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Bred by the Hive Ch. 48

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Bred by the Hive Chapter 48

By Gary LM Martin

Major Samantha Arden of the United Survey Service is a senior official in HomePlanet Security and is a very skilled ESPer, which makes her a prime target for the Hive. She has a strained marriage with her husband Gavin and is secretly in love with her superior officer, Colonel Jack Sullivan. All that changes as Sam gets taken by the Hive.

Carla’s perspective had changed. She had started out wanting to protect her children from the Hive. Now that her sister Sam had brought her into the Hive, trained her, and brought her rider to maturity, Carla saw joining the Hive as a normal part of reaching female sexual maturity. It was a special gift, a necessary gift, a rite of puberty that she wanted to share with the girls. And more than that, Carla realized that she was sexually attracted to her daughters. Sam had sexually awakened her body, and Carla realized that she wanted to share that level of closeness, of intimacy, with her daughters. But she realized the girls wouldn’t accept overtures from her, not until they had joined the Hive. And so Carla realized there was an even more compelling reason to bring the girls into the Hive: so Carla could have sex with both her daughters.

The girls were masturbating all the time now. They would openly walk around the house with their hands in their pants. They couldn’t help it. Whatever Carla put into their food was stimulating them unmercifully. Sometimes Carla would catch them at it.

Abby, the older sister at 19, reddened the first time Carla caught her rubbing herself with her hands in her pants. She quickly pulled her hand out and blushed furiously, turning away.

Another time Carla came into the living room one evening to find her 18 year old daughter Charlotte, with her hands deep in her panties, rubbing away. Her face burned red as she quickly pulled her hand out of her pants. “I’m sorry Mom, I just can’t help it!,” said Charlotte.

Carla grabbed and hugged her dear one. “Don’t be ashamed, dear. It’s just a natural biological function,” she said. She stiffened as she said it. For a moment, she sounded like Sam.

“Really?” said Charlotte.

“Of course,” said Carla, holding her hand. The hand that had just been… “You’re just reaching sexual maturity. It’s quite normal, nothing to be ashamed about. Don’t be ashamed to do it around the house… it’s completely normal. No one will judge you, dear.”

“All… all right, Mom,” said Charlotte, looking a bit uncertain.


The next day Carla walked by the children’s bathroom. She heard sounds of someone taking a shower, but the door to the bathroom was open, which was odd.

When Carla walked into the bathroom she saw her young one Charlotte in the shower. But Charlotte was not exactly bathing. Charlotte’s back was pressed against the wall of the shower, her teeth gritted and her eyes tightly closed. She was biting her lip and her face was tense as she rubbed herself between her legs. Water splayed over her breasts and stomach and groin as she rocked back and forth ever so slightly. Carla could see that Charlotte’s legs were taut as she fingered herself frantically.

“Ah… ah….” She said, her eyes closed, her teeth gritted. And then, suddenly, she opened her eyes. She saw her mother staring at her. But she was too close to her climax. She couldn’t stop. “Ah… ah… ahhhhhh…..” she said, staring straight at Carla. “Aaaaaahh,” Charlotte cried, as her body heaved slightly. Her tense muscles relaxed, and a gentle smile broke out across her young face.

She blinked as she suddenly realized what she had been doing and who she had been doing it in front of. Reddening, she turned away.

Carla walked on, feeling excited but also concerned. The memory of what she had just seen haunted her. The girls were being tormented by this drug. She sensed it was nearly time to put an end to their agony. But did Carla have the courage to do it?

She had to. She had to do it for Michael.

Carla waited until Abby came home from shopping and both the girls were home. When the door slammed and Abby walked in, Carla knew it was time. Abby was already rubbing herself through her pants, desperate for relief, even as she closed the bedroom door behind her.

Carla busied herself for a few minutes and then went in search of her darling daughters.

Both Abby and Charlotte were in Abby’s bedroom. Both had their hands in their pants, frantically trying to bring themselves relief. When they saw Carla, they rapidly pulled their hands out of their pants, though Charlotte was noticeably slower than her sister.

“It’s all right, dears. I know what you’re going through,” said Carla, closing the door behind her. She started to remove her clothing.

“You do?” said Abby.

“Um hm,” said Carla. She took off her shirt, and started working on her bra. The clasp came free and her breasts came spilling out in Lefkoşa Escort front of her children. She smiled as she saw Charlotte’s eyes go wide. She started working on her pants.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Abby asked.

