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Broken Pt. 05

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Broken part 5



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Seven days later…

My fingers rubbed along my temple as I sat behind my desk at the plant I worked at. Scanning the reports that came in every week to ensure the power plant was running within parameters. My boss always liked to give me this kind of work. Not that I minded, it gave me time away from home. Ever since I had my ‘date’ with Delph, Emily and Pauline have been acting rather oddly around me. Emily still had an attitude whenever she saw me. Although, it has lessened since, I haven’t gone out since that day. Pauline had started wearing more form fitting clothing, her shorts showed off far more than I even want to have stored in my memory. My eyes glanced over to my phone as it rang. Arching an eyebrow when Delph’s number appeared on the screen of my phone.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Jacob, I’m sorry for not calling…”

“No, I understand. You laid out the rules for this… thing I’m a part of. So I suspected this would happen,” I said, cutting her off.

“I promise I wasn’t trying to make you think what we experienced wasn’t a onetime thing. It’s just the kids have been…”

“I understand. You’re a good mother. So, what are you really calling about?” I asked, leaning back in my chair.

“Something has come up in the DNA matching. I think it would be best if you and Emily came in so I can explain the results.”

“Okay?!” I had no idea why my heart was racing. Sure Emily was my half-sister or aunt whichever title you wish to give her. Yet I really didn’t know a thing about her other than what she and Pauline has told me. “When?”

“Can you come in today?”

“Have to ask my boss… but I think I can swing it,” I stated, knowing it was going to take about forty-five minutes to get to my house, another hour to get to her office.

“Good. When can I expect the two of you to show up?”

“Two hours that is if I can get my boss to let me out for the day,” I replied, sliding back my chair. Peering over the wall of my cubical seeing my boss lounging in her office like she always did… or so I thought as I noted how she slammed her phone down onto the base. “Fuck. Maybe not,” I sighed in my head. Knowing how vicious she could be when she was pissed. Remembering the last Christmas party I attended when she snapped when one of the newest workers, who had just been hired, bumped into her, spilling his drink all over the front of her dress. Granted it was an accident, but that didn’t stop her from going off on the man. Nonetheless, I suspected it was because I and a great many got a good look at the sexy blue bra which showed through her soaked shirt. I knew that little incident caused some hardons; me included. What could I say, what I could see she had nice breasts for her age.

“Okay Jacob, call me if you can’t and I’ll meet you somewhere once you get off of work. This is really important.”

“Alright, I’ll see what I can do, and I’ll let you know,” I said, saying my goodbyes. Sliding my phone into my pocket as I exited my cubicle. Blowing out a breath, heading towards my boss’s office. I really wanted my house back, and if this meant they would be out quicker then I’d be a fool not to take the chance. Now if this proved fruitful all I had to do was wait on the garage to fix their car and they would be out of my hair. I hoped that would be the case as I neared the door of her office.

“Come in.” I heard the agitated growl of her voice once I knocked on her office door.

“Sorry for disturbing you boss,” I said, closing the door behind me.

“What is it Jacob?” I noted how she stared hatefully at the phone on her desk.

“You remember how I told you about my half-sister?” Her eyes finally glanced over to me. Noting how her eyes softened when I mentioned Emily.

“Yes, has something happened?” Sitting straighter in her chair, her hand gesturing to the chair in front of her desk.

“Her doctor just called, something important has come up and she wants us to come in,” I said, telling her of what Delph and I had spoken about.

“Of course, I understand, take the rest of the day… Go to Hell you rat bastard!” She screamed into her phone before slamming it down. “I’m sorry you had to hear and see that Jacob. It’s just…”

“I take it your husband did something stupid,” I stated noticing the lack of her wedding ring which she’s always worn, ever since I started working for her.

“Jacob, let me ask you, do I look old to you?”

“No, why?”

“Have my looks faded since you’ve come to work here?” I had no idea where these questions were going.

“Not that I’ve noticed Mrs. Bell…”

“Call me Angie, given the personal nature of this conversation,” she said, flashing me a smile. “I hope I haven’t made you uncomfortable with my questions. I wouldn’t want to create a hostile environment between us.”

“Sure, I understand,” I nodded. I noticed how her eyes ran down my body Fındıkzade Escort as I rose.

“One last question before you go Jacob.” Her eyes looked up at my face. My eyes watched the way the light played along her face. For a woman of forty-six to me it seemed time had only made the woman more stunning.


