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Caught Ch. 02

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I dragged my hand away from my tingling privacy. I willed my eyes away from the bulge in the sheet between Jake’s legs. I forced myself away from the door and back to my bedroom.

I paced. I tried to get my mind off Jake, off what I had done, off what he’d done to me and off what I still wanted to do. No use. I realized my hand was touching my breast, touching where Jake had touched my nipple. I could still feel the touch of his hand, the fire still marked me.

My labia glowed hotly from the brief contact of his finger. I stripped naked and looked at my body in the mirror. My breasts, chest, neck and face were still flushed. My pussy filled with pressure as I looked at my labia and saw a the pink outlines the touch Jake’s had left behind.

I wanted release. I sat in my chair, spread my legs, caressed my breast where Jake’s caress still lingered and tried to quench the heat emanating from my pussy with my other hand. My pussy felt feverish. Heat, desire, want, need and lust were all pouring out of my body.

Fuck. I did not want to masturbate. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to be split open, entered, filled, stretched and screwed by a hard, hot, fat cock. What I saw, what I wanted and what I had to have was forbidden. What I wanted, what I needed and what I had to have was Jake’s cock inside of me.

I feverishly worked my clit with the palm of my hand while working two fingers in and out of my tight pussy hole trying to fill the void I felt reaching up inside my crotch and pelvis. I brought myself to an intense shuddering orgasm that offered only slight relief, brief relief. God, what was I going to do.

I crawled into my bed covering my nakedness with a sheet. My breast still burned, my pussy still ached with emptiness, and my clit still felt swollen with tension that continued to grow.

“Oh Jake,” I groaned. “Jake, Jake, Jake.”

My hands were both between my legs in the wet mess between my legs. My pussy, sodden with the juices flowing with my unquenched excitement and desire, felt hot and sucked at the fingers of my left hand as I worked them deeply in and out of my vagina. My right hand, worked furiously at the demands my clit were making; my clit screaming for release from sexual tension I had never felt before.

“Fuck, fuck , shit, fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt, Jake, Jake, fuck me, please come and fuck me,” I was chanting over and over.”

I came again. But, I couldn’t stop. I kept working at my clit. I needed more release. I kept chanting. I was out of control.


I woke. I don’t know how long a had slept. A few minutes, an hour, several hours? But, I was instantly awake. I immediately thought of what had transpired.

“Jesus, what the hell happened?” I asked myself. “What the fuck was that all about?”

My sister. Good god. My sister’s touch had blown me away, or at least had my cock blowing cum. I had never experienced anything remotely close to the intensity of what she had just done to me with only the touch of her hand.

I heard something. Moaning? Whispers? Deb? It stopped for a couple of minutes then began again. Seemed to grow in intensity, then stopped again. No, there it was again, beginning softly, beginning to crescendo. I got up, stuck my head into the hallway. Yes, Deb. Definitely Deb. From her room. I hesitated, no one else home, still naked, I dared the quick four steps to her door. It was wide open and my eyes were drawn by the moaning sound coming from Deb’s bed.

Deb was lying on her back, head thrown back on her pillow, eyes closed, her upper body naked, her breasts exposed, nipples dark and hard against the flushed skin of her chest. The sheet was draped over her spread and raised legs, her arms and hands under the sheet, between her legs. Her breathing was taken in quick sharp intakes, moans deep in her throat matched the rhythm of the pulsating sheet over her knees.

“Ah, oh, my,” she panted out as the motion her arms and hands were beating against the sheet lessened. “Jake,” she whispered my name. “Fuck me Jake,” she shocked me with her whispered plea, not knowing I was there to hear.

I walked into the room, leaned over her naked torso and placed my lips to her hard nipple and sucked it into my mouth. Her back arched against my face as I sucked and licked.

“Jake,” she moaned as her hands came and held my head to her breast. Her heat coursed into my mouth and tongue. My flaccid cock sprang to life with blood rapidly engorging and erecting my tool.

“Jake, Jesus, my pussy, my clit, I am exploding, oh my god, fuck, fuck, fuck……”

I reached under the sheet and placed my hands between her legs, against her pussy, and instantly felt the heat of her sex, moist and hot jolt my arm with an electrical pulse of a completed circuit crashing into my body form my sucking mouth and my hand that was now plugged into her wet cunt.

