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Cheating with Young

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This is a true story that occurred some time ago. My husband, Chris, and I have been swapping with our neighbours to the west of our house, stories of which are being written as I have time. They had gone to Europe for a month some time back and Chris got stuck covering for other employees whom were either sick, busy or away for his job. As much as we wanted to make love many times, we never seemed to be able to find time to do so. I was getting a VERY uncontrollable itch.

When he came home one night and we went to bed, he broke the news to me about how his supervisor was not going to be able to go to a conference so he’d have to fill in, meaning he was leaving the next morning. I was heartbroken…or more appropriately, my pussy was lonely. If there was ever a time I wished the neighbours were home, it was then.

The next morning, Chris was dressed, packed and ready to go. Just as he was at the door, we kissed like we always did every morning, but this time, I just couldn’t help it. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me, feeling his growing hard cock against my mound. I wrapped my right leg around his left and started to grind myself against him. Even with his clothes on and my babydoll, the dryhumping was just as good as fucking right there at the doorway. In no time, I felt the tinglings and then I had a massive orgasm that flooded the crotch of my babydoll. Chris couldn’t cum though, but I did see a noticeable wet spot where the tip of his cock was. After he said, “I love you,” he left for the airport.

Not even a full day went by and I was so horny. Don’t get me wrong, the dryhumping was great, I came a lot, but I wanted a LOT more than just to feel a bulge against my pussy. I wanted a real cock inside me, sliding in and out and then cumming inside me. In the middle of my thoughts, the doorbell rang and it was our old paperboy.

“Hi, Kevin, what can I do you for?” I usually say that to people whom I know, but I just realized after saying it the innuendo of it, whoops!

“Hi, Mrs. Cartier, my brother is not feeling well so I offered to run his route today to collect for the week.”

Kevin was our paperboy years ago but once he started working at McDonald’s, he gave the route to his younger brother. I knew that Kevin was older than 16 as he was driving a car now, but he still went to the high school in this area.

“Just a minute, I’ll have to get my purse.” I offered him to come in and I went through my purse for some money. I made small talk as I searched. “So how is school going? I haven’t seen you around in almost two years.”

“It’s ok. I’m in my last year of high school so I can’t wait to graduate. The day of the prom next month is also my birthday so I am hoping to have a wild time to remember for years to come.”

He laughed, as did I. “Well, happy birthday. How old will you be now?”

“I’ll be nineteen then so I’ll be able to drink, unlike my friends.”

He laughed again, but I too was laughing as it was funny, being able to drink in front of your friends as they sat there looking into their juice or soft drinks. I found enough cash and walked back towards him. It was then I noticed that he was staring at my ass and was now looking at my chest. I do have big breasts so they aren’t hard to miss.

“Here you go, this week’s pay with tip. Make sure your brother gets it though, ok?”

“Yes, ma’am, I will give it to him.”

I couldn’t believe what I was about to say next. “Kevin, what are you doing later tonight?”

I caught him off guard and now his stare was back to my face. “Um, nothing. Why do you ask?”

“Well, my husband is out of town and none of my friends Fatih escort are around lately and I was wondering if maybe we could meet up at the corner diner, my treat. I just would like some company for a couple of hours and then you can go out or whatever for the night. Would that be ok?” It was like an out of body experience. I was trying to tell myself that I just hit on a teenaged boy. Yeah, he was eighteen, but I was in my fourties and old enough to be his mother.

“Um, yeah, I can spare some time. I was just going to stay at home anyways.”

We made a time to meet and then he left. My pussy was throbbing all that time and wouldn’t stop. Later that day in the evening, I showered and then sat at my makeup table and began to put on some eyeliner, mascara, a little blush and then deep red lipstick. I sprayed some perfume over my neck, down the valley of my DDD breasts and even on the mound of my pussy.

As I looked over the bras and panties I could wear, I suddenly decided to not wear any, just a sweater and slacks with nylon socks. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and I loved what I saw. The sweater was wrapped tightly against my chest and the slacks were so tight you could see the date on the dime I had in my back pocket plus my pussy was making a camel toe.

