Mayıs 22, 2023


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The sexual tension had been building up for months, a little wink here, and a small comment there. Tasha and Christy both felt it but these two best friends never really acted on it. Maybe they thought it would ruin their marriages but both knew it would never ruin the relationship they shared. The two had done a little experimenting in the past but nothing like this.

Tasha came up with the idea that Christy and she should take a vacation, just the two of them to Mexico. Christy thought that was a great idea, within a month they were on the beach watching a live band and rubbing on the lotion.

On the third night as the band played the ladies drank margaritas with reckless intent. After more than enough Christy and Tasha began it make their way back to the room, which they shared.

“You know I could go for another margarita, oh and a hot senorita!” Tasha said.

“Well I don’t have your margarita but I am very sure I could be a hot senorita for you!” Christy smiled.

“Oh you don’t want to Anadolu Yakası Escort be my senorita, because my senorita loves to massage me.” Tasha replied walking towards the bed, dropping her shirt to the floor, setting free her very erect nipples free. Tasha lied down on her stomach allowing Christy a good view of her gorgeous ass, which is still covered with white cotton panties.

“Well I must be her because looking at you right now I would love to massage your willing flesh.” Christy said as she went to the bed and began to knead and stroke Tasha’s shoulders and neck.

Christy rubbed her way down Tasha’s back and slowly over her smoothly shaving legs. Tasha loved the feeling that ways being sent through her. She was faint, shaky and was sizzling with anticipation. Christy moved over her panties, massaging her heated ass. Tasha let out a small moan.

“How ever am I to give you the best massage I can with these panties on?” asked Christy.

“Then take them off.” Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Tasha told her. As Christy reached over the waistband she noticed that the panties were saturated. She pulled them down gently releasing the aroma of Tasha’s love box. With Tasha’s face in the pillow, Christy brought the wetness to her face to inhale the sweetness.

Christy went back to the job at hand but not without moisture beginning to build in her panties. As she massaged she began to pull Tasha’s cheeks apart exposing her full wet slit.

“Now would your senorita massage the front of you as well?” Christy asked.

“Of course she would. Do you think she would give me a half-ass massage?” Tasha answered.

“Hey wait a minute, I did the whole ass! Was it not good enough?”

“No it was awesome.” Tasha grinned.

“Good now turn over, so I can finish.” Christy whispered.

Christy started at Tasha’s feet, paying much attention to every part of her egger Escort Anadolu Yakası body. As Christy traveled upward she noticed that Tasha’s legs spread slightly open, giving her a perfect view of her glistening cleaning shaved mound. The smell of sweet sex now filled the room.

“Is here anything else your senorita would do for you?” Christy asked.

“Yeah, but nothing that you will would want to do.” Tasha said as she sat up.

“I said that I could be your senorita so I will do anything that she would do”

“Well she would start slowing kissing my body, my ears, my legs, and of course my ass.”

Christy moved around behind Tasha and began kissing her neck. Tasha felt the hair on her body stand on ends. Christy then began softly running her tongue along Tasha’s earlobes. Tasha began to squirm and moans escaped her body unwilling. Christy told her to lie down on her stomach. Tasha did as she was told. Christy then began by kissing her ankles. As she moved her way up Tasha’s legs, Tasha’s ass lifted and her legs split slightly again, as if the had a mind of the own.

Christy bit at Tasha’s uncovered buttocks and asked “Is there anything else you would like?”

“Like is not the right word. I think love is the correct one. I would love you to place that hot licking utensil of yours directly in my flooded cunt!”