“Jake, I can’t stop cumming. Every time I orgasm, it just starts again, builds again, needs release again, but Sefaköy Escort an emptiness remains…”

“Jake, Jesus, Jake, I don’t know what is wrong with me, but, I have to have your cock inside of me or I think I will go crazy. I am crazy, but, Jake, please, fuck me. Fuck me now, please.”

Deb reached out and grabbed my throbbing cock. Her touch sent bolts of pleasure through my penis and balls. I was oozing clear liquid the instant she touched me.

“Jake, come, come inside me, fuck me…” she pleaded as she pulled on my cock, pulling me toward her spread legs. I came as she pulled on my swollen dick. An intense orgasm overcame me and I pumped hot, thick, ropey strings of white sperm onto her body as she pulled at me. “Oh Jesus Jake. Please fuck me.”

I was still rigid, hard, erect despite shooting a large load onto her naked body. I ripped the sheet from her lower body. Her pussy was shinny wet with thick lubricating liquid oozing from her gash. Her clit was pink and hard, protruding from her fat labial lips. I knelt between her legs. She reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me to the gapping hole outlined by her spread pussy lips.

Her hands pulled and guided me to her dripping cunt. She placed the tip of my swollen, leaking purple head at her pussy’s gate.

“Dear god, Jake, please, help me, fuck me now.”

My cock glided inside my sister’s body, her cunt a lubricated tunnel of molten hot pleasure to my hard swollen cock. Her body reacted to my entry, thrusting to meet the penetration of my hard flesh. She opened herself and allowed my cock to plow deeply inside, pushing her cervix aside and ramming into her tunnels back wall.

“All of it Jake. Push, fuck, I want all of you inside of me,” she grunted as my cock stretched her pussy tight. “In, more, hard,” she growled as she pulled my hips against her the opening between her splayed legs.

I pushed against her pliant pussy, my cock stretched the hot wet tissues of her cunt. My cock was fully enveloped by her body.

“Yes, oh yes, yes, fuck me, hard,” she pleaded.

Her hands pushed and pulled at my hips as we thrust in time with each other. My dick slid in and out of her tight pussy, splitting, plowing, stretching and slamming into her pussies pliancy.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” I gasped as my balls drew up tight, my cock contracted and powerful ejaculations spewed hot cum into my sisters stretched cunt.

“I feel your cum. Oh fuck, each jet is hot pleasure firing into and filling my pussy. Oh Jake, it feels good,” purred from her throat as powerful contractions of her cunt squeezed at my cock as I continued to ejaculate my hot seed into her body.

Our orgasms subsided, but our excitement and desire had not. Deb pushed me back onto the bed with a glazed look in her eyes. She swung her legs over my head as she placed her lips on my still erect cock and sucked it into her mouth. Her pussy was over my face, cum beginning to ooze from the stretched gash of her cunt. I opened my mouth and the sperm I had deposited deep inside her pussy ran, glopped, dripped and oozed onto my tongue. It filled my mouth, I swallowed as I felt the fire of Deb’s lips and tongue on my swollen prick.

She sucked and licked at my shaft as she swallowed me hole. Somehow she easily took my thick dick deep into her throat, fucking my shaft and taking me whole.

My tongue made contact with the sopping wet mess of her vulva. Her heat flowed into my tongue and she groaned with the electrical current now flowing through the completed circuit our mouths had created. I sucked her cunt into my mouth and let the flat of my tongue work her pearl of pleasure. Her groan vibrated the shaft she fucked with her throat. I came again. She could feel the surge of the coming gush as my cock swelled in her throat. She pulled back to receive the flow of my seed on her tongue. My cock contracted and the thick white milk poured from my balls and filled her mouth. She sucked and swallowed greedily feeding on the fat dick spewing the only sustenance she wanted, my sperm.

She ground her pelvis into my face as her liquid excitement poured form her contracting and twitching pussy as my tongue made her cum as well. The timing of our dance of pleasures continued in perfect harmony.

Deb finished licking me clean as I licked and sucked the remnants of our love from her labia, my tongue lightly touching her the delicate rosebud of her anus.

“Ah, yes, um, that feels good,” Deb encouraged when she felt the soft wet warmth of my tongue lick her there. “Oh, ah, don’t stop,” she encouraged as she reached between my legs and touched my anus lightly with her finger and sucked my cock back into her mouth.

“Um,” I replied in kind as I pressed the tip of my tongue to the tightness of her anal muscle and felt it wink involuntarily as I probed it. “Um, yes, don’t stop” I encouraged as Deb swallowed the head of my cock and slipped her finger into my anus, sliding it deeply into my rectum and Sefaköy Escort Bayan applied pressure to the swell of my prostate.

