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Camilla Ch. 114

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Camilla began her re-experiencing of her next, and last, memory vision with the deepest dread.

Over the three days following Eros’ sixth seduction of his mother, she would look on him with an uninterrupted stream of suspicious thoughts. In the afternoon of the third of those days, she sat in her McGill University office with her eyes closed. Teeming with her son’s psychic energy, the energy he’d given her in his come from six nights of incest with her, she found herself able to use it in his own subtle way (though still clueless as to how to use it against the masked men). She meditated, visualizing herself able to monitor the upcoming night and everything he–or the masked men–might have been doing, while seeming fast asleep and totally unaware of whatever schemes there were against her.

That night, she went home exhausted as usual after a busy day. She went straight to her bedroom, got naked, and lay in bed. Within seconds, she fell asleep, though psychically still aware of any unwanted energy coming on her.

Eros knew what she was doing, and welcomed it. (The masked men knew, too, and elected not to interfere, for they were happy to allow what was soon to happen.) He decided that tonight was the night he’d reveal himself to her, though he would begin the lovemaking by assuming the form of her father, Agape. When she saw herself enjoying incest with him, the man she’d enjoyed so many times before, Eros figured it would be easier for her to accept incest with her son.

Meditating in his bedroom, naked Eros took on Agape’s form within about twenty seconds. He left his room and went into hers. He made her open her eyes slowly and gently, so to make her think she was still dreaming, as he had done when he”d taken on Cameron’s form.

She looked around and saw her bedroom, then saw ‘Agape’ standing naked in the doorway, with the light of the hall illuminating him.

“Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, sweetheart, it’s me,” Eros said in Agape’s voice. He closed the door and went over to her bed. He got on it and between her spread-out legs.

“You finally want to have sex with me, Daddy?” she asked, momentarily too delighted at the prospect of making love with her willing father to think about the possibility of Eros or the masked men tricking her.

“Yes,” Eros said, lifting her legs up and pushing his hard knob against her already wet vaginal orifice. He slid his cock in a few inches. “I can…accept your…love now. Unh! Life in…the other world…helps you…realize how…empty conventional…morality is. Oh!”

“Ah!” Camilla screamed when his knob poked against her tingling A-spot. After a few more pokes, she screamed in whistle register and came. “You don’t…know how happy…this makes…me feel, Daddy. Oh!”

“I just…want to…make you…happy, baby. Unh!” He put his hands on her tits and squeezed them. She grabbed his ass. They reached close to each other and kissed as he continued fucking her.

It’s a dream finally come true, she thought as she felt his cock pumping inside her, still too dazed by the thrill of it all to consider the idea that this was all a trick. Daddy’s enjoying me; I’m finally pleasing him, if only his incubus. “Ah!” she screamed, coming all over his cock and balls. She closed her eyes, sighing as she she enjoyed ‘Agape’s’ cock massaging her vaginal walls and tickling her G-spot. Then she finally came to her senses. This can’t be Daddy. He’d never fuck me. All those times I’d scanned his mind, hoping to find incestuous feelings for me, I never once found the slightest inclination that way. I still vividly remember how frustrated I was back then. Why would he suddenly change his mind now? He grew more spiritual in the afterlife, not less. As much as I’d like to believe this really is Daddy, it can’t be him.

Though she had to give up the fantasy that it was him, now she found herself desperately clinging to the hope that her lover was actually one of the masked men. She monitored her room for any unwelcome psychic energy. She sensed none of that of the masked men anywhere in the area.

Though the masked men’s energy wasn’t there, they were psychically monitoring her room from a house on the other side of town. They laughed from contemplating the shock she would feel in the next few seconds.

She looked up fearfully at the face of her lover, who now felt bigger and heavier, and she used Nigrovum to light up his face. Eros’ sweating face looked down on her in that spotlight, shaking as he continued shoving his cock in and out of her wet pussy. It really was him: her son on top of her! No trick of the masked men, just Eros, tricking her into enjoying incest with him, tricking her into thinking she was enjoying her preferred form of incest with Agape. Him enjoying a guilty pleasure with her, while making her think she was enjoying a guilty pleasure Merter Escort of her own.

