Kasım 21, 2023

Casey and Joe

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So let me start out by saying I have this amazing wife!! We have played for pretty much our entire relationship with others and I cannot even begin to talk about all the incredible experiences we have had in our past. Jen is gorgeous and will fuck your brains out anywhere, anytime.

This, however, is a story about her little sister Casey. She is 23, about 5’5″ with long dark hair. She is kind of a modern hippie that practices yoga almost daily. She is attractive when she chooses to dress nice but literally about 95% of the time, she is in some baggy sweats and a flannel shirt. Doesn’t show off her tight little body at all and if she got a tan, I wouldn’t know what to think.

A few years ago, we placed an ad on a site looking for a young lady to come over when we asked and in return, we would take care of her. It took a while but we found a real diamond on that sight. But in our search, I ran across my sexy ass wife’s little sister! She has been looking for a Sugar Daddy for a few years and apparently has now found a few.

This made me tease Jen to no end about me paying to fuck her little sister. She was 100% against it but I often teased about how if I ever got the Bahçelievler Escort chance that I wouldn’t turn it down. She laughed at me and said that I would never have to worry about it as I would never get the chance. She was right for years, until…

A few nights ago, we had a Halloween bonfire at our house on a lake. We have friends and family over and Casey was one of them. Nothing to speak of that night but after she left, I realized that Casey had left her jacket. Jen had text her and she said she would just pick it up later. I had no idea that later would be a day I was home alone and Jen was at work!

So I was sitting on the couch, watching some hot porn and stroking my hard cock when the doorbell rang. I freaked!! I was sitting there with my laptop up and the door wide open. Normally I turn on the buzzer that lets me know if anyone pulls into our cul de sac but I must have forgotten to check it. She is looking right at me as I pull my shorts up and motion her to come in. I’m so embarrassed and she just laughs and asks what I was watching.

I make a bad joke and she immediately picks up my laptop and plops down on the couch next Bahçelievler Escort Bayan to me. I mean right next to me. Our shoulders are touching and she pulls up the video and unmutes it. She watches as a very sexy older man fucks the hot young babysitter as the wife watches. I ha my cockring on and a pair of gym shorts so you can imagine that my erection was A. still visible and B. not going away quickly.

As the video ended, much to my surprise, she clicked open another one and began watching it. I was throbbing and it was clearly visible through my shorts. I decided I would pull it out. After all she would either act on it, watch me or get up and leave, right? I pushed my shorts down to the floor and spread my legs as I began stroking to the video. Casey never said a single word. What she did do was put the laptop down on the table in front of us and pull off her yoga pants. She sat back down and I could see that she gets wet, like her sister, and she began playing with her pussy.

No words were spoken until that video ended and she said “One more then I have to go.”

Go? Where the fuck was she going?

She stood up and Escort Bahçelievler selected the next video and I reached up and slipped my fingers in her warm, wet pussy. She didn’t even turn around. I fingered her as the video began. It was a guy getting caught masturbating by his sister in law and she went down on him. I pulled her backwards and guided her down onto my cock. She never resisted and just kept watching the screen. I fucked her, rather she fucked me like that for a bit. She stood up and knelt on the padded table, moving the laptop back so that she could still watch. I looked and I had 12 minutes remaining. I slipped into her from behind and grabbed her little hips. I fucked her hard and fast and took short breaks when I knew I was close to cumming. She came twice but never cried out my name, never encouraged me, nothing. It was like she was masturbating and I wasn’t even there!!

I grabbed my belt nearby and slipped it around her hips, I pounded her tight, juicy pussy until the guy on the screen came all over the young girl’s face! I came in my hot young sister in law and collapsed back onto the couch. She stood up, got dressed and never even looked back at me. I heard her yell, “Thanks for bringing my jacket in.” as she walked out the door.

Jen got home about an hour later and I immediately fucked her before her sister told her and she got pissed. The funny thing…Her sister never told her anything that I am aware of.

Anyone ever experience anything like this?