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Butterflies in my Stomach 1: Taken by surprise

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Butterflies in my Stomach 1: Taken by surpriseYou are restless all day. In the office you are hardly able to concentrate. You write an e-mail twice, and only notice it quite at the end, thank goodness before hitting the send button. When you bring a cup of coffee to your boss, your hand trembles and you ruin a document on his desk. Your apology is stammered and indistinct. He looks at you blankly – confused by the change in your behavior. Then, on the way home, you step into a gully and brake the heel, the right heel of your new black pumps, those you’ve bought just for today. Bought just for meeting me… It has been three days since you met me. In the concert hall. You rushed in only after the third ringing, crimson cheeks bore witness to your haste to be on time. Nodding shortly, politely, somewhat formally to the right and to the left neighbor, to me, after finally taking your seat. You pulled your slipped down summer dress’ strap correctly over your shoulder again. The orchestra entered the stage right after you came, and finally the conductor. He raised his baton for Mahler’s fifth symphony, the opus is a roller coaster of emotions; a continuous switchover of lyrical and hectic phrases. During the Adagietto, the most melancholic piece of music that has ever been set in sheet music, I looked over to you. A tear ran down your cheek, barely visible in the darkened concert hall. I gave you my handkerchief, your gaze silently thanked me, you dried your tears and smelled my perfume in the piece of textile. Your gaze examined me in the darkness, following the lines of my expensive costume, the silky shine of my stockings, I felt more of your gazes beyond those I caught sight of, while the orchestra faded away the last notes of the Adagietto.After the concert – 60 minutes without a break! – you nodded at me wordlessly and immediately, even before I have finished my question whether you want to have a drink together. We left the air-conditioned building – and the summer evening’s mugginess hit us like a club. We walked a few hundred meters through the bustling old town – my goodness, it’s Tuesday and almost 10 PM – what are all these people doing here? Down by the river I dragged you into my favorite bistro. Here it was again quiet and air-conditioned. Gino at the bar arched his right eyebrow in greeting. I used the bathroom and pulled off my stockings – they are unbearable in this climate! Going back to the bar, a conversation had developed between Gino and you. I could hear your bright laughter – did he talk about me? Your conversation stopped when I came closer. You drank ginger ale, I had a Prosecco, much too fast. The heat! After the first glass I offered you would call me by my first name, after the second glass your hand rested on my forearm, after the third glass I rather threw a banknote on the counter and pulled you out, canlı bahis out into the night.It was dark now, but the weather has hardly cooled down. I linked my arm with yours – this was probably safer after three quick glasses of Prosecco on an empty stomach – and we strolled along the busy quayside. Almost wordlessly. Our own heat intensified the heat of the night. After a few minutes, our skin was sticky and humid, I felt like at the Amazon River and not as in Central Europe. A container ship was struggling upstream with a deep rumbling, I felt the vibrations of the ship’s diesel in my stomach. Or was it the alcohol? Or … no, I haven’t had butterflies in my stomach for twenty years, this couldn’t be!You pulled me towards the small park in front of the railway bridge and away from the paved path. When you bent down to release the straps of your sandals, I realized that I was slightly wavering. Oh God, I haven’t got smashed so fast for a long time! We continued our stroll on the lawn, you were barefoot and with your sandals in your free hand. With my high heels, I was clearly handicapped! A park bench with comfortable backrest was next to a bush, it stood half in shadow. I pulled you there, didn’t want to continue reeling through the night.Breathing hard we sat down, but we did not find relief. The street lamp illuminated your face from the side. I could not take my eyes off you, I have always wanted to be so beautiful in my mid-20s! Our eyes crossed. Without a word. I opened my lips, and of course you understood the international language. There was no stopping us. The first touch of your lips electrified me, a flash of electricity ran to my nipples that straightened up like in a cold rain shower, and then to my lap. Wrestling of tongues. Hot breath. You gently bit into my lower lip and sucked on it like on a tit. I groaned. This cannot be true – I ‘m not 15! And then with a woman!You let go of my mouth, hugging me fiercely. Your mouth moved down to my neck, leaving behind 1.000 kisses, and back up again to my ear. You gently nibbled on my earlobe, I heard, I felt your hot breath, so close. I suddenly got goose bumps on my arms and back as on a cold winter day. When you stuck your tongue into my ear unexpectedly I almost orgasmed.My goodness, what was happening to me? Where was I? Where was my safety belt? I sat there, a reputable business woman, mid-40s, in the dark on a park bench in the middle of this big city, wildly smooching with a young woman with whom I have exchanged less than ten sentences!But my emotions were not interested in a safety belt. My fingers followed the lines of your light summer dress, and when I came close to your bust, you grabbed my hand and pushed it against you. I felt your breast, felt how it raised and lowered in the rhythm of your breath. I grabbed it and held your breast that was