“Taking off my clothes, dear. You’ve seen me naked before,” said Carla calmly. It was true and untrue. The girls had seen their mother naked before, but always in passing as she was coming to and from the shower. Never… never like this.

Carla proudly took off her pants and then her panties in front of her stunned children. At that moment she felt so grateful to the Hive, grateful that it had given her the courage to expose her raw sexuality to her darling daughters like this. She proudly rubbed a hand through her pubic hair as if to make a point.

“Mom!” Abby cried, as if she had been stuck with a pin. “What are you doing?”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, dear. We’re all girls here, aren’t we?” Carla asked. She saw Charlotte nod slightly. Good. “I know the problems you’ve been having.”

“You… you do?” said Abby.

“Yes,” said Carla. “And I can help. But first you have to take off your clothes.”

Abby looked doubtfully, first at her mother and then Charlotte. Carla looked at her youngest. Come on, Charlotte, you can do it!

Charlotte took the first step, pulling her shirt over her head. Her sister followed.

The girls undressed. Carla hadn’t seen them in the nude for years, not since they had been children. She was delighted to see that Charlotte’s body was sexually mature, even if her breasts were still small. She would be a productive asset for the Hive, Carla reflected.

Abby would be a tougher sell. Her older daughter stood there in her bra and panties even as her youngest one bared her breasts and pubis proudly. “Come on, Abby, take it all off,” said Carla, trying to keep the yearning out of her voice. “Don’t be shy.”

Abby reluctantly looked from her mother to her sister and then started on her bra strap. Abby had matured much more than her sister, and was well on her way to having the big, rich breasts that her mother enjoyed. Between her legs her pubic hair was the same color as her father’s. Her father, who was now serving the Hive. As the children would soon be. Carla felt a tingling in her clitoris and shuddered.

“Very good, dears,” said Carla, in a firm, mature voice. She sat down on Abby’s bed, and patted the spaces next to her. The girls sat down by her, one on each side. Carla felt enormous power as she got her girls to obey her in this small, simple step. It was only the first of many,

“What you’re going through is perfectly natural, my sweet ones,” said Carla, giving a patronizing, mature smile to each of her nude adult daughters. How she yearned to make love to them!

“It is?” said Charlotte. “I’ve never felt the urge this strong before.”

“Neither have I,” said Abby.

“Of course not. It’s because you’re both on the verge of becoming women,” said Carla, giving a sad smile. She looked at Abby’s breasts. She would enjoy feeling them pressed against her, once Abby joined the Hive. “It’s just the final stages of puberty.”

“It is, Mom?” Charlotte asked.

Carla smiled as she stared at Charlotte’s blonde pubic triangle. She couldn’t wait to eat her youngest daughter out. “Um hm. But I can help you girls get through it.”


“Watch carefully.”

Here goes….

Carla felt her rider whisper something in her mind. She took a deep breath, and spread her vaginal lips. Then she felt a suddenly surge of doubt.

This is wrong! I shouldn’t be doing this with my children!

It’s perfectly fine. You’re just demonstration a natural biological function.

Carla sat up straighter and nodded to herself. Then she started rubbing her clitoris in a circular motion. Suddenly, she realized she was freely masturbating in front of her daughters. She saw the girls giving her wide eyed looks. She smiled as she thought she saw Charlotte lick her lips. “Do you see how I rub it this way? You can do it too-“

Even before the words were out of her mouth, both Abby and Charlotte were rubbing their own clits. They had to. The drugs in their system were driving them over the top with sexual desire, night and day. Within seconds all three girls were diddling themselves… right in front of their mother. A layer of shame had been stripped from them, replaced by a layer of intimacy.

Carla looked at her youngest rubbing her clit inside her vaginal folds and smiled. The sight of Charlotte touching herself, pleasuring herself, gave her a strong stirring between her own legs. Soon she would be having Charlotte. Soon she would be having both her daughters. Sam had promised her.

“Mom, am I… am I doing this right?” Charlotte asked.

Carla felt her nipples get hard as she watched Charlotte diddle her clit. “You’re doing well, dear, but you have to start with more wider swipe-like Girne Escort motions, like this.” The girls watched as Carla’s hand worked over her own clitoris.

