Mayıs 12, 2023

Bringing Mom Out of Poverty

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Family lives were luxury when I was still at very young age. My parents were almost able to afford a smooth life. My dad would drive a sports car. My mom could shop daily. Not until when I was 17 years old, my dad passed away from cancer. His company took back all the assets that they have provided, leaving us to nothing but just our very own little savings. It was the year I entered University and my mom was worried sick as we had nothing for school fees. However, my mom’s wish is for me to complete my studies well and earn a great living so she quitted being a housewife and began working. Mom sent University abroad and told me to come back in five years time with flying colours results. That was the last time I saw my mom. Five years later I was turning 23 and returned home finally. Swore to myself that I shall give back to my mom the good life she had before because she had Küçükyalı escort bayan struggled five years to put me in University. There, I saw my mom once again waiting for me at the main door. I noticed she look some sort of messed up but I ignored it as maybe because I hadn’t seen her for a long time. She had changed though somehow as I walked closer to her. Her sense of dressing have rather became revealing. “Hi Mom, I’m home now”. She gave me a tight hug and said “Good boy! Now you can bring back my good life. When you going to start work?” I told her it will be the following week. After the day of settling down, mom told me she is on her two week notice to work and she will just stay home from then onwards. She started cooking my dinner favourite dish. I went to the kitchen and see if I could be of assistance. I noticed mom dressing Escort Kartal was still revealing. Her night gown was very transparent; her breast was looking firm as like a hot woman could be, her nipples were able to be seen through the gown. I stood by her and did what I intended to assist on the kitchen. After eaten dinner, we all went on to our individual bedroom and took shower. As it was unusual for me to sleep in a new place after so long, feeling not sleepy I went down to the hall and to my surprise I saw mom leaving the house. Again her dressing was so attractive. I strain my eyes and took a good look this time at mom. She was wearing hot demin skirt, showing her round butt cheek especially with the high heels pushing up her calf muscle making her look so sexy. I was somehow aroused by mom’s legs and got myself a hard on. I turned away Suadiye escort and thought I shouldn’t thinking like this to my own mother. I went to sleep and woke up wet on my brief the next morning. The thoughts of mom’s legs were on my mind the whole day and my cock never stops hard on. I went down to the kitchen and saw mom in her high heels again. Her calf was making her entire legs so hot I was so much wanted to kiss it. “Good day mom!” She said “Hello my son how was your sleep? Did you sleep well?” I guess she did not know I caught her going out in that kind of clothing and not knowing her body had aroused me non-stop. “Well mom, the sleep was good” and I quickly walked back to my room and jerked off with the thoughts of my sperm landing onto her legs. I continued doing that each time I saw her in transparent gown with high heels every day. After one month passed, I was already starting work. Mom demanded I must give her 30 percent of my salary every month for her living. Life continued the same for me jerking off every night in my room the thought of banging my mom. It gotten more frustrating as days passes as what I was doing was just fantasy, not real. But I had to.