I sucked her swollen clitoral hood and clit into my mouth, working the shaft with the tip of my tongue. After dipping my fingers into her hot wet pussy, I pressed my middle finger against the dimple of her anal rosebud. Its muscle winked at the pressure, then relaxed as Deb sighed a guttural sigh the helped relax the anal sphincter and my finger slid into her rectum, the muscle clenching against my probing digit. My index finger, still inside her vagina, probed and found the thickened area of her anterior vaginal wall causing Deb to shudder with pleasure.

I replaced the friction of my tongue on her clit with a circular motion of my thumb. I licked the length of her labia, to her perineum and rimmed her anus around my inserted finger.

“Yes, there, um” cooed Deb.

I slowly removed my finger form her anus and slipped my tongue through the opening before it closed.

“Fuck me with your tongue, god it feels so good,” Deb responded to the pleasures her nether regions were being treated to, then immediately swallowed my hard prick, sliding it down her tight throat.

My pelvis began to pump against her face, sliding my cock in and out of her tight throat, a muscular long pussy for my dick to fuck, my balls slapping her lips and feeling her tongue lick my balls.

Deb moaned and I felt her pussy contract against my finger and her anus clutch at my tongue as it licked and probed her rectum.

Deb pushed my hips, my cock sliding out of her throat so she could say, “Fuck my ass, Jake. I want your cock in my ass and I want your hot cum to pour into my rectum.”

She adjusted her position, still on her hands and knees, allowed me to move in behind her, to mount her, to insert my cock into her ass. I guided the swollen purple head of my cock to her lubed anus, pressed as she again grunted to relax the anal muscle. Her anal ring stretched and stretched as my cock pressed tightly against her opening. Deb groaned, but said, “Don’t stop, keep going, its OK, put it in, make it go inside me.”

I kept constant pressure against her ass and the head slowly dilated her anus and popped inside her rectum. A fiery hand gripped the tip of my cock sending heat shooting up my shaft and through my body.


“Oh, uh, ah, yes, wait, um,” I said as the heat created with the contact of Jake’s penis against my rectal lining sent shimmering waves of heat into my belly. “Ok, slide it all in, I want to feel your heat deep inside me.”

I felt Jake press and his cock split my rectum open, the heat spreading hotly through my body as his shaft sank deeper and deeper into my body.

“Fuck me Jake. Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep. Fuck my ass Jake.”

Jake slowly humped my ass, the heat building with the increasing speed of his thrusts.

“Fuck me Jake, fuck me fuck me, I love the feel of your hot prick deep inside of me.”

“Fuck,” he growled as he slammed into me once more and held his position.

I knew he was going to cum again. I wanted his hot spunk inside of me, but a desire to suck his white liquid from his cock overwhelmed me and I pulled away and felt his cock pop out of my gripping anus.

“No,” Jake cried. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

I whirled and sucked his cock into my mouth just as the first jets of thick white semen shot out of his penis into my sucking mouth; it was then I realized I was trying to quench a tremendous thirst. His sperm was thick and lumpy, not nearly as loose and runny as the earlier semen had been. I was thirsty and I was drinking his man liquid.

“Whew, my god, I think I’m going to faint,” he said weakly.

He fell back on the bed dragging his still hard cock from my mouth. The head of his dick slid out of my mouth and through my lips. Our contact lost. As Jake laid back on the bed, I saw his penis deflate and become flaccid and almost shrunken.

“Deb, I’m so thirsty, I can’t believe it.”

“Let me get some water.”

I ran and got a glass of water from the bathroom and held it to his dry lips. He sipped and said, “That doesn’t taste right, only your pussy juice was satisfying me at all, especially when I licked your urethra and got dribbles of urine. It tasted like golden wine.”

I was shocked at the revelation, my pussy and especially my pee hole glowed and tingled with the thought. And, I realized, I my bladder felt full. Without a word, I straddled Jake’s mouth, placed my pussy close and whispered, “Drink.”

I felt his hot warm breath on my pussy and as the heat of his lips closed over my vulva I let a stream of urine flow into his mouth. I could feel him ravenously suck at my crotch as I urinated, drinking hungrily the golden liquid rushing into his open mouth. He sucked and licked my vulva clean, not wasting a drop.

“Um, that tasted good. I feel much better. I really did almost faint. I didn’t realize Escort Sefaköy how dehydrated I was getting. You have sucked and fucked me dry,” he chuckled.

