Nisan 25, 2023

Burned Ch. 17

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Leah’s Perspective:

“Now for some relaxation, foreplay, and video stimulation. Joe, will you please set up the videos?” I heard Missy say in the background noise. I looked pointedly at Chris. He quickly averted his eyes.

“With pleasure Mistress Leah,” I heard Joe respond as I observed Chris blush. His chest, neck and face turned flaming red.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I distractedly grasped the leash Missy pressed into my hand.

“Go with Joe. I think the videos will be worth the proverbial 1000 words,” said Missy, her warm breath caressed my neck as her lips whispered into my ear. She patted my naked bottom and repeated, “Go with Joe.”

Joe chuckled. His leash tugged at my hand as he moved towards the family room.

“Videos?” I asked curiously.

“Yep,” said Joe as he pulled me toward the family room.

“Videos?” I heard Jean’s voice query behind me.

“”Shit,” I heard Chris mumble.

“I’ve seen Jean’s video Joe. Did Chris show that to you and Missy?” I asked somewhat dismayed.

Joe turned his handsome face towards me as he answered, “Uh, well, let’s just say we did see it, but actually…” A typical smirk spread across his face as he paused and then said, “…there’s actually another one.”

“Of me?” I asked and jerked his leash.

“Ouch, nope. Um, you’re not actually in it. Well, um, that’s not entirely true. Your kind of in it.”

“What the fuck does that mean Joe?”

“Easier to see than explain,” said Joe as he pulled a cable out of a drawer and connected his phone to Jean’s very large flat screen TV. He picked up the remote and pressed the power button.

The screen cycled into life. I recoiled as the naked bodies of Chris, Joe and Missy appeared on the large screen.

“Jesus” I heard Jean gasp as she, Chris and Missy came into the room behind me.

With a soft click, the images sprang to life in full motion color and sound. Missy was on her knees straddled over Chris. Her breasts swaying, the hard and very erect nipples of her pendulous breasts swung over Chris’ chest.

–“Just great,” I thought. “Another fucking video. I’m a fucking porn star.”–, I heard Missy’s voice coming from the TV speakers.

–“Is that Missy?”– It was my voice coming from the TV’s speakers. My voice on the video.

–“Chris. What’s going on? Is that Missy?”– my voice again from the video.

–“Uh, sorry, yes, I’m working on their, uh, video,”– I heard Chris’ weak reply on the video we all were now viewing.

I watched in shock as Joe’s image grasped Chris’ erect cock and pressed its swollen head against Missy’s glistening pussy lips. Missy’s hips lowered, Chris’ cock slowly spread and slid through Missy’s labia and disappeared inside her pussy.

“Umm, that felt so fucking good,” I heard Missy murmur behind me as we watched the onscreen image of Joe stand and disappear from the frame. Moments later he returned and squeezed KY jelly onto Missy’s ass over Chris’ thrusting cock.

“Fuck,” Chris’s quiet exclamation drew my eyes from the screen. He stared intently, not at the screen, but at Joe’s engorged cock which was very close to touching my naked thigh. Chris’ erect cock twitched flashing a string of precum that swung from the tip of his penis.

I heard a click and looked back at the screen in time to watch Joe mount his sister from behind, his cock sliding into her ass. I realized that Joe’s cock was sliding back and forth over Chris’s cock inside Missy’s vagina. I sensed that their cocks were separated by only millimeters of her rectal and vaginal flesh. Joe was fucking both his sister and Chris’ cock simultaneously.

Jean’s gasp of “Oh my,” snapped me out of my paralysis of surprise.

“When did this happen?” I asked angrily. “This was yesterday when I called you wasn’t it Chris? You fucking asshole! I’m freaking out about my mom finding out about you and me and you are fucking Missy,…”


“And, and…, and Joe, Missy?” I asked angrily.


“Okay,” I exclaimed. “Looks like you guys didn’t finish the job,” I said as I jerked Chris’ leash from Jean’s hand. “On your knees you,” I shouted and pulled firmly on Chris’ leash. I looked pointedly at the collar Jean still wore. “You,” I said drawing my eyes from her collar and looking directly into her eyes, “go get some lubricating jelly, NOW!” I ordered.

“Joe,” I said with a firm tug on his leash, I want you to stick that big dick of yours into Chris mouth while we wait for the lube.

“No,” Chris began to object.

“The only thing you open your mouth for is to suck Joe’s cock you cock sucker!” I said harshly cutting Chris off.

“Mind your mistress boys,” Missy’s voice added emphasis to my commands.

