Kasım 21, 2023

Brought to My Niece

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“Right love that’s my lift!!”

The parting words of my wife Donna as she headed out on one of her bi-monthly Friday nights out with the girls. I made the right noises as she exited and turned back to the ironing I was doing in the living room while watching our TV. I gave it thirty minutes then checked the app on my phone to confirm her phone was now stopped in the centre of town a good twenty miles away. I finished ironing a couple more of my work shirts and checked the app a second time. Still there, convinced, I switched the iron off and headed through to our bedroom.

When I emerged ten minutes later I had shed my jeans and t-shirt and was now clad only in a lovely neon pink matching set of frilly bra, panties and stockings with a similar coloured pair of high heeled shoes on my feet. I walked slowly over to the the ironing board and checked the app again. She was still in situ and indeed I knew she would be for hours more, she really was a woman of predictability my wife. One of the many reasons I loved her. I took the USB stick I had brought through and plugged it into the TV, rather than the Superhero film she had left me watching I had different viewing planned. Seconds later I had it working and was watching a hardcore pornographic film I had download off the net months ago, it had proven to be a favourite when I did this. It was a half hour scene where a blonde dominatrix porn star (Brittney Andrews, I think her names was) dominated and ass fucked a bald guy with the most glorious red strap on dildo.

I managed to iron a couple more items as the action got hotter and nastier on screen but soon found myself putting down the iron and reaching my right hand down to pop my straining cock out the side of the panties and gripping it in my hand and tugging on it, almost in rythym to the pounding as the blonde fucked the guy doggy style on screen.

“Hi Uncle Danny…”

I turned horror stricken at the sound of the voice behind me. Turned to look into the eyes of my 19 year old niece Emma. She was at Uni near us and Donna had made sure we kept an eye on her in her first year, inviting her over for tea a few times. I turned around desperately searching for an out from this situation: I was dressed in sexy women’s underwear, was jerking off and watching a porn film where a woman was ass fucking a guy, needless to say I could think of nany out. I just stood there, cock in hand and stared at her.

Emma was my brother’s daughter and they lived at the other end of the country. I hadn’t seen a lot of her growing up but I liked her and thought she was a nice, pleasant, sweet girl. I had been worried (as I knew her parents were) that the jump to University might be too much for her. She was nineteen, was short at five foot four, had brown hair cut in a cute, short elfin style and was slim and attractive. She was, I thought, pretty sheltered but even she must know what was going on here. It was her that broke the silence that had lingered for nearly a minute as we looked at each other.

“Um, I called Auntie Donna and told her my computer was broken and she said I could come over and use yours for my homework. She said she was out but that you were in and wouldn’t mind. I knocked…”

I must have been blushing bright red, I still had my rapidly softening cock in my hand, I was literally lost for words. The porn was still playing behind me, the blonde was now forcing the guy to suck off her strap on, straight from his ass.

“Er, look Emma, you shouldn’t have seen this. I’m sorry. Donna doesn’t know about this. Please…”

I could almost see the moment where she changed. Her eyes met mine directly, challenging me and forcing me to drop my own gaze. Her spine straightened and her voice grew a hundred percent more confident and assured. She crossed the living room to stand beside me and casually felt the material of my panties.

“Nice stuff Uncle Danny, it that Victoria’s Secret? Is it Donna’s or just yours? Actually forget that going by the size, and your shoes, God your shoes!, those are clearly your own. Wow, who would of thought? Dad always did say you were a bit strange.”

Her voice was so confident and self-assured. Beforehand when we spoke she was like the child and me the adult but that dynamic had clearly shifted tonight. As I continued to struggle to find words she changed her gaze to the action on screen, watched the Femdom for a while then turned to me.

“And is that what you like? That what gets you hard?”

Her hand reached down and brushed mine away and grasped my cock and gave it a squeeze. A jolt of electricity went through me at her touch and I instantly stiffened, much to my discomfort. She laughed and released that grip to grab my balls and give them a squeeze too.

“Is that what you wish would happen to you is it? It is, you wish you were him don’t you? Don’t lie. You do.”

