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Breast Obsessed Ch. 02

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*Author’s Note* Thank you to all who enjoyed the first chapter in the story of Josie Macallister and her father Tanner. I appreciate all the input, good or bad, as it means that people care enough to comment. Please enjoy without further ado……..

Breast Obsessed Chapter Two

Later that evening……

A beacon of light appears suddenly in the dark, dimly illuminating Josie Macallister’s bedroom, as well as its sole occupant.

Josie raises her cellphone closer to her face and begins to scroll through numbers, looking for one in particular. Her hair is damp from her second shower, and a small towel is tied above the swell of her jutting breasts. Her face is the picture of serenity; smooth, calm, centered. And not too surprisingly at that, considering what she has spent most of the afternoon doing.

The faintest whisper of a smile touches her lips as she remembers. Her red bikini, feigning sleep, a rigid shaft plunging into her mouth and between her tits, hot semen cooling on her skin. She closes her eyes, drifting on the memory……..


After their first sexual encounter Josie’s father had retrieved a warm damp cloth from the bathroom and had tenderly cleaned her face and neck, at least what was left from her scooping his copious leavings up with her fingers and licking them clean, savoring his manly aroma as she sucked her fingertips.

Then they had gone into the shower together, sighing contentedly as the steaming water sluiced oil and other fluids from both of their bodies. They had laughed playfully as they soaped one another, sudsy hands massaging each other everywhere. Josie had bitten her lip as her father’s hands soaped her breasts, as he gently brushed her erect nipples and then gathered their substantial mass in his palms, squeezing gently. She allowed her own hands to run across tight abdominal muscles, sliding easily around to cup a double handful of her father’s taut butt. She drew him in closer, feeling a familiar hardness creeping up her tummy.

Her father’s renewed erection wormed its way up between them, and Josie reached out to gather it into her hands. She stroked gently as her father groaned into her neck, where he was peppering her flesh with feather-light kisses that spread goosebumps up and down her body.

Josie trailed her thumbs over the head of her father’s rod, leaning up into his ear.

“Well lookie here Daddy.” She murmurs, “I think you’re about ready for round two, what do you think?”

“Mmmhmm.” Tanner breathes, his lips sucking gently on his daughter’s neck.

Josie slips out of his embrace and quickly leaves the shower. Without even grabbing a towel, she darts out of the room, skin still glistening wet.

“Come and get me.” She calls, running for the stairs.

Tanner pursues her, but by the time he is out of the shower and fully on the hunt, Josie has vanished into the cavernous recesses of the house. Tanner creeps downstairs after her, his senses primed. His recently resurrected hard-on stretches out before him like a beacon. He listens carefully, and hears a slight scratching sound. It seemed to be coming from the direction of the living room.

Tanner pads slowly across the foyer and into the living room. The shadows outside are beginning to lengthen, heralding the arrival of night. He flicks on the light and makes a slow circuit of the room, searching behind various pieces of furniture for nubile young flesh.

Suddenly the scratching is repeated, from behind him. Tanner pivots, and his eyes fall on the linen closet. He slowly walks over, pauses with his hand on the knob, then twists and yanks it wide in one smooth motion.

Josie Macallister uncoils from the closet like a striking cobra. She leaps forward into her father’s arms, her arms reaching up to encircle his neck as her legs do the same to his hips. Tanner is caught off guard by her sudden assault, the force of her impact bowling him over. He totters backwards and trips over a footstool, landing on his back on the couch with a whoosh of escaping air, as Josie lands on top of him. Wet strands of hair play across his face as her laughter echoes in his ears.

“You found me.” Josie said, her eyes staring deep into her father’s as a sexy smile touches the corners of her mouth. “Now what are you going to do with me?”

Tanner reaches down and grabs a handful of his daughter’s ass. He squeezes tightly, and raises her bottom up while covertly making a mild adjustment to his engorged erection laying across his abdomen with his other hand. He lowers her back down, the fat head of his cock nudges along her labial folds, seeking entry. He shifts slightly as a sigh escapes his daughter’s lips. He pushes up, feeling the head slide past the initial resistance and align with the tight moist opening leading into paradise. He braces himself for the final plunge.

“Ah ah ah.” Josie admonishes, smoothly shifting her hips. Tanner groans with frustration as his drooling cockhead misses its mark and pops away from Fulya Escort her pussy. Quick as a cat, she plops down on it, pinning it flat against his stomach with her pussy, her labia enfolding the shaft along the sides like the grip of a hand.