Joe knelt in front of Chris, pressed the head of his cock against Chris’s lips. Chris opened his jaw and allowed Joe’s erection to enter his mouth. Chris gagged and Joe pulled back. Only half of Joe’s cock Bomonti Escort had disappeared between Chris’ lips before he gagged.

“You have to do better than that Chris. You need to take that cock deep into your throat. Fuck his mouth Joe. Fuck his throat.”

Joe pressed his cock slowly deeper into Chris’ mouth. Chris gagged but Joe kept pushing. Chris gagged again and Joe withdrew his penis and allowed Chris to take some deep shuddering breaths with thick strings of drool hanging from his lips and tears running down his cheeks.

Jean came back into the room and spread a thick king size comforter on the stone floor as Chris caught his breath and wiped his face.

“Well Chris, you obviously can’t take Joe’s cock in your mouth, so guess what, you’re going to take it in your ass,” I said as I motioned for the boys to move onto the thick comforter jean had spread over the family room’s carpet. Without further instruction, Jean spread the lubricating jelly on Joe’s erection and hand the tube to Joe. Joe moved behind Chris, pushed him down so he was on all fours and applied a generous amount of the lube to Chris puckered anus and began to press the tip of his finger through Chris’ anal ring. He finger fucked Chris’ brown anus first with one finger and then added another further stretch it open. Chris moaned but didn’t pull away. Joe held his rigid dick in his left hand, removed his fingers from Chris’ ass and quickly pressed his glans against the stretched anal ring. He pressed and his glans stretched Chris’ anus and slowly entered Chris’s rectum.

Chris moaned. Jean moaned. Missy took a quick deep breath as we all stared as Joe’s cock impaled Chris’ stretched anus.

I felt moisture leak from my pussy. I ached with the building excitement between my legs. I held my breath as Joe flexed his hips and slowly his cock disappeared inside his friend’s rectum. Joe gently pulled his hips away from Chris’ bum. His thick shaft pulled the tender tissue of Chris’ dark anus, it tented outwards as Joe’s shaft pulled slowly out of Chris’ rectum. Joe withdrew until the tented ring of anal tissue slipped into the groove at the junction of Joe’s shaft and glans. He paused with his glans retained in Chris ass hole.

“Joe,” groaned Chris. “Whew, you feel big!”

Joe pushed his cock into Chris’ ass. His entire cock disappeared on the fourth thrust. Chris’ cock hung turgidly below his belly, swaying with each of Joe’s thrusts. Precum hung from the tip of his cock and dripped onto the floor forming a dark stain on the comforter Jean had spread just for that purpose. Joe’s cock was stimulating a steady flow of precum from Chris prostate. The fluid oozed in long thick strings from his penis onto the growing wet spot below his swaying cock.

I took a deep breath and said, “Jean, kneel down in front of Chris and let him mount you.”

Jean quickly knelt and scooted back and presented her naked ass.

“Cool,” whispered Missy as Chris pressed his dripping cock against Jean’s brown anus. The precum moistened her dark puckered rosette as Chris pressed his penis against his mom’s anus and slowly penetrated and entered his mother’s ass. Jean gasped as his glans slipped through her anus and entered her body.

I looked at Missy and said, “Strap on a dildo and fuck your brother’s ass.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Missy excitedly as she reached for the bag of sex toys.

Joe’s hips slowly pumped his cock in and out of Chris’ ass. Each of Joe’s thrusts pushed Chis’ cock simultaneously into his mom’s rectum. As Chris slid in and out of Jean’s rectum, her breasts swung heavily in concert between her arms.

Missy lubed the long dildo that she had strapped to her pelvis. The dildo was double ended. Eight inches for Joe extended out and 6 inches extended through the belt for her. She inserted the six inches into her pussy and strapped the dildo into place.

Joe looked back at his sister, smiled and handed her the tube of lubrication. She maneuvered herself behind her bother and firmly pushed Joe so his torso was bent over Chris’ back. Missy added some lube to both Joe’s ass and the dildo. She guided the long dildo to Joe’s anus and pressed firmly with her hips. The long phallus slowly entered and disappeared inside Joe’s ass. Joe groaned as he easily accepted all eight inches. It appeared the two of them had done this before.

Missy fucked her brother’s ass, as Joe’s cock fucked Chris’ ass, as Chris’ cock fucked his mother’s ass. The slap of pelvis against pelvis was accentuated by the moans coming from each of the obscenely linked bodies.

“Slowly everyone. I don’t want anyone cuming until I cum,” I commanded the intimately linked chain of human flesh.