I found myself nodding agreement to her question. I could hardly deny it.

“Well don’t let me spoil your special night. I bet you do this everytime Auntie İkitelli Escort Donna is out, don’t you? I’ll go and do my work on the computer, you just get on with what you were doing, don’t change for my benefit. I insist. I wouldn’t want to deny you the pleasure. “

She stepped back and not knowing what so do I resumed ironing tentatively. I hadn’t noticed her mobile in her hand before (she was like most teenagers – never to be seen without it) and before I realised it she had it held up and was taking a series of pictures. She saw my scowl and addressed it.

“Don’t worry Uncle these are just for my benefit -for just now!”

I felt sick as I mechanically kept on ironing. How could I have been so stupid? Why hadn’t I locked the front door? Just what would Emma do? And why was I still so stiff, it had nothing to do with the film which was onto the credits now and everything to do with the situation. I checked the app on my phone, Donna hadn’t moved, history told me I had at least a couple of hours yet. Finally, after half an hour had passed I heard Emma’s voice. She was on the phone and coming into the living room, she smirked at me and said.

“Oh yes, Auntie Donna, he was so surprised when I came in. You’ve got him well trained don’t you? Doing the ironing like that! Here I’ll put him on.”

Emma passed me the telephone and I spoke to my slightly drunk wife, as I did so Emma pulled my panties to my ankles and once more took my growing erection in her hand and this time she began to pump it back and forth. I swallowed and tried desperately to concentrate on what I was saying to my wife as this teenage tease played with me.

It was just about the most uncomfortable conversation I had ever had on the telephone. As I tried to keep my voice and answers as normal sounding as possible Emma was grinning up at me and seductively pumping my foreskin backwards and forwards. Somehow I managed not to give myself away, despite getting closer and closer to climaxing, I don’t think I could have hidden it if I actually had cum while I was speaking. Donna’s parting words did, though, give me a little shiver of concern.

“Emma said she got the bus out to us, be a dear and run her back in the car will you? She’s far too young to be going back at this time of night.”

I hurried through my goodbyes, thinking that Emma was getting faster and I was going to cum but as soon as I rang off Emma released my cock and stepped back with a fiendish smile on her face.

“Not very big, are you? Even Daddy’s is bigger than that!”

She laughed as she saw the shocked look on my face.

“Kidding! Just kidding. Or am I?”

I just stared at this girl that I had know all her life and couldn’t believe that underneath her innocent, sweet exterior there lay this personality. As I stood she took her mobile out again and very clearly took several snaps of my erection.

“So Unc, do you want me to finish you off? Or are you just going to give me a lift home?”

I don’t know where I found the self control to turn her offer down but somehow I did and said I would just drive her home. A small look of annoyance passed her face but she quickly receovered and said.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

“Ok, let me get changed” I said as I unplugged the iron and took the USB stick from the TV.

“No. You wanted to be dressed up like that tonight so you can be, you can drive me home dressed just as you are.”

I started to argue the point but before I had a few words out Emma had her phone held up displaying various pictures of me from that night. The implication was clear and I knew it.

“Come on Unc! Don’t stand there and tell me you don’t love the thrill and the risk. This is just a step more risky, more public. You know you want to, your just too chicken to do it yourself. Fine, blame me, if it makes you feel better you can just pretend it’s me forcing you to do it (and I am forcing you to do this).

There was truth in her words and I could hardly deny I was aroused but it still was not what I wanted to do as I followed her out of the house, grabbing the car keys on the way and locking the front door behind me. Only when turned around did the reality of where I was and what I was wearing really hit me. My car was in the driveway of our house, at least I had switched off the outside light but I would need to walk in some degree of light from the street lamp to get to the car.

“Come on, don’t want to catch a cold,” laughingly called out Emma from beside the car.

There didn’t seem to be anyone else about on our street so I rushed over to the car and went over onto my knees, not used to hurrying in high heels. I got up quickly and struggled over to the car, opened it and got in. Emma did likewise on the passenger’s side laughing at me. I wanted to say something but decided not to, that it would be better getting the little bitch home and trying to put this night behind us. It was hard driving in heels and I felt so self conscious dressed as I was, particularly İkitelli Escort Bayan when I got to lights. I had a bad moment when a police car drove past us going the opposite direction thinking what the hell I would say if I was stopped like this but thankfully I wasn’t. it took me ten minutes to get Emma back to where her flat was. I parked up and waited for her to get out. She didn’t move.

