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Business Escape

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Business Escape

Part 1

At 35, I really was at the apex of my life so far – my wife Kylie of 5 years just had given birth to our first child. We had been married 5 years with many failed attempts to start a family – so the joy and relief to finally have kids had broken through. My career was also in full motion – a company I had founded a few years earlier had just been sold to a large software company based in Minneapolis. The acquisition made our young family millions, which helped securely situate our family in San Diego with live-in help to assist with the newborn. My wife decided to break from work to be a mom. My household was now run by women – you soon learn your position on the totem pole plummets as a dad with little use in the house. The sex was gone – it was all baby love 24/7 – which I loved overall. I definitely ignored my needs with family taking priority. As I was approaching my late 30’s my hair and facial hair began to sprinkle in grey and overall between being in good shape, converting to gray and now having that confidence of success – it definitely didn’t hurt the attention I’d receive from women.

On paper, my wife and I led the perfect life – dual careers, wealth, strong family bonds – and her and I’s chemistry was all BFF, rom-com perfection. We genuinely got along perfectly – rarely ever fighting.

Long story short – I met my wife after years of running hard as a single guy in LA – swimming through every amazing flavor of female the City of Angels had to offer. I ran the circuit hard for 10 years – and when I was ready to settle down – Kylie was definitely at the right place at the right time. LA offered plenty of women who were sexually adventurous – but I believe my heart was searching for the ultimate mother-like figure. Someone who was smart, drama-free, easy-going, funny, willing to eat/drink with me and also wanted to build a family. I’m convinced it’s under 1% chance to find that partner with EVERYTHING. The smart girl who will fuck you in public, make dinner for the family, let you watch sports for days, etc.

So even as we were together for 8-years (5 of those years married) – we really never found our groove in bed. I tried to pull in her to my adventurous, somewhat twisted, sexual mind – but gave up after a few years in convinced she just didn’t have that sort of deviant wiring. And in a way, I became fine with that.

But after months of unintentional neglect – the business world came calling. After the acquisition, the parent company decided they needed to parade me around the country to their largest customers to introduce our innovation. This really turned out to be a great way to escape the boring family life, though sadly it usually ended up in cities that weren’t too exciting.

Late winter a couple large brands based outside of Chicago were interested in learning more about our company, particularly the new acquisition. The parent company had over 20,000 employees and would dedicate a full team of experts to each major branded customer.

Weeks before the meeting, we had a number of calls to discuss the strategy and overall planning for the meetings. The team who was assigned to these meetings included Janet, a woman based in Nashville who was the team lead – Morgan, a young guy based in Seattle who was a junior marketing manager and Camella, a junior sales specialist based in New York City. Janet was a savvy veteran who had been at the company for over 20-years – she organized everything and was super excited to be bringing me into the customer relationship, which she had led for 10 plus years. After a few calls getting to know each other and our product – the team really opened up and showed their true colors, which were a bunch of funny, smart, witty and overall hungry to succeed professionals. I could tell they also liked to party a bit – both Camella and Morgan often would talk about their partying weekends and how wrecked they’d be on our early morning calls. Morgan seemed genuinely curious about my entrepreneurial background and would always pull our conversations into questions about how to start companies. Camella I believe was jockeying to get hired directly into my side of the company, which operated separately from the parent company, as she could sense our new product would generate a ton of attention from the market. You could tell quickly that she was wildly ambitious.

The big meeting was scheduled for a Wednesday morning and unfortunately Janet couldn’t get the second meeting scheduled for late morning on Thursday, which meant I would have to be there two nights. Even though I enjoy escaping the family – I typically liked to be efficient with my trips and only do one night with as many meetings packed into one or two days. Staying in shitty cities in shitty hotels weren’t really my jam – plus my body didn’t take well to long flights.

The plan was to have us all fly in Tuesday to meet up for dinner to huddle one last time before Wednesday’s meeting. Sakarya Escort We were all staying in some huge Marriott in a bit outside of Chicago. The plan was to meet up at 6pm at the lobby bar.