“What a bad daddy you are.” She murmurs down at him, rocking her hips slightly and dragging her quickly moistening pussy up and down the length of his shaft. “You can’t go in there, but you can have this.”

And she begins to vigorously dry hump herself along the length of his rod. She leans forward slightly, bringing her clit in direct contact with his straining shaft. She pushes him back with her hands on his chest, and grinds, grinds, grinds along his length.

“Oooh daddy.” She moans, tossing her hair and reaching up to tweak a nipple with one hand. “Your big cock is hitting me just right.”

“Ohh god, me too pumpkin.” He pants back at her. “Harder, baby.”

Josie clenches her teeth and picks up the pace. Her pussy is oozing a steady flow of juices now, lubricating her father’s cock and making her lips all slippery. Her clit tingles as the first twinges of approaching orgasm begin to build. She frantically saws her trembling sex over her father’s massive cock.

“Aaaaahhgawd daddy your big cock is gonna make me cum!” She whimpers, feeling the tide building and stretching towards the breaking point.

“Oh yeah pumpkin.” He says, reaching up to mold and knead her wildly bouncing titties with his hands. “Make that naughty pussy cum all over daddy’s big cock. Oh fuck, I’m gonna come too!”

Josie mashes her trembling clit as hard as she can into her father’s shaft and wildly rubs herself up and down his length. She begins making rapid huhn huhn huhn panting noises in time with her clit dragging along her father’s engorged penis. She vaguely notices her father moaning under her as her orgasm washes over her like a flood.

A high keening wail erupts from Josie’s mouth as she throws her head back and her quivering vagina suddenly spurts her own ejaculate. The warm fluid splashes all over her father’s trembling cock, and the sudden rush of warmth on his cock and balls sends Tanner careening over the brink into his own orgasm.

Tanner’s cockhead disgorges a hot pearly blast of semen that paints a straight line up his abdomen and onto his chest. He reaches up and grabs Josie, rolling her trembling body over as he quickly rolls with her, his spurting cock arcing a second creamy streamer across the inside of her quaking thigh.

Josie has lowered her hand to her clit and rubs herself through the first orgasm and immediately into another. Her pussy clenches tightly, squeezing out another gush of fluid that trickles down across her puckered butthole and soaks into the couch cushion. She feels her father’s fat cock thud down onto the back of her rapidly gyrating hand, and suddenly an alabaster rope of creamy jism arcs into her line of sight, painting a hot stripe up her tummy and over the inner slope of her right breast.

Tanner aims his spurting cock at the deep valley between his baby girl’s heaving bosoms and begins to unload his balls across her tummy and tits. Heavy hershey-kiss blobs launch themselves from his bulbous purple cockhead, trailing thick tendrils of hot creamy cum that slop messily across her heaving tits. One particularly strong spurt jets higher still, the thick glob giving his baby girl a creamy kiss on the lips as the arcing stream falls into the hollow of her neck. Her pink tongue flicks out, sampling his latest offering. She quickly smears her fingers through the slippery puddle of cum on her tummy and applies the fresh lubrication to her clit, the silky texture of her father’s cream providing the last bit of oomph to bring her back to the brink.

“Mmmm yummy omigod hereitcomesagainomigodOMIGOD-“

Josie’s hips flex upwards completely off the couch as her third and final climax slams into her like a tornado striking a house made of matchsticks. Her chest hitches under the last few thick spurts of steaming broth her father decorates her chest with, and a guttural moan-scream is ripped from her mouth. Her head tosses as she claws at the couch cushions for purchase with her free hand. Her eyes roll back as the tide passes, her gently quivering body going limp. Pearly white blobs of cum begin to trickle slowly down the sides of her heaving boobs and pool in her expansive cleavage.

Tanner watches his daughter cum through his own climax, enthralled by the spectacle of animalistic lust she presents. He squeezes the final dribble of semen from his spent cock and lowers himself next to his daughter, not even caring that his copious spillage smears across his own torso and arms as he gathers her to him. They lay pressed together for some time, hearts hammering matching beats back and forth as they bask in their afterglow.


Josie Macallister smiles dreamily, coming out of her reverie and feeling her sex getting squishy and moist again. She shakes Fulya Escort Bayan her head and resists. She gets the idea that her pussy is going to need all the rest it can get in the days ahead.

Finding the number at last, Josie hits the auto dial and raises the phone to her ear. Two rings and suddenly the other side picks up.