Kevin picked me up and we walked over to the diner and had ourselves a good meal together. In all, we ended up staying there for four hours eating, drinking and just talking. I think he was feeling very lucky to have spent the evening with an older woman, but he didn’t know what I had planned.

“Well, it’s getting late Mrs. Cartier. Maybe we should call it a night.”

I agreed and once outside, I took his hand as we walked down the street. At my house, I looked over at him and kissed him on the cheek and said thank you.

“So what will you be doing now, Kevin?”

“Just like I said before, go home and just relax.”

I got the guts to say it, “Take me with you?”

He was stunned, but nodded. I walked with him back home and we saw two cars in the driveway.

“Oh, my parents are home, but there is no light on.” I had a feeling what they were doing, but Kevin wasn’t thinking like that…just yet. “I’ll just have a look see.”

After he opened the door and called out. He didn’t hear anything so he motioned me in. He said just in case they were in bed, it would be best to stay in the kitchen, but I asked him where he slept because I just wanted to see what he had after paying all that money over the years. He laughed and said just for a moment and we went upstairs.

Once up there, I heard the unmistakenly sound of two people making love. I paused for a moment and listened. It was coming from the master bedroom.

“Oh my God, Mrs. Cartier, they are having sex. I am sorry.”

“Shhh, it’s ok,” I whispered. “Let’s hurry.”

Once inside his bedroom, he closed the door. Once he turned around, I kissed him deeply. His body felt young and hard. I pulled his shirt away from his developing manly shoulders. He was ready. I could feel the hard length of his cock against my legs. Likely from watching my tits and ass and also hearing his parents going at it. I kissed him again and ran my hands down his stomach. Reaching his belt, I knelt and began to undo his pants.

Kevin hadn’t said a word, probably too afraid that this was all an accident and that I would suddenly stop. Maybe it was also because he didn’t want to alarm his parents and be even more embarrassed by getting caught with a woman of their age. I was too busy to talk myself. The thin metallic sound of his zipper broke the silence.

I Fındıkzade escort bayan eased his jeans from his hips and pulled down his underwear. His cock stood at attention and it was a nice size. Smaller than my husband’s and thinner, but he was just a teenager and had a few more years to make it bigger. I kissed it, licking the tip with my tongue.

“Mmmmmm, tasty.”

His breath escaped in a rush when I went down on him. Cupping his balls and squeezing them gently, I licked the length of his shaft. He had a clean, fresh taste as if he’d just come from a shower. “Mmmmmmm….”

He was delicious. I just wanted to eat him up! He stood there motionless, with his underwear and pants around his ankles. I sucked a cock that seemed as white as snow and smaller than what I was use to. It was so cute and sexy, like a slim vanilla ice cream cone.

When I took him all the way down my throat, I thought he would cum right then. I felt him swell and heard his moans. Backing off quickly, I squeezed his cock at the base and began to lick the shaft again. I wanted this to last.

Returning to the tender skin of the tip, I dragged my tongue across it and took it in my mouth again. Now I was ready. Pumping slowly up and down, I worked more and more of the length of him into my mouth.

I watched the veins pulse on the skin of his shaft and listened to the sighs he made. When he came, I moved quickly. Backing off just enough to catch it all, I waited. The hot rush of thick jism poured from his cock and filled my mouth.

It was delicious. The pungent, manly taste made me horny for what was to come. I sucked his pole until I had it all.

“That was good, but that’s just a start for what I had in mind.” I rubbed my hands across his chest and down his legs, scratching him lightly.

My words broke his inaction. Seeming to realize that this wasn’t a dream, his hands went to my sweater and pushed it up.

Standing, I slipped my sweater off and exposed my naked breasts. He stuttered and then reached out to caress my nipples. They puckered under his touch and deepened in colour as the blood rushed to the very tips.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered. His tongue licked one rosy nipple, the thick part of it rasping across the sensitive skin. I sighed and pulled his head between my breasts.

Pushing down my slacks, his hands travelled across my body, exploring me in a hesitant way.

I took his hand and moved it to my pussy, hoping to reassure him. His fingers crept to my slit as my tongue licked his ear. When his finger entered me, I bit down on his earlobe and moaned.