“No, baby, no!” she cried as his cock kept pumping away inside her.

“Yes, Mama, it’s me…please, accept me…as your lover. Oh!” He picked her up and held her as his cock slid in and out of her soaking wet cunt. She was screaming sobs now.

They were fucking in the cowgirl position now. Too overwhelmed with shock to have the strength to stop him, Camilla just sadly acquiesced and let her son continue ramming his cock in and out of her. Tears were flooding her face. In spite of her horror, or perhaps because of it, she came again, soaking his lap.

He grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them, fingering her anus. Unable to look at him, she rested her head on his shoulder and kept sobbing. It’s my fault, she thought; I brought this all on myself. I’m a bad mother. This is all my fault. I deserve this shame.

He came inside her, then pulled his cock out. As emotionally exhausted as she was physically, she allowed him to move down and begin sucking her left tit. He slid one finger inside her asshole, and another in her dripping wet cunt. As he sucked, she lactated, him gluttonously drinking as much of her milk as he could get out of her. Then he moved his mouth over to her other tit and sucked on it, again drawing all the milk he could through that nipple. He was ecstatic with the pleasure of having his mother–and her psychic energy–inside him. She also vaguely sensed that he was absorbing as much of her as he could for some other, mysterious reason.

She sighed and ran her hands through his hair. Though she felt it was too late to mitigate her shame from having sex with her son, she realized another, newer shame: she was enjoying the sex! His cock, lips, tongue, and fingers were pleasuring her in a way none of her previous lovers had ever done before! The reason for this was obvious: he was the psychic amalgamation of most of her best lovers, and he knew how to manipulate her feelings to combine those lovers’ abilities to give her the best fucks she’d ever had. As thrilling as the physical sensations were for her, though, she could only cry and cry.

He moved down, kissing his way from her breasts and belly to her pussy. Now he began sucking on her rock-hard clit, still sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy and asshole. After sucking on her clitoris for a minute or so, he wrapped his lips tightly around her swelling left labium and sucked on it. Then he sucked on the right one. He pulled his finger out of her asshole and began licking it, his eager tongue studying every pretty wrinkle. Then he slid his tongue as deep inside her cunt as he could, flickering it against her G-spot. He could feel her about to orgasm, pulled his tongue out, and opened his mouth.

“Ah!” she screamed again, coming a deluge in his wide-open mouth. He greedily drank it all.

Sensing her shame, he pulled away and avoided her eyes. He was as unable to talk to her as she was to talk to him, since shame had now replaced his lust. The best thing for both of us now is sleep, he thought. We’ll worry about the consequences tomorrow. Knowing she wouldn’t have been able to sleep by her own efforts, he used Nigrovum to make her fall asleep, which she did in a matter of seconds. He nodded off soon after, using Nigrovum to make his mind go blank and forget his worries about the next day.


The next morning, Camilla woke up in a pool of her come, seeing her son’s large, naked body lying beside her. Oh, if only that could have been a nightmare in the normal sense of the word, she thought, then instantly began crying.

Eros woke up. “Mom, don’t cry,” he said. “I’m sterile; you won’t get pregnant. Please don’t cry.”

“How can I not?” she said in loud sobs.

“What we did last night–“

“What you did with me last night,” she corrected. “What you made me do with you. What you tricked me into doing–“

“It shouldn’t be that shocking, Mom,” he said, choking back sobs of his own. “You did it with your dad. You never told me about it, but I can feel it in your memories. Don’t judge me, please.”

“I’m judging myself. This was all my fault.”

“Don’t blame yourself. Last night was beautiful.”

“It was horrifying!” she shouted.

“Oh, don’t say that, Mom,” he said, beginning to cry.

“Nice boys don’t…do things like that…with their Mommies, Eros.”

“I’m not a baby anymore, Mom! I’m a man! Why won’t you acknowledge that? Last night, you could feel how much of a man I am.”

“Mature men don’t have Oedipus complexes!”

“Mom, I can’t help it. I love you. I’m in love with you. Don’t plug your ears! Listen to me! I’ve always been in love with you. You’re beautiful body drives me wild; I can’t help myself!”