Abby and Charlotte attempted to replicate their mother’s moves. “The trick is not to rub it too hard or too strongly, not until you’re about to come. And by all means, avoid the tip, that’s the most sensitive part.”

“Why would we want to do that?” Charlotte asked, as she touched herself.

Carla smiled. “If you start by rubbing your clitoral hood, it can prolong your orgasm for a long time, dear.” She watched as her girls masturbated themselves. “You can also try fondling your labia and your breasts with your free hand, like this.” She stroked herself.

She watched Abby imitate her moves. Her elder daughter looked positively hot as she used one hand to stroke her clitoris, and the other to run a delicate finger along her labial lips. She gasped. “Am I… am I doing this right, Mom?” Abby asked.

“I believe you are, dear. You’re a natural!” said Carla encouragingly. She was delighted when her daughter smiled back at her, for the first time since she had started masturbating in front of her mother.

Charlotte, however, was having some trouble… or at least, she claimed to. “I’m not feeling it like I used to, Mom,” she said.

“Try rubbing in a more circular motion, like this.”

Charlotte tried, but ended up frowning even more.”Can you show me, Mom?”

Oh, how I would love to show you, dear! But instead, Carla put her hand over Charlotte’s and slowly guided it, using it to move it in a wider circle around Charlotte’s clitoris. Charlotte started to take deep breaths of air which told Carla that it was working. “See? Doesn’t that feel better?”

“Yeah, it does, Mom,” Charlotte sighed. She smiled as her mother guided her hand over her most intimate sexual organ. “Mom, you’re so good at this. But… is it really all right that we’re doing this… together?” Charlotte asked anxiously.

“Of course. We’re all women here. I’m just teaching you how to use your bodies. It’s all perfectly natural,” said Carla with a reassuring smile, as she continued to guide Charlotte’s hand while she pleasured herself. She was helping her girls masturbate! Carla silently thanked the Hive for this gift of intimacy with her loved ones. Charlotte in particular looked so beautiful as she fondled herself inside her labia. She had the most angelic smile on her face as she fondled herself, which she sometimes turned on her mother.

At first the girls were staring off into space as they fondled themselves, but over time they regained focus, and gradually they started looking into their mother’s eyes, and she in theirs. A connection started to form between them, a new kind of connection, one not rooted in the mother daughter relationship, but rather in the perfectly natural relationship between three sexually mature females, one who was an avid member of the Hive, and two more who were on the verge of joining.


Family relations started to subtly change in the Farley household. With Michael gone, and Carla’s son Stuart traveling on vacation, it was only the females at home, which was a good thing, as the Hive was readjusting the relations between mother and daughters. After their first joint masturbating session, Abby and Charlotte started walking around the house wearing only their panties. They even masturbated in front of their mother. Carla would sit with them in the living room and join in as they pleasured themselves, morning, day, and night. They couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Carla was glad that the girls were finally getting pleasure, but she felt a bit guilty because she was the cause of their desire. Carla continued to give them the drug that Sam had given her. She had no choice; the Hive required it. She looked at her back in the mirror, and saw the faint beginnings of a second band. Soon the Hive would control her completely.

As days passed, relations between Carla and her girls began to change in other ways, especially Carla’s relationship with Charlotte. The following morning Charlotte, only dressed in panties, kissed her mother good morning. “Good morning, Mother,” said Charlotte, in a musical voice, as she pressed her lips against her mother.

But Charlotte’s kiss was not the kiss of a daughter. Charlotte grinded her lips against her mother. Carla stifled a groan as she responded. She felt Charlotte’s small titties pressing against her chest.

When Charlotte pulled back, it was Carla who reddened. “That was some good morning,” she said.

“Yes, it was, Mother,” said Charlotte unabashedly, in the same sing-song voice.

She’s attracted to me! My own daughter is attracted to me! Carla thought. And Charlotte hadn’t even joined the Hive yet.

The girls continued to masturbate freely. Carla no longer participated; her rider told her that she had done all she needed to do, Magosa Escort at this stage. Much as she would have liked to have joined the girls, she felt she needed a pretext to do so, and felt chagrined that she didn’t have one.

But then, two days after their initial breakthrough, Carla passed by the living room. The girls were completely nude, rubbing away. Abby had a self indulgent smile as she rubbed her pubic folds. She was facing her sister but she was staring at the far wall, her mind miles away. Charlotte, however, was much more self aware, and noticed her mother walking by.