I laid down and spread my legs and presented my aching pussy to Jean. Without encouragement, she dipped her head and sucked my swollen nub into her mouth. She licked, nibbled Bostancı Escort and sucked on my clitoris as her ass was being invaded by her son’s cock. I raised my hips and Jean’s tongue licked and tickled my anus, drove deeply into my gash then reclaimed my clit.

“Fuck,” breathed Chris. “Christ, I’m going to explode.”

“I need to cum,” moaned Joe.

“Oh my god, Joe, that feels so fucking good!” Chris cried out as Joe began to fuck Chris’ rectum more and more violently.

“Mmm, fuck me Joe. Your cock feels so good inside me. You fill me up so tight. Fuck that feels good. Fuck me, fuck me, oh yeah fuck me.”

Joe’s hips pumped against Chris, the slap of their pressing flesh louder with each thrust. I could feel Missy’s, Joe’s and Chris’ chain reaction of thrusts press Jean’s face and tongue firmly against my pussy and clit.

“Oh, fuck Jean, I’m cuming,” I groaned in relief as my orgasm exploded from my clit, through my pelvis and blossom rapidly through my entire body.

“Oh fuck, I’m cuming,” groaned Chris as he pressed his hips and thrust as deeply as he could into his mouther’s rectum.

Joe thrust his cock all the way inside Chris’ ass and exploded. Each contraction pumped his hot cum into Chris’ stretched rectum.

“Joe, fuck, I feel your cock. Fuck, it’s so big. I can feel you pumping your load inside of me!”

“Umm, feels so good fucking your ass Chris. Your tight ass feels so incredible!”

“Umm,” hummed Missy. She shuddered with her own orgasm as her hips gyrated and rubbed her clit against the base of the dildo she shared with her brother.

“That was intense,” breathed Missy breathlessly to no one in particular.

I scooted away from Jean and slowly worked my way to my feet and reached for my phone propped on the bookshelf. I framed the linked group of naked bodies in its screen and continued the recording I had surreptitiously started. The long dildo slowly pulled from Joe’s ass and dangled between Missy’s legs as she stood and pulled the long dildo free from Joe. Joe’s engorged cock pulled free of Chris’ anus, glistening with the residual moisture of Chris’ rectum and his own cum. Chris then pulled free of Jean’s ass, his cock still turgid and wet like Joe’s.

Missy moved behind me and snapped a leash on my collar, held her hand out and smiled a knowing smile as I laid the phone into her outstretched hand.

“What?” I began to protest and was immediately cut off.

“Shh. You broke the rules. No orgasms without anal play involved, remember? What say guys? What’s her punishment?” asked Missy with a chuckle.

“Outside,” Chris said.

“Outside? Asked Missy with a smile.

“We put her outside without any clothes.”

A thrill coursed through my body as Missy caught on and tugged the leash, leading me towards the front door.

“Open it,” Missy ordered.

Another shiver of excitement passed through my body as I pulled the door open. I was naked. I was exposed. Daylight was rapidly fading as the sun was setting behind the house across the street. “I’m going to be outside naked,” I thought to myself with a shudder of excitement. My nipples tightened as the cool night air brushed across my nakedness. My pussy tingled, my clit felt a zing of pleasure as I stood tall and tentatively stepped through the open door onto the front porch.

I felt a hand pass between my thighs, a palm cup my swollen pussy lips, and a finger slip easily into my wet slit.

“Hmm, you are so wet Leah,” Chris breathed huskily into my ear. “You really like being exposed, don’t you?”

“Hmm, yes” I admitted as I squirmed my pussy against his inserted finger.

Chris’ fingers slowly withdrew from my tingling pussy, he patted my bottom and said, “”Look across the street.” I felt the leash drop on my back. Chris patted my bum and then I heard the latch click as Chris closed the door behind me. I looked across the street and saw my admirer from earlier framed in the dim glow of his front window. Goose bumps of anxiety and excitement spread across my body. I felt his eyes on my nakedness.

I turned slowly walked to the closest of the four Adirondack lounge chairs on the porch that stretched across the front of Aunt Jean’s house. As I sat, the front accent lights popped on in the rapidly failing light of the evening. The dim light bathed me in its warm glow. Shivers of excitement flowed through me. He was watching. He could see me. He could see my naked and completely exposed body. I spread my knees. I exposed my throbbing pussy to him, I cupped my breasts and pinched my tingling nipples.

I let my hand trace down my stomach, to my mons pubis. His hand moved to his crotch. I knew he was adjusting an erection. I excited him.