My flight was an early takeoff and had some wild turbulence, which forced me to pass out for most of the flight. Sleeping with my head tilted ended up giving me a kink in my head, which hurt like hell. I arrived into Chicago around 4pm and checked into the Marriott around 6pm after battling nasty traffic getting out of Chicago. As I mentioned earlier, I’m really not a great traveler as I get banged up with flying and sitting in the back seat of taxis – it usually takes me a solid day to recover after long flights. I dropped my bag off, drank a ton of water, splashed cold water on my face, brushed my teeth and took off downstairs to the lobby.

Besides Linkedin pictures, I really had no idea what to look for in searching for the 3 people I was meeting. The place was packed with the most stereotypical business traveling audience – really like straight out of a movie set. The place was loud, smelled like booze, but you could feel the electricity of people enjoying time away. I’ve always loved observing people away on business – they tend to go balls-to-the-wall wild for those nights away.

I saw from a distance a table of 3 and thought I had recognized Camella and Janet. I was immediately drawn to how beautiful Camella was – much much more attractive than I had anticipated. She had long black hair pulled back, wearing a tight sweater with nice sized breasts, and a near-perfect ass in yoga-like pants. Her overall look was exactly my type in the old single days – I immediately knew gravity would take its course here. Janet had a sexy cougar-like vibe going – lot’s of jewelry, hair well-prepared, dressed unusually nice for a casual meet-up and was talking up a storm. Tons of hand movement, big pearly white teeth – you could tell this lady was a professional sales person. Morgan looked like a super nice guy who got dragged out to this meeting – very sort of indiscreet look, but had a lean, clean-cut look working for him. My guess is he was gay – but you never know these days with men overall looking much cleaner-cut and fit.

I walked up to the table and introduced myself and ignited an immediate chemistry with all three. We all hugged and talked about how excited we were for the meeting tomorrow. Janet immediately demanded the waiter get me whatever I was drinking. They were all drinking cocktails – so I ordered Tito’s on the rocks with some stuffed olives. Two of those usually get me situated for a night.

After spending months with my family and dealing with the newborn, it truly was a treat to be adulting with these fun new friends. Our conversation ranged from prior career stories to current love interests to how-to-be-a-good-partner advice to sports. I’m not sure I’ve ever been a part of a more random, diverse spectrum of topics in the first couple hours with strangers quickly becoming friends. We eventually ordered food and the drinks just kept flowing.

I learned Camella was single and was typically attracted to “silver foxes”, which made everyone laugh considering I fit the description perfectly – but she quickly interjected “available silver foxes!” I blushed and again intuitively knew her and I would be in trouble if left alone. Camella and I ended up knowing some of the same people in NYC – we talked about all the amazing restaurants we mutually loved in the city and started planning a night out the next time I adventure to NYC. She had a confidence and humility blend that made me very attracted to her. Plus as the drinks kept coming – my physical attraction to her just kept ballooning. At one point I had made her laugh and she grabbed my forearm without letting go for a noticeable amount of time, which got the blood moving in the pants!

Janet talked about her troubled relationship with her husband, how she was robbed of being a country music singer and how much she loves working for the parent company. Janet was truly a shining light you’d want at any party or meeting.

Morgan spoke the least, but at some point Janet and Camella went to the bathroom and I started prodding him for his full life download. He quickly perked up and wanted to talk about being an entrepreneur. He asked tons of questions on coming up with ideas, raising money, hiring team, building product and overall taking the risk to start something from ground zero. Morgan mentioned he had an idea he wanted to launch and would love for help on how to develop a go-to-market plan. Of course now that we were all drunk best friends at this point, I offered up assistance anytime. I started to ask him about his love interests and he brushed them off saying he doesn’t have time for fun. I also asked how he ended up at this company and what interested him in marketing. He really seemed to open up with my curiosity and focused attention Adapazarı Escort I had given him. It might have also had something to do with the number of drinks we had consumed at that point.