“Don’t keep me in suspense. Spill it.” Veronica Summers says, her voice tinged with barely contained excitement.

Josie sighs languidly, laying back into the soft embrace of her pillows.

“I got him, Ronnie.” She says, “I finally got him.”

A squeal from the other end.

“Atta girl, pussycat!” Veronica cheers. “How was it? Tell me everything! Was his cock as big and hard as you remember? Ooohh did he fuck your mouth? Did you deep throat it? Oh my god, did you swallow his cum!?””

“Yes.” Josie replies, the fingers of her free hand casually trailing along the swell of her bosom.

“His cock was beautiful. Simply gorgeous. Nine inches at least. And I fuckin’ took it all. He went balls deep on my first try. And his cum is delicious. Sooooo yummy.”

A soft sigh from the other end of the line.

“Good job, pussycat.” Josie smiles at Ronnie’s pet name for her. When they met and introduced themselves Ronnie had broken into an impromptu rendition of the Josie and the Pussycats theme song. The name stuck after that.

“So now what?” Ronnie asks, her breath quickening slightly. A soft whisper-like moan escapes her lips. Josie knows all too well what she is doing.

Josie grins in the dim light.

“How soon can you be here?” She asks. “I think there’s a lot more fun to be had.”

“Mmmm fuck. Tomorrow. I’ll leave fir-huuuurst ahhn thing tomorrow morning. Uuhhn.”

Josie’s smile grows wider, spreading from ear to ear.

“Perfect.” She says.


The next morning is Monday. After showering and dressing Tanner goes to the kitchen to make his morning coffee. He has a lot of work on a new Sacramento office complex to get started on, but he always takes a few moments to read some morning headlines and sip his joe. He walks into the living room and settles into the couch, placing his steaming mug on a coaster on the wooden end-table next to him. Raising the paper, he begins delving into a sports article. As he reads, Tanner hears the telltale whisper of movement from the hall, a slight sound of fabric brushing against the carpet. The sound gets closer, coalescing into clear but faint footfalls. They enter and cross to where he sits. Suddenly, four delicate fingers with bright red polish slowly hook over the top rim of his paper, and gently begin to lower it. Tanner smiles ruefully as his daughter begins to come into view, then his pulse quickens and his cock gives a single twitch.

Josie Macallister grins at her father as she lowers the paper out of the way. She is dressed in a skintight white T-shirt, the straining material hugging her curves like it has been painted on. She is not wearing a bra, and through the thin cotton material Tanner would have been able to see the darker spots of her nipples already; but his view was helped by the fact that they bulged out like tiny snowcapped peaks on the rolling expanse of her tits. A pair of pink panties and socks complete her outfit, but what starts his heart hammering is what she holds in her right hand.

A bottle of baby oil.

“Good morning, Daddy.” She purrs, cocking her hip and capturing his eyes with hers. “Almost time to leave?”

“Yes.” Tanner gulps, eyeing the gentle rise and fall of her bosom as she breathes. His cock begins thickening in his crisply pressed trousers. “Got about 5 more minutes before I’ll start being crunched for time.”

“5 minutes?” Josie repeats, hand going to her mouth in mock horror. “That’s not a lot of time. I’d better hurry.”

Without another word she drops to her knees, using her hands to push her father’s legs apart. She settles in between them, hands fishing for her father’s belt and zipper.

“Josie! I have to leave soon! I can’t be late for wo-haaahh.”

As he speaks Josie has undone his zipper and her hand delves inside for her prize. Her hand burrows through the front opening of his boxer shorts and yanks out his thickening shaft. It pops into the light and she immediately impales her mouth on it, sucking deep for the root as she grips the base with a steady hand.

Tanner’s hands rise to the sides of his own head and he clenches his own hair in commingled lust and frustration. A low throaty moan comes from his daughter’s mouth as she sloppily sucks his cock, bobbing her head feverishly on the slick wet pole.

Suddenly she stops. Releasing his cock she unbuttons his pants and begins sliding them down his hips. Tanner, now fully gripped by incestuous longing for his baby girl raises his hips to help them along. Josie drags them all the way down to his ankles, and his boxers follow next. She then begins unbuttoning her way up his shirt, Escort Fulya stopping two from the collar and gently moving his tie to one side. She eases closer until she is firmly wedged between her father’s thighs, then grabs the baby oil.