I pointed at him with my other hand. He took a step back from the window and disappeared from my view. I put a finger inside myself. I felt my heat Esenyurt Escort and my wetness. I pointed at him again hoping he was still there in the shadows watching. I kept pointing. A dim light came on and I could see him standing in his living room still watching me. I rubbed the inside of my thighs, drew both hands up to my pussy, across my stomach, grabbed and kneaded my breasts.

His hand went to his crotch. There was movement. I imagined him rubbing his cock.

I pointed at him and made a jacking motion with my other hand, then pointed at my eyes. Would he understand that I wanted to see him? Would he understand that I wanted to see his cock? I wanted him to expose himself to me. I wanted to see him stroke himself and cum for me.

To my disappointment, he stepped away from the window. Had I gone too far? Was he calling the police? Was he reporting the pervert?

Moments later he stepped back into view. To my astonished pleasure, he was naked. He stood there, exposed. Tall, slim, well-muscled and holding his erection fully exposed.

He pointed at me and then pointed at his porch.

Signing. Did I understand him? Dare I?

I stood and stepped off Jean’s porch and stood in the front yard. I froze as a care approached from my right, its headlights bright on the road. Would they see me in the light reflected from the road’s surface? It didn’t pause. It passed. I breathed again as I looked up at my admirer. He pointed at his porch again. I committed and ran across the street with my breasts bobbing up and down with each pounding stride. I was in his yard. I froze again and looked up. His eyes were fixed on my breasts which rose and fell with the deep breaths due to the exertion and excitement of my mad dash. His rigid erection rested in his right hand. His large balls were outlined by a generous wrinkled scrotum which hung below his long shaft and rested against his toned thighs.

He pointed at the porch in front of him. I moved as if he had pulled my leash and stepped up, stood in front of him, only the glass and a few feet separated us. He pumped the shaft of his cock. His balls pulled up and then fell with the stroke. I shivered with growing excitement.

He smiled, his white teeth framed by a handsome boyish but middle-aged face. He motioned toward my pussy as he began to slowly jack his cock, his balls moving up and then down with the long slow strokes.

I touched my clit. He smiled, shook his head and pointed at my pussy again. With his jacking hand, he pointed his penis towards me and waved his penis with a back and forth motion.

I put both hands on my pussy and slowly humped my pelvis against my hands.

He smiled and shook his head more emphatically. With both hands, he pointed his penis at me and made a back and forth swinging motion with his penis and hips.

I felt my chest and face flush as sudden realization hit me. I also felt a new jolt of excitement. I understood what he wanted. He wanted me to urinate. He wanted to watch me pee. I could feel the shock on my face.

He smiled and nodded yes. He understood I knew what he desired. He pointed at my pussy and then at the porch between us.

I put my hands between my legs, pulled my labia apart and thrust my hips towards him and looked up at him expectantly.

His eyes turned from my exposed pussy to my face. He nodded vigorously as his eyes snapped back to my crotch. His hand tugged at his swollen erection more rapidly. I watched his large balls pull up and down between his spread thighs.

I wanted to be more exposed. I wanted to be more vulnerable. I turned, knelt in front of him, my head turned sideways with my cheek and shoulders pressed against the cool firm deck. I was able to watch him watch me. My nipples brushed the surface of the deck, my bare bum raised in the air, my ass and pussy were angled for his viewing pleasure. I reached back, pulled my pussy lips apart to expose my cunny’s hole and exposed my urethra’s little puckered opening. I relaxed and felt the urine rush from my body. I peed in front of him. The gush of urine flowed out of me and splattered on the porches surface and onto my legs. I squeezed my muscles and stopped the flow of urine. I quickly stood and turned to face him.

His lips were parted. His chest moving rapidly, panting with excitement as he masturbated in front of me. His eyes fixated between my legs.

I held my labia apart, tipped my pelvis and peed on the window that separated us. His mouth gaped open, his hips thrust forward, I heard his muffled groans as his penis erupted and squirted rope after rope of thick cum against the glass opposite where my urine flowed.

He stood there panting. We looked at the mess our bodies had spewed onto the glass. I reached out and touched my finger to the wetness I had put on the glass. He reached out and touched his cum. Our fingers made circles together in the wetness our bodies had created. He looked up, sheepishly smiled and mouthed, “Thank you my dear.”

I smiled, turned and quickly ran back across the street. Chris, Joe, Missy and Jean were all standing naked in the front window. Joe and Chris were sporting brand new erections.

The four of them looked at each other, then looked at me and simultaneously mouthed, “Wow.”