“You know it’s a real shame you didn’t get to cum tonight Uncle Danny.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’s fine. Can you get out now please.”

“No. You clearly are frustrated and need to cum. Why don’t you jerk yourself off now, then I’ll get out and you can drive home.”

“What? No! Are you crazy? I can’t do that!”

“You can and you will. Unless you want me to be making some new posts on my facebook page tonight, and you know I’m friends with the whole of our family don’t you, even Gran. Yeah, I thought so. Get wanking and you can get going, I’ll just sit here and watch.”

So, hating myself and my niece more than I thought possible, I sat in my car, dressed in women’s underwear and heels and jerked off, praying that no one would pass my car. Thankfully we were in a relatively quite street but still.

“Come on Uncle, you can go faster than that, just imagine my lips around your stiff member, that do it for you?”

She was mocking me but I took her at her word and did imagine that and found myself cumming seconds later. I caught most in my hand and made sure not to spill on the cars seats, wiping the residue on my bra. Emma found that funny too and hopped out telling me to enjoy the ride home. I did not.

But I did make it back without discovery and I swiftly changed clothes and hid all my stuff, checking Donna’s phone to see she was still in her bar. I finished the ironing in silence and brooded on just what my niece would do with what she now knew about me.

I spent the next fortnight in an almost constant state of worry that my dirty, little secret would be exposed. But it wasn’t and slowly I came round to thinking that maybe, just maybe, Emma would leave things as they were. Some hope!

I came home from work one night to be told by Donna that we were going out for tea then next night with Emma. My heart sunk but I tried to hide that fact. But I knew there would be more to this and indeed this was proven when I received a text the next day at work. It was from my niece and was short and sweet.


I cannot deny that I got a small thrill from this but it was still quite the risk as I got home and made sure I could snag my panties from their hiding place in the loft without Donna discovering what I was up to. Before she was home I had them on under my boxers and I was careful to make sure my trousers were well pulled up. I must admit I felt a sexy thrill as I stood chatting with my wife knowing what I was wearing. The thrill only increased as we met Emma at the restaurant and she gave both of us a big hug on greeting.

The meal went as normal, chatting about normal stuff, our jobs, her course, etc. You would not know what had passed between Emma and I a fortnight previously. Actually you would not realise what a minx she had turned out to be that night, she was back to her bookish, timid, wallflower act and it was convincing. Then my wife excused herself to go to the bathroom. Emma waited a moment then leaned over the table and hissed.

“Are you wearing them? Show me!”

I scowled but found myself reaching down to surreptitiously feel under my trousers and hook out the side of the pink panties as proof of my obedience. I held them out for a moment while Emma grinned.

“Good boy! Now before Donna comes back when is her next night out with the girls?”

I considered lying but didn’t

“Next Friday.”

“Good. I want you to do exactly the same as you did last time and I will be over at the same time. OK?”

Before I could answer she stretched her leg up and thrust her foot between my thighs to rub my cock and balls with it. She swiftly withdrew it as I gasped my agreement and moments later it was like nothing had happened as Donna returned to the table and we finished our nice, family meal.

I had to be sneaky in getting undressed later that night but I managed to hide my secret and got the panties hidden away without Donna realising anything was up.


The week dragged by. I went from hour to hour either dreading the coming Friday night or anticipating it. In the end I talked myself into believing that things were pretty much out of my hands unless I was prepared to call Emma’s bluff and this new version of my niece had a steely glint to her eye and in her voice that suggested she might be quite prepared to expose me.

It was actually spooky how similar that Friday night was to the previous one, again I was poised with iron in hand when Donna left and I left her the same amount of time before going to Escort İkitelli get dressed and get the same USB stick and film as Emma had caught me in. I found I was actually shaking as I tried to concentrate on ironing my clothes and then I heard the front door slam shut. I jumped and forced myself to keep on ironing.