“I noticed how thick and lumpy your cum was becoming. That explains it I guess. When you were inside my rectum, I suddenly became overwhelming thirsty. I think that is why I pulled free and took you in my mouth. I did it without consciously thinking, but realized how thirsty I was as I drank you in.”

As we were talking, I had subconsciously taken his cock in my hand, it instantly became long and hard at my touch. Jake’s hand was at my pussy, stroking my clit as we chatted. I don’t think he was conscious of what he was doing.

“Jake, what’s happened to us? What’s going on? This isn’t right. What are we going to do?

“I don’t know Deb. This is so weird, but I can’t help myself,” and with that, he pushed me onto my back, straddled my face as he sunk his hot tongue into my waiting cunt.

I opened my mouth and his hard rod slid between my lips and as I tipped my head, it slid easily and deeply into my throat. Jake slowly fucked my mouth and throat as he worked my clit with his strong tongue. I tilted my hips and thrust against he face feeling his nose split my pussy lips. He felt the heat of my cunt on his face and tipped his head to drive his nose as deeply as he could into my wet gash.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gurgled around his thrusting cock as he fucked my pussy with his face. “Uhm, uhm, oh yes,” my screams of pleasure were muffled by his thrusting cock.

Jake moaned against my clit as I felt his cock spew his liquid seed into my mouth and throat.

“My god, what are you doing, our mother screamed from the bedroom door. Stop that, get away, oh my god, no!”

Jake’s face was tightly pressed into my pussy, his cock deep in my throat. We were both at the end of our orgasms still focused on each other. The shock of her presence and her scream of anguish and dismay broke through our coital haze. We broke our sexual embrace and were naked before our mother. My panting breath caused my breasts to heave on my chest. My mother’s eyes went to my hard nipples and flushed chest. Her gaze followed the bright flush to my neck and face where she saw me licking Jake’s white seed from my lips.

“No, no, no,” she sobbed quietly as tears fell from her eyes.”

Then her attention went to Jake and fell to his still hard cock that had sperm oozing from its hole, running down the length of his shaft, onto his balls and dripping onto the bed. I desperately, even now with my mother standing over us, wanted to suck and lick it from his cock, but held myself back.

“Not again, not again,” my mom sobbed quietly as her shoulders slumped in despair.


Jake finally grabbed a sheet and pulled it across his lap to hide his hard-on. I was still naked, sitting there not knowing what to do.

Finally, Jake said, “Mom, give us a minute. A little privacy.”

“Won’t do any good,” she mumbled almost inaudibly.

“What?” I said as I looked at Jake who had a puzzled look on his face.

Mom’s eyes track from me to Jake and back. “Won’t do any good. If I walk out of here are you two going to stop?”

“Mom, come on,” I said without really answering. I think I knew she was right. I wasn’t ready to stop. My pussy was still hot and felt swollen with desire.

I looked at Jake and my eyes wandered to his crotch where his dick was tenting the sheet he had covered himself with. There was a widening wet spot where pre-cum was obviously leaking from his erect penis. I looked up at him and was shocked to see him staring at Mom’s chest. I followed his gaze to Mom’s chest and noticed she was wearing a light see through cotton blouse with a white demi-bra beneath. Jake was staring at the generous cleavage of her breasts exposed above the edges of the bra.

“Oh my god,” I said without thinking.

Jake looked at me briefly, but his eyes snapped back to Mom’s chest.

I looked at Mom, and her eyes met mine. “How long? How many times? Do you even know?”


“How long have you been going at it?” How many times have you each orgasmed?”

“Mom, please, stop.”

“I’m just trying to point out that I know what you are starting to go through. I went through it with my brother and then my mom. It seems to run in the family.”

Jake’s hand covered mine on the bed and the warmth of his touch ran up my arm. I could feel a flush of heat spread up my chest and across my face again. My nipples were erect and tingled with a desire to feel of his lips and tongue sucking at them. Despite our being caught, despite sitting there naked before my mother, despite the horrible shame and embarrassment, my pussy was wet and my clit ached with the need of another orgasm.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

Without another word, Mom turned and walked out of the room. We looked at each other, both bewildered by her reaction and lack of action. Then, inexplicably, Jake pulled the sheet and uncovered his still erect cock. I cupped his balls in my hand, leaned over and sucked his length into my mouth. I couldn’t help myself. I knew Mom was there, yet I was sucking Jake’s cock as his hand went between my legs and entered my aching cunt.