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Catching My Wife and Her Brother Ch. 01

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One day I finally worked up the courage to ask my wife, Annie, if she would have sex with her brother. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a kink for family stuff. It’s not like I have any siblings or anything. Sometimes, if I am lucky, Annie would role play some brother-sister action with me. Nowadays when I ask her about making it a reality with her brother, Aaron, her is always the same: “No way, never.” That was, of course, until the Fourth of July party we hosted.

The party was your usual grilling and drinking affair. It didn’t begin to wind down until about midnight. Almost everyone was wasted except myself—trying to maintain a modicum of dignity as the host. We ended up playing drinking games and we’re in the middle of a truth-or-dare game when someone mentioned the time and everyone started to leave. After the departures, I found myself sitting next to Annie on our L-shaped couch. Aaron, who was a little on the heavy side, was sitting alone on the short end.

Annie suggested that the three of us continue playing truth-or-dare. Since my hosting duties were practically over, I thought, why not? I cracked open a cold beer as Annie looked at Aaron and asked: “Truth or dare?” Although, as drunk as she was, it sounded more like, “Truff or deer?”

Naturally, people rarely pick dare, and Aaron was certainly not the kind of guy to do so. After asking for a truth, Annie asked him what his darkest secret was. He paused for at least a minute, but it seemed like much longer.

“Well?!” Annie exclaimed.

“I don’t know! That’s a big question… Okay. One time, I stole a candy bar from Mr. Wilson’s gas station.”

“Geez! That’s it?” Annie complained, but she decided to let the game move on. It was Aaron’s turn.

Aaron then looked at Annie and asked her if should would like truth or dare. With a smirk she said, “truff.”

“Good,” said Aaron, “so, what is your darkest secret?”

Annie let out a sound that was sort of a half-gasp half-laugh as if she was surprised but also thought it was a joke. “Hmm, let’s see,” she said. “Oh, I know! This is something I’ve never told anyone: my husband wants me to have sex with my brother.”

As soon as I heard these words, I almost spit out an entire gulp of beer. There is no way, I thought, that she actually just said that. I looked at Annie and she was drunkenly smiling at Alex. “Yup,” Annie repeated, “Jack wants me to fuck you.”

Now there was no denying it, Annie gave away my darkest secret! I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured it would be bad. I looked over at Aaron and he seemed to be in shock. He glanced at me, noticed I was equally surprised, and looked Kayaşehir Escort away again. Annie, impatiently awaiting a reaction, blurted out, “Well, you don’t have anything to say about that!?”

Aaron just started to look around the room, clearly uncomfortable but also oddly too comfortable. A hundred thoughts were running through my mind. I expected him to be completely grossed out at the thought of it or pissed off and ready to punch me. Instead, he just quietly sat there seemingly wanting to say something but inevitably silent. Annie picked up on the mood too.

“Holy shit!” Annie yelled. “You… you really do want to… fuck me?” Her tone was uncertain and her statement seemed like an accusation and a question at once. It was clear, however, that she was enjoying the effect her “secret” had on her brother. She was leaning forward on the couch looking at him. She was wearing a turquoise sundress and her D cup breasts filled it in perfectly, prominently displaying her ample cleavage. “Haha! I can’t believe it,” she went on, “Well, I guess I always knew someone would sneak in and watch me shower sometimes, but I thought that was just dad being an old perv. I didn’t know you felt like that, Aaron. Hey! Hold on one sec…”

Aaron opened his mouth ready to deny everything that Annie had inferred, but she leapt off the couch and ran upstairs to our bedroom. “Where the hell are you going!?” I cried after her. I was confused, but also hoping this meant we would change the topic. Although, I couldn’t help wondering: Was it true? Was Aaron really attracted to his sister?

Annie reappeared a minute later and squeezed onto the short side of the couch next to her brother. “I need to ask you something,” she told Aaron as she leaned on his arm, her breasts pressed against him. Without waiting for a response, she lifted up her right hand. I noticed it right away: it was her 7″ pink suction cup dildo that would sometimes play the role of “Aaron.”

“What the fuck, Annie!” I protested, but was utterly ignored.

“Jack and I sometimes pretend this is you, but I’ve always wondered, how close is it to the real thing?” Annie finally asked. Without any kind of permission, she held the dildo up to Aaron’s bulge in his pants. It almost seemed like he was half erect…

Aaron pushed Annie’s hand away. “I don’t know!” he said. “Anyway, I’d have to be hard to compare.”

“Soooo?” Annie inquisitively questioned. After a moments pause, she added, “We have a bathroom upstairs, ya know.”

The thought of Annie’s brother holding his cock next to “Aaron” began to excite me. My cock stiffened a little. As calmly as possible Kayaşehir Escort Bayan I said, “Well, just do it if it will let us move on from this awkward topic.”