I believe the evening starts to serendipitously splinter as I asked Morgan how he ended up at the parent company, which got him talking about his past career of being a physical therapist. He went to University of Washington to study physical therapy and remained passionate about helping people fix their bodies. I’m guessing when anyone in the physical therapy or massage business tells someone of their profession the other person immediately mentions their physical ailments. Well immediately once I had learned of him knowing the human body, I mentioned how my neck was jacked up from falling asleep on the flight out here.

The girls had arrived back and were chatting about something juicy as they were in whisper mode to each other. Janet yawned and said she was a wreck from working on the presentation the night before and wanted to get a full night’s sleep. She promised to step it up the following night as our meeting on Thursday was later in the morning. She also baited the team in saying if the meeting went well tomorrow morning she’d treat to a nice steak dinner. As she paid the tab, Camella was checking her phone and also decided to call it quits. Admittedly I was hoping she’d hang around, even though I knew trouble was in the air with her and I, I didn’t fight her to stay, not having the interest in instigating any trouble. Being married with a newborn had put me into a passive mode. Even thought I was totally sexually neglected, If any trouble was on the horizon it was going to be instigated by the other party.

As the girls took off, Morgan asked what our next drink would be. I was slightly considering to also shut it down, but enjoyed my conversation and decided to go one more round. We both ordered another Tito’s on the rocks and continued talking business.

As we were talking, rather out of getting tired or potential boredom, I started unintentionally rotating my head feeling the uncomfortableness of my kinked neck. He clearly picked up on my pain and jokingly asked if I was doing this intentionally to get his help or cut out of the conversation. For whatever immature reason, I’m one of those ridiculous people that think anything to do with massage eventually leads to something sexual. But now after a number of vodkas, I started to over-think him asking if I wanted help and just reminded myself this young guy wants nothing to do with this old guy. Plus he knew I was married and clearly witnessed the chemistry that Camella and I had.

So I decided to throw out a deal. In somewhat of a joking manner, I lightly grabbed a spoon on the table and started hitting it to my vodka and said, “alright Morgan, I officially have a proposal: will you fix my neck in trade with me helping you launch your business?”

He immediately stood up and said, “hell yes!” When proposing this trade I didn’t necessarily mean at this very moment, but I clearly also didn’t fight Morgan thinking let’s go now.

He said he had brought a small bottle of lavender oil he uses for his body which would help. He asked if we should go to his room or mine. I then asked him if he smoked weed as I mentioned I typically like to smoke before I go to bed. He too loved to smoke weed and said he would meet me up in my room in 15. We traded phone numbers and I texted him my room number.

Now even though there had been zero sexual dynamic between Morgan and I, from my perspective, my old yoda-like sexual intuition knew something was going on when you invite someone to your room after many drinks. But again, I kept reminding myself of the circumstances. He wanted business help. He knew how to fix kinked necks. He knew I was straight.

So I proceeded with the plan.

I went into my room, took a piss, pulled on a weed pen, changed into a t-shirt / shorts, flossed, brushed teeth and called the wife. Of course while talking to the wife I conveniently left out a small detail that another man was soon to be massaging my neck alone in my room. My wife, as always, was sweet and encouraging for a successful meeting tomorrow.

As the minutes dragged on, I actually began to get a little nervous. Again, alone in hotel room, not quite shit-faced, but definitely happily floating after all those drinks and now weed beginning to kick into gear. Before I could talk myself out of anything, the door knocked.

I looked into the hole and laughed seeing that Morgan changed into the near identical outfit. I opened the door smiling and immediately handed him the weed pen.

He had brought his laptop, which helped ease any awkwardness. He also had a small bottle of oil he took out of his pocket and handed to me. He said I will love this oil and guaranteed that I will be buying a large bottle of this after feeling this on my neck.

As Serdivan Escort I grabbed us some bottles of water, Morgan sat on the couch, opened up his laptop and went straight into business talk. The TV was playing some basketball game. It definitely smelled like weed in the room. And at this point, I was beginning to feel the effects of the weed.

