his face.”nice job k**” he said and put his big hands on either side of my face andbrought me close enough to kiss..his tongue slid down my throat and we wereeating each others tongues for what seemed like hours.”Come on…we have lots more to do” he said turning off the water andaccepting the towel I handed him. But he dried Bayan escort me first and then stood as Idid the same to him.”No use doing for yourself what someone else can do for you” he whisperedanother quote at me then kissed me on the buttocks.The lights were out as we walked across the near black room..and then climbedinto my bed.I kissed, licked, nibbled and then lay back as he pushed me to do the same tome. He lifted my legs and licked my erected cock and tightened ball sac..thenmade he suck in air as he tongue stabbed my butthole….his tongue opening meup and diving inside like a lubed cock.Again this was nothing new to me..but there were new sensations and I wasmoaning and sighing the entire time.I crawled on my hands and knees over him to suck his cock and lick hisballs…as my tongue was under his balls, he curved his legs up and I knewwhat he wanted. I moved my head down and put his thick thighs under my armsuntil I could reach his butthole. As I tongued it, I felt his tongue return tomy asshole too.We continued to eat each other for hours…when his tongue wasn’t in me, hisfingers were..and I reciprocated.”its time” he said and I stayed in position as he moved to enter me from therear…it hurt but I took it all.He fucked hard then slow…slapped my ass..then fucked me with regular strokesfor what seemed like forever. I reached under me to jack off but he pulled myhand away.”sit on me” he said and popped his cock out of me.I straddled his naked body and sat down on his cock…it had already opened meup so I sat on it with little effort.His big hands reached for my nipples and began to twist them….despite mybegin him not to.I moved my hips, fucking myself on his cock while jacking my own cock. Eachtime he got close he would stop me..until he calmed Escort down. I would squeeze myown cock head to do the same, then we would resume.Finally I was a goner..he couldn’t stop me…I wanted to shoot and beshot….I came and he did too…I could tell by the way he jammed his hips upinto me.”Lick me clean and I’ll do you”I licked my cum off his somewhat hairy chest, and scooped sperm from his bellybutton. He moved me around and ate out my ass too.We kissed..tasting each others sperm….inhaling each others aroma of cum andsweat.”More now or in the morning?” he asked.I didnt’ answer so he got up and tossed me on my back, grabbed my ankles andjammed his semi hard cock into my ass and began to fuck me.It went on and on…I lay there watching him. His eyes would close and hewould go into some kind of trance as he fucked me like a steam engine…eachstroke in and out was with a regular rhythm.I lay back and closed my eyes too, finding visions of men and boys who hadfucked me over the years. k**s I played with who grew up, men I met in alleys,fellow students in college, two different professors, the neighbor whose son Iused to play with, a former step father and my sisters boyfriend…I returned to reality as he whispered my name…I opened my eyes and he washolding his cock as it spewed all over me…like rain. I felt it land on myalmost overheated body and I grabbed my own cock to furiously jack until ittoo shot out another load.His fingers found my nipples and ignoring my pleas he twisted them until mypenis spit out what sperm and fluids it could find available.He lay down next to me..his arm over me..his lips kissing my cheek.Outside the sun was rising.”I’m glad I met your sister” he said”Me too” was the only answer.”What if I marry her?” he asked”Will you live here?” I replied.He laughed…”Maybe you can move in with us”.Maybe, I thought..and didn’t say. I couldn’t talk as I was now nursing on hisbig soft cock….wanting it to harden before we had to go to breakfast.