Eylül 17, 2023

Brute Force Ch. 02

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(Note- In my eagerness to get started, I have written the second part first. The background will appear later on.)


When I woke up, I was still groggy from the drinks we had had last night.

Strange! I couldn’t move my hands. I thought I was still dreaming and tried to pinch myself, and realized, that to do it, I would have to move my hands, which was not possible, because they had been tied to the bed.

“This is not a dream” I heard and craned my neck in the direction John’s voice came from.

He was not wearing anything, and then I realized with a shock that I was not wearing anything either. I didn’t remember taking my clothes off. Shit. This seemed to be out of a B-grade porn flick. And why was I tied up?

“What’s this John? Why have you tied me up?” I asked, looking at his six-and-a-half-inch-long monster with alarm, and difficulty, as I was tied up. (I have only a 4 and a half-inch dick when it is erect. So it figures).

“I thought you would have guessed by now, considering that my drug’s effect is wearing off. You are lying on the bed naked because I am going to fuck you up your ass, and you are tied up so you can’t interrupt my pleasure,” he stated cheerfully. “Now for…”

“You can’t do it. Stop this joke escort kayaşehir now or else I’ll report you,” I snapped, getting my voice back for a second.

SLAP! The sound of his hand on my cheeks resounded about the room. I was shocked to see the anger in his eyes as he whipped out his belt and whipped me on the front of my thighs and on my torso a few times before taking a ball gag out of the bedside drawer, and put it on me, saying, “You are not to interrupt me while I am talking or else you will be in big trouble.”

Working fast, he turned me over in the bed and retied my hands before I could put up much of a struggle. He was stronger than me, and since three of my limbs were tied up, I was, to put it plainly, easy meat.

Removing the bonds from my legs, he said, “This can be done nicely or brutally. If you try to move or hamper me, I am gonna tie your legs up again and fuck your arse without lubing you up and believe me, that hurts. Now, just be a nice girl?”

I didn’t say anything and he continued. “Besides, your oversized clit is showing that you want it yourself, and I am going to give you what you want.” My dick was indeed quite excited at the prospect of having my ass violated without my consent. Gagged as I was, there escort anadolu yakası was little I could do except try to make some noise.

Slowly he rubbed some sort of oil on his dick, standing in front of me to, as he put it, “give me a proper view of what I was going to get.”

Then he rubbed the on my hole before putting one of his fingers in. “Wow, you’re tight. I am really gonna like this.”

Pushing me into a doggy position, (He had opened my legs earlier) he leaned on me and I could feel his body touching mine. His athletic body was colder and made me shudder.

Slowly, instead of pushing himself in, he started running his hands on my bare back, spreading some kind lotion around on me, before giving me a crude back massage.

And I was thinking Great! Now he is trying to seduce me! How weird can it get?

Suddenly I felt pain down under as John pushed his cock head in. I tried to get away, but I was tied up and there was no escape. John slowly started thrusting slowly as I found myself opening up to accept his manhood in my body.

Yes, accept, because it was not as if I had never had any fantasies about being fucked by another guy. Only thing was that I was not ready to come out and say so.

I escort avrupa yakası just let myself go with the flow and tried to relax as he reached well into the depths of my body, burying his thing fully into my arse. While slowly playing with my dick, he started humping me and as his speed increased, so did the activity of his hands, one of which was on my ‘titties’ while other was jerking me off, all his weight supported by me.

I started feeling uncomfortable in this position and slowly started moving my legs backward. As if he understood, John took his weight off me and allowed me to adjust my body to suit my comfort before starting off again.

Despite myself, I was really turned on and soon enough, we were both near the peak, as he fucked me fast and furious, with me moving in tandem to first his astonishment and then pleasure.

In a couple of minutes more, he shot his load into me, but not totally, for he wanted some of the cream to fall on my butts. I also came at the same time, and deposited my cum on my new bed sheets. And once I regained my senses, I thought, Damn! Now I’ll have to change the sheets.

After that, he released my hands and kissed me on the back of my neck, and then hugged me for behind, his now-soft dick beginning to firm up again on contact, but we were both tired and covered with sweat. We just slept in that position, with his body touching mine all over.


(The prelude to this story and my future experiences with John and how I became his ‘girl’ I will tell in other parts.)