“That’s how it’s Merter Escort Bayan all my fault. I should never have tarted myself up in front of you, wearing skin-tight dresses, high heels, and heavy makeup. I always saw the Oedipal longing in your eyes, but instead of discouraging you from thinking that way, I was flattered by it. My vanity is way out of control. This is all my fault. I thought never letting you see me undressed would be enough to curb your lust: it wasn’t.”

“Don’t blame yourself. I love you because you’re a beautiful human being. You gave me life. You’re a goddess,” he sobbed.

“I’m no goddess. I should have known when I created you in my womb that–“

“A miracle!”

“No! Not my miracle, just Nigrovum, a power you have much more of than I. When I created you, I should have known that I was using not only the energy of all my former lovers…I was also using their lust-energy…their lust for me. That’s why this is all my fault. I’m no goddess, baby. I’m only human.”

“That’s what I love about you!” he insisted. “Your humanity! Your divine humanity! You’re my link to people, Mom! All my life, I’ve been a freak: a hulking, giant half-alien with black fingernails and toenails, and with powers that alienate me from everyone. The kids at school either laughed at me or were afraid of me. I never had any friends, because I’m so different. But you, you connect me with humanity, and your love makes me feel like I belong here on Earth.”

“Of course you belong here, sweetie. But we can’t–“

“No, Mom, please. Don’t reject me like everyone else. Let me hold you.” He reached for her.

“No!” she shuffled away from him.

“Let’s make love again.”


“I’m a good lover, Mom. I know exactly how you like it.”

“Yes, much too well! Never again.” She got out of bed and reached for her bathrobe. She put it on.

“Please don’t cover yourself. You’re so beautiful naked.”

“Stop it!” She slapped him.

“Mom,” he sobbed. “I just wanted to please you.”

“You shamed me, Eros. You shamed me.” She walked out of the room still crying.

Now his face was as flooded with tears as hers.


A week passed by with them hardly saying a word to each other. Eros went into a deep depression, craving his mother’s body like a drug addict going into withdrawal. The depression was weighing down on him. He could hardly breathe.

It was now late August, and Camilla went home early one Thursday afternoon. “Eros?” she called out. “Where are you? I need–” She sensed a terrible psychic vibration emanating from his bedroom. She rushed upstairs and barged into his room.

His dead naked body was lying on the floor, with ‘Mom’ carved deep in his chest. The knife used lay beside him. His flowing blood was staining the carpet.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed, bursting hysterically into tears. “No, not my baby!”

Suddenly, before she could pick him up or try to revive him psychically, as she had tried with Agape, she felt the collective power of several masked men taking her over completely, immobilizing her. The ghosts of Cameron, Patrick, and Berman started tearing her clothes off.

She gasped with agape eyes as she saw the buttons of her opening black blouse fly off, revealing her light green lace brassiere. Down went her beige dress pants with one pull, causing the button to fly off too, and the zipper to break. She felt her feet lifted up by Berman’s invisible hands, which then pulled off her black high heels. The hook to her bra was torn away by Cameron’s ghost, causing the bra to open wildly and reveal her shaking breasts. Her light green panties were pulled down by Patrick, revealing her black pubic hair.

Now that she was fully naked, the masked men’s collective psychic power forced her to run downstairs and out of her house. In broad daylight and right in front of her shocked neighbours, she ran and ran. Her black hair flowed in the breeze and her breasts bounced wildly and quickly; whenever she stepped on rocks, she winced in pain, but was given no chance to stop to rub her feet. She just kept on going, down street after street towards downtown Montreal.

A mob of lecherous people, mostly young men, naturally started running after her, hoping to get their hands on her nude body. She would run across busy roads, the masked men using Nigrovum to lift her up and over cars. When the drivers heard the sound of her feet pounding on the roofs of their cars, they looked out their windows, as shocked as everyone else to see this most reluctant female streaker.

Some of her university students saw her running by, and they recognized her; they quickly joined the mob of running followers.

“It’s The Fox!” shouted a male student. “She’s naked! Alright!” He ran along with the others.