He grew bolder every minute. His fingers found the most sensitive parts of my body and played a masterful tune . I squirmed and writhed in his grip.

Kneeling in front of me, his face moved between my legs. Then he kissed the tender lips of my vulva. I moaned softly while he licked and probed my pussy with his tongue.

I lay down on the thick carpeting and pulled him down on top of me. He needed not further encouragement.

I was wet and it was a good thing. His cock was already hard and pressing against the lips of my pussy.

“Uhm, that feels so good,” I sighed. I raked my fingernails down his back, but he needed not encouragement. He had begun to pump in and out of me like a piston.

He was tireless. If anything, his tempo increased. Between the rising waves of my passion and the hard cock that slammed in and out of me at a rapid rate, I couldn’t talk.

“Mmmm…that’s…uhnnn…ohhhhh.” I couldn’t help it. He couldn’t keep this up and I didn’t want him to stop.

By Escort Gaziosmanpaşa now his breath was coming in short rapid bursts. I was wet with sweat and clutched his body eagerly, trying to make him go even faster.

My legs wrapped around him in a vise-like grip. I slapped his ass with each stroke as if I were a jockey riding a horse. He sensed what I wanted and soon the force of his thrust were pushing us across the carpet.

“That’s it…faster…uhnnn…uhnnn…Oh!…Ohhhh.”

I screamed as he exploded inside me, not caring for his parents if they could hear us or not. My pussy was awash with his creamy load. He came so much that some of it gushed out of my cunt onto my thighs.

When he started to pull back, I clamped my legs around him.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

He looked at me in surprise. “Well, we’re done, so I was getting up.”

I smiled at the look on his face as I rolled him on his back. “That’s what you think!” I said hotly.

Sitting on him, I kept him inside me and began to slowly flex my muscles around him.

There was a look of astonishment on his face when he realized what I was doing. I ignored him and concentrated on my muscles and what was inside me. His look quickly grew into one of bliss. I could feel his cock begin to grow inside me.

I could tell that he wanted to be on top, but I pressed him back and shook my head. “Uh uh. Now it’s my turn.”

I knelt over him and kissed his shoulders before I moved up and pressed my tongue into his mouth. As I leaned over him, I pushed my nipples against his and rubbed my tits against his body.

He grew inside me rapidly and I could hear the wet sucking sound our bodies made as I moved up and down on him.

Squeezing as tight as I could, I began a back and forth rocking motion that soon drove him wild. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled me down on his pole even as I drew away from him.

“Do you like it when I move like this?” I rocked back again, squeezing his cock tight.

“Oh…Oh, what are you doing? Don’t…” His legs twitched.

I knew that he was ready to cum so I slowed my pace. I wanted this to last.

“Take it easy. We’ve got all night.” I went back down against his chest and rubbed against him. This time, after I kissed his nipples, I playfully nibbled them.

Resuming my motion I could feel the heat building up inside me. The friction of his thick shaft against the tight walls of my pussy felt wonderful. I wanted to scream and hump him with one final, blinding frenzy.

But not yet. I knew that he had staying power and I wanted to get every last minute of pleasure out of him before we stopped. Slowly I built our passion up to a peak before I hesitated again on the brink.

He was going crazy. I had to grit my teeth with the effort it took to control myself. His hands reached for my tits which were swinging in front of him. Squeezing them and palming the nipples, he drove me over the edge. I felt his erection building to an enormous explosion even as I lost control. Bucking wildly, I ground my hips against his in a mutual cum that left us both gasping for breath.

We managed to move into his bed after that and we fucked for over an hour, during which he shot off in and on me four more times. The poor boy, I wore him out after that last one because he cuddled me and fell asleep.

I left him there under the covers, got dressed and quietly left his room. I passed his parents’ room and the door was shut. I let myself out of the house and went home with a big smile on my face.

When Chris came home a few days later, I nearly raped him once he closed the door. After our love making, I admitted to my indiscretion with the young man. At first he was not pleased, but when I explained how I felt without him and without Samson next door, I needed to get laid, he was more understanding. I couldn’t wait for the neighbours to get home so I can tell Samson what happened too.