Mayıs 6, 2023

Chanel and Ethan 34

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  I shouldn’t be doing this. I feel her lips wrap around the head of my dick, and I groan. Oh fuck, I’m in serious trouble. My train of thought slows immensely when she runs her tongue along the underside of my dick head. The seconds tick by and her sucking gets harder, deeper, my fingers in her hair. Fuuuck, her mouth is already on me, I might as well let her finish. I stick to that fucked up reasoning, feeling her touch my balls and suck my dick like she’s wanted to for years now. I focus on it, on the feel of her lips and her tongue, the way they worship my heavy cock. I keep her long hair out of her face, her head bobbing up and down in my lap. The image of a beautiful blue eyed brunette floods my mind, and I push her head on my dick. She gags, but keeps sucking, trying hard to impress me. God damn it, I shouldn’t be doing this and I know it. The guilt is already slipping through the cracks, dripping into my consciousness, and I push on her head again. Her throat constricts around my engorged dick, her hand wrapped around the base, and I keep her there for a moment. I don’t want to suffocate her, but it feels so fucking good. She pushes on my thigh, and I finally release her, hearing her gasp and slurp around my cock. I give her a moment Kurtköy Escort to clean up the extra saliva on my piece, then push on her blonde head again. She’s the one who pushed for this, I’m going to use her like I know she wants me to. I could very well be royally fucking up right now, and I’ve already come this far. Hannah hums hungrily around my meat, then goes back down, and I help her, pushing up into her mouth. She holds onto my dick, and I start a steady rhythm, fucking her throat. I push a little too hard and she gags again, so I push again. She chokes on me, and it starts the tingling in my balls. I keep a handful of her hair, guiding her at the pace I want, letting her suck the tip. She tries to force her tongue into the hole in my cock, and I groan. Her slippery muscle rolls around me before she pushes her head into my lap, and I grind my teeth, feeling myself build, not holding it back. “Are you ready?” I ask. She hums, nodding, and I force her down one last time. The tightness of her warm, wet insides push me over the edge, and I explode into her mouth. I groan out in the silence of my car, feeling her suck and swallow down all the sperm I’m feeding her. Every pump of my balls gives her more Kurtköy Escort Bayan of my seed, and I concentrate on how good it feels. When my cock is finished spurting, it still throbs in Hannah’s mouth, making sure I’m empty. I pant heavily as she sucks me clean, then leans back into the passenger seat. I don’t open my eyes for a moment, putting my dick back in my pants…then it happens. The first thing I think about is Chanel. What the fuck did I just do? My heart sinks into my stomach, and I know Hannah’s waiting for me to say something, do something. Hannah……oh fuck. I open my eyes and turn my head sideways to look at her. She’s smiling widely, proud of herself, happy about what just happened…and I feel like an asshole. “You’re sure you can’t come inside?” she asks seductively. I tried to leave sooner, telling her I work early…then this happened. “I’m sorry Hannah, I have to go,” I say, and she nods. “Ok, call me sometime,” she says, and I nod back. She leans forward, kisses my cheek, then turns to get out of my car. Holy mother fucking shit. Have I completely lost it? I imagine the hurt look Chanel’s face would twist into if I tell her, and I cover my own face, growling into my hands. I’m Escort Kurtköy not sure what I expected to get out of this. If anything, this definitely solidifies how I feel about Chanel. Made abundantly clear that I like her more than I thought I did, because I feel lower than the scum of the earth. We haven’t talked about committing to each other, but I know she trusted me, and I turned my back on her. My phone buzzes loudly in the silence, and I startle like I’ve just been caught by Chanel. Before I even take it out of my pocket to look, I know it’s her. When my eyes confirm her name on the screen, my stomach rolls. *You should come over. I rolled the perfect joint and I want to share it with you.* her message says, and I shake my head. See that? She’s so fucking nice, she wants to hang out and get me high. If that isn’t a bad ass chick, I don’t know what is. Then I begin to imagine if Chanel told me she got with another guy, and I feel nauseous. I would be jealous and I know it. Should I go see her? No, probably not. Fuck, I don’t know…I want to. I start my car, and drive away from Hannah’s house. I shouldn’t have done this. A few people keep telling me how I shouldn’t get tied down right now, barking in my ear like they know what’s best for me. I guess they got through a little. I agreed to meet Hannah when she contacted me after finding out I wasn’t married anymore. She’s wanted my nuts for years . She’s a pretty girl, but it was never the right time. This still wasn’t the right time, and I was too fucking stupid to see it.