“She Escort Merter looks…as great nude…as I imagined…she would,” shouted another, getting out his cell-phone and setting it to video as he ran.

“She’s so pale,” panted another one running with them. “Doesn’t she ever…get out…in the sun?”

“I guess…she’s making up…for that now,” said the first student.

Some lecherous men tried to grab her as she ran by them on the sidewalk, but the masked men, having a better plan than just allowing her to be raped on the street, lifted her up and over the men before they could touch her. Nonetheless, they joined the others in chasing her. She just kept on running without a rest.

Finally, she reached a public aquarium, with all those people running after her. All of them flooded the place within half a minute of her entering. People in one of the observation areas gasped as they saw this naked woman run up the steps to a ledge at the side of a water tank. The glass door to the side of the water tank, where only the staff of the aquarium had access to the fish, suddenly unlocked and opened by itself, thanks to the masked men’s mental powers.

She went through the doorway and was made to hover over the water, being turned to a horizontal position, as if lying on her back on a bed. The ghosts of Paul, Richard, Rob, and Gene–men she’d fucked while vacationing in Thailand with Veronica eighteen years before–spread Camilla’s legs out and up over her head, exposing her pussy and asshole. A bunch of those lecherous men ran up the steps to the ledge to get a close-up look at her holes. Some of those with their cell-phones out were already getting video of her spread; some of the others got out their cell-phones and set them to video.

Still a few other men tried to grab at her legs and bring her over to them: the masked men put up a psychic barrier to stop the lechers from getting her. Frustrated in their attempts, they simply followed the other lechers and took out their cell-phones, setting them to video.

Camilla felt Paul’s invisible cock push in her pussy, which had been automatically moistened by the masked men’s power. Richard’s ghost shoved his cock up her psychically-lubed ass, while Rob’s went in her salivating mouth. Gene put his invisible cock between her tits, his hands squeezing them around his ghost-member.

The men getting video of her were amazed to see her holes open up, her left cheek puff out as if she were poking it with her tongue, and what seemed–and, of course, were–invisible fingers pressing indentations on her breasts. She just looked at the men and their cameras, helpless in her humiliation, and–too busy sucking ghost-cock–not even able to frown.


Thus was the beginning of almost forty days and nights of ceaseless gang-banging.

She finally realized that her more expanded consciousness had come not so much from Nigrovum per se, but from the energy of Eros’ come, and therefore from the unique powers he’d acquired from being half-human, half-Nigrovum. This was what had made it possible for her to know other people’s experiences and remember not only her memories, but other people’s. This power was what made her able to know what the masked men were doing, when they were doing it, and who many of them were: members of The Green Party. This power is what allowed her to remember all those experiences the masked men had wanted her to forget: the gang-bangs, her being thrown out of a window and into a swimming pool, Jim as a member of their scheming group, and Garth Van Duyne’s rise to power, all with her unwitting help.

Obviously, Eros’ powers were greater than those of the masked men; but why didn’t he use them against the masked men? He knew the danger that they were to her, and he had no love for them. Why hadn’t he helped her? Why wasn’t he, presumably in the ‘other world’, helping her now, if he loved her so much? Did he have another plan? A more subtle one? He’d revealed in his thoughts how he planned to use his power to help her: why wasn’t he doing anything? Was his plan to stop them far bigger, and more ambitious, than what would merely help her?

Furthermore, now that she had so much of his power, how could she use it to save herself from those Satanic bastards? In her stress from all that had been going on, it was impossible for her to think straight and to concentrate with the power: maybe that was precisely what the masked men were intending to do by having her incessantly gang-banged and publicly humiliated. Maybe they knew she was becoming too powerful, and becoming a threat to them. They had to distract her with these gang-bangs to stop her from using her new powers to thwart their plans. A clever plan.

If so, maybe that’s why Eros wasn’t coming to her aid, either. In her distraction over the past five weeks, she’d never taken the time to think about what had become of Eros’ soul: he’d committed suicide after having engaged in incest with his mother, a total of seven times. There was only one place his soul could possibly have gone to–the hellish realms.