“Okay,” Aaron replied to us as he stood up and walked upstairs.

We silently waited for him to come back, both of us wrapped up in our own minds. Five minutes passed and still no sign of Aaron.

“I’m going to go check on him. He had a lot to drink, maybe he just passed out.” Annie told me as she bit her lower lip.

“Ummm, okay…” I responded in slight disbelief.

I waited. Then, I waited a little more. It seemed like ten minutes had gone by when I finally decided that they probably wouldn’t be coming back down. “What the hell is going on!?” I thought. There was no point in waiting more, I headed upstairs.

As I got to the second floor, I noticed that the bathroom light was on. Quietly, I peeked around the corner of the staircase and looked in. Aaron was leaning with his back against the sink. His pants were unbuckled and his hard cock was sticking out. As first I thought he was holding it, but then, as I got closer, I noticed Annie was kneeling on the floor with one hand around Aaron’s cock and the other holding up the pink dildo. She kept looking back and forth between the two mumbling “mmhmm.” Every couple of seconds she would gently stroke Aaron’s pulsating member.

As I approach the door, I ask, “So, what’s going on here?”

Annie, no doubt in part because of her inebriated state, nonchalantly replies, “It’s almost an exact match! Oh, hi Jack! Sorry, Aaron needed some help, ya know, getting it up. He said he usually has materials for that kind of thing. Since he doesn’t here, I thought I’d help out. Look!”

I look down at Annie’s hands holding up the two Aarons. I watch her soft hand give the real Aaron another gentle stroke. They are almost identical in length, but Aaron’s is a little thicker and has much more pronounced veins. “Wow, you’re right!” I tell Annie, surprised but also excited by this adventurous step of hers. Aaron pulls up his pants as if he is ready to put everything away.

“Hold on!” I tell him. “We haven’t finished our game; I never got a turn.” I look at Annie, still knelling on the ground, and ask her if she wants truth or dare.

“Hmm,” she jokingly muses as she mechanically strokes on Aaron’s cock. “Dare!”

“Well, since you’re obviously not shy of Aaron anymore, I dare you to give him a kiss goodbye right there,” I command her as I point to the tip of Aaron’s cock.

Annie lets out a little giggle and immediately pecks the throbbing head of Aaron’s cock. He is quiet Escort Kayaşehir as it happens, but he is certainly enjoying his sister’s interest in his body. She looks up at him and then gives it another peck. With a bit of surprise, Aaron looks down at her. As their eyes meet, she sticks out her tongue and rolls it around the tip of his cock. Soon, she puts her entire mouth around it and starts rocking back and forth.

Aaron audibly exhales in pleasure as Annie’s warm mouth pops off his cock and then begins sucking again. He looks at me, unsure if this is alright, but is reassured as I begin taking out my own stiff cock.

“Hey honey, don’t forget about me.” I say to Annie.

She pulls her mouth off Aaron’s cock. Her lips are wet and slobbery as a drip of saliva falls onto her breast and rolls down her cleavage. She says, “Of course not baby! I’m going to need you in a minute.” She winks as she says the last part and gives my cock a soft peck on the tip. She begins to tug on it, but then immediately goes back to Aaron’s attentive hard-on.

Annie simultaneously twists her hand around her brother’s swollen cock as she rapidly bobs her head back and forth on it. It’s only a few more seconds before Aaron grunts out, “Errshhittt.” His cock jumps up three times as it fills Annie’s mouth with cum. She swallows it all immediately and even kisses up all the leftovers. By now Annie has stopped tugging on my cock and is just starring up at her brother smiling.

“Fuck that was hot,” I say. I couldn’t believe she just swallowed it all without even a warning. She will rarely do that for me anymore. Once she told me that she only does it when she really wants to impress a guy. I guess she was keen on showing off for her brother.

“Mmm, yeah,” Annie responds in agreement. Aaron is eying the pink dildo on the floor and Annie notices. “Wanna see how we use it?” She asks him.

Aaron’s cock is still completely hard so it is no surprise when he eagerly answers Annie that he would love to see it in use. She picks it up and heads over to the bedroom. Aaron and I follow her in, both starring at her ass through the sundress as she wiggles onto the bed. She crawls to the back and sticks the dildo to the wall with a loud sucking noise.

Annie turns around to face us and says, “Now, we usually do this completely naked, so I hope you’re not too shy to see your sister without clothes on. It’s not a big deal, we’re family anyway. But it would be weird if I’m the only one without clothes. You boys need to strip down too!”

I look over to Aaron and he shrugs at me. We already have our cocks out so taking off the rest of the clothes isn’t a problem, I figure. We all undress. As soon as Annie’s panties are off she bends forward facing the dildo and tells Aaron to watch closely.

“I’m already wet thanks to you,” she says still looking directly at Aaron. Then she looks at me and commands, “Come on honey, let’s show him how we play.”