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Christmas Shopping Ch. 04 Pt. 02

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The finale. Again, I will be continuing to assume you read the other chapters and know who everyone is and how part one ended. I do suggest reading the entire series in order to understand the progression of events. I hope you enjoy the end of this series. The characters are fictional and exist only here and in my mind. All are over eighteen years of age.


Later that night, I woke up to the sounds of branches smacking against my bedroom window. I opened the window and a cold gust of snow and chill wind assaulted me. I reached out and shook the branches, causing most of the snow and ice to fall off, and the branches once again rose above my window.

The cold breeze had made me fully awake though. I looked at my clock and I had only gone to bed three hours ago. It was still the middle of the night. I decided to make a cup of cocoa and warm up in the living room. I figured Miracle on 34th Street, a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket in a roomful of soft twinkling lights would be the perfect way to relax, warm up, and allow my body to get tired again.

I could hear Dad snoring in their room and I peeked in to see the two of them snug in their bed. I had no idea what sugar plums are, but I hoped they were dancing in their heads. I went downstairs still wearing just my night shirt. I got my hot chocolate and the movie and curled up on the couch under a fuzzy blankie.

My plan backfired. Sitting on the couch only reminded me of the hot sex I had witnessed on the floor earlier tonight. I began to get aroused as I remembered the hot sexy scene. My pussy began to get wet and I realized that I wasn’t going to get sleepy unless I took care of myself. I ran up to my room and grabbed my rubbery friend. I returned and repositioned myself on the couch. I pushed my shirt up over my tits and began sliding my fingers over my aroused pussy. One hand tweaked and tugged my hardened nipple as the other slid down and started stroking. My hand was rubbing wet circles around my sensitive clit. I didn’t touch it, wanted to touch it, but instead I was driving the intensity of desire by barely missing my sensitive button.

I rubbed the rubbery head of my dildo against the clit, grazing it delicately. Jolting shudders of ecstasy rolled through my form. I imagined my dad’s firm strong hands on me, gripping me, taking me as his lover. Slowly the thick firm toy was entering me, causing me to groan as it opened my hole. My cunt was slick and ready. I pushed the dildo into my body. I moaned lightly at the wonderful intrusion. I was definitely feeling warm and toasty as my body flushed in pleasure.

This wasn’t meant to be a marathon session of enjoyment. I wanted the “O”. I spread my legs wide as I thrust the lubricated tool rapidly in and out of my cunt. The one hand was still holding one of my pert titties, lightly flicking the nipple, keeping it an erect little point. The other hand, holding the dildo by the balls was a pumping piston. My breath was coming in as low moans and higher pitched gasps.

“Oh Daddy,” I murmured softly, “Yes Daddy, oh give me your cock. Aahh. Mmm. You feel so good in me.”

That was it. I tensed up, eyes shut tight, and mouth open in a silent “Oh” as my orgasm pulsed in wave after wave. My body was tingling all over. Goosebumps covered my skin as my breath came raggedly back. I was still sitting there with my legs spread wide with the glistening dildo half in my bald slit when I heard a quiet creak. I looked around quickly, but saw no one. I scooped up my belongings and crept back to my room. I peeked in on my parents again and they stilled appeared to be asleep. There was no snoring coming from Daddy though.

Daddy and I decorated the rest of the house and yard over the next couple of days and Christmas Eve arrived with a renewed flurry of activity. We dropped gifts off at the houses of various relatives, spoke on the phone to some, then drove over to the traditional Christmas Eve dinner and Grandma’s.

Grandma Evelyn is the best. I always thought she looks like that “Granny” on Looney Tunes; the one that owns Tweety. I could imagine her with a rolling pin if she got mad. Thank God I never saw her mad enough to find out.

Grandma turned as we walked in, “Oh Ben, you look so nice. Wow. You all do.”

Dad was looking nice. Dad had on a crisp white polo with a blue band on the collar and sleeves. He also had on a pair of black slacks and his dress shoes. Mom was wearing a long red V neck sweater that showed some impressive cleavage. She had on tiny red Christmas bulbs earrings. Her legs were encased in sexy black leggings and red high heels. It might sound slutty, but the sweater covered her voluptuous body well. Mom looked very pretty and very festive. I dressed cute for the dinner party. I had on a red Christmas “Santa” dress with a fat black belt and white fluff at the bottom, neck, and cuffs. I wore a Santa hat, red flats and white panty-hoes. I wanted to wear my black knee high boots but it didn’t look right Kağıthane Escort with the panty-hoes and I didn’t have red leggings or stockings. I also had on a cute peppermint striped Christmas thong.

