Mayıs 6, 2023

Chores For the Neighbor Part 2

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On Sunday night Marty got home late from his trip. I was already in bed but not asleep. He crawled in next to me. “Mmm, I love the smell of freshly washed sheets.”I wanted to tell him that I had to wash them because they were soaked with pussy juice and the neighbor boy’s cum. Instead I just hugged and kissed him. “I know it’s late, but do you need a welcome home release?” I slipped my hand into his boxers.“I’m pretty tired, but you’re impossible to turn down. I will feel bad messing up your freshly cleaned sheets.”“You let me do all the work. I think I can take care of you and not spill a drop.” I slipped his boxers off and crawled between his legs. His cock was already hard before my lips touched it. I licked and kissed his dick before letting it slide into my mouth.“Damn baby, this is the best welcome home ever.” Marty continued to moan as I sucked and stroked his cock. He continued to encourage me, working his hips with my sucking. I figured he would cum quickly but it took me longer than I expected to get him off. “Oh baby, I’m almost there, get ready.”Marty grunted, cumming in my mouth. As I promised, I didn’t let a drop spill, swallowing it all. I actually thought it would be more given we hadn’t had sex since the middle of last week. “See? No mess,” I said swallowing the last drop.“Do you want me to take care of you now?”“No, this was all about you. You need your rest.” We both curled up and went to sleep.With Jason starting his senior year, he was always busy. Two Saturdays later, Marty had to work in the morning and Jason was in his driveway washing his car when Marty left. “Jason, can you come over here and help me with something?” I yelled to him.He waved that he would be right over. Just a few minutes later there was a quick knock on the door. “Hi Mrs. Samuels, is there something I can help you with?”“I just wanted to see if you were up for job for me like you did a couple of weeks ago? My husband is gone again.”“Oh God yes, are you wanting to do it now?” Jason said, walking in the house quickly.“Marty is going to be gone for over three hours so I think we could get a couple rounds of good fucking in if you have the time.”“I can’t believe this, I will do whatever you want,” Jason said as we walked fast up the stairs to the bedroom.We hurried to the bedroom, stripping our clothes off. I jumped on the bed and spread my legs. “Come here and kiss me.” Jason smiled and crawled between my legs. We kissed for several minutes, and all the while his cock was bumping against my pussy.“Jason, shove Ataşehir Escort your cock in me and fuck me hard. I want to feel you cum deep inside me.”Jason pumped me hard and fast just as I asked. I came hard then he followed by filling me with his sperm.For the next two and half hours we fucked and sucked till we were both exhausted. There was also a huge wet spot in the middle of the sheets from a mixture of semen and pussy juice. I thought to myself that Marty will get clean sheets to sleep on tonight.When we finished we quickly got dressed so Marty wouldn’t surprise us. His dad was waiting for him in the driveway. I could overhear his dad asking him where he was. Jason told him that he was doing a job for me.Marty ended up working the next Saturday. I waved Jason over. We had a couple of hours of steamy sex. Just like the weekend before, Marty was sleeping on freshly cleaned sheets on Saturday night.The next Saturday was going to be different – Jason had told me he had a school activity. I was disappointed he was not going to be available.Ten minutes after Marty left for work, the doorbell rang. To my surprise it was Jason’s dad Joe at the door. “Hi Lori, can I talk with you?”We went to the kitchen where I got him some coffee. We made small talk for a while then he thanked me for giving his son work around my house. I guess I tensed up a little when he brought up Jason.Joe got up and stood behind me rubbing my shoulders. His strong hands felt good on my tense muscles. “Did you ever notice that some scents are overpowering and unmistakable?” I didn’t answer. I just enjoyed the neck rub I was getting. “For example, sex. There is a certain scent when a guy’s cum and pussy juice mix. You can’t miss that, can you Lori?”“I guess Joe. What is the point here?”“Just so you know, I’m not mad about. My son the last few Saturdays came back from your house after doing chores for you with the scent on him. It was the unmistakable scent of sex.” Joe slid his hands off my shoulders around front, cupping my breasts. “With Jason unavailable today I thought I would take his chores for the day.”“Joe, I don’t think this is a good idea,” I said sitting very still as he fondled my tits.