larger than it bahis siteleri seemed to me. You moaned loudly and leaned your upper body on me. I used my second hand and embraced your voluptuous torso. “Harder”, you breathed into my ear, and I did as I was told. I firmly kneaded your meaty mountains, wondering again about their size. You slid back and forth restlessly on the bench, now also grabbing my own breast, wild and unrestrained. My excited nipples were hard as erasers, you could sense them even through my blouse and bra. With your left hand you grabbed my nipple, tightly, a sweet pressure of your fingers, and twirled it gently through the fabric. I gasped for air – glad that I was sitting! At the same time you fumbled at your cleavage with your right hand, in my drowsiness I could not see what you were doing in the dark. Then I felt your bare skin on my hand, urging me to caress your breast that shone whitely in the partial shade. The areola was large and very dark, your nipple did not fall behind mine in its hardness. And it was also clear to me now that I saw your bare chest: this was not a breast, this was a tit! You must have at least a double D cup size.I also uncovered your other breast and admired your beauty. Oh God, what if someone passed by now! Anyway, I was not longer driven by my brain but by carnal instincts. I HAD TO bend down my head, HAD TO cover your beautiful breasts with kisses. The crack between the two globes smelled slightly cheesy – it was a hot day. “Harder”, you mumbled again – please excuse my absent-mindedness! I took a nipple in my mouth, caressed it with my tongue, my lips glided over it. ‘Like a blackberry’, I still thought, as I heard you again: “Harder!” Your will was my command! I cupped one breast with my hand, kneaded it, squeezed it, while I simultaneously flashed my teeth against the other nipple. I started nibbling, still cautious, but quickly lost my restraint. I sucked your superb titty and chewed its nipple, spoiling the other one with my hand. I pinched your left nipple and sucked roughly on the right one, when a cry left your mouth. I was startled – who else is able to notice what’s going on here? Your entire body twitched again and again, as you were overrun by a huge orgasm. A thin thread of saliva ran from the corner of your half open mouth… I covered your lips with kisses, licked your saliva, your nose, your eyelids, finally embraced you with both arms, feeling the waves within you dying away.You pulled your right arm out of your summer dress, your middle finger shone wetly, and smeared your wetness under my nose, shoving your finger in my mouth. A few erratic fucking movements with your middle finger between my lips – I greedily licked your nectar! We snuggled closely together and slowly returned to reality. What kind of pair did we represent? A mid-forties lady in a chic costume, güvenilir bahis her hair is not quite accurate, arm in arm with a young beauty, her summer dress opened to the navel, and her big titties hanging out of it. We looked down at ourselves and snorted with laughter like on command!”Oh shit, I have to pee!” You jumped up and crouched down between bench and bush, where it is the darkest spot. I could see your eyeballs and white teeth just dimly. But I could hear you – what a waterfall! It didn’t just ripple, no, it shot out of you. While doing your business you focused on me – and I focused on you. No shame, I could not see you peeing in the dark, but I saw your face, your smiling mouth. And I tried not to think about what I could not see … as something inside me started again to flame!You got up again, straightened your dress, and tucked away your sweet globes neatly. The cathedral bell stroke with a low chime, lost in thought I counted its strikes … ten, eleven, twelve – midnight. You interrupted my thoughts: “Midnight? Oh God, I need to hurry to the train station, my last train leaves in 20 minutes!” Suddenly I noticed that we have hardly spoke a word all day. We knew each other’s first names and that we liked Gustav Mahler – that’s it. I nestled in my handbag and found a business card. “Take this, there is also my mobile number on it. I MUST see you again. Could you make it on Friday? Let’s say at eight? Come to my place, I will cook us something tasty.” – ” I … uh … Friday? I don’t know … Yes … yes … I will definitely make it!” Then we embraced for goodbye, our tongues dancing a final salsa until you we broke free, you grabbed your sandals and dashed off towards the train station. I could hardly hear your bare feet on the asphalt and started to realize that we had not even said “good-bye”. I had not told you how much I liked being with you. I had not told you that I was burning with … with what? Desire? Love?Lost in thoughts I strolled to the taxi stand – I decided to leave my own car in the garage with respect to my condition! I crouched down into the corner of the broad back seat of the Mercedes, my brain was idle, but my body felt the reminder of this evening with every fiber. I still smelled your scent under my nose – I was hooked! On the short tour the taxi driver repeatedly looked at me through the rearview mirror with undisguised grin, and as I peaked in my bathroom mirror at home, I knew why…That happened on Tuesday, and it strikes you as if it was three months ago and not just three days. Now you just have to hurry back home from work, take care of the baby-girl, freshen up … and then jump on the train that takes you towards me! But that’s another story…This is the English translation of my own German story “Flugzeuge im Bauch”. For a long time I had concerns to translate them to English. But missveronikhas supported me a lot and also helped with the translation – many thanks to her. Please vote this story and comment, whether you like it… so I may continue translating the other 10 parts.