“Am I attractive? Do you find me… beautiful?” I saw the need for recognition in her eyes, also the pain of betrayal in them. It was the same look I saw in my father’s eyes on that fateful day.

“Umm… you’re not going to write me up for sexual harassment if I do?” I inquired, arching an eyebrow as she shook her head. Hoping I wasn’t walking into a trap. “You’re a very stunning woman, Angie .”

“Thank you, Jacob. At least someone finds me stunning.” Angie’s voice had a slight alluring tone to it as her eyes ran down my body. “I hope everything is okay with her, and I’ll see you bright and early in the morning.” Flashing me this rather seductive smile as I stood in the doorway.

“Baby, I thought you were at work?” Pauline voice came over the line as I called my house. I really wish she would stop calling me that. Her daughter was that to her, not me.

“I was, until Dr. Shaw called me,” I answered as I walked to my ’67 Chevy Impala hardtop that Pauline was getting far too comfortable driving.

“What?!” I heard the sounds of feet rushing to wherever Pauline was in my house.

“What is it Mom?” I heard Emily’s voice over the line as she entered the room Pauline was in.

“Dr. Shaw called your brother.” I rolled my eyes; she might be related to me by blood through Pauline, yet that doesn’t make her my sister.

“Be ready in forty-five minutes,” I cut in not eager to hear their squealing voices.

“Why?” Pauline asked, I heard the worry in her voice.

“Because she has something to tell us,” I said, opening my car door. Feeling the 502-cubic-inch big block v8 purr as the engine turned over. Hearing my Bluetooth syncing to my radio. “Be ready…”

“We will!” Pauline said excitedly, before I ended the call.

I saw them running out of my house once I pulled up. I tried not to notice how Emily’s and Pauline’s breasts bounced in their shirts as they raced towards my car, and how the sun played along Pauline’s legs, turning my gaze away as her shorts showed off her ass as she slid in beside me.

“Did you lock up my house?” I asked, as we sat idling there. Catching the scent of the perfume Pauline and Emily wore filling my car.

“Of course, Jacob,” Pauline said, I noted the how her cheeks had a pink hue to them and it wasn’t caused by her makeup when she looked at me.

“What did Dr. Shaw want?” Emily asked me, scooting forward in her seat. My gaze instinctively dropped as her shirt hung open showing me the tops of her braless breasts. Quickly, trying not to be a perv, my eyes glanced back up to her face. Sometimes I’m taken aback by how she looks so much like Pauline when she was her age.

“I don’t know, she didn’t tell me,” I said, turning back around in my seat. Gooseflesh raced along my skin as I felt her hot breath on my skin.

“I saw you looking,” her lips brushed against my ear, “I like that.” A shiver ran up my spine at those words. “I want you to look… nephew,” Emily whispered low before she moved back into her seat. I had no idea why she would want me to. Shaking the thought from my mind as I threw the gear shift into reverse. Looking down as Pauline placed her hand over mine. Seeing her fingers wrapping around it.

“I know this will be good news. I have faith,” Pauline said, nodding firmly. “After all the Lord brought me back into your life,” she uttered, flashing me a smile as I turned right out of my driveway heading towards the interstate.

I fought from rolling my eyes. If God — if he or she exists — I doubt that deity even cared. If it did then it had to be one sadistic god, because to have her show up one day out of the blue eighteen years later had to be some form of torture. However, was I being tested like Job? How I would react to all this? How I would take them being back in my life? I rightly didn’t know. I was just eager to get them out of my house, and far away from me. So I could get back to my life before I even knew about Emily.


The offices of Dr. Shaw…

Once again I found myself hemmed in by Pauline and Emily. Glancing down as Emily looped her arm around mine. She was humming lightly, a smile was on her lips, before they formed into a seductive smirk. It wasn’t hard to tell she wasn’t aroused given how her nipples were detailed by her shirt. I really didn’t want to know what was going through her head at the moment. Pauline placed her hand over my left drawing my attention to her.

“Today, I’m going to learn my baby girl is going to live. All thanks to you.” I glanced down as her fingertips lightly ran along the back of my hand. Watching how the muscles of her thigh flexed as she rested Fındıkzade Escort Bayan her left leg on her right knee. “Mmm… I’m going to make sure you have a very nice dinner tonight,” Pauline said, wearing that same smirk as her daughter. It was unnerving me to no end. Why weren’t they wearing bras?!

