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Chapter 5: Mother opens up to me in more ways than one

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“How did you know I was queer, I asked her.” “I wasn’t sure but I suspected it,” she went on, “I saw how close you and your sister were.” “As we were about you and Aunt Susan,” I replied with a smile. We were sitting at my kitchen table, naked, sipping our tea. Mom leaned over and smiling stroked my hand and wrist. Normally this would have been the only physical contact that would be between family members. Now for me as we had ‘gone all the way so to speak,’ it took on a whole new meaning. We sipped our tea in silence for a few minutes, still looking and smiling at one another. After some time I asked her, “Do you like being a lesbian mum?” “Oh yes,” she replied rather eagerly, it was like she wanted to explore this further and I’d opened the door so to speak. “After your dad was reported missing, I cried a lot and prayed he would come home. Of course it was a false hope, but you never want to accept the truth at times.” “There were a lot of others like me in those days,” she went on, “We still had those feelings you know,” she said with a wistful smile. “Some women turned to other men to satisfy their feelings, but I couldn’t do that to daddy.” “As I told you it was with Mrs. Crawford I had my first experience with, it just felt so natural to me. She was about twenty five years older than me, yet it didn’t seem to be that much. After all we had similar tastes and got along so well, and we were both missing the person we loved the most at that time.” “Tell me more,” I said. I saw the tears in her eyes and kept silent, waiting till she composed herself. “The next morning I made us some tea, and brought it into the bedroom to drink. You girls were not awake yet, thank goodness. I wanted to talk to her about what we had done.” She sat up in bed and I sat on the edge of it, and for a few minutes sipped our tea in silence. Nothing was said for the longest time, and then quietly I asked Cindy what had come over us. She stared into her cup for a moment, and then finally said in a whisper. It was as if there were others who could hear us. “I’d often wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman, and I’d fallen in love with you.” You were so compassionate, and when we were together I just couldn’t help myself.”  I couldn’t think of an appropriate reply, so said, “Well now you know.” Now with tears running down her face, she finally looked me in the eye. “Yes and I loved every minute of it, and if I never do it again, I’ll always cherish last night.” Her confession kind of startled me in a way, she had been so open and honest in expressing her feelings. She put her cup down, and excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned she picked up her knickers, and went to put them on. “Do you have to go yet,” I blurted out without thinking. “Well no,” she replied, “It’s just I thought…” She didn’t finish saying what she thought, just sat on the side of the bed. “You know,” I admitted to her, “I got a lot of satisfaction from ‘it’ to.” “You mean that,” she asked? “Yes I’d like for us to do it again, as long as we don’t Çekmeköy escort hurt anyone, what harm can there be?” “Well none I suppose, it’s not like we’re seeing other men.” “Before I could say anymore, you were at the bedroom door. I was surprised I hadn’t heard you get up, you usually call out to me when you awake up I felt relieved she was telling me about her first experience, I could tell by the look on her face she enjoyed telling me about it. I told her about me and Rachael, how it had started on the sofa and from there we went all the way. How excited we both were in discovering our sexuality, and how it led to a true love relationship. Next I told her about Jennifer, and how frustrating it had been not being able to lie down together. How it began, thanks to a rainstorm, and how we found more than shelter in a doorway. She laughed when I told her how we would leave our bras and knickers off, that was the best we could do to accommodate one another. “Ah yes to leave one’s underwear off, better to facilitate loving one another in doorways. I loved the good old knee tremblers with daddy, there was something naughty about doing it that way.” “Were you not scared mum, you know, about getting pregnant?” “Well yes it was a worry, but it just felt so good I couldn’t say ‘no’.” I smiled at her telling me this, it was just how I’d felt being intimate with my sister. Now smiling at me she said, “You know you were conceived out of wedlock.” Now it made sense how she had used daddy’s being in the military as the excuse for the hurried marriage between them. “What are we going to do today?” she asked. “Whatever you like,” I replied, “As long as we can do it together.” I saw the look on her face change, smiling she leaned over and placed her hand behind my head. Our lips met softly at first, then with a little more force. I offered her my tongue, and she clamped her lips on it and felt her suck it. “Let’s make love to one another,” she said as took hold of my hand. She helped me out of my chair, and then with an arm around my waist led me back to bed. “Lie on your tummy,” she said. I did as she asked, then felt her take hold of my ankles and spread my legs apart. She knelt between my legs, and ran her finger nails up the backs of them. So light just enough to let me feel her caress, lingering for a moment up and down on my thighs. She caressed my buttocks with one in each hand, over and around I felt her thumbs come together at the crevice. Now down to the inside of my thighs, my pussy was tingling in anticipation. I felt her hair on my back, and then moments later she placed a kiss between my shoulder blades. “You have the most beautiful body,” she whispered. I felt her lips slowly kiss their way down to my waist, a hand moved between my legs and up to my tummy. I lifted my torso to accommodate her searching fingers, feeling the heel of her hand against my pussy. Spreading her fingers, she made scratching motions over my pubis, then move down around my labia’s. Gently she pressed upwards, and Gebze escort bayan I pulled my knees under