Tanner’s eyes bulge as Josie uncaps the bottle and upends the silky clear fluid over her tits. She pours a steady dollop into her deep cleavage and squeezes a thick long spurt over the material covering her breasts. Dropping the bottle, she rubs it into her shirt, making the material even more transparent than it was. Her nipples poke through the wet, clingy material.

Josie raises herself up on her knees slightly. As she does, one hand lifts the bottom of her T-shirt up, exposing the bottom halves of her soaking breasts to view, as well as the bottom of her cleavage, where a thin streamer of oil still dribbles. Her other hand grabs her father’s cock again, pointing the purple glans at the open hole of her under-cleavage. She leans in and then drops back down, capturing her father’s penis between her breasts. The head pokes up through the collar of her shirt, the shaft nestled snugly between her twin globes.

Josie giggles and adopts a “look no hands” pose, gently wiggling her pendulous mounds back and forth, the oily surface rubbing against his trembling length. His cock has nowhere to go, being held firmly by the snug, slippery shirt.

“Okay daddy.” She breathes. “Not much time, so as much as I want to titty-fuck you nice and slow, I’ve gotta hurry.”

And with that Josie begins a steady, hard rise-and-fall motion, using her hands placed firmly on his knees to bounce her bobbling rack on her father’s imprisoned member. Tanner groans as every inch of his rock hard cock is encased in a layer of undulating slippery silken flesh. A steady clap clap clap fills the room, each time her gorgeous mounds smack against his hips.

As much as Tanner wants to enjoy this titfuck forever, his libido has other ideas. Within two minutes he feels his balls beginning to churn, his impending release building by the second.

“Oh pumpkin,” He moans, placing his hands on hers. “Oh fuck, baby. You’re gonna make me shoot! Oh fuck here it comes!”

“Yes!” Josie urges “Give me your load, daddy! Shoot between my titties!”

Josie quickly adjusts her position. She raised both arms, bent at the elbow snug against her body. She hold her forearms vertically, fists clenched, squeezing her bouncing tits together between them, turning the silky wet tunnel her father’s dick has been plowing into a tight viselike grip. She also leans back slightly, aiming her father’s soon-to-be-squirting cockhead away from his work clothes and towards her face.


With one final pump Tanner’s rich purple cock head pokes upwards out of his daughter’s smothering tit hug. He erupts like a volcano, a silky ribbon of slick creamy cum discharging from the head like a cannon blast. The syrupy salvo rockets directly into Josie’s laughing countenance, splattering her from forehead to chin, smearing goo over her shining teeth and oozing from her bangs.

Josie lowers her chin to her chest and pushes down hard, her father’s spurting cockhead augering past her clenching lips to deposit a salty dollop directly onto her waiting tongue. Josie whimpers appreciatively and bobs her head on her daddy’s cock, feeling spurt after hot gooey spurt flood her mouth. Her cheeks begin to puff out and pearly white leakage trickles from the corners as she desperately tries to hold his creamy torrent.

Tanner twitches spasmodically on the couch, each lurch of his hips disgorging more pearly froth into the hot sucking mouth of his little girl. She gently holds his cockhead between her lips until the tide stems, then leans back, releasing his cock with a burbling slurp.

Josie tips her head back and opens her mouth, revealing to her father the pseudo-lake of creamy spunk she has collected at the back of her mouth. She gently gargles, bubbles of semen burbling in her mouth, before she closes her lips and gives a great gulp. As the slimy treat disappears down her throat she leans forward and licks a single white droplet slowly oozing from her father’s urethra.

“God, daddy,” She coos, wiping at the single streamer painting her face and licking her fingers. “Your cum tastes so good.”

Tanner gasps on the couch, his thighs gently quivering. He is vaguely wondering how the hell he’s going to stand up, let alone leave for work.

“C’mon Daddy.” Josie giggles as she stands up and holds her hands out to her father. “Let me help you.”

Tanner reaches up and takes her hands, and she braces herself and helps pull him up off of the couch. He totters slightly as he comes to his feet, and Josie reaches one arm around his back to steady him, leaning in close. As he rights himself and she releases him, he reaches out and places a hand on each one of her cheeks. He draws her in, and kisses her.

He only intended for it to be a small kiss, a nonverbal thank you for the generous servicing she had just given him. As their lips clash together, he tastes his own cum dregs on her lips, and doesn’t even care. He closes his eyes, tilts his head slightly to the side, and kisses his daughter with aplomb.