When we got to Grandma Evelyn’s, it was only about noon, but all the uncles, aunts and cousins were already there. Everyone had a great time. We ate out fill of Grandma’s awesome cooking. We watched a couple of our favorite Christmas movies: It’s a Wonderful Life and It Happened on 5th Avenue. I had so much fun. We all picked at the food and desserts everyone had brought.

Soon enough, the younger kids were begging to open presents. We each got one gift. We “oohed” and “ahhed” over each gift. Grandma Evelyn said we had time for one more movie, but that was it or Santa would be forced to skip our houses.

We put in Christmas in Connecticut. Soon, the little ones began drifting off. I knew I would be on “Child Carrying” duty once we started loading cars. I went in to the kitchen to re-fill my pop. I didn’t realize Uncle Mike followed me.

“Wow Ash, I didn’t say anything earlier but that is a really hot outfit. What’s underneath?” Uncle Mike asked from the doorway.

I turned to look at him with a naughty smile on my face. I leaned back against the counter and slowly lifted the skirted bottom, showing him the red and white striped thong.

He smiled, “Looks festive.”

“Oh that’s not all,” I told him. I pulled the panty to the side to show him my bare slit, “Freshly shaved.”

“Mmmm. That does look good. It looks good enough to eat,” he said, licking his lips.

Uncle Mike walked over to me as I stayed against the counter. He leaned in kissing me. His strong body and total masculinity made me weak in the knees. His hand dipped down between my legs. I was already wet and ready. Two fingers toyed with my moist slit as I clutched his strong arms. His middle finger slithered up into me while his thumb provided wonderful stimulation to my clit.

“I can’t wait to fuck you again,” he whispered hoarsely, “Let’s go downstairs.”

Just then we heard Mom call out, “Mom, you’ll miss it. Ben, pause it for Mom.”

“I’ll be right back,” Grandma Evelyn said, “I’m just getting some more marshmallows for my cocoa.”

Uncle Mike and I separated quickly. I added ice to my pop and he snagged a piece of pumpkin pie and began eating as Grandma came in.

Grandma Evelyn said, “You two are missing the movie.”

“I’m on my way back in,” I replied.

I took my pop back into the living room and curled up on the old couch with Mom and Dad. Mom was stroking my hair and I laid my head in her lap. I put my feet in Dad’s lap too. Neither protested and it was comfortable to be stretched out in a cozy house having them gently caress my head and feet. I wondered if Daddy could see up my dress. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew, Mom was nudging me to help take stuff out to the cars.

I helped Aunt Carol and Uncle Steve take their stuff out to their SUV, then went back in and grabbed my little angel, Tyler. I bundled him up and put him in his car seat and took him. The vehicle had heated up by now and he was snug little bug. They left while the rest of us cleaned up and loaded our vehicles. We said our good-byes and Merry Christmases and departed.

When we got him, we went through the unloading and putting it all away. Dad turned on the Christmas lights all over our property and turned the heat up a little bit. Mom went upstairs to bed and Daddy and I stayed up for a little bit. Dad had changed into a t-shirt and his sweat pants. I had on a pajama set. The set consisted of a tight purple yoga pants and a matching sleeveless top. The camel toe that Dad seemed to enjoy was on display for his gazing pleasure.

I asked him, “Dad, did you have fun tonight?”

“You bet,” he replied, “Evelyn sure can cook. It was fun to watch the little ones and remember how you kids used to be when you still believed in Santa and stuff. I haven’t seen Carol and Steve in a long time either, so that was nice.” Then he chuckled, “Did you see Steve eye-ballin’ your mom’s cleavage? I thought his eyes were gonna pop out of his head.”

We laughed for a bit. Dad stood up and put on one of his old Christmas records with the classic singers. He had it on low so it gently filled the room but not much farther so as not to wake Mom.

“Time to put the presents out kiddo,” he announced. “I’ll bring the rest up from the basement and you get them under the tree, okay? We’ll knock it out then hit the hay.”

This was it I decided. I went up to my room and donned my gay apparel. It was a sexy lingerie elf outfit I ordered online. It had red and white candy cane thigh high stockings, a thin sheer green lace g-string, a green baby-doll top with red around edges and little bells, and a funny elf hat. The material of the baby-doll allowed my honey colored nipples and tummy to show through. It was all quite sheer. Kağıthane Escort Bayan I went back down to the living room. My pussy was clearly exposed as well.