“Jacob, Emily, Dr. Shaw will see you now,” the nurse said, standing in the doorway that led to the examination rooms and the offices for the doctors that worked there.

Again just like before Emily commanded my right side, however, unlike before Pauline was on my left as we walked towards the nurse. I just couldn’t understand why they needed to touch me so damn much. It was getting so damn weird. I was getting acquainted with the curves of the female members of my family for too frequently.

“Do come in,” Delph said, seeing us standing in front of her office doorway.

“You sit honey,” Pauline said, patting my back, far too close to my ass. “I don’t mind standing…”
“No, I think you might need to sit for this,” Delph said, looking at Pauline as Emily and I took the two seats in her office.

“Here you go, ma’am,” the nurse said, bringing another chair into the room. Closing the door behind her as she left.

I noticed the glaring looks from Pauline and Emily given the way Delph was looking at me. The way those eyes of hers were undressing me. It felt like I was sitting between two glaciers as their eyes bored angrily into me. Their eyes spoke volumes telling me that this would be discussed later.

“Thank you, for coming in Jacob. I’m happy to see you again,” Delph said, I noted how those brown eyes of hers were thinking back to how I was between those legs. Making her cum over and over on my tongue.

“Not a problem Delph,” I said, with a coy smirk. Looking down as their hands took hold of my forearms. Feeling their nails cutting into my skin.

“You said the good doctor had something to tell us, didn’t you Jacob?” Pauline said, with a strained voice. “Let’s hear what she has to say.” I honestly don’t understand why the two of them were so upset about my subtle flirting with Delph.

“Yes Jacob, let’s hear what she has to say.” I winced as Emily’s nails bit hard into my left forearm. “Go ahead doctor,” Emily said, yet that hard look of hers never left me as she peered out her right eye at me.

“I’m sure you two know of the marker on your DNA that made your mother a nonmatch for you?” Delph asked, to which Emily nodded. “Well… your brother has that marker.” Her eyes were on me as Pauline and Emily grew still in their seats. Their mouths agape, their hands rapidly beat against mine as they jumped in their seats. “That’s not all, both of you share the same father. Given the marker on both of your genomes is from the ‘Y’ chromosome.”

“Wait. What?!” I voice rose at what she just said.

“You’re my really, real brother!” Emily squealed throwing her arms around my neck. My eyes glanced to the right of me as I heard Pauline gasp.

“Billy!” I heard Pauline’s whisper escape from around the hand covering her lips. Looking down, as her grip on my arms lightened and became gentler. Her eyes glanced to me. Was Billy my actually father or was Roy? I know she could see the question in my eyes. “Billy is and was your father, you have to believe me,” Pauline spoke trying to get me to believe her words.

“Did this Billy have green eyes?” Delph asked, drawing my attention back to her.

“Yes, why?” I inquired, not ready to accept the fact that Emily was indeed my full-blood sister.

“Because Emily here carries the markers for green eyes yet her mother’s brown eyed genes took precedent,” Delph said, laying out mine and Emily’s, along with Pauline’s, genetic profiles before us. “While you got your father’s black hair, Emily inherited most of your mother’s traits, as you got most of your father’s. The test is pretty conclusive the two of you both have the same parents.”

I looked over to Emily as she wept into her hands as she muttered ‘Billy is my real father’ over and over again. Okay, I have to say, I did feel for her knowing Roy wasn’t her biological father. I don’t think anyone would want that, not with what I’ve come to learn about the man. All I could do is gently rub Emily’s back. However, that only caused her to throw herself at me. I so had no clue what to do as she cried hard into my shoulder. All I could think about was the fact that her braless breasts were pressed into my chest as she whispered in my ear ‘You’re my real brother, not my half-brother. I’m so very happy.’ Well, what could I say to that? Lightly patting her back, and here I thought the day couldn’t get any more weirder.

“So… what do we do now Dr. Shaw?” I heard how shaky Pauline’s voice was as she asked that question.

“Now, we schedule a time at the hospital where we can irradiate Emily to kill off her old bone marrow, and then harvest what we need from Jacob a week later. Then Emily will be in Escort Fındıkzade isolation for a month due to her immune system being compromised by the radiation until the transplant from Jacob can take hold in Emily’s body. Given their ages, I don’t foresee any complications happening. However, I’ll keep a very close eye on both of them.” I saw the warm smile on Delph’s face when she spoke to Pauline. “It will be a few days before I’ll hear something. When I do I’ll call you when I have the news. Now Jacob do I need to write you a note for your work on how long you’ll be out?”