I sat next to him as he was showing me some presentation he had put together for a business idea he had. The conversation was getting a bit blurry at that point, though I remember advising him just to keep it simple at first by just outlining the story he wanted to write. No different than a movie, tell me how this company starts and ends. He loved that simple concept and start typing notes. But in essence, the point of my advice was, there was no point in walking me through a detailed deck until he had built a story line.

Once he typed some notes, he then shut his laptop and told me to sit in the chair next to the couch. As I got up, not wanting him to think I was trying to short him on the business advice, I told him he has the green light to text or call me anytime as he’s building his business plan.

Once I sat in the chair I felt his uniquely soft, yet strong hands grab my neck. He was lightly massaging my neck asking me to turn to each side. As I felt the situation out, he then asked if I minded my shirt getting oil on it. Not planning for the moment, I was wearing a shirt I liked and really didn’t want to ruin the shirt by getting oil all over it, so with that I stood up and took off my shirt.

Again, in normal circumstances – not drunk, stoned and alone with a guy – this is clearly a sign of things are about to heat up. To try and paint the picture, I’m 6’3 185 lbs. Morgan was quite a bit shorter, but better shape. He had shoulders that resembled a swimmer – broad, lightly muscular and overall lean. My guess would be he’s 5’10-ish around 150 lbs.

I sat back down on the chair, he poured some oil onto his hands and began to work some serious magic. This guy knew his shit. He flowed between my neck and all the surrounding head and shoulder muscles. The flow was so fluid but yet firm. I immediately started singing his praise. I jokingly said “what in the fuck were you thinking giving up this profession!!??” He responded, clearly also stoned at this point, with a light slap on the head, “hey dickhead I’m not a masseur!” I laughed and said I’m sure his marketing skills are better than his hands.

After a few minutes of the neck, he then asked if I wanted him to massage my full back full back. He suggested it probably will actually help the whole neck situation. At that point I was pretty out of it and actually somewhat fading, so I just stood up and plopped face down on the bed. Without a word, his amazing hands were back on my neck and shoulders. I believe he was on his knees next to the side of me.

Morgan then decided to get up and sit on my butt, which was a pretty bold move and prompted me to open my eyes in amazement. This definitely woke me up a bit. He then proceeded to use his arms and body weight to drive his elbow into my upper back area. At that point I officially felt him getting turned on. His erection was pressing intently into my lower back. Amazingly, I now too was becoming erect.

Nothing against any sexual preferences, I just had never been attracted to men before. Never once in my life had another male made my cock become erect! Now, Morgan definitely had a slight feminine dynamic to his look – maybe this is why I allowed for this. He didn’t have a visible hair on his face or body. He had these pretty blue eyes. He was extremely lean and clean cut. I wouldn’t say I was attracted to Morgan, but at the same time, I guess I wouldn’t say I was unattracted to him either.

As I felt his elbows diving into my body, he then began to transition into a slide with his forearms while rolling onto his hands onto my back. It was amazing. He knew this flow perfectly. He never said a word while doing this routine a number of times. His hands then transitioned back onto my neck. He no longer had his cock pressing into my back, but interestingly I was well aware of that.

His hands began a new, more intense massaging of my neck. There definitely was a more intimate flow to his strokes. His hands adventured over to my arms, my hands, back up to my neck and even started massaging my scalp. I truly was floating in heaven at this point.

Interestingly, I also picked up that as he was doing his elbow-to-hands massage flow I never felt his shirt dragging on me, so I assume Morgan had also disrobed.

As his elbows again dove deep into my shoulders, I felt his erection again pressing against my upper butt area. I was wildly turned on. The sexual electricity quickly rose. This was the most spontaneous, random sexual feeling I had ever felt in my life.

I will also say, as he began to slightly grind into me, his erection felt meaningfully large. The size of what was pressing into me was nothing of small stature – it was almost like a small arm was pressing into me.

As I was in my dream-like state, he asked if everything was alright. All I could mumble out was, “you are a magician, Morgan!”