Mayıs 22, 2023

Bree at the Mall

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Bree was naughty.


But naughty.

It was one very good reason for liking her as much as I did.

I liked to turn her on.

I liked to exploit her.

I decided to take her shopping.

The objective: To see how tuned on I could get her, how bad she could be, how many people she could “innocently” expose herself to, and how many of those incidents I could capture on video.

It turned me on.

A lot.

Bree liked to please me. She liked to be exploited. To be exhibited.

I dressed her carefully.

Low-cut top.

No bra.

When I looked at her, I could see her nipples harden, and press against the fabric of her top.


Very, very nice.

Short skirt.

No panties.

Bend _ and flash that gorgeous ass.

Sit _ and flash inner thighs, and more!!!

Crouch down, and flash … everything … to anyone and everyone.

I was so excited planning the day I had to change my panties before we left the house.

I was already all wet!!!!

We had talked extensively about the plan the night before _ and we were so turned on, we just kept cumming.

First me, in her mouth, her fingers in me.

Then her, in my mouth, my fingers in her.

Then together, on opposite ends of the bed, watching each other masturbate.

And for dessert, a 69, and a final shuddering climax.

It was explosive.

It was naughty.

It was fun.

The plan: I would follow her discretely, with the small video cam in my hand. We had practiced even that, so I knew how to hold it to capture the “action,” how far to be for perfect focus.

We wanted to be able to watch this later … again and again.

As we masturbated.

Before we made love.

While we made love.

Bree was going to be very exposed. To everyone we thought might be interested … No rules, just that we thought the targets of Bree’s exhibitionism should be “interesting” to us …

At the mall, we went directly to our favorite department store.

And, once there, directly to the women’s room! We both already were soaked.

We Ümraniye Escort took the opportunity to wipe each other dry, laughing as we turned each other on even more! It was a waste of time. We were just as wet when we left, maybe more so.

From there, it was directly to the shoe department.

First, because we both loved shoes.

Second, because you had an excuse to be sitting, standing, bending, crouching …

And, finally, because there would be lots of women to flash.

It did not take long to find an appropriate target.

Not exactly what we had in mind, but a great warm up.

He couldn’t have been more than 18 or 19. A young-looking 18 or 19. Good-looking, but not worldly. When he saw us, he looked, and looked away. No attempt to stare, almost like he was embarrassed that we might catch him looking.

Seemed like a good reason to see if we could make him REALLY want to look, make it impossible for him to look away.

I manuevered away from Bree, and over behind him.

Bree moved more toward the center of his attention, on the other side of the sneaker display, where he was looking directly across at her as he looked at the sneakers.

She had grabbed some sandals.

She sat down.

I could see him looking her way.

But, dammit, I couldn’t find a position where I could catch both of them on the video. I could get him looking over toward her. I could get her sitting there. I could not get him looking at her with her in the picture.

She WAS giving him a show, each time she bent down to put on a sandal, or take one off. And he WAS watching. But I couldn’t capture it on video. I signalled Bree it wasn’t working. She got up, and put the sandals back.

Frustrated, I suddenly noticed a woman, on the other side of the shoe department.

She was very attractive.

Provocatively dressed.

I stepped well back.

I signalled Bree, but she already had noticed the woman.

Bree turned her back to her, bent down to check sizes on shoe boxes on the lower shelves. She was flashing A LOT of upper thigh …

And this time, I Ümraniye Escort Bayan was taping a woman clearly fixed on the view!

She moved, bent down to get a better look.

I circled around and signaled Bree again.

She took a couple boxes and moved toward a chair facing the woman, who hadn’t moved from her vantage point …

Bree bent forward to open the boxes.

Even from a distance, with camera in hand, I could see her breasts.

Then she slowly raised a leg to put on a shoe.

We could see EVERYTHING!!!!

And the woman was looking.


Unaware as I manuevered up behind her.

And whispered near her ear, “Like it? Move closer …”

And she DID!

Bree was watching both of us now, as we moved closer, around her.

I told her to lift her skirt.

She did.

As I fondled our new friend’s ass.

I asked her if she liked women.

She said she had never done anything like this, yet even as we stood exposed in the store, she said nothing as I fondled her, slide my hand into the crack of her ass, moved downward.

Not a word. Just an increase in the tempo of her briefing. A noticeable increase.

With Bree still exposed, I lifted our new friend’s skirt, giving Bree a view of her panties.

A thong.

Our friend was having trouble standing.

As a couple more people entered the department, we decided to go for coffee.

Karen was breathing hard. She said she had never seen or done anything like that, but once she started looking, she couldn’t stop.

She had never been with another woman, she admitted, but had fantasized about it from time to time.

We told her about our little game.

We swapped emails and telephone numbers.

She was married, but talked about heading home to “do something about her excitement.”

We had other plans.

And told her, or I did.

As Bree listened.

We went back to the department store.

The three of us.

We randomly picked out some clothes.

We went into the dressing rooms, the handicapped changing Escort Ümraniye room because it was bigger. I pointed out there could be security cameras, so someone might be about to get a great show.

Karen, quite obviously, was too turned on to care.

While I ran the video camera, Bree undressed.

Karen couldn’t stop staring.

I told Bree to undress Karen.


For the camera.

First her blouse.

Then her bra. Her breasts were so beautiful! Hard nipples. The size of quarters!

I had Bree kiss her.

And suck her nipples.

Karen was moaning.

My panties were soaked.

I had Bree remove Karen’s skirt.

And then, slowly, remove her panties.

She was shaved.

I wanted to taste her, but I made Bree lick her …

The camera was shaking in my hand …

My hand was shaking.

My panties were soaked.

I watched as Bree licked and sucked Karen’s pussy.

I couldn’t stand it any more.

I put the camera aside, came over and kissed Karen.




My hands were on her breasts, as Bree worked her pussy with her tongue. I moved around behind Karen, my tongue working down her back, tracing down her ass.

Now, she had two tongues on her, one from the front, one from the rear, both of us trying to devour her as she tried to control her moaning.

It took very little time for her to cum.

Very little time.

When she stopped shaking, I asked her, from back behind the camera, if she wanted to taste Bree.

Without a word, she moved between her legs.

There was nothing uncertain about her movements.

As she moved her tongue over Bree’s pussy, lapping and sucking, sucking and lapping, I began to finger her from behind.

She met my movements.

Left no doubt she wanted, needed, to cum again.

I worked her hard and fast.

Her tempo increased on Bree.

I could sense them both moving closer to climax _ and they came within seconds, way too loudly for where we were, but with bodies quaking with aftershocks from their climaxes.

After the noise, we dressed and left quickly.

It was clear at least the attendant outside had heard us.

And if Security had been watching, someone got an eyeful …

Karen asked if she would see us again.

We laughed.

We ALL knew we would see each other again.