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Casey’s Fall Ch. 08 – Week 2, Mon.

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Big Tits

After Casey had her breakfast and dressed, she stared at her underwear drawer and wondered if she should take a pair of panties with her just in case. The new rule was “skirts & dresses only. No panties, ever,” so she had to be prepared for an upskirt request at any time. She guessed it couldn’t hurt to be prepared, and they wouldn’t take up any space anyway. She couldn’t take the chance of putting them on, though. While she could pull off an upskirt pic in most situations without anyone noticing now, there was no way she could get away with taking her panties off first to do it if there were other people around. She bunched up a pair and stuffed them into the bottom of her bag anyway.She arrived at Tech and parked her bike, then put on her running outfit. Riding a bike in a skirt with no underwear was one thing, but there was no way she could take the same risk when it came to the track so she slipped on her usual running shorts, hoping he wouldn’t be checking before classes began. If he did, she could quickly run to the locker room and remedy the situation.It was a perfect morning and it felt good to be alone. After the run, she had just finished showering when the first ding arrived.“upskirt”There was no one else around, and Casey only had a towel around her, so without missing a beat she dropped the towel, spread her knees apart, took the shot and sent it.Ding.“Nice tits! thx”Confused by what he meant, Casey checked the photo she had sent and realised she had accidentally angled the camera out a bit and had captured her whole nude body!Oh God! He didn’t even ask for that and I sent it anyway!Ding.“Your mission today. Get someone to take a nude picture of you on campus. Text it to me sunset”Casey felt her face get very hot, while at the same time, a chill went down her body. She guessed it was time to find out if her wannabe nudist excuse was going to hold water. Where could she go to get enough privacy so no one else would see, though? Maybe under the bleachers at morning teatime? At lunchtime, there would be students everywhere on the oval playing sport. Who would she ask?She finished dressing just as Amelia walked in. Amelia! She would have to be her first candidate.Who better than my best friend? She’ll understand.“Morning, Amelia.”“Morning, Casey. What’s happening?”“Oh, nothing much.”C’mon just do it, Casey, and get it over with.“Listen, I have a kind of strange favour to ask…” Casey Şerifali Escort began.“Oh?” Amelia enquired.“This is going to sound kind of weird…”“Yes?” Amelia further enquired.“I mean really weird…”“Just tell me already, Casey! The suspense is killing me!”“Um… okay. I’ve been kinda thinking about becoming a nudist and I want to get some photos of me in day-to-day settings so I can see what I look like. Would you be willing to take a photo of me?”Fuck! That sounded completely nuts! She’s going to think I’m insane!“A nudist! What the fuck, Casey! Would your parents even allow it?” Amelia responded, clearly shocked.“Um… I don’t know, yet,” Casey replied, “but I want some photos of me before I make the decision to ask them. Will you help me out?”“Holy crap! Well, I guess so,” Amelia considered. “I don’t think we should do it in here, though. If we get caught taking photos in here, we’ll probably get expelled.”“Oh no, not here. I was thinking under the bleachers at morning teatime?” Casey suggested.“Under the bleachers? Are you crazy? Someone might see you.”“I thought about that, but I think if we do it at morning teatime and make sure no one is looking, we should be okay. It will only take a minute or so.”“Well, it’s your body and your reputation,” Amelia pointed out, “but if that’s what you want, I guess I can do it for you.”“Oh, thank you, Amelia. This means a lot to me. Please don’t tell anyone about this.”“Don’t worry. I won’t,” she replied. “I might be implicated as well if you get caught, so there’s no way I’ll ever tell anyone.”Morning tea came around faster than Casey would have liked, and her heart was pounding as she quickly darted back to the locker room and put on the spare panties she had packed in her bag that morning. She was so glad now that she had decided to pack them. How could she explain to Amelia why she wasn’t wearing any when she stripped off in front of her? Then she considered that the wannabe nudist thing could kind of work for that as well. ‘The feeling of freedom’ or whatever. She made a mental note to remember that, in the future, if she had to strip off in front of someone and couldn’t put panties on beforehand for whatever reason. She felt weird having to think along these lines. As if stripping off in front of someone and pretending it was of her own accord wasn’t humiliating enough already without thinking about what clothes she should Şerifali Escort Bayan have on beforehand.She located Amelia already at the bleachers, and after a quick look around they ducked underneath.