“Mom! What are you doing?”

“I… just doing some cleaning, dear.”

“Why don’t you come sit with us?” said Charlotte. She masturbated shamelessly even as she spoke to her mother. It was clear that she meant more than just sit.

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Carla. I mustn’t look too eager.

“Please, Mom. We’d love your company, wouldn’t we, sis?”

“Sure,” said Abby, giving an easy smile as her fingers were embedded inside her vulva. Abby’s labial lips were much thicker than her sister’s, more like her Aunt Sam’s.

Carla hesitantly came to the couch.

“Sit next to me, Mom,” said Charlotte, patting the seat as her mother had just two days earlier. Which seemed like a lifetime ago.

Carla sat down next to Charlotte.

“Oh, Mom, this feels so good,” said Charlotte, as her busy fingers moved within her vaginal folds.

“I’m glad, dear,” said Carla, licking her lips.

“Aren’t you going to take off your clothes?” Charlotte asked.

“Me?” said Carla.

“Yeah, Mom. Why don’t you join us?” said Abby.

Carla looked from one daughter to another and realized she couldn’t refuse. She felt her pulse pounding as she slowly took off her clothes. She was careful to keep her back to the children so they wouldn’t see her rider. Not yet, not yet, a whisper told her in her mind.

Soon she was as nude as they were. Charlotte looked at her mother expectantly. “Go on, Mom. Or would you like me to help you?” She gave her mother a new, mocking look that sent a thrill down Carla’s spine.

Carla tentatively started to touch herself. Soon all three of the Farley girls were masturbating together again, Mother and daughters. Carla felt another thrill when Charlotte touched her arm. “I love doing this with you, Mom.”

“I love doing this with you too,” said Carla.


After that, Carla joined the girls’ masturbating session at least once a day. The drug made the girls masturbate all throughout the day, and Carla found that Charlotte whined and complained if she didn’t join them for at least an hour or two. She would sit there, fondling herself while she smiled at her girls and talked with them. She found that the bond of intimacy between them was getting stronger and stronger. And as it did, the girls became freer and freer in what they said.

“Your pussy is so pretty, Mom,” Charlotte finally said one day.

Carla reddened, even as she continued to fondle herself. “Thank you, dear.”

Charlotte licked her lips as she looked between her mother’s legs. “It’s so hairy and your vag is so fleshy… will mine get like that?”

Carla looked down at her thick triangular pubic growth. She suddenly realized how much her daughter was attracted to her. “Of course it will. You’re still a developing young woman.” Carla felt a tingle in her clitoris not produced by her own fingertips, the tingle of feeling her daughter showing signs of attraction for her.

It’s working. Soon she will be mine, something inside her told her.

At their next joint masturbating session, Charlotte took it a step further. They were sitting together, smiling at each other as they rubbed their clitorises, when suddenly Charlotte gave an exaggerated sigh and shrugged her naked shoulders. “It’s not working any more, Mom.”

“What isn’t working?”

Charlotte had her legs spread wide, her vaginal lips proudly on display as she rubbed her finger against her clitoris. “I’m… I’m not getting off like I used to. Can you… can you show me how to do it again?”

Carla smiled and moved to place her hand over Charlotte’s to demonstrate again. But Charlotte pulled her hand away, and instead put it on top of Carla’s. “Show me, Mom,” she said, her eyes sparkling. “Show me how you do it.”

Carla stiffened and felt/heard her rider whispering something inaudible to her. She smiled and nodded, and felt an excited tingling in her chest. She would be touching her daughter sexually for the very first time, and they both knew it. Carla wanted to gasp with excitement but restrained herself. Her rider, pulsating on her back, gave her the confidence and calmness to proceed. Charlotte’s pussy lips were bright pink and her clitoris was soaking wet from all her stimulation. Carla gently put her fingers between her daughter’s labial lips and quickly found her clitoris. It was already hard and engorged. Carla started to rub the clitoral hood, giving glancing rubs to the tip as she moved her fingertips back and forth.

“Ah,” said Charlotte immediately. “That’s so good!” Her body started to rock back and forth slightly.

“It helps if you think about boys, boys you like, being inside you while you do it,” said Carla.