Kasım 21, 2023

Charles and Samara

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Charles walked passed Samara’s room, nervous but more than prepared to push his plan to completion. For the past few months he had planned out a way to seduce his innocent baby girl. Tonight was the night, he wiped his sweaty palms against his boxers and took a deep breath. Seeing her door cracked open made him sigh with relief as he walked into her room just standing there looking at his baby girl laying in her bed. She lay there with a cut off athletic shirt heather gray and shorter than anything she had ever worn before. His eyes trailed from her supple breast to her tight toned stomach to her cut off sweat pants. The gray color made her tan pop and every inch of skin look more tender than he could have imagined. Her toned skin shown in the lamp light like a beacon calling him forward. Charles walked over to her bed and begin to push tears out making sure to be loud as he sat roughly on her bed.

“Daddy are you okay?’ Samara wiped her eyes and stretched, her plump mounds hovering just under her shirt.

Charles looked at her feeling his eyes hesitate as they gazed upon the undersides of her soft breast. Tearing his eyes away he looked up at his daughter and wiped a tear away while placing his hand on her knee.

“No baby I am having a bad night.”

Samaras face flushed with concern as she rose up to hug her crying father. Her small arms did not fully go all away around her fathers masculine body but she squeezed as if they had. She softly kissed her fathers eyes and used her small fingers to wipe away his warm tears.

Charles wrapped his powerful arms around his young girl and pulled her into his shaken arms. She held her father for what seemed like an hour before she spoke again.

“Daddy, do you want to tell me what is wrong?” Samaras voice cracked as she pulled away to see her father still crying.

She wiped his tears away again and asked with a little more force in her voice, “daddy tell me what is wrong, let me help you.”

Charles sucked in a deep breath moving his arms from around her tiny frame to holding her dainty hands in his.

“I am tired of being lonely baby,” he said letting even more tears fall from his bloodshot eyes.

Samara face smiled softly at her father, her poutie lips so soft and inviting, her bedroom eyes light green with specks of blue around the iris calling to him. Her auburn hair softly kissed her cheeks and flowed down to her mid-back soft and shiny. She moved her hand from his and rested her palm against his hot wet face. Softly she leaned in and kissed her father on his chin. She kissed his chin again before moving her lips to his. Samara kissed her father not like a father but as a lover. Her soft lips parted slightly as she slide her tongue across her fathers quivering lips.

Charles went to speak, “shhh don’t say anything,” Samara said sliding her tongue inside her fathers Yenibosna Escort open mouth.

She met his tongue with hers. He eagerly kissed her back as he messages her tongue with his. As they kissed Samara could feel her excitement grow.

Charles began to move his hand from hers and pulled her away. He looked at his baby girl so innocent unaware of what he had planned for her tonight and every night there after.

Samara paused shocked to be pulled away from her fathers kiss.

“I can’t do this baby, it is not right… you are my daughter.”

He looked at the hurt in his daughters eyes after he had said his words and forced more tears from his aching eyes. Samara pounced on her father.

She took him by surprise as she picked herself up and over his lap wrapping her legs around his lower back and her arms clinging around his neck.

“Let me take care of you,” she said before kissing her father again her hips grinding into his.

Charles moaning silently, again broke his daughters kiss, “no Samara we can not do this, it is wrong baby.”

As he expected Samara looked hurt but kissed him harder grinding herself against him even more. Charles hands slide down from her shoulders to under her round firm bum. He grab her and pushed his daughter against his hardened self.

Samara gasped feeling how large her father was. He felt so good between her legs which made her grind harder moving her hips into her fathers tented boxers.

Charles tried to fight his daughter off again but lost the power to tell her no.

Samara took her shirt off throwing it away and pressing her firm d-cup breast against her fathers bear muscle bound chest. Her nipples stuck into his chest like rock hard points. Samara moved her soft kisses to her fathers strong chin and then down his sensitive neck.

Charles moaned loudly as his little girl kiss and sucked his neck. Charles wanted her even more now but resisted wanting the choice to be his daughters.

Samara could feel herself wetten more hearing her fathers low growls in her ears. She looked into her fathers dark brown eyes and saw the same lust full look she was sure giving him.

“Daddy I want to make love to you.”

Samara was now moving her legs away from her father and stepping lightly on the cold floor. She looked at her father and was shocked to see a handsome powerful man looking at her as not a daughter but as a woman he wanted more than she could understand. Samara pushed her shorts down to her ankles, she kicked her shorts off to the side and held there for a moment with her fingertips touching the floor letting her father see her round bum and her bare back looking at his eyes as he looked over her body. She stood up slowly her eyes on her father as she stood there as natural as the day she was born.