me to raise my rear end up. She kissed me all over my bum, her fingers found my opening and slid into me. I let out a moan, she was in no hurry as she played with my pussy. I let out a cry when I climaxed, making an effort to stay still and not collapse. “You liked that?” “Oh yes,” I replied, “Who wouldn’t.” I raised myself up on my elbows, and looked underneath my body. I saw her turn onto her back, and place her head underneath my pussy. Now her arms came up around my arse, and she pulled it to her lips. She lapped at the juices flowing out of me, sucking and nibbling on my clit. Soon the stars burst over me, as I had a second powerful orgasm. I collapsed unable to move, her face was trapped under me. After a moment I raised myself back up, and she began to wiggle herself up under my belly. She paused to suckle my tits on the way, and then continued till we were face to face, only now I was on top. I wrapped my legs round her waist, locking my ankles together to hold her tight. Her face was smelly and shining from my pussy juice, and how I loved it. We kissed and rested holding on to one another. Nothing was said, we just lay there catching our breath. I remember thinking, she may be my mother, but she’s also one very randy lady. It would be a challenge to match her enthusiasm, but I was eager to try. We lay there for quite a while, lightly petting and toying with one another. When I felt ready I gently pushed her onto her back and she smiled up at me in anticipation of what was to come. I placed a knee on either side of her body, and then taking hold of her wrists, lifted her arms up over her head. The pleasure on her face was evident, I leaned down and kissed her face. Her forehead then her eyes and cheeks, and finally settling on her mouth. We French kissed, burying our tongues deep into each other’s mouths. Her squirming underneath me got stronger, but I had a firm grip on her wrists. I held her tight, making her wait till I felt ready. Her voice was hoarse and I saw the pleading in her eyes. It said please do me, fuck me, make me cum. I loved the feeling of the power I had over her, to touch her meant letting go of at least one wrist. I didn’t want to give up the feeling just yet, so leaned on my elbows and pressed my knees between her legs. She willingly opened them wide, so now I could lay my body on top of hers. She started moaning and whimpering, “Fuck, I give it to me! I want you, I need it.” Now I pressed my clit to hers and began to hump her, she raised her knees and placed her feet on the bed to match my thrusts. I kept a tight grip on her wrists, she began to shake her head from side to side. Almost drooling from her mouth as her passion mounted, she lifted her legs straight up and she stiffened. With a scream she suddenly collapsed, l felt her twitch and waite,d letting her enjoy her moment. We rested for a couple of hours, until the need for nourishment brought us back to reality. Escort Şerifali We decided to go out for lunch, and after just spent the rest of the day together chatting. Later we had an early night, and made love again before falling asleep. The next day we did the tourist thing, we visited the tower and the museum. I marvelled at mother, how the day before she had been so randy. Now she was dressed as before, very conservative and prim and proper. Occasionally she would reminisce about happenings at home, and now she was more open with me. I marvelled at how she had pulled the wool over our eyes, when she would arrange for her excursions to visit her friends. Rachael and I never suspected a thing, as to her more personal reasons. She told me she wanted to purchase some new apparel, and on the Saturday we went shopping in the more ‘risqué’ lingerie shops. She was excited to be able to browse the more exotic styles, and I was surprised at what she was interested in procuring. She purchased some open crotch bloomers, they were silk of course and I thought terribly expensive. Not only that, but some of her tastes I thought were rather ‘tacky.’ By that I mean the colours and designs, and bright red merry widow outfits trimmed with black lace. We went to the ‘adult’ shop Linda had taken me to, where they had every conceivable ‘accessories’ for sale. Monica, one of the staff I’d gotten to know smiled and said, “Hello.” I could have died, here I was with my mum and she looked at her as if waiting to be introduced. Mother saved me the embarrassment, stepping forward and offering her hand. “Pleased to meet you, my name’s Shelly, what’s yours?” “Monica,” she replied, if there’s anything in particular you’re interested in just ask.” Now the embarrassing moment was passed, we spent some time browsing the accoutrements that were available. Mother was quite fascinated by what was now available, and took her sweet time looking at all the exhibits. Of course she offered to buy me something, “To add a bit of spice to one’s wardrobe.” She said with a smile. At that I was forced to admit that I already had a few novelty items for entertainment purposes. Looking at me a little shocked, “Really” she said. I realised she was just teasing, causing me some slight embarrassment. She showed a particular interest in the latest strap-ons that looked like a replica of an erect cock. In those days there weren’t the soft silicone ones that you can get now. Still although it was made of rubber it looked real. Molded with the ‘bobby’s helmet,’ (head) and the artificial veins, and slighted curved just like the real thing. Of course they were more expensive that the normal ones and she bought two of them. One was for her and the other was a present for me. She also purchased some other items as well, and I asked her about why she bought so many devices. “Picking up some items for friends back home as well, living where we live we don’t get to shop for novelty items like these.” Now you should know that mother and I had the same first names, ‘Sheila’, but her friends always called her Shelly. So when I asked her about the incident in the shop, she smiled and said, “I want you to call me Shelly too when we’re here. It could save some embarrassment, especially with other women.” We went home with our purchases, then took a bath and got dressed for the evening.