Haziran 19, 2023

chase the pool boy (fictional)

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chase the pool boy (fictional)after the thunderstorm and hurricane wreaked havoc on our town, and we had a lot of damage, my house was repaired but my pool was full of crap from the hurricane, no one could come out and help, everything was pretty much shut down, food was being dropped in by helicopter. well finally, everything began to fall in place, but my pool still needed work, so my neighbor lisa(the shemale) came over and and said her friend was staying with her due to the death of his father, and knew a lot about pool cleaning and we worked out a price for the next day. i awoke about 6am and went into the kitchen and saw this boy picking up around the pool and diving in to retrieve things, i walked out in my robe, and said who are you, he said i’m chase your pool boy and clean up boy, he was a stunning boy an inch less than me, blue eyes just like mine, and blond Escort bayan hair, well i said your doing a good job keep it up, as i walked away he said i do do good jobs and i can keep it up, i looked at him and he smiled, then went back in to the house. i went to take a shower but all i could think of was him, so i looked out the window, and saw him skinny dipping in my pool, as he got out i noticed he was shaven and hard about a 5 inch penis but so pretty i started getting hard and wanted to have sex with him, but i had to get to work, so i dressed and then told him i would be back at 2pm, he said i will be all done by then, i looked puzzled but went to work. all the time at work i was thinking of him, i couldn’t get him off my mind, then 2pm came i rushed to the car and floored it all the way home, but to no avail he wasn’t there? but Bayan escort a note said job all done here is what i need from you pay me on sunday morning and a smile was left after that. so the next morning i woke this time about 5 am to take my naked dip and there was chase already skinny dipping in my pool, i was stunned this hot twink all of 18 and in college was naked in my pool. then he came to the steps and noticed my cock was hard, he led me in by my cock, i thought i was going to cum, he must have read my mind because he said we have all day for that, i was like what? he said it’s okay, i know your gay, but i like older and saw your home movies and there very kinky, but u need a lover and i want the job he said, then he went down on my cock and sucked till he gagged and it dripped with spit, this went on for about 5 mins and look Escort out i blew a wad like i had never blown or been blown before, but he swallowed every drop and didn’t stop.i feel back and he caught my fall, and then sat on my chest and we kissed like no tomorrow, while he stroked his 5 inch pretty penis off and threw out a cum load as only a boy could, all hit my chest and he licked it up and we swapped spit till we both swallowed, then he lay on my chest and we fell asleep. it was about 9am when we woke up, i said u should go home, he said this is my home, lisa said it’s alright for me to stay with you and love you in every way sexually and house work while i go to school, okay let me call first and i did, and she said yes he has no family but he also needs a lover, i said okay, then chase said you should join us one day, little did i know that lisa was a shemale ct gal who was very pretty and hot, but never dated anyone, but somehow always had money-i didn’t bother to ask, chase was hanging on my cock sucking it every 5 minutes while he cleaned the house, he was just so sexy and very cute for a college boy at his age-then end part two later