“I think this is a great idea. I’m sure you don’t want Marty or Jason’s mother to find out you’ve been fucking my eighteen-year-old son.” Joe pulled my t-shirt off and removed my bra. “Unless you think I need to tell them, I want you to show me the bed where you’ve been fucking my son. I want Ataşehir Escort Bayan a taste of that sweet pussy before you get to feel Jason’s old man’s cock inside you.”While I didn’t like how he went about it, I was excited to see Jason’s dad’s cock. I could feel the juices building in my pussy. I led him in silence upstairs to our bedroom. Getting to the bedroom I pulled the bedspread off then removed my shorts and panties. Standing naked in front of him I said, “Okay, let’s see it.”Joe pulled his shirt off, then his shorts and underwear. His cock stood at attention before me. It was impressive. I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned him to me. In examining it, his dick appeared to be longer than his son’s and thicker. I gave it a kiss before taking the head of his cock in my mouth. His cock filled my mouth. I was straining to take more and more in mouth without gagging. Joe’s moans were telling me I was getting the job done.I sucked for more than ten minutes till my mouth got too tired to continue. “Joe, I’m sorry but my mouth is tired.”“That’s okay babe, let me taste that pussy juice then I will put my cock in you.” I moved back on the bed, spreading my legs. Joe moved up between my legs, kissing my pussy. “Wow, you are really juicy. I think somebody’s excited to get my cock in her.”“Shut up and lick me Joe.” Joe pushed his head into my pussy, kissing and licking. “Oh yeah, keep doing that, it feels good.” Joe kept licking and fingering me till my hips started to move and my moaning increased. “Oh shit, I’m about to cum.”Somehow in one smooth motion Joe pulled his head from between my legs and pushed his cock inside my pussy. “I want you to cum on my cock, not my tongue.”“Mmm, that feels so good. Keep that up, I’m close to cumming,” I moaned.“That’s right babe, tell me you want me to fill your cunt with my spunk.”I quit moving and grabbed his face, “Stop! Never call me a cunt or refer to my pussy as a cunt. You can call it anything else but not that.”“I’m sorry, that was insensitive of me.”“You are forgiven, now get back to fucking my honey pot. My juice box wants to be filled with your spunk.” Joe resumed slamming his big cock into my pussy. I was getting close again. “Harder Joe, I’m about to cum.”Joe pounded me hard as my body shook. “Yes, yes, yes, now fill my kitty,” I called out.Joe was not far behind me, grunting loudly, “Fuck yes.” I could feel the fluid filling me and oozing out as he shoved hard inside me.“Damn Lori, that was the best Escort Ataşehir sex I’ve had in a long time. I know I was an ass the way I got you in bed, I hope you’re not mad at me. It seemed you enjoyed it.”“Yes, you were an ass, but it was a good fuck. As hard as I came, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.” I glanced at the clock. “We still have about ninety minutes before Marty will be heading home. I’m betting I can get you hard again if you want me to try.”“I can’t believe my ears, yes. Once you get me hard you tell me how you want to do it. I will be at your service.”I smiled at Joe and crawled between his legs. His soft cock glistened with the mixture of pussy juice and cum. I licked his dick clean before starting to stroke and suck it. At first, I wasn’t sure he was going to respond but I got excited when I felt his cock growing in my mouth. Quickly my mouth was full of hard cock.“Wow, you are amazing. How would you like to fuck?”I scooted up his torso, “I think I would like to ride that nice cock of yours and give you a little play time with my titties.” I lined up my pussy and pushed it down onto his cock.“Mmm, my cock in your sweet pussy and your tits in my face. It doesn’t get better than this.”Joe sucked and squeezed my tits. “Your cock feels so good in my pussy,” I said, riding him hard. Joe pulled me down to his lips. I hadn’t planned on kissing him but got carried away in the moment. When our lips met I pushed my tongue into his mouth. The kissing was incredible, and exciting.I could feel an orgasm bubbling up. Just then Joe grunted into my mouth. I felt the wetness increase inside me, Joe had just shot his load. “Don’t stop I’m close,” I moaned bouncing on his dick. “Oh yes, that’s it,” I yelled as my orgasm surfaced.We both caught our breath lying next to each other. “So, you could really smell sex on Jason?”“Oh yes, I’m blessed with a good nose. I wasn’t sure that first time but when he came in late that same night I knew for sure. That’s how I caught Judy cheating on me.”“Judy cheated on you? I would never have expected that of Judy.”“I would have never expected it out of you either. Judy came home from what she said was a girl’s night out. I could smell cum on her breath and her panties were soaked with her own juice and the guy’s cum. She wreaked of sex.”“What did she say when you confronted her?”“I didn’t right off, I started asking her questions about where she was and with who. I caught her in a few lies then broke her down. She started crying and admitted she had been fucking a guy from work.” Joe said with a smile on his face. “I figured that gave me license to cheat.”“I have a hard time believing you hadn’t cheated till you fucked me today,” I said looking at the clock see that we still had plenty of time.“I have cheated twice before today but it was after Judy did.