Dad was back in the basement again, bringing up the last of the presents, but he had most of them already deposited on the floor and couch. I took the gifts, got on all fours and began sliding them under the tree. My pert exposed ass was pointed and the basement door. I heard his foot steps coming up into the living: then I heard him stop and gasp.

“Oh my God, Ash,” Daddy began, “What are you wearing? That is so sexy, baby.”

I knew he could see my dewy lips through the sheer green panty as it divided my ass, molded to my cunt but his nothing from his lustful gaze. I looked over my shoulder at him as I pushed another present under the tree stretching out like cat. He was trembling with shock and excitement. The bulge in his sweatpants was obvious. He wasn’t as long as Uncle Mike but I knew he was thick and was gonna fill me perfectly.

“You should always open one gift from the family on Christmas Eve,” I told him seductively.

Daddy came closer to me; the hunger was burning in his eyes. The love for his daughter was still there, but inflamed with desire. The teasing had done its job and Daddy had no resistance to what I was offering.

He still tried. “Ash, I don’t know sweetie,” he started.

“Daddy, I want you. Please. Mom knows this is happening,” I revealed. I finally let him in on all of it. He went from shocked, surprised, aroused, excited, and finally arrived at ready.

I was directly in front of him still on my knees. Looking down at him, he was getting an eyeful of my firm young globes. My wide eyes looked up at him pleadingly as my heart raced. I was craving that bulge in his sweat pants and I long last, I was going to have it.

I reached up and grabbed the waistband of his sweats. I dragged them off his hips past his ass. Daddy’s thick cock sprang up and swatted me in the chin. I licked the cockhead lightly, savoring the first taste of Daddy’s meat. His head was back, eyes shut as he moaned in ecstasy. I took him in my mouth. Daddy was so aroused and rigid and it turned me on so much. My tongue was working its own magic as my mouth bobbed back and forth on his erect muscle.

Daddy reacted, thrusting his shaft deep into my throat. He grabbed my long tangled hair and began pumping into my face. I reached up and latched onto his tightened ass. I wormed a finger into his butt and he pulsed in my mouth. I was consumed with love and need for Daddy. Erotic tingles ignited throughout my body. I treated my strong loving Dad to the finest head I had ever given to anyone. It worked wonders too. Soon, his thick veiny cock began erupting his tangy cum down my throat. I moaned as I swallowed the warm salty spunk. I was on cloud nine as I savored this moment. I sucked him dry, swallowing all of his delicious jizz. Daddy’s knees sagged a bit, but I stayed where I was, still sucking his glorious cock. I wanted to keep him hard. I needed it in my tight wet slit.

Daddy finally staggered back. “Hold on, Ash, hold on. It’s too much. I’m not a young man anymore. I need some time. Let me do something for you.”

As one of those old singers sang Let it Snow, Daddy brought me up to him and we kissed passionately for the first time. Out tongues dueled frantically as we tasted each other fully. Dad’s big firm hands reached down to cup my tiny butt. His warm hands kneaded the two mounds of my ass cheeks for long moments. Dad hands then came up to claim my sensitive little titties. His fingers pulled the little green cups down under my boobs, causing the bells on the lingerie to jingle. He lowered his head to take one hard nipple in his mouth, licking and biting delicately at the hardened peak causing me to moan in delight. I reached down and began lightly pumping his shaft feeling it pulse and harden anew. Daddy sucked and licked my boobs making my nipples into diamond hard peaks. He kicked his sweats the rest of the way off.

I could feel my cunt juices trickling down the insides of my thighs. I was wet and insanely aroused. I couldn’t take it. With a moan, I flopped back onto the couch. Daddy squatted before me and moved between my spread legs. He brought his head to my tight shaved pussy. He pulled the sheer green lace to the side. With a growl in his throat, his hands grasped the waist band of the tiny panties and ripped them off my quivering form, and tossing them away from me. I shivered at the thrill of my having my thong torn away so ferociously. I could feel his tongue as it swirled around my engorged clit. My cunt was slick with my girlish honey. Daddy loved it as his probed my wet hole with his stiff tongue. I was in heaven. Most of the younger guys I know aren’t into this and I was getting off to every second of it.

Daddy’s tongue glided up and down my wet folds, tasting every inch I had for him. He spread my lips with his fingers Escort Kağıthane and pushed his middle finger down into me deep. Dad stroked my wet honey pot with his fingers getting them slick. He pushed a second finger in and out of me. I was so turned on that his fingers plunged into my cunny without any resistance. My pussy welcomed the penetration.