“Wouldn’t hurt,” I nodded. Trying to push Emily away, yet that only made her arms tighten around me. This was getting rather strange and inappropriate given where we were at the moment.

“Give me a moment,” Delph spoke turning towards her computer. I noted how her eyes would flutter to me and then to Emily. I simply shrugged my shoulders silently telling her I had no clue why she hadn’t let go of me.

“I think that’s enough,” I said, lightly patting Emily’s back as I heard the printer firing up.

“Emily, Pauline, would you mind giving me a moment alone with Jacob. Just to make sure that he knows what to expect with the transplantation. Please close the door on the way out,” Delph said, I know she noted the looks the two of them shot me before agreeing to wait in the waiting room. I knew I was going to pay for this given the looks that burned into me as they left. Turning my attention back to Delph as she rose from her seat. The sound of the paper rustled once she plucked it from the printer tray as she walked around her desk. “You know something is odd about them,” Delph spoke, my eyes glanced down as the nylons contoured to her shapely legs while she leaned against the edge of her desk. Remembering how they felt when they were wrapped around me while I was thrusting hard into her ever welcoming peach. How it hugged my cock as it pumped in and out of her paradise. The way her juices shined along my rod. I could feel myself hardening as the memories played out in my mind.

“Tell me about it,” I sighed.

“I’m not a part of that lifestyle, cockolding my husband is as freaky as we get. But I know some that are into that, it seems to me that they’re subs.”

“They’re what?” I asked, very perplexed.

“It’s just the feeling I get from them,” Delph stated shrugging her shoulders. Her nails clicked on the underside of the lip of the desk. Flashing me that same smile she had on that night after the very thorough fucking I had given her. “So you should be careful with them. It kind of feels like they want you as their Master. As weird as that sounds, it’s the way they look at you,” she said, clarifying her statement to me when I clearly had to have a very confused look on my face. I noted how her eyes glanced at my groin, then this wicked smile formed on her lips. “Are you hard Jacob?”

“Of course I am, just look at you,” I said, with a coy smile. Noting how her eyes flared once I flexed my cock against my jeans. Causing it to surged as she leaned forward. The scent of her perfume filled my head with burning desire, feeling the softness of her cheek as it brushed along my own.

“Then how about we really put some fire in those eyes of theirs?” Delph purred in my ear. My body trembled as she ran her fingers along the shaft of my cock. “I can’t stop thinking about your tongue on my pussy. Every time I do, my cunt gets so wet. Greg’s been trying so hard to match you, yet…” I groaned as Delph’s hand gently squeezed and stroked my cock through my pants, “no matter how much he tries he’s never going to measure up,” she whispered, I felt her tongue curl out, bringing my earlobe to her lips. Feeling them tugging on it while her hand caressed my manhood. “I am sorry for not calling, truly I am. Let me make up to you.” Who was I to stop her? I sure as hell wasn’t going to make her stop that’s for sure! Her lips plucked along my neck. I saw the need, the want, the hunger in her eyes as she sank down the length of my body. “Do you forgive me?” Delph asked, peering up at me. What man doesn’t say ‘yes’ when a beautiful woman has their cock in their hands?

“Of course…” I tossed my head back as Delph’s lips engulfed my cock. God. That woman knows her way around a man’s tool, not to mention how masterful she is with that mouth of hers. I was in heaven.

“I think you’ve ruined me,” Delph cooed, her tongue ran up the back of my cock. Those sultry brown eyes of hers glared at me, urging me to give her the creamy center her hand was trying to milk out. “Tell me Jacob, if we had more time, would you make my little pussy all wet again with that tongue of yours? Would you make me writhe once again for an hour with your face between my legs? Don’t play dumb, I know for certain what you were trying to do,” Delph said, she had this devilish light in her brown eyes.

“Oh shit!” I hissed low as Delph once again engulfed my rod.

“Greg told me all about how he harassed you as a kid,” Delph spoke once she came up for breath. “This was after I made him eat the creampie you left in my ass,” she said, wearing this rather coy smirk on her lips. Her hand did a slight twist while she stroked my cock. “You like that don’t you?” Delph purred once her lips had left the head of my pole.