Charles looked Yenibosna Escort Bayan over his beautiful baby girl. In front of him was no longer a tiny child who needed the protection of her father but of a young woman who needed the love of a man. At just eighteen years old she was pure perfection in his eyes. His eyes went from hers down to her long tender neck across her shoulders and down to her full breast. He always seen them and noticed them but never known how great they looked until this moment. Her nipples were hard and large. The color of honey, not to dark and not to light perfect. They hovered there as to defy gravity so full. Her tummy was trim from the many sports she played and to his surprise she trimmed herself. He was fixed between her legs to see that small patch of hair striping down her perfectly formed lips.

Samara smiled watching her father moved from each part of her body. Her insides were racing and she could fell the wetness began to slide down her thigh.

“Please stand up daddy,” she said as innocently as she could.

Charles obeyed his daughter and stood up keeping his eyes on her very special place.

Samara walked towards her father and places her cold fingertips on his chest. She let her fingers slide down his ripped chest and down to his belly button. She then let one finger follow the thin trail of hair down to his boxers. She could see him twitch inside his boxers as her fingers slide the waistband down. Samara moaned felling her fathers hardness spring out from his boxers. She slide them down and off.

Slowly she made her way back up to her father kissing his knees and his thighs. Samaras fingers found there way along his inner thigh as well as her tongue and soft kisses. She kissed up to her fathers balls. Samara blew a short hot breath across her fathers hairless jewels.

Charles moan instantly, “Samara baby girl we cant do this we need to stop.”

He did not say it to stop more to encourage her to take what she thought she could not have.

Samara looked up at her father putting one of her warmed hands at the base of his shaft while her tongue slide up between his swollen balls and to the base of his hardness.

Samara began to stroke her fathers hard cock in her hand as she sucked his swelling balls into her warm mouth.

He could feel the tender tongue of his little girl cross him on side then the other. Rolling her tongue from one side to the other and back again messaging them in her mouth as her hand slowly moved from base to tip and then back down again just as slow. Charles groaned feeling his eager baby girl like suck and message his sensitive swollen jewels.

Samara opened her mouth and let her fathers balls lightly fall out of her mouth. Her tongue went from in between his balls to the base of his rock hard shaft. With one single Escort Yenibosna lick she moved her tongue all the way to the tip. She moved slow and deliberate making sure to coat the underside in her mouths moisture. Samara stopped her tongue just under the tip of his head. Her tongue rolled around the outside ridge and the up to the very tip. Her warm tongue flicked his tip tasting the slight wetness that had readily came out with her touch.

With her eyes on her father Samara pulled away long enough to ask her father one question, “daddy do you want your little girl to taste you, do you want me to suck your harness daddy?”

Charles looked down at his daughter her lips wet and her cheeks flushed red from lust.

“Yes baby girl, suck your daddy’s cock.”

With that Samara took her fathers hard shaft and sucked him into her mouth.

Charles let out a loud moan at the feel of her stretched lips tight on his hardness.

Her first pass down was only a quarter of his length. She use her tongue again to wetten his shaft before she sucked him again into her small mouth. This time she was able to pass halfway down then sucked back up to the tip using her tongue to flick n suck before going back down on her father. Samara managed to get most of her fathers length into her mouth. She could feel the head prod her throat with each inward motion.

Charles could feel himself throb hard with the skilled lips of his baby girl. His fingers went to her head and entangled in her hair. Slowly he began to push his beautiful daughters face back and forth on his hard cock.

She could feel her father slowly pushing her head up and down on his cock and this made Samara lust for even more from her father.

Charles began to fill his cock throb even harder as his daughter sucked him deep inside her sweet mouth. Pre-cum began to slide out the tip of his swollen shaft and spread across Samaras tongue.

The taste of her fathers escape made Samara suck even harder. Her cheeks completely pressed against her fathers rock hard shaft.

With a stroke into his daughters wet warm mouth Charles felt his body tense his eyes shut and his cock pump his salty juice inside his daughters mouth.

Samara let her fathers cum slide down her throat sucking in all her fathers shaft. Her mouth squeezing from the base of her fathers large shaft then sliding up to the sensitive tip still dripping his hot nectar. Samara slide her mouth back and forth on her father until he relaxed in her mouth. She took him out of her mouth and looked up at her father eager to hear him praise her for her good dead.

Charles looked down at his daughter and removed his fingers from her hair and asked her to raise up and stand close to his chest.

“Don’t speak honey, just let me hold you,” Charles said holding Samara against his still heaving chest.

He gently laid her down and laid close to her until he felt her fall asleep in his arms. After carefully getting out of bed, sure to not wake his sleeping beauty, he bent down kissed his daughter and promised to return the favor. As he walked out he smiled and looked back at his newest achievement.