Dad continued lashing me with his tongue and his fingers sawed into my body. My hands gripped his hair holding him tight to my twat. I wanted him even deeper. I started thrusting up to meet him. His mouth and hands were working at a fever pitch and soon I was bucking, moaning and panting as he pushed me over the edge. Our bodies were shiny with sweat and the Christmas lights twinkled and danced across our flushed forms. Walking in Winter Wonderland was floating through the living room as I regained my senses and Daddy regained his rugged erection.

He laid me on the floor; the same floor he’d fucked Mom on not so long ago. I straddled his large body, my stocking clad legs spread wide. My hands slid down my tingling body, pulling my lips open. I felt the hot head of his cock caress my slick canal. I gasped and threw my head back causing my elf hat to fall off. I slowly impaled myself on Daddy’s tusk. Deeper, he pushed into me. He felt harder and bigger tan I remembered. I hoped I was right; that I was pushing to new heights of desire. I reached down and pulled the bay doll up and off. Clad in just my striped stockings, my body was now in full display for Daddy.

“Oh, Daddy! You feel so-o-o-o good,” I cried, unable to contain the intense sensations that were coursing in my tight form.

I dropped down on him. I heard him moan as he pushed up, driving his turgid shaft deep in the tight channel of my cunny. I gasped loudly as my head snapped back, my curls whipping after. I felt Dad’s cock began to journey deeper into my vagina. My wet folds clung to his gooey tool as his shaft pushed deep into my canal.

The lovely melody of Silver Bells drifted about the living room. We developed a sexy rhythm of our won. I was being pleasured in slow steady strokes. I gasped for air as I bounced upon his lap. His cock felt so big filling my tight cunny. I spread my legs and planted my feet flat on either side of his thick form. Supporting me and holding my thighs wide, daddy helped me maintain that sexy rhythm on his cock. I closed my eyes, bunching my fingers up in my hair and groaning in passion as incredible waves of intense sensations washed over my naked flesh.

Daddy looked at me with such passion, “Oh Ash, you are so gorgeous, baby. So beautiful.”

My pussy squelched wetly around his throbbing rod as I gave myself totally to him. I moaned aloud when Daddy’s big manly hands reached up to fondle and tug my quivering boobs. I leaned back pushing my tits into Dad’s masculine hands. I felt the intense orgasm pound my body as I rode Daddy’s shaft. Mom had to have been awoken by my high pitched screams as I creamed Daddy’s dick with my womanly discharge. His swollen member was slick with my juices and the smell of pussy was thick in the living room.

I drifted off of Dad and lay next to him. My body curled up next to his warm form. He caressed me sweetly, letting me cuddle against him in the afterglow of my release. Bing began dreaming of white Christmas; the melody drifted through the living room.

“I love you, Dad,” I told him, “I wanted this so much.”

Daddy grinned at me, “I’m not done with you yet, sweetheart. It’s Christmas and I’m still going to enjoy my gift.”

My eyes widened in mock fear, “Oh, Daddy, what do you plan to do now.”

“Let me take you from behind,” he growled.

I rolled over onto my hands and knees and looked at him over my shoulder. Daddy wasted no time mounting me. He slid his glistening rod, under my trembling tushy and sank himself intothe folds of my aroused twat.

I gasped and snapped my head back, sending my blonde mane back again. He drove his shaft into me until his stomach was grinding into my butt. He gave a loud animalistic roar as he penetrated my tight form. I pushed my ass back to him and sank the small of my back, creating a delicious, deeper penetration. He groaned at the sight of me pushing back against him. He grasped my hips and pulled me back, lodging me up on his large thick pole. His hips began pumping forcefully and his abs slapped against my sweaty shiny upturned rear end.

Again and again, he pummeled me, causing the globes of my butt to shake and shiver as he banged against me. I moaned as Daddy thrust mercilessly into my slit, pushing me ever closer to another shattering climax. The nipples of my firm young tits grazed the carpet, sending thrills through me. I lifted my head, looking back at Daddy’s passionate gaze. I moaned incoherently as Dad ravished my young body so completely. I lost control as wave after wave of an orgasmic storm overtook my squirming body.

Daddy finally hit his own climax as my little pussy tightened and squeezed his throbbing cock. He groaned aloud and pulled me back to him grinding his engorged slimy tool deep in my pulsing cunny. I could feel him twitch inside me as his cock rocketed his spunk. Again and again, his jerked emptying more of his load into my writhing young form.