“Well done Uncle, you obeyed me perfectly.”

I turned slowly to see my niece, she stood there looking rather different than last time. She had a pair of shiny black knee high boots and was wearing a shiny black coat. It was pretty short and she was showing more leg than I had ever seen her display, she had always been in jeans recently.

“You can either watch your faggot film or watch me take my coat off, your choice.”

We both knew there was no choice, I had watched that porn film so many times and I wanted to see what Emma had under that coat. She smirked as I turned to watch and bit her lip sexily as slowly undid the belt around her jacket and then pulled it apart to reveal she was stark naked underneath. I stared at her in a daze as she dropped the jacket beside the duffle bag she had brought with her. She had an amazing figure, slim, thin, almost boyish but yet so sexy, small, firm, pert tits and her body had not an ounce of fat on it. Between her legs was carefully shaved to a tiny little strip of wispy brown hair. She smiled at my reaction and only then did I realise she was filming me with her camera in hand.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

And there was the question. My niece stood in my living room in just a pair of sexy boots asking if I wanted to fuck her while she recorded my answer. I couldn’t find the words. She curled a finger at me, beckoning me to come closer and I obeyed immediately standing right up to her, our bodies millimetres apart and she asked again.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

This time, with her hand stroking my bulging panties I found my voice.


In an instant her hand changed shape and position and grabbed my balls roughly through the panties and squeezed extremely hard as she hissed.

“Well tough! Because I am going to fuck you! Get on your knees!”

As she increased the pressure on my balls it was all too easy for me to sink, submissively to my knees . She smiled at my willingness.

“I’m not sure you look quite slutty enough though Uncle, let’s see if I can change that shall we?”

From her bag she produced a lipstick, I could see it was bright red and I just knelt there as she applied it thickly and messily to my lips. She stepped back to admire her handiwork then leaned down and scrawled the word “SLUT” in lipstick on my forehead. I knew what she was writing from her movements. I can only imagine how much I was blushing at that moment. She stepped back and took a snap with her ever present phone.

“There! So much better. I have another couple of additions to make to your get up. She stooped to her bag and came up with two clothes pegs and a length of white lace from a training shoe. I knelt there as she slipped her hands down the front of my bra and snapped the clothes pegs onto my nipples, they stung immediately. She then neatly tied one end of the lace with her small hands into a slipknot and squatted to put it around my balls before pulling hard on it to tighten it.

“Go and get your favourite tie and bring it to me, preferably one Donna bought for you.”

I didn’t question or query Emma, I just got to my feet and stalked away, as I passed her she grabbed the loose end of the lace and jerked on it. That stopped me in my tracks. She just laughed and released it so I could continue.

I walked to the main bedroom and opened the wardrobe and pulled out a nice, burgundy patterned tie I often wore to work and which Donna had given me the previous Christmas and brought it back to my niece like an obedient dog seeking praise.

“Good boy. Now put it on.”

I wrapped the silk tie around my neck as if it was the most normal thing in the world. There was no collar to flip it under so I just tightened the knot and let it fall down between my bra. Emma then stooped and took something else from her bag, it was all straps and buckles and she stepped into it and pulled it up around her crotch and tightened it. At the front was a hole. She could see the look of comprehension on my face and smiled wickedly as she squatted to take the next object from her bag – a long, thick, black, veined, plastic dildo. Maintaining eye contact with me she snapped it into place on the harness and I took in her utter magnificence. Standing in her boots with a large black cock, jutting obscenely from her crotch she was a Goddess.

“Actually, lets get rid of these, they are just in the way” and Emma pulled my panties to my ankles and tugged them away. As she stood up she gave a playful pull on the lace around my balls and I grimaced.

“You want to be that guy on the screen? Getting fucked like a bitch? Well tonight you get that. I think that you should get to work getting it slick and wet because I have no other lubrication to use on you.”

I dropped to my knees and crawled over to her and took her plastic dick in my mouth and began to eagerly suck and slobber all over it. Again she had her phone up recording my actions. I did not care, I was lost to the moment.