“Are you sure you really want to do this, Casey?” Amelia asked. “It’s not too late to back out.”“No, I’m sure,” Casey replied. “This is the only way I can think of to find out if I really want to become a nudist.”“Ok then… I guess you asked for it.”Casey handed Amelia her phone, and after another quick look around, she quickly stripped off and took up a position with her back against the bleachers and her hands on her hips. She immediately felt completely awkward and wrong. The middle of campus during the day was no place anyone should be naked, least of all her.Click.“Do you want me to get a few more in case it doesn’t work out?” Amelia asked.“Ok, sure!” Casey answered brightly, hoping her response sounded enthusiastic. Inwardly she was loathing every moment of being naked in front of her friend. She just wanted it over with as quickly as possible.Click. Click.“Ok done,” Amelia announced while handing Casey’s phone to her to check. Casey feigned interest for a moment to make sure the blackmailer would be satisfied with them, and then hurriedly gathered her clothes up and put them on again.I actually managed to pull it off, and the wannabe nudist excuse totally worked!She took some comfort in the thought, as humiliating as it was to have done such a thing at all.Once Casey had finished dressing, they ventured out from under the bleachers.“You two ladies. What are you doing there?”It was campus security.“Nothing,” replied Amelia. “We just needed to discuss something privately away from everyone else.”Good old Amelia. That sounded totally plausible.“Ok then. I hope you weren’t smoking under there were you?” the guard asked.“Eww gross! As if we’d do anything like that. Disgusting habit,” Amelia replied.“Ok…” he responded with some suspicion, obviously not quite believing her.Casey suddenly realised she had minutes to get to class, and she still had her knickers on and no time to get back to the locker room to take them off and put them in her bag again. She had no choice but to go to class and try to figure out a way to get them off without anyone noticing, and that turned out to be easier said than done.It was a Citizens Education class, commonly called “Cit Escort Şerifali Ed”, which was shared with students studying other trades. She took a seat in the back row, and then picked a moment during the lesson while everyone was writing, and the teacher’s attention was elsewhere.Thank God I haven’t received an upskirt request yet.Carefully and silently, she worked the panties off her hips and down to mid-thigh where they were still hidden by her skirt. So far so good.  Everyone was still concentrating on their work and not looking her way. Then she pretended to have an itch, and with one hand she quickly pulled them down and off. She then bunched them up into her hand and returned upright to stuff them into her pencil case. The only thing remaining was to put her phone onto her lap at the ready in case a text came.Once it was done, she looked around nonchalantly to make sure she had gotten away with it unseen. To her dismay, there was a boy staring at her. She remembered his name as Greg. He slowly mouthed the words “what the fuck?” to her and kept staring at her with an aghast expression.Casey suddenly felt her face get hot, and that cold chill rolled down her body again.Oh God! He saw everything! What will I say if he questions me? Maybe he won’t ask? Oh please let him ignore me after class and go about his business. I don’t want to have to explain this to him, or anyone else for that matter. What if he does ask? I guess I’ll have to use the nudist excuse again. I can’t think of anything else. Oh God, I’m going crazy!Vibrate.It was an incoming text from you-know-who, and Greg was still staring at her. She started to panic. She needed him to look away fast. She tried pretending she was concentrating on her work while watching him in her peripheral vision so she could take the first opportunity to do what she had to do. At last, he finally looked away and she quickly took advantage of the moment to part her knees and take the shot, but he too must have noticed Casey’s movement and looked back while she still had her legs apart. Thankfully she already had the shot, and using her desk to shield her hands, managed to send the text just in time.Class was dismissed, and she quickly gathered her things and headed towards the door before Greg had a chance to come and question her.“Not so fast, Casey…”Oh Crap!“I saw what you did back there. What the fuck was that about?” Greg asked with a slight smirk.He was a fairly rugged and rough-looking boy, but not ugly by any means. Definitely fit, with nice arms. Casey thought she had seen him with the football team a few times, and that he drove a nice car.“I uhh… what do you mean?” Casey replied as if she had no idea what he was talking about.